What are Balayage Technique & Ombré – The pros and cons of hair trends

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Everyone has heard the terms before. Ombré and Balayage are among the most popular effects for hair dyes , and no wonder, as they turn the mane into a real eye-catcher with a neat look. Mancheiner, however, raises the question of what the difference between the two variants really is. We would like to explain this in this article. Learn about the typical properties and the pros and cons of the Ombré and the Balayage technique, as well as which hair color trend is the better. Then you can certainly better decide which of these is the better for you and can make up for the next hairdressing appointment. Prepare for the summer!

Balayage technique vs. Ombré – Hair coloring in the Ombré

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The ombré look (meaning “shadow”) may be better known than the balayage effect . This is a dark approach that gradually turns into bright peaks. The dark part reaches approximately to the ears. In principle, this look should be reminiscent of surfer girls, whose hair tips are faded naturally and due to the sun, so to speak. You can dye any hair color from black to brown and red to blond. The Ombré is dyed with streaks that do not start directly at the base. The highlight look basically serves as the transition. On the other hand, the tips are dyed entirely in the light color.

balayage-technology reverse-ombre-top head-blond-tip dark brown

The great thing about this type of hair color is that it can really wear any lady, because neither face shape, nor skin color or haircut and hairstyle affect the look. This is another reason why the transitional hair is so popular. Although a smooth transition is to be created in which the two main colors are not too different, there are now a variety of variants with strong contrasts and even more abrupt transitions or in which the top of the head is light and the tips darker (reverse ombré). Finally, everyone has their own taste and prefers different looks, so any rule can be broken when it comes to your own styling.

If you want to freshen up your look without straining your hair with hair dye, it’s best to use this dyeing technique. As a fundamental tone can namely serve their own hair color, while only the lower area receives a new one. However, if your own color is not dark enough, you can of course additionally dye the approach dark.

Gladly also experimented with colorful colors. Blonde hair often turns into pastel pink or gray tones are used. But these are daring looks, which are not for everyone and on the other hand not everywhere good. So there are jobs where there are certain requirements for the exterior and striking hair colors are not desirable. So think about it before coloring.

Benefits of Ombré hair

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  • versatile and upbeat; creates a summer look
  • suitable for every hair type
  • suitable for every hair color
  • can also be successfully colored yourself
  • the own hair color does not have to be dyed and the hair is less strained
  • the re-dyeing occurs less frequently (every three to four months) than with completely dyed hair; Only the tips are dyed, the neck dyeing is omitted every few weeks

Disadvantages of hair dyeing

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  • Like all hair colors and techniques, this too strains the hair
  • often self-coloring often more problematic and hairdressing necessary
  • time-consuming and sometimes costly care, as strained tips otherwise look neglected
  • if you want to get rid of the ombré look, you should plan a very long period of time for that; a new uniform color can be mixed by the barber, but a difference will always be visible in the light; You get rid of Ombré when the color grows out
  • even ombré hair can grow out and look unkempt; Regular re-dyeing is important

Ombré ideas in different colors

balayage technology gray-idea-fashionable-trend-ladies

Gray is undoubtedly a trend color and that applies even to the hair. Gray hair has long since ceased to be considered unattractive; on the contrary, even with young ladies, it is increasingly becoming the first choice when it comes to a new look. In the Ombré this comes out very well and should be best combined with a black approach, as this fits better with the gray tone. Alternatively, a dark gray nuance can be selected for the top of the head, while the tips are naturally brighter.

balayage-technology-ombre-blond-red-orange-transition-leather jacket-black

Red is no less popular. However, this color is less common because it is not everyone or just daring for some. The principle is basically the same as the classic Ombré look: a darker shade changes to a blonde. This may also have a reddish sting on red Ombré hair. The transition automatically turns slightly orange, so that in principle a combination of three hair colors is created.

Colorful and upbeat hair colors like the example above with purple, pink and pink are a variant for brave ladies and create without question an eye-catcher. Due to the visible contrast between the colors of the Ombré styling, you can work wonderfully with colors that are quite different to each other and create an extravagant look. Pastel pink is especially popular if it is to be a bit more discreet. The same applies to pastel blue or green.


There are black hair colors that have a purple sheen in the light. But many find that boring by now. Much more interesting would be because the ombré design with a black head and a smooth transition into the striking purple hair tips, right? As you can see, the variants are numerous and can be chosen and combined individually. A consultation with the hairdresser is still recommended to find the right one for your type.

Balayage technique explanation


Even in the so-called Balayage a smooth transition is created. However, this finer highlights are designed to make this very fine. Now, this type of streaking technology should not be confused with the classic, in which the highlights are created with the help of aluminum foil, in which the strands are wound. Instead, the highlights are dyed freehand and with a brush. Again, they start at about the ears.

In addition, not only the lighter color is dyed here. A shade of brown is also added, which also contributes to a finer transition. Thus, in addition to the natural hair color, not only a second, lighter shade is used as in the Ombré. In the Balayage technique at least one more sound is added. Very popular is the so-called Tiger Hair. It is a mix of brown, gold and bronze. These highlights of the hair make them look more brilliant, which is especially good in the light and in the sun.

Incidentally, the balayage stylings are not new stripping techniques. It has been used for quite some time in France and is also very popular there. Also the name of the staining technique is French and means “sweeping”, which is an allusion to the way the paint is applied. The Balayage technique can also be implemented with different hair colors and thus adorn any hair. If you just want to spice up your own hair color or put together a completely new color mix with Balayage highlights, you decide for yourself. If you own brunette hair, you can bring a golden shimmer or reddish accents with copper, while a simple blond with some brown shades can be spiced up. Even if you dye your hair in a brand new color, the Balayage technique gives you a more interesting look than just choosing the new brown or blond tone.

balayage-technology-shoulder length dark blond-page crest-stars

Surely this look can be worn with straight hair. Since this looks like the sun kissed, a casual wave look is even better. The regular use of the curling iron strains the already strained by the coloring hair even more, but is also associated with more time for styling.

It is also worth mentioning that with the Balayage technique certain areas of the face can be highlighted. If, for example, the cheekbones are to be emphasized, the lighter shades will be incorporated into the hair at their height and thus serve to underline them. In contrast, the darker nuances in turn make certain areas on the face appear narrower. Such things can be experienced in the salon of your barber. He can give you tips on the best color shades for hair with balayage and wonderfully assess the perfect color combination.

balayage-technology reverse-balayage-Bobfrisur-shoulder length

The reverse version is also arrived at the Balayage technique. The idea is the same as in the Revers Ombré. Instead of starting with a dark color, which then turns into bright highlights, the approach has a bright color, which then darkens in the tips. If you own dark hair naturally, this has the advantage that you do not have to dye the sensitive hair tips extra and often. But this quickly creates an approach that needs to be re-colored.

Advantages of Balayage technology

balayage-tech-dark blond-blond-waves look-medium crest

In principle, the advantages and disadvantages of both techniques are consistent. Only the endlook is different. In addition to the Pros and Consas already mentioned above, the following can also be mentioned:

  • can create volume and vice versa
  • is suitable for every type
  • a finer transition between the two main colors
  • makes the eyes light up and the skin shine
  • charming facial features can be emphasized and blemishes hidden


balayage-technology-barber-styling-feminine women-wisps blond-approach

  • the best effect is created by the hairdresser; Experiments at home rarely guarantee success and are not a good alternative to balancing hairdressing
  • Coloring is associated with time and money
  • more time for styling is necessary because with waves the Balayage technology looks best

Hairstyle ideas with balayage technique


Although ultra-thin and fine highlights are the special feature of the Balayage look, there are also variants as in the example above, where wide strands are used. An interesting mix of several nuances arises nevertheless. Only the natural effect is lost. However, if you do not care about it, this styling is just as well suited.

balayage-technology Red-hair color highlights-wisps-hair styling

If you want the Balayage styling in red, it’s best to choose only red nuances and leave out the blonde used in Ombré styling. The possibilities are different and depending on the type more or less suitable. Whether the difference between the brightest and darkest nuances should be greater or smaller, you can arrange with your hairdresser. Copper and bronze are super suitable accent colors that can be combined with red or purple. Even with shades of brown, a red hair color can be wonderfully combined. Let us advise you in order to achieve the desired effect with the Balayage technique.

balayage-technology-pink highlights-highlights-wisps-bob

And if you think that colorful colors are just for the ombré look and are not very well used in the balayage technique, then you’re wrong. Even with the fine highlights can be created a beautiful effect in pink. Not only can different shades of pink be combined with each other (or blue, green, purple, etc.). The color can also be used for both brunette and blonde hair.

Difference between Ombré and Balayage

balayage-technology-distinguished-ombre-tips-ideas-hair trends

Since the advantages and disadvantages of both techniques are generally the same and the coloring technique itself is not too different, the question arises as to what the difference between the two is. And indeed it consists in the fact that in the Ombré the two shades are well distinguishable despite the uniform transition. So there is a certain contrast depending on the look.

The Balayage technique, on the other hand, works so finely that there is only a subtle difference between the different shades, which can also be more than just two. A high-contrast look is not sought, but rather the fineness is the desired result, which provides a more natural look.

Which coloring technique and which styling is better?

balayage technique lucy-hale-brunette-blonde-long-bob

Since both advantages and disadvantages are the same on the whole, it is difficult to say which is the better variant of the two dyeing techniques. Depending on which colors are chosen, both times more and sometimes less harmful to the hair. Ultimately, it all depends on what effect you want to achieve when it comes to finding the “better” technique. Who wants to create a special eye-catcher with a great contrast between light and dark, decides rather for Ombré. If you look for a natural look that can be created by the sun, you probably prefer the balayage technique.

Maintain colored hair


Note that just lightening the hair is very strained. Perfect care is therefore an obligation and should consist of a hair cure at least once a week. Since the tips dry out with regular coloring nevertheless, these must be cut likewise regularly. You get additional protection by so-called tip fluids. They prevent split ends and hair breakage.

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