What to do against dark circles – home remedies and care tips

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The skin of the eye party is very sensitive and extremely thin than any other part of the face. It is precisely this zone that is shaped by the signs of the times. The reasons for the unpleasant dark circles are usually in the unhealthy lifestyle. They often occur as a result of lack of sleep. Alcohol and cigarettes, insufficient drinking water increase the dark pigmentation of the skin. Some people have a genetic predisposition to dark rings and it is difficult to get them away. And exactly to the question: can you do something against dark circles , you will find in the following.

What to do against dark circles – what causes which

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In order to find the right treatment for dark circles, first the cause should be inquired. Different diseases are accompanied by discoloration of the sensitive skin under the eyes and this can be a signal for which. Why get a specialist – dermatologist, or your family doctor first. Stress, too little hydration, increased alcohol consumption, too little fresh air leave their tracks just uncomfortable on the face. Superficially, the problem can be treated with proper care to make the eye party look prettier and fresher, but from the inside the new cell formation should be supported.

So do something against dark circles and what not

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In the course of life, the human face loses fat, loses volume, the small wrinkles then look deeper, the skin becomes thinner, including fine blood vessels visible. Fair-skinned people often suffer from this problem, which inherently has thinner skin and try to lighten it up quickly. Beauticians advise against application-whitening cream as these are too intense for the sensitive eye area. The good eye cream is characterized by a light, fast-absorbing consistency and really small packaging. The last is due to the low durability after opening appropriate. Care products must be applied with light, gentle speckle movements with the fingertips, knock in from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.

What to do against dark circles? – reach for the fridge


The cold causes blood vessels to contract, and a chilled bag or cold compress will cause swelling of all kinds the quickest. Two tea bags of chamomile tea or other variety, do not cool fruit tea because of the dyes or other aromatic after use and place on the eyes, let act 15-20 minutes. The black tea because of the large caffeine content has an additional refreshing effect.

What to do against dark circles? – homemade mask of cucumbers


Cucumbers have a naturally whitening and firming effect on the skin. Combined with the coolness, the freshness effect is guaranteed. Simply cut two thick slices from a fresh cucumber , allow to cool for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator, and then place on the affected skin for about 10 minutes. Wash the face with cool water and apply hydrating tonic eye cream. Repeat twice a day for a week for best results

What to do against dark circles – a mask with coffee grounds


Every woman knows the various uses of the coffee grounds – against cellulite as a home-made exfoliation, swelling and dark circles too. Prepare a mask yourself and use it twice a week for optimal effect. Here are the required ingredients:

  • chilled coffee grounds
  • ground black pepper
  • coconut oil

Mix all ingredients until a paste results and apply to the affected areas without rubbing. Let it work for about 10 minutes and then wash it off.

What to do against dark circles and eye bags – homemade mask of lemon and tomato


One of the remedies for skin swelling and blemishes is vitamin C. It also has purging and skin whitening properties in the natural state of fruit and vegetables. For the homemade mask you need freshly squeezed juice from tomato and lemon. Mix at a ratio of 1: 1 or 1: 2, add some salt and turmeric, then mix to a paste. Apply the produced mixture to the eyes and after 10 minutes of effect wash with water.

What to do against dark circles – cover up with make up


Of course, dark circles, like other skin imperfections, can be covered with make-up. For the sensitive eye party, there is a special wafer-thin cream, even in the form of concealer concealer. This should be one tone lighter than the natural skin tone. When choosing, make sure that the color is not too bright and test for natural light to avoid the counter effect and not to attract the viewer’s attention in those places. Concealer with shimmering pigments that reflect the light and thus make small wrinkles disappear.

What to do against dark circles – protect the skin from the sun


The skin is most affected by the light rays of the sun or the solarium. As a result, pigment formation in all zones is intensified even in the ‘unfavorable’. It is also the reason for the aging of the skin. To avoid this you should not sit directly in the sun or at least apply contactor cream and cover your sensitive eyes with sunglasses.

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