Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Trendy through the fall with legwarmers and leggings


Fashionable through autumn with legwarmers and leggings made of wool, jersey or silk. Leg warmers, overknees and colorful leggings are a highlight for any outfit on the cooler and colder days of the season. These warming fashion accessories are above all all-round talents and decorate and conceal shoes, boots and ankle boots, offer warmth and are combined with knit sweaters, gloves, hats and scarves.

Fashionable through the autumn women’s accessories of warmth


Autumn is in full swing and the rope is back. To the trendy clothing, the ladies want to go through the autumn fashion with gauntlets. The gaiters are used in the ski fashion , with the trendy gauntlets are a must-have accessory in everyday life. Today we will show you some current trends which will inspire styles and patterns as well as colors and fabrics on the catwalk. Originally intended to cover the legs in winter and to support the circulation during exercise , however, the gauntlets are now worn as a ladies accessory . Practical and chic, they are made and designed. Take a look.

Fashionable by the autumn cuffs design


The trend wave of the gauntlets reaches us again this year. Trendy in the fall with woolen, silk or fur cuffs, hand-knit or conventionally made, the important thing is how you use them. Spice up your outfit with knitted cuffs that are adorned and decorated with rhinestones, buttons or zippers. Fall is the season of times warmer and cooler days and if you still want to wear your ballerina shoes you could put on fine cotton legwarmers. As a fashion accessory, short gauntlets, such as knitted by grandmother’s hands over ankle boots and boots, as well as shoes with heels are put on. Black, brown and gray are the most popular colors with or without decorative bows or plush balls.


Overknee legwarmers with a chic use


The all-round suede lapping machine


Fashionable trends on the catwalk lange-über-die-Knie-Gamaschen-mit-Plüschball

Warm overknee gauntlets with side plush ball as decor









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