Festive updos with instructions – 6 styling ideas perfect for New Year’s Eve

festive updos new year's eve replicate ideas

You have already found the perfect party dress for New Year’s Eve , but you still lack the right hairstyle? Do not wait for the last moment to choose the right styling. Because for a nice overall look a pre-planning is recommended. Festive updos offer themselves as a beautiful variant for the party look and should not necessarily be complicated. However, you must pay a lot of attention to the selection: The selected New Year’s Eve hairstyle should suit your outfit and, of course, you should be fine. Therefore, we have selected some styling variations in the post, which guarantee a glamorous appearance on New Year’s Eve. Our sleek updo ideas come with instructions so you can easily make the look you want.

Braided chignon with hair decoration

new years hairstyles pinned jewelry earrings

Festive updos are really glamorous and complete every party outfit perfectly. Our first suggestion is for a plaited Chignon in the neck, which can spice up with hair accessories matching the dress. The New Year’s Eve hairstyle looks great and manages best ladies with long hair. In fact, this updo is much easier than it seems at first glance.

You need this:

– Hair clip
– three hair ties
– Hair Accessories (optional)

New Year's Eve hairstyle pinned up make yourself

That’s how it’s done:

1. Brush the hair back and divide it at the top of the head. The split hair then stuck firmly with hair clips. If necessary, twirl a little so that the hair clips are firmly in place.

2. Then divide the hair into three strands, the middle being thicker than the left and right. Now weave three braids and then pluck a little with your fingers. This is how they look wider.

3. Take the middle (largest) braid and turn counterclockwise to a bun. Fix the bun with hairpins.

make braided updos instructions yourself

4. Turn the left braid around the bun and fix the end with a hairclip.

5. Repeat the previous step with the right plait.

6. If necessary, fix the braided Chignon with several hairpins and clamps so that it stands firmly.

7. If desired, you can spice up the elegant updo with hair accessories. The accessory can be positioned directly above the Chignon and add a touch of elegance to the hairstyle. Tip: For a rounded look, adjust the hair jewelry to the other jewelry, such as earrings and necklace.

Loose Chignon as a festive updo

festive hairstyles pinned up twirling new year's eve

Whether you spend New Year’s Eve in a fine restaurant or at home with friends, the festive outfit and hairstyle contribute to the right party mood. With an elegant updo you will certainly make an impression, regardless of where the New Year is celebrated. In the following we present a loose styling variant of Chignon, which nevertheless looks very effective .

You need this:

– Hair tie
– Hair clips suitable for hair color

updo instruction steps to imitate

How to succeed the hairstyle:

1. Tie the hair on the neck to the ponytail. Treat very fine hair in advance with a suitable styling product.

2. Divide the ponytail into four equal strands and fix each with a hair clip on the corresponding side (except the lower one). It is best to use hair clips that match the hair color so that they are not noticeable.

festive hairstyles new year's eve messy look

3. Now take the upper strand of hair and loop so that a kind of loop is formed. It should be as voluminous as possible, but in no case confused. When the desired effect is achieved, pin the tress with a bobby pin.

4. Repeat the previous step with the left, right and lower strand of hair. Make sure that the loops are about the same size and try to put the hair clips so that as little as possible is visible.

updo instructions dutt new years hairstyle

5. Once all strands are pinned, you can pull or pull the loops as you like, until the updo gets the look you want. For a more casual look, just pull off the side strands on the head and drop it around your face.

Tip: Loose updos are perfect for a New Year’s Eve in the city or at a house party .

Elegant and festive: Updo with hair ornaments

festive updos silvester hair accessories elegant

With the matching hair jewelry can also be a casual updo in an elegant remodel. With our next styling idea for New Year’s Eve, the right hair accessory plays an important role. It’s exactly what makes the hairstyle festive.

You need this:

– Toupier comb
– Hair tie
– Hairpins and clips
– glamorous hair accessory
– Hair spray for fixing

updo New Years long hair imitate instruction

That’s how it’s done:

1. First, divide the hair into four parts: the top of the head, the back of the head and two thinner strands of hair on the sides. Pin the upper part of the hair with a compartment clip so that it does not bother you and leaves the sides open.

2. Tie the hair at the back of the head to a high ponytail, with the last wrapping around the hair elastic, the hair is not completely pulled by it. It should be a kind of loose bun.

3. Buff the lateral parts of the hair with the comb, then place crosswise on the ponytail and fix the area where hair strands intersect with hairpins. If necessary, fix the sides with hairspray.

4. In the following, toup the hair on the head and bring it to the back. Then bring this hair part on the first bun and tie with a hair elastic all the hair again to half bun.

5. Now, when the hair is tied to the back of the head, you start to pin down individual highlights with hairpins until a voluminous bun is styled and no hair is confused.

festive updo hairdressing style instructions

6. If all the hair tresses are fixed so that you are satisfied with the hairstyle, fix the bun with hairspray or hair varnish.

7. Now we come to the hair jewelry. In the example, a three-strand necklace is used. Just put the necklace upside down and close it at the bottom. The festive hairstyle is ready for New Year’s Eve .

Festive updos in a sleek look

party ready updos sleek look inspiration

Hairstyles in a sleek look are currently very popular with ladies as well as men. Even when it comes to festive updos, there may not be any other styling that looks so elegant and classy. In this section, we’ll show you how to style a glamorous bun in a sleek look. This is also the perfect hairstyle if you wear a part. It works wonderfully with both middle and side vertexes.

You need this:

– Hair tie
– comb or hairbrush
– Styling product, eg. As hair wax, pomade, mousse or styling gel

sleek look dutt new years hairstyle make yourself

This is how the updo in a sleek look succeeds:

1. Pull a middle or side parting and brush the hair. If necessary, spray the hair with a product for more grip.

2. Comb the hair backwards and tie it to a low ponytail deep in the neck.

3. Apply some of the chosen styling product to your hair and straighten it. Do not use too much so that the hair does not look wet.

simple updo instructions birched dutt

4. Now the ponytail is twirled into a topknot. Simply hold the base with one hand and turn the hair around with the other until the end is reached.

Tip: If the twisted Dutt does not succeed from the first try, keep trying until you get the desired result. Practice makes perfect!

updos sleek look bun imitating tips

5. Hold the ponytail end with your forefinger and then tie with a hair tie. Fix prominent highlights with hairpins.

6. Finally, smooth the hair in sleek look with a little gel and fix with hair spray. Combine the elegant updo on New Year’s Eve with a pretty dress and glamorous jewelry and the festive look is ready.

The sleek look looks just as wonderful in the shape of topknot (a higher bun).

Simple party hairstyles: Side updo Messy look

festive updos ideas to combine jewelry

On New Year’s Eve, the New Year is celebrated and many women want to look stunning on the occasion. This is also possible with a simple hairstyle. Festive updos do not always require a visit to the hair studio. There are also effective styling ideas that you can easily master at home. We have an example for you right now: a Messigny Chignon on the side.

You need this:

– Toupier comb
– Hair clips
– hairpins
– Hair tie

side updo instructions imitate new years eve

To style the look:

1. Make a mid or side vertex and pluck up the hair in the neck and along the length. Select the side for the Chignon and then fix the side hairs flat behind the ears.

2. Bring all hair to the selected side and twirl towards the face.

3. Hold the end with one hand and pluck the braid a little with the other, making it bulkier. Then tie the end with a thin hair tie.

4. Continue twirling the braid until it begins to spin. Wrap around a little bit and pin the end under your head under the chignon.

5. If necessary, fix the Chignon with hairpins and clips and, if desired, pluck a little with your fingers. At the end spice things up with hair accessories and you’re done.

Tip: festive updos bring sparkling Chandelier earrings and necklaces to their best advantage.

Festive updos for medium-length hair – styling idea to imitate

festive updos without bangs new years eve

Festive updos, however, are not only suitable for ladies with long hair. Medium-long hair can also be used to make a pretty updo on New Year’s Eve . A great styling idea with instructions for copying can be found below.

You need this:

– Crepes
– Toupier comb
– big hair clips
– Hair spray for fixing

elegant updos imitate medium-long hair

That’s how it’s done:

1. Crimp the front sections of hair a bit with the creping iron to create a little more volume in the neck.

2. Then split the hair: The side hairs to the side with hair clips stuck, whereas the middle remains open. The hair should be divided so that they look like a mohawk in the middle (see picture).

3. Gradually torow the “Iroquois” backwards from the forehead.

4. Now bring the hair on the top of the head back and smooth, by styling a kind of great.

5. Without removing the volume of the madness, twirl the Iroquois downwards with your fingers and get stuck deep in the neck.

6. Then take a strand from the left part of the hair and twirl it gently. Pluck the little plait with your fingers to create texture.

festive updos medium length hair guide

7. Pin the end of the twisted braid on the opposite side of the middle part of the hair with large hair clips.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 with the right side and continue until the end using the same method.

9. Stick the remaining hair back in the neck or style it as you like.

10. Finally, fix the updo for medium-length hair with hairspray. Finished!

Have you found an idea in our collection that you like most? Then welcome the New Year with one of the suggestions for festive updos. We wish you good luck and a happy new year!

Updos with instructions for every occasion and every hair length

Updos with instructions sleek-look-haarschmuck-trend

Whether casual or glamorous, updos always look elegant and really feminine. The raised hairs are the perfect complement to any festive outfit and ensure a perfect look. That’s why they are often chosen as a bridal hairstyle for the big day. Furthermore, a casual updo in everyday life can be very practical and especially in the summer to help against the heat. In this article we have put together various updos with instructions that are suitable for both special occasions and everyday life. Let yourself be inspired!

Elegant updos with instructions for a special occasion

Updos with instructions wedding-braided-chignon-strand

Many different occasions such as weddings, birthdays and family celebrations require an elegant hairstyle. As a timeless possibility, the updo offers itself for it. At the same time it can emphasize the facial contours and the festive outfit and round off your whole appearance in an elegant way. The variants for a beautiful high-set hairstyle are simply endless. Experienced hairdressers can conjure up a wonderful updo from every hair length, sometimes in a very short time. However, some styling ideas are not such a big deal of witchcraft and you can try making simple updos yourself. At this point our instructions come to help.

Braided and romantic – a simple chignon made of braid

Updos with instructions pigtail chignon bridal hairstyle

If you want to emphasize your femininity with a simple yet effective hairstyle, then you can wear your hair romantically braided. Classic hairstyles can be put up and transformed into a charming festive hairstyle.

To prepare your hair, you should first spray it with a heat protection spray. Then blow-dry with the help of a hairbrush and then lightly toast in the approach. If you want to style the hairstyle with strands left out, you should lure the front hair with a thick curling iron at this point. So a frame for the face is designed. Now bring all the hair a little bit to one side and braid a simple braid without tying it. Then take the three tresses in one hand and hold the middle one with the other hand. While holding the middle strand, push the rest of the braid to the head. So you can make a full, braided hair bun. In the following, stick the remaining strand of hair to the neck and fix with hair clips. Finally, stand out outstanding highlights and the look is done.

Turned bun

easy-updo hairstyles-manual-hair-knot

Updos do not always take a lot of time. There are also such stylings that you can imitate relatively quickly. An example of this is this twisted bun. For that, lightly toup the hair and spray with hair spray. Then separate into two pieces at the neck and tie them into a knot. Now turn the left part to the right and fix with hairpins and the right one to the left. Use as many hairpins as necessary to fix the bun as well as possible. You can also wear this updo in the currently trendy sleek look by styling the hair on the top of your head with hair gel.

Wedding updos

updo hairstyles-wedding-chignon-lure-summer-flowers

Updos are considered a classic among the bridal hairstyles and always put the wedding dress in scene. What a lofty bridal hairstyle brings to its best advantage is the hair jewelry. Glittering hair combs and elegant fascinators work well for a fall and winter wedding, with a variety of flowers often used for spring and summer weddings. They can be either artificial or real and add a fresh, natural touch to the overall look.

Updo for wedding with hairband

updo hairstyles-wedding-manual-hair band hair accessories

The next example of our updo with instructions is easy to copy and all you need is a hair band, lots of hair clips, hair spray and jewelry of your choice. The hair is inserted into the hair band and fixed with the hairpins. The finished hairstyle can be spice up with any accessory and provides an easy way to wedding updos, which you can do yourself.

Style updos semi-open style

curls updo hairstyles-wedding-half open-manual-

If you want to combine the elegance of the high-set hair with the romantic, gently falling curls, then you can opt for a half-open updo. This looks at the top of the head as pinned, but runs in graceful curls, instead of in a bun. A semi-open hairstyle is best for long hair, but can also be styled with a medium length.

The faux bob

updo hairstyles-imitate-faux-bob-modern

For ladies with long hair, the so-called Faux Bob is a half-open updo for special occasions. The hair is not completely plugged in, but imitate a Bobfrisur. They are therefore only half-open, because the larger hairpiece is plugged. Although this hairstyle looks simple, you usually can not achieve a perfect look, because it is mainly worked on the neck. Therefore, we recommend a visit to the hairdresser, if you have opted for the Faux Bob.

Updos half-open or stuck for Naturlocken

updo hairstyles-manual-semi-open-variant-medium-length-hair

For the ladies, who naturally have pretty curls, we offer here a variant for updo, which can be worn both half-open, as well as stuck. For this you need three thin hair ties (preferably the same color as the hair) and hairpins. Tie three ponytails at the back of the head at three different heights, one under the other. Then you should turn each ponytail around by making a hole in the neck and pulling the hair inward. After you have finished, hide each ponytail under the following, putting the last one under itself. If you want to wear the updo semi-open, just do not put the last ponytail. Fix with hairpins where necessary and ready.

Updos with instructions for short hair

updo hairstyles-manual-short-hair-bob

If you think that short hair is not suitable for updos, you are wrong. Even buffing hairstyles can be tied with the right hair accessories and transformed into an elegant hairstyle. The procedure is a bit more complicated than with long hair, but with a little practice the updo will definitely succeed. To style this look, prepare the hair by toupling the neck and pulling a crest. Then take one strand from each side, twist and bind with a hair clip. Repeat this step until only a little hair stays on the neck. Tie the remaining strand to a small bun with hairpins so that no hair is left on the neck. This hairstyle looks really nice with a side pony.

Simple updos with instructions for everyday life

updo hairstyles-manual-easy-plait-dutt

If you want to feel comfortable in everyday life, then you need a hairstyle that is practical and does not bother you at work. Below are some great updos with instructions that are easy to style and therefore perfect for the hectic everyday life.

First of all, we would like to introduce you to a great hairstyle for the classic Dutt. The hair is not just twirled, but first tied to a high ponytail, braided and then turned. In this way, a great, braided hair bun, which turns the simple hairstyle into a real eye-catcher.

Knotted updo with instructions

updo hairstyles-manual-short-hair-knot

Another styling option for the hair that fits perfectly to everyday life or vacation, you can look at the above image. This simple updo is good for medium-length hair is quickly styled. First, the front hair pieces are taken, with the left is rotated around the right three times. Then, pull the locks tight and stuck with a hairpin. Now pick up two more strands from each side and add them to the first two. Turn the left one around the right and fix with a hairclip. Repeat these steps until all the hair is knotted. Tie the end with a hair tie and poke the hair on the neck with hairpins.

From Dutch braid on the neck to braided bun on the top of the head

braided-updo hairstyles-manual-summer

If you have mastered the Dutch pigtail, then you will succeed in this hairstyle in any case. However, you should not braid the hair from top to bottom, but vice versa. Braid the braid over your head by bringing your head forward. Turn the finished braid on the top of the head into a topknot and fix it with hairpins. So you have styled the perfect beach hairstyle with high-set hair.

Casual banana hairstyle

loose-updo hairstyles pony-manual-steps

For the ladies who work in the office and are looking for simple updos with instructions to imitate, we offer this casual banana hairstyle as a possibility. First, toup the hair well to create enough volume. Then comb carefully and smooth out outstanding strands. In the following, tie the hair half-open at the top of the head so that the volume is preserved. Now turn the rest of the hair into a loose banana and fix with hairpins.

Semi-open and tied with ribbon

updo hairstyles-half open-manual-schleifenband

In everyday life, you can also wear different updos semi-open. A guide with the individual steps can be found in the picture. To make the hairstyle really modern, tie the hair with a ribbon. A loop with black ribbon in the hair is currently very trendy and provides a modern look.

Casual updos for medium-length hair – 12 great styling ideas

Lässige Hochsteckfrisuren -mittellange-haare-einfach-ideen-anleitung

For women who like to try new looks and like it easy, medium-length hair is just the perfect length. It offers numerous styling options and contributes to a fresh, youthful look. Here are imaginative casual updos easily accessible. Waves, Seek-Look, even braids can be conjured up quickly, with little effort, if you know the know-how. Below you will find interesting ideas with instructions and helpful tips on how to style your hair medium.

Casual updos for medium-length hair

Lässige Hochsteckfrisuren -mittellange-haare-zopf-locker

There is nothing that adorns the woman as the beautiful hair and, accordingly, a beautiful hairstyle. However, it is acceptable to leave home without make-up, but with unsightly, unwashed hair – a sign of bad taste, even bad hygiene. In addition, the hairstyle plays a very important role in the overall effect of the person. With the right haircut and a hair color tailored to the individual, balanced facial proportions can be achieved visually. It’s not surprising why hair styling is so important to all women. The hair is always successful to style, but is not an easy task, at least if you have to do it daily.

Casual updos for medium-length hair

Lässige Hochsteckfrisuren-mittellange-haare-lockig-locker

Important condition for a beautiful hairstyle is a healthy hair. Especially if you do not get professional support and style yourself, damaged hair always looks ugly. Although the average length is extremely easy to care for, it usually reaches the shoulders and the friction in clothes quickly strains the hair tips. Daily styling can also make the medium-length hair particularly susceptible to splits. The care with special products, such as Anntispliss serum or beauty oils is recommended here. The regular walk to the barber is mandatory by the way.

Casual braiding for medium-length hair – Twirled and twisted

Lässige Hochsteckfrisuren -mittellange-haare-drei-zöpfe-flechten

If you have a medium hair length , you do not have to do without braids and updos. In fact, they can even be made simpler than with a long mane. Mostly twirling and turning works better than real braiding, but here we present a very variant for a great braiding hairstyle.

Divide all hair into parties and braid three small braids each. To tie these, use small transparent rubber bands, because you will not notice later. Take a few hairpins, recommended in similar color as your hair itself, and cross the left and right braid, fix it. The third, middle knot nicely and tie with hairpins. It looks nice when the hairpins and rubber bands are covered with hair and remain invisible.

Casual updos made easy for any occasion – instructions

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-manual-knot-locker

The next casual updos for medium hair looks more or less than braided, but is not. It is also particularly suitable for relatively short hair. For this you also need hairpins, preferably in hair color and a Toupier comb. But before you proceed to the actual styling, we have a few styling tips for you.

  • Braids and updos do not look good on freshly washed hair, because they usually feel very “slippery” and fall out quickly. Try the next day.
  • With fine, smooth hairs, a volume fluid, powder or mousse can make them voluminous and thus grippy.
  • For thick hair, use beauty oils such as argan or coconut oil. But take only a little of it and rub very well in your hands, only then distribute well on the hair length, not in the hairline, otherwise the hair gets greasy. The positive side effect – hair care.
  • For additional structure and thus a really casual updo, make sure you braid your hair overnight or in a bun on top of your head.

Casual updo – turning instead of braiding

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-manual-easy

Now go with this beautiful updo! First split the top coat on the top of the head from the rest and then in two. These two small strands of hair twirl you loosely and toup you a bit with the comb, so they get more structure. Knot inward and fix with a hairpin or two. Soon you take two more strands that fall on both sides of the face, twirl and loosen up, finally you fix. The same thing you do with the hair party on the neck. At each step you can spray hairspray over it for added support. Finally, the little knots relax a bit.

Make casual updos yourself – instructions

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-knot

The next casual updo is reminiscent of the last, but here the hair is twirled around the face from the hair’s apex and tied low at the back of the head. You can leave the hair on the neckline unbonded or make it into a small hair bun.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-manual-knot-locker

Casual updo with little pigtails

casual-updo hairstyles Braid medium-length-hair-kleien-pigtails-

This particularly casual updo looks decidedly youthful, summery and simply laid back. It is first pulled a side vertex and then braided on both sides several small braids. The hair on the back of the head divides into three sectors and braid them as well, or just twirl them, it does not matter much.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-braids-manual-lure

Firmly tie the middle area and fix with a few hairpins. To the left and right, add the little braids, braid and fix beautifully. All the little strands, which are chaotically around, you can do a little hairdressing with the curling iron.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-tie-plait-locker

Make casual updos yourself – medium-length hair toup for better grip

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-toupieren-tie-manual

This upholstery is really casual and can be done in a few minutes. Here, above all, a grippy hair structure is needed. Above are a few helpful tips on how to easily reach them with the right products. In addition, we touped the hair and fixed with hair spray. This ensures a very good hold, but can strain a fine hair. Therefore, handle the Toupier comb with great care.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-loose-tie-leisure

When you have achieved the necessary structure, you only have to tie the hair nicely. Use a few hairpins in your hair color and fix it in some places. The hairstyle should remain very relaxed and casual. First tie a topknot to the top of the head, then add the side strand of hair and finally the neckline. Drop a few strands around your face for a casual look.

Simple, casual updos for medium-length hair – tie with hair jewelry

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-haarschmuck-hairpin

If it has to be really fast, you only need one or two pretty hairpins or a nice hair accessory to tie the hair.

Loose updos for every occasion – ideas and instructions

Lockere Hochsteckfrisuren dutt-hinterkopf-heraushängende-strähnen-eva-longoria

The updos are always in vogue and are preferred by most women for the special occasions. However, not only as a festive hairstyle , but also in everyday life, you can wear your hair up high and attract the attention. In this article, you’ll find lots of great ideas and a few loose-fitting hairstyles that suit different hair lengths and occasions.

Loose updos instead of strict butts

Lockere Hochsteckfrisuren lockige-haare-chignon-haarklammer-taylor-swift

The strict ballerina Dutt is no longer in fashion, now the ladies wear their updos rather playful and easy. The hip styling is easier to do by yourself without taking too much time, so it has won the affection of women worldwide. Especially for special occasions such as the wedding, the prom or New Year’s Eve, the hair can be put up relatively quickly in an elegant hairstyle and without much practice.

Loose updos – simple ideas for everyday life

Lockere Hochsteckfrisuren alltag-sommer-flechten-einfache-steckfrisur

Lack of time – everyone knows this problem, especially in hectic everyday life.However, wearing your hair in a loose updo, you can save a lot of time in the morning and still ensure your beautiful look.Lightweight yet fast ideas represent casual or knotted buns at the back of the head that can be made more elegant with one or two simple braids.

Put up the natural curls

Lockere Hochsteckfrisuren locken-dunkle-haare-ohrringe-sarah-hyland

Loose updos are best suited for curly hair, as they look a bit chaotic and therefore better playful effect. Women with natural curls can make an updo using just a few hairpins themselves. Ladies with straight hair, on the other hand, should first lure their hair with a curling iron for this look and then put it up.

Loose updos with extra volume

Lockere Hochsteckfrisuren chignon-eingedrehte-haare-frisur-hochzeit-party

If you make yourself a Chignon at the back of the head, you should definitely conjure more volume on the top of the head, otherwise the hairstyle does not look perfect. A natural-looking volume is best created with a Toupier brush and should be made in front of the Chignon.

Loose updos for wedding


Many brides choose a casual updo as their wedding hairstyle because it looks both elegant and feminine and is perfect for a summer wedding. For this hairstyle, you should start with curly hair, toup it and to style the pony (if you have a pony hairdo) diagonally.

Make elegant bridal hairstyle yourself


Then it starts with the twirling of the hair. They start first left, then turn right and finally in the middle of the hair, with each twisted strand is attached with a hair clip. Finally, you can put a beautiful hair jewelry in the hair to decorate the wedding hairstyle. This loose updo is best for medium-long or long hair.

Wedding hairstyle – elegant and easy


Loose updos are becoming increasingly popular among brides because they look both elegant and romantic at the same time. A floral motif in the hair is the finishing touch and is usually adapted to the bridal gown. Below you can see how this beautiful bridal hairstyle is styled.

Loose updos for wedding – instructions


The hairstyle is suitable for medium-long or long hair and looks best on a thicker hair. The special feature are the two braids that make the loose updo playful. Whether you have blonde, brunette or red hair, this hairstyle will be a great complement to any wedding dress.

Loose prom dresses in top form


Loose updo with braids are perfect not only for the wedding, but also for the prom. The high-cut hairstyle emphasizes the outfit and is especially recommended for backless evening dresses.

Convert French braid into a loose updo


From a boring braiding hairdo you can conjure up a casual updo in a few minutes. The plaited end of the braid you should hide in the resulting braiding cavity and fix the hairdo with hairpins. To make this hairstyle looser, you can easily tuft the braid with a comb and thus loosen up.

Loose updos with headband made elegant


You can make this beautiful hairdo with a hair band and some hair clips yourself. It is best for women with long hair, resulting in a voluminous chignon. In the instructions below you will find step by step how to style the loose updo yourself.

Instructions – updo for long hair


Loose updos for medium-length hair


The bob is considered one of the most popular hairstyles for women in recent years. Although the shorter trend hairstyle can be a little more difficult, that does not mean that it is impossible. The short bob by Lucy Hale, for example, is transformed into a braided updo that looks both elegant and casual.

Braided updo for shorter hair


This hairstyle fits perfectly with evening and cocktail dresses, as well as the daily outfit. However, a braided updo for medium-length hair, you can style a little more difficult, so you should make an appointment with the hairdresser or at least ask a friend for help.

Put up short hair – instructions


Loose updos for short hair do not offer as many styling variants as with longer hair. A shorter hair length is harder to braid and almost impossible to tie to a bun. However, if you lure the hair first, distribute it in small strands and screw it into several smaller hair buns, you can style a cool updo.

Loose updos – a chignon on the side


The lateral bun or Chignon speaks for elegance and represents a nice change to the classic Chignon in the neck dar. In combination with an oblique pony and a few hanging curly strands a loose updo is conjured up.

Loose updos with bangs


An asymmetrical pony can relax any style of hairstyle without losing its elegance. Loose updos with a slanted pony are the perfect choice for a festive occasion, such as a wedding or christening. Elegant jewelry such as earrings and necklaces combine well with the hairstyle in top form and complete the festive look.

Style shoulder-length hair


Here we have presented a styling idea for shoulder-length hair, which you can also make yourself. The hair is divided into three parts, each of them with the fingers screwed in first, then toupiert and finally attached with hair clips.

Loose updos – Instructions for a banana hairstyle


The so-called French Twist is an elegant updo styled with a comb and a few hairpins. Decorated with beautiful hair accessories, the banana hairstyle is a popular idea for brides or their maids.

Make updos yourself – 31 ideas & instructions

hochsteckfrisuren selber machen klassisch dutt idee maedchen alltag

All love updos – they emphasize the face, are super practical and suitable for both hectic everyday life, as well as for special occasions. Whether in combination with pigtails or casual with a pen in your hair, or perhaps super elegant with hair jewelry with rhinestones – numerous variants are offered in the net. We’ve collected 26 cute and playful ideas and tutorials – so if you want to learn how to make updos yourself , then you ‘ve come to the right place.

Make updos yourself – sweet and playful ideas for the kids

hochsteckfrisuren selber machen seitlich dutt laessig rueckenfrei outfit

The girls love updos – especially at school age, braided hairstyles enjoy great popularity. So surprise your daughter with a Disney- inspired hairstyle. And so that you give the little ones pleasure, choose together the matching hair jewelry – for example, a small bow that matches the color of the outfit. Teenagers, on the other hand, love casual hairstyles that can be done in 5 minutes – and with coolies, you can make numerous updos yourself .

Make updos yourself – braiding for romantic natures

hochsteckfrisuren selber machen kranz flechtzopf idee damen look

Curls and braids look feminine and emphasize the face and neck. They are perfect for backless evening dresses or party outfits. Casual chubby hairstyles can carry you to work – they look both playful and sweet. And if you want to have an eye-catcher in your hair, then you can incorporate paper flowers or fabric flowers. Hairbands and playful hairclips with glittering ornaments also look beautiful. So that the hairstyle lasts all day long, you can fix the bun with hair spray. Finished!

hochsteckfrisuren selber machen flechtzopf dutt wickeln ohrring

Wrap bun hairstyle with braid

hochsteckfrisuren selber machen dutt laessig look seite flechtzopf akzent

Casual bun hairstyle with braid

Kinder schön Schleife lila Farbe Ideen

Updo from twirled strands

Kinder Zopf seitlich zeigen Ideen

Make braid yourself and wrap

 Flechtfrisuren Disney Frozen inspiriert Ideen

Updo with heart shape

Hochsteckfrrisur Zopf Dutt Schleife gelb Haarschmuck

Updos for girls – ideas

Schleife rot Spitze Herz Dutt Strumpfring

Sweet and playful – updos for girls

Flechtfrisur seitlicher Zopf selber machen Ideen

Braided hairstyle with side braid

Mädchen Schulalter Zopf hochstecken Ideen

Braided hairstyle for the first day of school – making a super cute flower out of braids

Kinder einfach schnell selber machen Ideen

Original and practical – this hairstyle can be done by anyone

Hochsteckfrisuren Zöpfe Kinder Halloween Kostüm

Updo inspired by the Disney movie Frozen

Hochsteckfrisuren Kinder ersten Schultag originell

Updo for little girls – The bow emphasizes the bun

Haarfrisuren Arbeitsalltag Hochsteckfrisur seitlich Dutt

Casual hairstyle for work or for walk

selber machen Anleitung Ideen Locken

Hochsteckfrisur Papier Blume Haare

mittellange Haare Haarband Zopf

Alltag selber machen Ideen seitliche Zöpfe flechten

elegant Dutt Socken binden Ideen Anleitung

Idee Dutt Zopf Haare hochstecken lässig süß

Zopf praktisch lässig schön Frauen lange Haare

Hochsteckfrisuren Haare Frauen Locken

schnelle Hochsteckfrisur Alltag praktisch Anleitung

Haare Hochsteckfrisur selber machen Ideen Anleitung

Hochsteckfrisur lange Haare Abend Party

DIY braids and updos from the movie "The Frozen"

flecht-und hochsteckfrisuren einfach-diy-weiss-pullover-dutt

When the movie “The Frozen” hit the screens, it was not just the action that burned into our memory. The braided and updo hairstyles by Elsa and Anna also caused rave reviews . If you also liked at least one DIY hairstyle from the movie, have a look at the following great and easy to follow tutorials. Try it out right now. You will be amazed how easy they are to implement.

“The Frozen” – DIY braids and updos from the popular movie


Whenever talking about the hairstyles from the movie “The Frozen”, the hair styling of the crowning glory of Elsa is in first place thanks to its unique and elegant look. You can also do the DIY hairstyle yourself by first turning the hair on one side to the end of the strand. Turn the rest of your hair into a bun and you’re done. If you want, you can also add a band.

Elsa’s braid – in the end, relaxed

flecht-und hochsteckfrisuren pony-gestalten-blond-elsa-stil

Let’s get to the pretty braided hairstyle of Elsa. The instructions for the DIY hairstyle in pictures actually need no additional explanations, but in any case: It is a normal braid, which is loosened in the end to give the hairstyle a chaotic look.

Anna’s updo






The breathtaking hairstyle of Anna

With this DIY hairstyle by Anna, you first need to make a braid at the front of the head. Then tie the hair into a ponytail and toup it before twisting. Then make a bun out of it and, if you like, add a ribbon with hair clip. Done you are.

Hochsteckfrisur-the-ice queen-to-bun-green-band loop of Anna

updo-with-flechtzopf-anna-the-ice queen-kinofilm

DIY straw and-updos-braided-hair-mature ice queen


Low bun

This is another variant of the updo by Elsa with the twisted bun. The hairstyle is so wonderful that it is great as a hairstyling for a wedding.






hochsteckfrisuren pony-bruenett-haare-zopf-elsa-style





20 cool updos for a summer look

coole hochsteckfrisuren elegant pony seitlich dutt make up ketten

The summer trends in updos are very diverse. You can enjoy a high or low bun, a hairstyle with or without special decoration such as hairclips, tiaras or flowers. Of course, the hairstyle aids will only emphasize the beauty of the styling, so you can weave beautiful decoration in your hair. If you can quickly find and design some hair styling ideas for different occasions, we have prepared something.

20 cool updos for the party girl or busy woman

coole hochsteckfrisuren flechtzopf laessig ohrring blake lively

The upholstery in the summer is not only beautiful and elegant, but also practical, because in the heat of the day sun or under the brise we should keep our hairstyle well and untouched and feel good. Our cool updos are not hard to shape, and with the help of a bit of summer hair products, they stay in good shape for a long time and let us spend time in the office or at the beach party with ease and enjoyment.

Cool updos – Casual idea with braid as a bun

coole hochsteckfrisuren zopf idee pony blond

Try to make the hairstyles on your own and if it does not work, call a friend and enjoy the time together, doing the styling. The hairstyle suggestions include buns, braiding ideas and combinations of different styles. You can improvise, and depending on what your own hair looks like and what shape and structure they have, you can use these ideas to create your cool updos .

Turn wavy hair into a chubby hairstyle

coole hochsteckfrisuren wellen zopf reese witherspoon idee

Extravagant updo

coole hochsteckfrisuren sommer idee tolle damen styling

A pony hairstyle with decoration of tulle


Twisted updo with topknot on the side


A ponytail high on the neck


Make cool updos yourself – combination of bun and ponytail


Two chic hairstyles with blond and brown hair


This casual hairstyle fits the evening party or wedding


Prom or wedding hairstyle – you decide – this hairstyle suits both


A guide to chic updo – asymmetric topknot


An updo for the wedding – a real knot in the hair


Provocative hairstyle with small pearl clips


A combination of braid and casual knot


Ema Watson and the classic bun hairstyle


Small snails made of braid