Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Try the new trend colors 2014 of the fashion scene


Summer comes with new, fresh colors and patterns. Every summer brings new brands, new trends. If you are wondering what is popular and trendy this season, we can tell you right away: two dynamic colors are super up to date, they are vibrant and lively, that’s yellow and orange – the new trend colors 2014 summer. The girls have already begun to incorporate these two colors in their daily combinations, you can already see details of orange and yellow throughout the fashionable outfits.

The new trend colors 2014 – what do the fashion gurus say


Sometimes these two colors work well together, but mostly you wear them one at a time. This means a shirt or blouse in one color, bag in one color, pants, skirts, sunglasses , flat shoes or high-heeled shoes etc. Literally the fashion scene offers us all sorts of clothes and matching accessories in orange, yellow or in one Combination of both colors. There are different shades of yellow and orange, so you can choose the shade that best suits your taste.

The trend colors 2014 for a fresh summer season


Now take a look at our collection of images and enjoy the fashion world in yellow and orange – the citrus colors that are very common in our house or garden, bring always good mood and are closely linked to the summer and Mediterranean area.

Brave combination with yellow blouse and orange skirt


Leather style – a wallet and skirt in leather with yellow jacket


Daily chic in white and orange – fresh summer idea


The Schalvar pants are especially trendy this summer


For the busy woman – a fresh citrus combination


City Style – a costume of jacket with wafer effect and skirt


Very nice idea with yellow shorts and white blouse


Orange and purple in perfect harmony


Versace Haute Couture 2014


Sheer blouse and orange shorts – idea for evening and street


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