Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Wear and style shorts – which models are the perfect match for your figure?

shorts wear short floral pattern summer model

Shorts are among the most popular parts in the hot summer months. Whether hot pants, Bermudas, or denim shorts – for every figure there is a matching model, for every occasion – a suitable cut, for every season – a matching fabric. In any case, the great variety of designs makes the choice difficult – which models fit your own style and body is difficult to determine. We help you and explain the different body types. Learn how to wear and style the trendy shorts!

Wear shorts – the length and the cut play a crucial role

shorts wear outfit summer party t-shirt

Granted – styling with shorts look super cute and extremely practical in magazines – but in reality the look rarely works. Even fashionistas find it difficult to find what they are looking for. Here it means above all – be able to estimate the own body type correctly and select accordingly a model. Even slender women are not good at certain cuts, so do not follow the latest trends. In addition, there is the question – where is the pants worn? Bermudas made of high-quality fabrics are actually the highlight of the summer outfit for the office. They have a subtle length and can be stylishly styled. Jeans shorts with a hem look, on the other hand, look sporty and can be worn with a T-shirt to the beach, outing or why not shopping in the city. The hot pants with a wavy edge with lace and flower print complete the summer party outfit . Cut and length therefore play a crucial role.

Wear mid-length shorts – the latest trend from the US flatters all body types

shorts wear stripes medium long linen fabric trend

We start with an all-round talent: the mid-length shorts are now worn by stars like Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. Their biggest advantage – they fit all body types, stretch the legs, narrow the thighs and flatter the figure. The right length is important here – the short pants reach up to 7-8 cm above the knees and have a loose fit that resembles the paperbag pants with a high waistband, folds and side pockets. As far as the fabrics are concerned, trendsetters can choose between flax blends, chino twill and denim. Jeans are suitable for everyday use and can be combined with a T-shirt and bomber jacket. Sneakers complete the sporty outfit. Modern and elegant, the airy trousers with striped patterns made of linen fabric – it can be worn with blouses, pullovers and shirts.

Wear knee-length shorts and conceal strong thighs

shorts wear knee length thighs conceal

When women want to hide their thighs, they usually make two big mistakes – they buy wide and knee-length shorts. In the end, the legs look shorter and stronger. Instead, opt for straight knee length trousers – the cut is loose, breathable and perfect for the office. To ensure that the length does not visually shorten the legs, the pros offer two tricks – wearing high heels and buying trousers in nude shades. As far as the patterns are concerned, stripes make the thighs look smoother, but floral prints and other large motifs should be avoided. Shorts in solid color are considered absolute classics – in addition to nude nuances dark blue looks great in the summer. Fabrics – Satin, Viscose, Chiffon. Stylish with: Blouse with lace and blazer for a party look and shirt made of cotton and wedges for an everyday life ensemble.

Wear shorts – hot pants lengthen visually short legs

shorts wear flower pattern band strapless blouse

Hot pants is the popular model shorts, which has up to 6 cm stride. So on the one hand a certain freedom of movement is made, on the other hand, the legs are optically extended by the short shorts. Slim women can opt for sweatshorts with fixed leg wrap, ladies with slightly thicker thighs should rather put on cut with wide legs, a high waist and string belt. Volant edges and decorative lace edges distract the gaze. As far as the prints are concerned, patterned fabrics look particularly chic. Even big patterns are allowed here, provided that the background is bright. The duo shorts with floral patterns and a strapless blouse looks particularly appealing.

Shorts wear – figure-flattering bermudas for plus size

shorts wear bermudas office outfit

Not boring – Ladies with plus-size figure do not have to put off shorts – Bermudas offer an alternative to skirts and dresses in the hot summer months. The short trousers with crease can even be worn with pumps.  lower parts with a high waistband and discreet pleats in combination with striped blouses look elegant and chic. The right jewelry loosens up the look. The best thing about the ensemble is the fact that it can be worn on different occasions. The keyword in styling is “accessories” – necklaces, earrings and brooches complete the outfit. The handbag and shoes, however, should rather be kept simple.

Shorts with leg wrap for slim women

shorts wear leg wrap jeans short

Lean women are said to be lucky and can wear all the models pictured above. In any case, shorts with a leg turn make the figure look more feminine and curvy. These have another advantage – namely that the desired leg length can be regulated. The classics here are the denim pants, which together with a blouse and blazer can compliment the sporty and elegant look. By the way, the denim with distressed details is still in vogue. The shorts offer plenty of styling options, but so that the outfit emphasizes the figure and at the same time conceals the stomach and thigh, there are some basic rules to follow.

shorts wear wavy edge blouse puff sleeves

  • The length and the cut play a crucial role. Short shorts are suitable as party outfits or beach wear, medium-length pants are suitable for everyday use and Bermudas are suitable for the office, provided that they are made of suitable fabrics and have a loose fit.
  • Mid-length shorts can be worn by all women.
  • Knee-length shorts perfectly conceal strong thighs.
  • Hot pants are perfect for women with short legs.
  • Bermudas flatter the figure of plus-size ladies.
  • Slender women are spoiled for choice – they are all the above models. Females, in particular, have a leg-impact model.

shorts wear summer outfit high waist waistband bow

See the photo gallery below for more examples of styling with shorts. Let yourself be inspired!

shorts wear party summer outfit

shorts carry mix match fabrics

shorts wear mid-length button navy style

shorts wear mid-length dark blue shirt stripes

shorts wear jeans pink shirt high heels

shorts wear jeans blouse lace sleeves shoulder

shorts wear hot pants check shirt

shorts wear autumn outit pullover

shorts wear leg wrap jeans

shorts wear bermudas crop top cropped outfit

shorts wear bermuda t-shirt red white

shorts wear floral pattern high waist

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