Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

The best head-to-toe body toners for a fit body

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The new wave of summer cosmetics is already on the market and like the sun, air and sea it will make every inch of your body fit. Enjoy the new products, which are designed for every skin type and embody the innovative cosmetics technologies.

Fit from head to toe in summer – the new body toners as lotions, oils and serum

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The cosmetics trends are increasingly becoming ecological products and skin-friendly solutions by Body Toners , which not only preserve the balance and tone of the skin, but also stabilize it.

Body Toners from head to toe – Cougar Skin Zero Gravity Body Serum

Body Toners -elle-kosmetik-COUGAR-SKIN-packung-haut

Best for – a hyper pigmented skin

How it works – The retinol and yam root extract are slowly released in the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin

Dermatoctor Brasilian Bobshell Skin


Best for – uneven skin

How it works – The Brazilian ginseng extract heals flaws and the sapphire complex clouds them

Lierac Body Slim Oil


Best for – legs

How it works – the extract of pepper seeds stimulates microcirculation and the four plant extracts hinder water retention

Tata Harper Fortifying Body Lotion


Best for – thin skin

How it works – regenerates the skin cells and stabilizes the skin

Mio Get Waisted Sclupting Body Shaper


Best for – belly

How it works – the seaweed and seaweed extract stimulates the circulation, softens the bloat, prevents the future storage of fats.

Orico Full Cup Bust and Neck enhancing Elixir


This brand of Body Toners is good for the neck and chest

How it works – The Guggul Extract completes the rugged lines by increasing lipid storage

Perricone Cold Plasma Body


Best for – arms and neckline

How It Works – A high dose of caffeine tightens the blood vessels by hydrating the skin with hydrating Sodium Hyialuronate

Skin Ceuticals Body Retxturing Treatment


Best for – rough, dull skin

How it works – The urea eliminates the rough spots by preventing niacinamide from irritating and hyaluronic acid stimulating internal moisture.

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