Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Tips for eye makeup when wearing glasses


If you wear glasses, you should know what to look for when applying make-up , so that your eye make-up looks good despite the diopters. Often mistakes are made, but you should definitely avoid them if you want your eyes to look pretty and, above all, natural.

What to look for in eye makeup in combination with glasses


1. If you want to emphasize your eyes with an eyeliner as eye make-up , you should consider the following: Choose a color for the eyeliner, which is one to two tones lighter than the frame. However, if the frame of your glasses is very bright, then you do the opposite, so choose a shade that is one to two tones darker. Many ladies believe that they have to choose a color for the eyeliner that matches that of the frame, but this will make the eyes barely noticeable through the glass.

Matching colors of eyeshadow


2. Now you should not believe that a very dark eye make-up is beneficial. That is to say that, for example, a smokey-eye effect is not a good choice when wearing glasses. Bear in mind that the glasses cast shadows on the eyes. For this reason, you should always choose lighter colors for the make-up of the eyes.


Voluminous eyelashes under the glasses

3. For eye make-up do not forget the volume for the eyelashes! It may be that you are not used to using a volume mascara, but in that case you should think again. As you know, your eyes look smaller through the dioptres. But you can compensate for this negative effect with more voluminous eyelashes. But do not overdo it! To make your eyelashes look as natural as possible, use a brown mascara instead of a black one.


Modern glasses frame with round glasses

4. The eyeglass frame also plays a big role in putting on the eyeliner. With a solid frame, the eyelid line automatically reduces the size of the eyes. In contrast, a very thin spectacle frame combined with a thick eyelid line as eye make-up means that the eyes appear unnaturally large. In principle, you should remember that there should be no contrast between the frame and the eyeliner .


Hide dark circles

5. The dark circles are also an issue in themselves. If you wear glasses, you must pay attention to some things here. Since the glasses cast an extra shadow, you should avoid putting on the lower eyelid. Instead of a kohl, so use only a correction pen for the eye make-up , which should have a yellowish color best. This is the best way to cover the dark circles.


6. It’s best to use your lips as an accent instead of overdoing them with eye make-up . So if you are wearing glasses with diopters, choose a vivid color or a glossy lip gloss in a neutral color for the lips.


7. Eye Makeup and Glasses – The eyebrows that frame the face are an important accent. They expand the glasses frame and additionally shape the face. Since they attract less attention than the eyes that are behind the glasses and are an important accent, you should make sure that they are well-groomed and shaped.




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