Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

The Eye Makeup – 21 ideas for accenting blue eyes


Today, we have 16 eye makeup makeup ideas that will help you highlight your blue eyes in just one place. We’ll show you a few tips and tricks and you can achieve these wonderful looks all by yourself by simply following the various instructions. Your beautiful eyes are immediately highlighted and you will be noticed. If you have blue eyes, they eventually deserve to dominate your look. You will be the center of attention when you highlight them with great eyeshadow and mascara.

Choose the eye makeup in the appropriate color


Take a look at the following photos and do not hesitate to try out these stunning eye make-up ideas as soon as possible. Some of them are perfect for an evening at the disco, while others can be used for everyday life or a date . Have fun trying!

An eye make-up for the party


Emphasize your eyes with mascara, dark eyeshadows and kohl. The make-up is not just for the warm summer evenings, but perfect for the fall and winter seasons. Who does not want to exaggerate, and instead discreet make-up loves, can only apply bright eye shadow and emphasize the eyelashes with mascara.

Discreet and suitable for everyday use – make-up only with mascara


Emphasize eyes with pink eyeshadows


bunt selber machen anleitung betonen lidschatten

bunt augen make up lila gold grün

Very expressive eyes

bunt anleitung schritte schminken look mascara

The individual nuances of the eye make-up

schminke alltag katzenaugen pfirsich pastellene farben

Eye Makeup – pastel colors for blue eyes

make up zart neutral natürlich lidstrich

The finished eye makeup

Schminktipps smokey eye nachmachen blaue augen kajal

Pastel colors in combination with a dark eyeliner

professionelles augen make up probieren nuancen

Different colors that overflow into each other

grün blau effekt wimpern ideen lider

Mix turquoise with a dark gray shade

gelb ausdrucksvoll blau weiß gold makeup

An idea for braver ladies or the party

diy regenbogen blau türkis rosa tutorial

Do you like it colorful? Try this idea!

rauchig blau hell dunkel schattierung schminken

A combination of blue and white always works well

anleitung schritt bunt gelb rosa grün lidstrich

A contrasting idea of ​​colorful colors

bronze kupfer lidstrich lidfalte augenbrauen betonen

Trust in copper or bronze

rauchig smokey dunkelblau ideen schminke weiß

grün augenbrauen blau lange wimpern pinsel

gold rot kontrast schminken blaue augen hervorheben

Eye Make-Up Instructions: make-up tips for a party look

augen make up pfirsich schatten smokey

eyeliner künstliche wimpern türkis schattieren nachmachen

augen schminken grün blau eyeliner lidschatten

make up natürlich kajal schminken ideen

gold grün türkis lidstrich schminke gelb

blaue augen varianten ideen betonen beispiele schminken

lidschatten blaue augen gelb zoom

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