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The right glasses for a long work on the screen

glasses for long working screen goggles daily wear work

Long days in the office burden your eyes. The work on the screen is then always exhausting – even headaches can come. Back problems are also preprogrammed, if you have z. B. occupy a wrong sitting posture to see the screen content sharply. Remedy so-called computer workstation goggles, a special glasses for long hours on the computer.

When does such glasses make sense for you to work long hours?

glasses for long working tips

Best of all, before you perceive physical ailments. As soon as you have to squint your eyes while working or stretch your head towards the screen, a visual aid may already be necessary. With which age this is the case with you, can not be flat. That depends on your personal vision. At the latest, when a presbyopia to your “normal” myopia is added, there is need for action. Then you should check with a spectacle manufacturer if a special VDU eyewear is the right solution for you.

What makes a VDU workplace eyewear?

glasses eyes protection work long

Such glasses are characterized primarily by the fact that their glasses are divided into three zones, each having different levels of vision.

In the middle is the largest zone. This screen is your screen – the point you watch most of the time.

At the bottom is the near range. This will let you see when you look at your keyboard or use a notepad. Your office phone is likely to be similarly far away.

The far edge is at the far end. You can use this, for example, when looking at the wall calendar or when someone enters your office. However, the socket must be large enough so that all three viewing zones are accommodated in the lens. As a guideline, a glass height of 30 mm applies.

Goggles for long work – How to increase the wearing comfort

glasses for long-term work myopia wear screen safety goggles

When choosing a workstation eyewear, you should still pay attention to the following:

• Opt for plastic lenses . They are lighter than mineral glasses. This weight difference is greater with a VDU eyewear than with a normal vision aid, since the glasses are usually higher and thus heavier.

• Also use lightweight materials for the frame .

• Let your glasses be anti-reflective . This is especially worthwhile in offices where many different light sources are located.

• Choose a frame with flexible hinges and temples that are more comfortable to carry.

Goggles for long work – Further useful tips

glasses long work screen protect eyes

• If you work on the screen for more than three hours a day, a three-zone progressive lens is recommended for you.

• Your employer must help you buy a workstation goggle. For this you need a corresponding confirmation from your ophthalmologist, optician or company doctor. More information about this topic can be found here .

glasses long working tips tricks

• It is recommended to measure the distance between the eyes and the monitor before making a pair of office eyeglasses. Put yourself in a natural attitude ; Your eyes should be close to the top of the screen.

In line with this topic
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