Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

The modern Bob hairstyles with A-line (short back, long front)

Victoria Beckham Graduated Bob cut long at the neck

It was a haircut that shocked the company when it was created in 1909 by the Polish-born hairdresser Antoine de Paris in France. Over a century later, the Bob is still one of the most popular hairstyles. From year to year it is revived again and again by new variations . Lately, one hears more and more of the oblique, graduated Bob. We’ll tell you today what makes the Bob hairstyles with graduation (short back, front long) so special and show some of the most interesting variations of the haircut.

Bob hairstyles with A-line – What does the graduate Bob look like?

bob hairstyles with short neck blond smooth elegant

The classic bob hair is chin-length and cut without steps. Unlike the classic version, the graduate bobsleigh has a more pronounced shape that emphasizes facial features and creates a natural volume. The idea behind the trendy, asymmetrical hairstyle is based on the cutting method “graduation”. Through this hair cutting technique, a smooth transition from a short neck hair to a longer front part is achieved. The gradation can range from soft over medium to strong.

bob hairstyles with short nape blonde strands thin hair

The graduated Bob is perfect for smooth and wavy hair. The haircut looks good on thick hair, but works wonders for thin hair. This refined cut adds volume and makes fine hair look fuller. The steps should not stand out too much from each other and flow very smoothly into each other. For very dense hair, the graduation will remove excess volume and give shape to the hairstyle.

bob hairstyles with short neck volume at the hairline apex

Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlet Johansson, Emma Stone, Lily Collins, Gwyneth Paltrow, Keira Knightley, Karlie Kloss and many others have already tried this look. If you belong to the same or similar hair type, you can be inspired by the looks of your favorite stars .

hairstyles bob behind short front long deep side parting straight hair Rihanna

The oblique Bob comes in many different variants. So you can customize the haircut to your liking. With the Bob with graduation, every hairstyle element plays a certain role and can either complete the look or totally change it. These elements include, for example, the type of pony, the length of the hair, the length of each step, the technique of lace processing, etc.

What face shape do the Bob Hairstyles fit with A-Line?

hairstyles bob behind short front long red hair color oblique long pony

Tiered haircuts, especially the graduated bob, are most beneficial for women with an oval face. Since the hair is cut straight at a certain angle, even round faces can be optically stretched. Even with angular face shapes, the oblique Bob harmonizes perfectly.

hairstyles bob behind short front long straight bangs women from 50 with glasses

When graduating, special attention should be paid to the pony. So, women with a round face will look more graceful with a slanted pony. High, impressed cheekbones can be perfectly emphasized with a straight bangs. If you have a square face, you should avoid straight cuts. To visually shorten an elongated face, put on an elegant, stepped Bob hairstyle. One of its elements should be a dense, fringed, short bangs, combed sideways.

The oblique Bob with short hair (short behind, long front)

bob behind short front long short haircut with short neck slanted pony

The shorter the haircut, the stronger the graduation. The hair cutting technique distributes the weight of the hair very evenly. The graduate Bob brings a nice dynamic into the hair and the face to advantage. Like most short hairstyles, such a haircut can be constantly modified and perfected by different styling ideas. This is an excellent hairstyle, especially for women over 40 who want to look younger.

graduated bob behind short front long chin-length blue streaks

For whom is the short bob with A-line suitable?

– Women, with a weakened and fine hair texture.
– Those with pronounced facial features such as a broad forehead, a pronounced jaw or broad cheekbones.
– Women with straight or slightly curly hair.

Bob cut in the neck (short at the back, long at the front)

bob hairstyles with a short neck trimmed top hair bleached

Such a haircut is short at the back and long at the front. But sometimes the neck is cut very short, often even shaved. The covering hair stays longer. This creates a strong contrast between the hair sections. The bob looks very stylish and elegant, but is only suitable for women with a nice and thin neck.

Bob hairstyles for medium-length hair (short back, long front)

bob hairstyles with short neck medium long blonde smoothed

Medium length bobsleigh hairstyles are very versatile and can be styled uncomplicated. Here you can try different types of asymmetry and pony cuts. Every look will be very stylish and individual.

oblique bob purple hair thin thin

The mid-length bob with A-line has many advantages:

– The haircut gently softens and improves the proportions of the face
– harmonizes with both middle and deep side vertex
– is especially good at round faces
– perfect for eyeglass wearers and older women from 50 years

Long Bob with A-line

long bob front long back short mid-crest ombre caramel darker approach

The Long Bob is also referred to as a half-length bob and has been in fashion for some years now! It is usually worn shorter in the neck and ends at the front about collarbone length. The length is the perfect compromise between long and short hair and allows many different styles.

Long Bob front long back short blond dark neck

Unique features of the long bob with A-line:

– This is one of the few haircuts that are perfect for chubby women. The extension of the front part ensures an optical extension of the face.
– The haircut is suitable for all hair types – looks stylish with smooth, wavy and curly hair.
– Especially stylish is the Long Bob with a deep side parting.

Long bob front long back short with straight bangs

Long Bob with A-line maroon hair color wavy hair

hairstyles bob behind short front long medium long highlights stepped mid-crest

long bob smooth modern blonde strands front long back short

front long back short graduated bob smooth

blond long hair bob blond

oblique bob thick hair caramel streaks

oblique bob with thick hair wavy step volume

hairstyles bob behind short front long Victoria Beckham square face

hairstyles bob behind short front long chin long blond side parting

hairstyles bob behind short front long highlights A-line thin hair

bob behind short front long tiered blonde strähnchen

bob hairstyles medium length a-line wavy hair

bob hairstyles with short nape platinum-blonde fine hair

bob hairstyles with short necks long covering hair wavy

bob hairstyles with short neck cut back hair color black

bob hairstyles with short neck fringy grades create volume

bob hairstyles with short necks fine hair side vertex

bob hairstyles with short neck thin hair brown

bob hairstyles with short neck thin hair from 50 strawberry blond

bob hairstyles with short necks ash blond fine hair

bob hairstyles with short necks from 50 red hair smooth

bob hairstyle ombre dark neck front long back short

Bob hairstyle with A-line Sombre stepped waves

bob hairstyle graded blonde highlights Page top hair curls

blunt bob with a-line front short back long half bun

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