Which color suits khaki? How to combine the trend color correctly

Khaki Green is a color that until recently was associated exclusively with military uniforms. Today the military-chic has been reinterpreted and thus the trend color becomes an eye-catcher. Because of its versatility, khaki is a real fashion basic and should not be missing in any wardrobe. Khaki tones can range from light brown to olive. […]

Make-up brush: Which make-up brush to use for what?

Whether rouge, foundation, concealer or lipstick , each product must be applied properly to achieve the desired effect. Without suitable make-up brush succeeds not. Make-up brushes are available in numerous sizes and shapes and each one is for a specific use. Often the question arises: which brush is suitable for what and how is it […]

Which shoes to which outfit – 5 Stylingstipps

Every fashion conscious woman never has enough shoes and clothes in her closet . But combining them and putting together a harmonious outfit is sometimes difficult. With flat models, there is a risk of shortening the body visually. On the other hand, wearing high heels in everyday life is a burden on the back and […]

Get white teeth – Which variants are suitable for success?

Everyone dreams of snow-white teeth. For as much as we care for our teeth, a discoloration caused by various foods from our everyday lives can not be stopped. Fortunately, there are several variations that can lighten your teeth. The tips that we would like to introduce to you in this article will explain how you […]

Prom Dresses and Body Types – Which Ball Gown suits you?

For a perfect prom night, the perfect dress is also part of it. When choosing it is important that it fits your body type and emphasizes your figure advantageous. Cutting, materials and length play an important role here. Today we will give you a few examples and tips about prom dresses dresses and colors that […]