Which color suits khaki? How to combine the trend color correctly

Khaki pants combine summer autumn clothes

Khaki Green is a color that until recently was associated exclusively with military uniforms. Today the military-chic has been reinterpreted and thus the trend color becomes an eye-catcher. Because of its versatility, khaki is a real fashion basic and should not be missing in any wardrobe. Khaki tones can range from light brown to olive. So the question arises: Which color suits Khaki? So today we’ll give you a few tips on how to properly combine this neutral green tone.

Who is Khaki?

Khaki coat jacket red-haired girl with pale skin

The color khaki is multi-faceted and has many different nuances. For this reason, you must first make sure that you have chosen the right khaki tone for your type.

Green is especially good for redheads. And while rich greens form too strong a contrast, the muted khaki underlines the type in a harmonious way. So if you have red hair, you can wear every nuance and even try a khaki complete look.

Khaki combine blondes to make your complexion radiant

For blondes with a “warm” charisma, browny-green shades are perfect. Khaki green and beige make green or hazel eyes stand out as well as an olive or peach look.

Khaki with a gray undertone stands brunette with olive skin

Dark brunettes are best made greyish, dark khaki tones with an ashen undertone. Incidentally, the word “khaki” comes from the Hindi and means nothing but “dust”.

Summer type woman light complexion khaki combine with colorful colors

In khaki green especially women with pale skin should be careful, because this color can emphasize the paleness and make the skin unhealthy. To counter this effect, divert attention away from the face. For example, choose a skirt or a khaki pant and combine it with a white top. To your khaki green parka wear a scarf in peach pink, terracotta, or purple.

Which colors match khaki green?

To Khaki match other earth colors like Athrazit brick red beige

Khaki is a noble color that belongs to the earth tones and can be harmoniously combined with the same natural colors: beige, brown, terracotta, anthracite, ocher yellow. Think of warm earthy autumn colors that can defy fog and rain.

Khaki can be combined with other warm colors Beige Brown Orange

A harmonious, gentle combination is created through the combination of khaki and calm, neutral tones such as chocolate, coffee, sand beige and light gray. Such combinations also form the best basis for a military-style outfit.

Colors like plum purple light green sand color match khaki

Saturated, rich colors with an impressive depth of color harmonize beautifully with khaki green. Eggplant, wine red, Marsala, cherry red and dark violet tones look great!

Which color suits Khaki Purple Gray

To ensure that such a color palette is not too dark, you can also combine bright olive green and cream. Another option is light gray shades such as light gray and silver gray. The gray should be cool to create a contrast to the warm purple.

Khaki makes brighter colors shine red

Khaki lets radiate warm colors! Combined, it can be wonderful with yellow, orange, red, pink and all its nuances. The muted green tone creates the perfect backdrop for colorful outfits such as a red scarf, a red statement necklace and red bags and shoes.

Khaki with pastel colors combine spring

Which color suits Khaki Yellow Blue Gray

Khakigreen can also be beautifully combined with blue and gray tones. Dark blue, for example, looks cool and soothing and is a nice alternative to black. Yellow with a green stitch provides a splash of color.

To khaki fit perfectly blue and gray tones

Pastel shades of lavender light blue lilac are suitable for khaki

With lilac shades, khaki also forms particularly harmonious combinations. Elegant and luminous, lilac and lavender add color accents and are part of almost every wardrobe. Taupe can perfectly round off the color palette.

Combine khaki

Khaki pants combine plain white black

With solid colors

Create a simple, casual look by wearing khaki in other neutral colors. Combine a white top with khaki pants for a comfortable everyday look. For a more modern office look, you can also put on a dark blue blazer.

Combine khaki skirt with black or white top

Khaki can also look good in combination with black, although it is difficult to maintain the optical balance. If you choose this concept, be sure to include a third color to serve as the bright accent in the ensemble. Here some examples:

  • a white top to khaki green skirt, combined with black sandals and a black bag.
  • a black top with a large white print goes well with khaki pants and black boots

If you prefer a softer look, combine khaki with a dark brown color like espresso or dark chocolate instead.

Fresh pastel tones go well with khaki

Khaki with pastel colors combine rose mint green

In spring and summer, not only nature shows itself in its most beautiful colors. Our outfits shine in fresh pastel colors. These look very elegant and convey a touch of romance. Powdery pink and mint green make for particularly sophisticated looks.

  • For a long, khaki pleated skirt, wear a white top and a short jacket in pink.
  • For a weekend brunch, combine khaki shorts with a lilac or peach top.
  • Combine a white dress with a khaki blazer and nude pumps.

Colorful and eye-catching

Khaki pants with bright colors combine orange coral

If you want to showcase a striking, bright color, khaki green provides the perfect neutral background. For example, combine an orange top with a khaki skirt and black peep toes. An outfit of khaki green pants suit and a blouse in coral conveys serene femininity.

Rich jewel tones

Khaki Green with Purple Eggplant Bordeaux combine

If vibrant shades like pink and tangerine are just outside your comfort zone, you can wear khaki with swanky jewel colors. Sapphire blue, emerald green and purple are particularly exciting and enhance any outfit in no time. Pair a khaki pencil skirt with a ruby ​​red V-neck sweater and brown knee-high boots to look sleek and stylish in the fall.

Highlight striking patterns

Khaki jacket with striped top and white shorts combine

Colorful patterns spice up every outfit and make it look more interesting. For example, stripes and floral patterns are more popular than ever and are a match for almost any outfit. To a conspicuously patterned top you best combine a monochrome garment.

Khaki and beige are indispensable for the safari style

Khaki green beige and white clothes in safari style

In addition to military chic, there is another style of clothing that is inconceivable without this color – the safari style. Natural materials, practical details, simple loose cuts, natural colors – these are the special features of safari clothing. Typical for the safari look are the colors khaki green, beige and white.

Khaki can be beautifully combined with beige

A shirt dress with breast pockets is an excellent solution for the warm season. This dress can be perfectly combined with leather sandals. Heels made of wood or cork harmoniously blend into the overall picture. The outfit can be completed with a wide leather belt or a long chain of leather strap.

Very stylish look also overalls or a bright suit in khaki. Elegant sandals in gold-colored leather are perfect for this. For a more casual look, combine a pair of beige shorts with a white top and a long vest in khaki.

Clothes in safari style khaki and beige

Khaki with black combine sandals dress pants with crop top jumpsuit

Khaki Purple Turquoise Orange combinations from the catwalk

Khaki top combine Black White Purple jeans

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