Women’s Coat Trend ‘Wrap Coat’ – 13 outfits and styling tips

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No wonder that wrap coats move in against the ladies’ coat trend . Mostly made from very high quality natural materials – for the most part or up to 100% virgin wool, a topcoat like this makes us glide warm, elegant and comfortable through the winter landscape. Suitable for every occasion and every female figure , the wrap coat is our best companion, if the wintery onion outfit can spoil the beautiful silhouette a lot. This season comes in different colors and lengths as a must-have piece, which is trendy, but also very comfortable.

Women’s Coat Trend, Wrap Coat ‘- Oversize

Damen Mantel -trend-wrap-coat-oversize-gürtel

The Wrap Coat stands out from the other models coats that it lacks buttons or closure for closing. There is an associated belt, which can be proportional despite the wide silhouette. Oversize fits are suitable for any type of figure and cover a large part of problem areas or the many layers of clothing that one is used to wear, especially in winter worries. Thus, it is ensured a uniform, neat look. A winter coat in neutral color can be worn at any age and will always be up to date.

Ladies Coat Trend, Wrap Coat ‘in Military Style

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Military variations can be seen on the catwalk in every autumn / winter collection. One can relate this style direction to the classics, since this look never goes out of fashion. Several pockets, belts around the waist and buttons in two rows make a military coat look austere and a bit manly. Since the model is more suitable for tall women, we recommend combining it with a dress or skirt and no sturdy boots.

Women’s Coat Trend ‘Wrap Coat’ in neutral colors – beige

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Oversize silhouette especially during the winter and fall season makes us a big favor. You can wear everything under it that keeps the heat close to the body. Coat with a loose cut provides especially for the beloved feel-good effect. Although he does not emphasize the body, he is carried with self-confidence and coolness. Little friends should handle it with care. The belt can be emphasized with the belt.

Women’s Coat Trend, Wrap Coat ‘- Trendy in Camel Color

Damen Mantel -trend-wrap-coat-camel-farbe

One of the autumn colors is Camel. This versatile, warm shade that looks very chic and naturally neutral. A coat in this tone fits easily with any style of clothing and in combination with the simple cut of the Wrap Coats is simply the perfect companion for any city lady. It should be noted that just Camel is not good for every skin type. The summer type, to which for the most part the Germans count – light skin with blue undertone and blue eyes, and the winter type – very light skin color, blue or green eyes and dark hair, stands Camel, yellow and other earth colors not.

Women’s Coat Trend ‘Wrap Coat’ – Matching color depending on the type


German women can resort to cool colors like dark blue, lilac, pink and mint. This is also beige, which is a milder version of the trendy Camel. However, it is not so intense. Autumn and spring types, whose skin tans quickly and often have honey-blonde, reddish or dark brown hair, like to pick camel, ocher, yellow and mustard. For the extroverted personalities, we recommend a coat with an attractive animal print or at least a pair of loafers, with which Camel can be wonderfully combined.

Black Women’s Coat Trend, Wrap Coat ‘- Classic Long


Black, long wrap women’s coat is simply a classic. Once purchased, it can be worn by potential daughters, granddaughters and all generations. This timeless part is made for eternity.

Gray Ladies Coat Trend ‘Wrap Coat’ for every occasion – Color Gray


Gray is always a good choice for autumn and winter. Unlike black, gray lightens up the silhouette and does not leave the wearer dark and cloudy. The layered figure, which creates each wrap coat itself, looks equally good in combination with high heels, but also with sneakers. Straightforward to any look, a gray coat is the best choice for ladies who occasionally switch from one to another style of clothing.

Women’s Coat Trend, Wrap Coat ‘in pastel colors – Blue-Green


Pastel colors are very popular this year. The pastel trend is a nice opportunity to bring some freshness into the winter wardrobe. Incidentally, the Wrap Coat can not only be tied with the corresponding belt. It looks particularly trendy when it is replaced by a piece of leather. Emphasize your beautiful waist with a piece of jewelry and you need no other accents in the whole look.

Pink Women’s Coat Trend, Wrap Coat ‘


To breathe life into the simple piece, you rely on unusual colors and shapes. In pastel blue, ultramarine, yellow, salmon color, red, down to the hips, knee-length or calf, this season comes in all its variety. The length should be considered but according to the individual body size.

Women’s Coat Trend, Wrap Coat ‘in Blue


In a long, wide-cut coat every little woman will sink visually. Dainty ladies should opt for short coats best. A fair length would be up to the middle of the thigh. The belt is also used in this case. The hem on the coat is also very important for the overall picture. Here is a gold rule – the larger the woman, the deeper the hem should end.

Women’s Coat Trend, Wrap Coat ‘with Hood


The hood on the coat does not usually look elegant, but provides the well-being and protection that are always desirable, especially in the winter time. For this model we recommend an excessive length, as with the oversize coats to do without. If there is a hood, it should end at knee or sternum level.

Red Ladies Coat Trend, Wrap Coat ‘


A red coat reminds of the princesses from the stories and looks just fairytale. Simple and classic, it ensures a good mood through stylish appearance. For brave and fashion-conscious women, we recommend combining a pair of leoprint stilettos with conservative black clothing. For all others it is advisable not to put intense colors and accents next to the red wrap coat. Since only the effective parts will affect each other only bad.

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