Tie and Style XXL Scarf – Blanket Scarf Styling Tips

XXL Schal -dicker-stylen-blau-kaschmir-poncho

Large scarfs, scarves and ponchos are undoubtedly the perfect companion on chilly days. For every fashion-conscious woman, an XXL scarf is simply a must-have piece for the cold season. Checked, black or in autumn tones, he warmed us in a casual or elegant way. A neck-bound cloth or a cape with a beautiful design is the perfect finish for a stylish look. To achieve this we help with 18 styling tips.

Wrap yourself in a nice XXL scarf

XXL Schal -stylen-blau-halstuch-einwickeln-dicker

A scarf is handy for protection against the cold, but not only. It complements the entire outfit and completes the look. This is the accessory, which cleverly upgrades the look. You need a precisely selected piece and the right technique for binding. The fabric should fit next to his pattern, or color to clothing. Coarse-knit models are suitable for everyday, casual outfits, while those made of silk or cashmere rather belong to the elegant look.

Checked XXL cashmere scarf

XXL Schal -stylen-kashcmir-hell-umhang-elegant

Cashmere is one of the most valuable materials for a winter scarf. It is a very fine type of wool, which is obtained from the undercoat of particular Central Asian breed goats. Cashmere keeps body heat very well at its low weight, and it also feels very, very soft. Due to the properties and the origin of the material, it counts as extremely high quality and a noble cashmere scarf can cost 300-400 euros.

Stylish XXL scarf – 4 variants

XXL Schal -binden-ideen-anleitung-stylingtipps-varianten

How you wear and tie your big scarf depends mainly on the outfit, or occasion and the size of the cloth. We offer four easy-to-follow variants and more tips on how to stylishly use what you have purchased. Try it out first!

XXL scarf voluminous front tie – waterfall

XXL Schal -binden-halstuch-stylen-schwarz-weiss

For this variant you can use a square, relatively square or triangular cloth made of soft fabric. The square cloth fold diagonally into two, creating a triangle. Lay the long side in front of your neck and tie, as usual, a triangular scarf with the largest angle at the front. The two same ends should fall behind your shoulders. Now take them and tie in front under the cloth.

XXL tie scarf on neck – Neat collar

XXL Schal -binden-halstuch-anleitung-kariert-schwraz

especially at low temperatures, we recommend to tie your big scarf as close to the neck as possible. Nevertheless, the free movement must not be prevented, so be sure that the knot is not too tight. Now fold the square scarf into a triangle and put it over your shoulders so you have the two long sides in front. Wrap the lengths around your neck and tie at the back. Arrange the wrinkles a bit.

XXL shawl like a poncho

XXL Schal -binden-variante-gu%cc%88rtel-taille-stylen

This version for tying a scarf is very chic and is wonderful about leather jacket or other, which is relatively thin. All you need is a nice belt to match the scarf. Now put the big cloth over your shoulders, no matter if it is bound in a triangle or square as it is. In front of the waist, take it together or put the two sides together neatly. Fix with a belt to your taste.

XXL scarf asymmetrically playful tie

XXL Schal -karierter-halstuch-schwarz-stylen-binden

This variation is particularly feminine and is perfect for loosening a boring look. In the initial situation, the two ends hang over the front of the shoulder. Pull out a bit and let it hang about 10-15 cm longer. Take it and wrap it around twice, knot it with the other fabric and hide under the loop. The second end must hang loosely across.

Beautiful XXL scarf as a cape


The version for a cape from the XXL scarf looks elegant and chic, moreover, it is trendy. Only a large, high quality scarf is needed and nothing more. The design and fabric of the it-piece should fit very well with the remaining parts and the look in general. Just put the nice cloth over your shoulder or over your upper body. If desired, throw the end over one shoulder.

XXL scarf for onion look – big knit scarf

 XXL Schal -stylen-strick-oversize-strick-zwiebel-look

You can put the scarf around your shoulder and hold it in the crook of your arms over a plain top or even over jacket and coat, without having to tie it somehow. Super simple and casual present in this way your beautiful piece. It is most important to stylishly combine the fabrics and patterns of the different garments.

XXL Scarf with Oversize Coat Combine – Monochrome Black


If you like it cozy and warm, an XXL scarf in combination with an overzis coat is the optimal alternative. Hang the sound and wrap it around your neck so that crossover loops are formed. Now tie the two ends at the back of the neck and hide under a layer of fabric. This look keeps you warm and is at the same time a nice change from the classic collar version.

Plaid XXL scarf in blue and green just around the neck


Perhaps one of the simplest variations we’ve all known since childhood is to tie the scarf round the neck and let the two ends hang casually in front. This alternative to tying a scarf just never goes out of style and the effect is great. Choose a patterned XXL shawl for a simple outfit or in a plain to classic coat. Checkered models in dark or light pastel colors are also always a good choice.

Tie checked XXL scarf


Although this variant appears relatively complicated to imitate at first glance, it works quite simply. Tie the hat around your neck and pull one end through the loop. Then tie this end to the other one. You hide the transition under the fabric.

Tie the XXL scarf elegantly – With a belt around the waist


The XXL scarf is a beautiful variation to enhance the simple look. It should only be chosen according to the occasion and the other items of clothing. When choosing, you should note color and material. Thick, coarse fabrics just do not fit the evening dress and that’s already clear. Cashmere and finely worked wool are considered timeless pieces that a lady of all ages can wear.

Tie red XXL scarf over shoulders – The Cape


When you’re ready to invest more money in a single piece, think about the colors in your wardrobe. Finally, to really enjoy your high-quality purchase, it should suit your individual style.

Black and white checkered XXL scarf


The cheapest are XX scarfs made of synthetic fibers, such as acrylic or polyester. These are not permeable and could even cause allergies.

Fluffy XXL scarf in pastel colors


If you fancy a new piece and experiments, then treat yourself to a fashionable scarf made of wool blend.

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