Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

The best eye makeup to accentuate green eyes


If you are one of the lucky ones with green eyes, you will love this article. Green eyes are uniquely beautiful and today we show you the perfect ways to highlight them. Our tips are for the overall green color of the eyes, but you can more accurately determine the eye’s nuance and sometimes improvise with the colors, and the advice does not follow.

The best eye makeup to accentuate green eyes


After looking at the article and understanding how to apply the make-up, you will become a perfect make-up stylist. Her eyes are the most valuable in this world that needs to be highlighted. But it is not easy to find the right eyeshadow for green eyes. Follow the helpful tips below and emphasize your beauty by applying the best eye makeup for green eyes.

Eye makeup for beautiful, green eyes


These makeup ideas will help you a bit with the selection of eye makeup . The palette of colors is so rich that sometimes it is difficult to orient oneself, but here comes our instinctive feeling and intuition to help.

1. Warm bronze


A great, warm idea that will accentuate the eyes.

2. Copper tones


The bronze and copper tones are similar and the make-up is totally dependent on your whole outfit,

3. Play with Purple


Purple and purple match the green eyes very well.

4. No silver


Avoid silver nuances that better match blue and brown eyes.

5. Leave off the black eyeliner

You can use other colors of Eyes pen like blue, green or purple.

6. Darker green tones


Green goes green – why not, if it makes the face look better.

7. Peach red


Also use peach nuances for the rouge on the cheeks.

8. Pink and plum


Great colors, especially for the evening

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