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Winter nail design ideas – great winter motifs in pictures to match the season

winter nail design ideas christmas christbaumschmuck gold

Although we often hide our hands in warm, warm gloves during the winter, well-groomed hands and fingernails are a lady’s calling card. And those who not only want to nourish their fingernails but also want to put them in the limelight can do a lot with a thematic nail design. In the following gallery you will find elegant, funny, festive and simple winter nail design ideas that are easy to copy and create the perfect manicure. Be inspired by the following picture gallery.

winter nail design snowflakes matt glossy

When it’s cold and chilly outside, sometimes the weather is already depressing. Exactly in such moments, we can influence our well-being with a great winter nail design and create a better mood. Anyone who thinks that only the dark colors are suitable for the cold season is wrong. For example, what do you think about welcoming winter with such an elegant manicure?

french pink elegant ornaments winter nails

Winter Nageldesign There are endless ideas and it is sometimes difficult to decide on a suitable motive. Good clues in the choice of nail design in winter are the festive days in the Advent and winter time. You can decorate Christmas not only your home, but also your fingernails. An elegant and feminine nail design for Christmas, for example, can be inspired by the elegant Christmas tree balls.

stars wintery green dots nail design winter

The colors as well as the ornaments of the individual ornaments on the Christmas tree can festively decorate your hands. Whether you choose to implement winter nail design ideas for colors and color combinations traditionally associated with the winter and Christmas symbols, or simply take your favorite color, it’s up to you.

blue short nails winter nail design ideas bear

Wintry nail designs in red, white, green, blue and gold cut a good figure on your nails and put you in a festive mood right away. The successful festive winter look, you can also conjure up with various winter motifs and figures. If you would like a simple winter nail design in a typical winter color, you can use the idea from the image above as inspiration. You may rather have it plain and monochrome on your nails, but you still do not want to give up a decorative, wintery accent?

dark blue penguin bear winter motifs nails

Then maybe you can just lift the ring finger with a cute little bear. On the other hand, those who would like to perform with a playful manicure can choose a dark hue as the basic tone, which makes every thematic ornament stand out perfectly. A dark blue nail design in winter is especially good on short nails . As far as the nail design Wintermotive is concerned, of course, everything is allowed, what you like and the associations with the winter time arouses.

silverster christmas winter nail design ideas light blue

Snowflakes, ice crystals and starlets are made easy and are also suitable as motifs for a last-minute manicure. Otherwise, bells, mistletoes, fir trees, candy canes and snowmen are among the beautiful winter nail design ideas. With a little tact and imagination you can conjure up the pretty winter motifs yourself or make the desired motif with the help of nail tattoos.

snowman fir tree winter nail design christmas

A true classic of the manicure are the French Nails, which set your beautiful fingernails in a discreet manner in scene. If you like this natural-looking nail styling and want to stay true to it on special occasions, you can combine the elegant and delicate French manicure with small and simple winter motifs to create a stylish nail design for Christmas.

french manicure white pointed glitter elegant

If you pair the noble white lace with delicate sparkling glitter powder, you can create various fascinating winter nail designs depending on the nail shape. Under the tapered French lace wear subtle glitter, which will provide more sparkle and glamor. Your nails will also sparkle through the dark winter days and look great.

motive clock ornaments new years eve nails

If you’re looking for inspiration for your New Year’s manicure, you’ll definitely get a real eye-catcher with this attractive and original nail design. A watch adorned with gold and rhinestones, counting the minutes to the new year, looks undoubtedly great. From sparkling rhinestones you can also create great ornaments that enhance a monochrome nail polish.

knit nails structuert winter nail design ideas

The trendy Knit Nails have probably earned their place among the greatest winter nail design ideas. Matching the thick and cuddly warm clothing you can get the knitting pattern on your fingernails. The sweater nails create a pleasantly woolly feeling in delicate gray, white and pastel shades. This great nail design for fall and winter fascinates with an interesting structure and different patterns.

nails christmas red white elk nail design ideas

Without doubt the red nails belong to the most festive and feminine Christmas look. Available in a variety of shades, this shade offers something for every taste. If you only find the red color too boring and not festive enough, you can spice up a Christmas nail design with fine lines, zigzag lines, dots or a reindeer.

black dark chic kavia nails festive

Are you looking for winter nail design ideas that can be combined with a noble and elegant outfit? Matching a chic evening dress you can conjure up the trendy caviar manicure on your nails. The unique 3D look on your nails conjures up the tiny pearls, which are now available in all colors. A restrained color combination looks just as luxurious as a colorful caviar manicure.

pearl caviar nails wintry nail designs

You can make your festive and chic caviar manicure yourself at home, because this effective design for your fingernails consists of a base coat, the great micro-beads and a fixing topcoat as a finish together. Sprinkle the beads over the still wet paint until the whole nail is covered with it. Finally, you must carefully push the micro-beads into the paint.

chrome winter nail design for christmas

Luxury winter nails that look classy and stylish also include the trendy Chrome Nails. The Mirror Nails also give your fingernails a fascinating shine and mirror effect. With the appropriate Chrome nail powder you get the unique nail design alone. Match the nail polish tone with your outfit and shine with a silver, gold, bronze or rosé effect to the bet.

gold green black wintry nail designs

Of course, anyone wishing to travel with attractive or unusual nail designs in winter may of course create their own winter nail designs. For example, contrasting colors with glitter that reflect the light in a beautiful way fit perfectly with the winter season and look just great and festive.

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