Eyebrow shapes to match the face shape – What styles are there?

The function of the eyebrows is to provide natural protection to the eyes from dust and sweat. But they also play a crucial role in the expression and the effect of a face. Perfectly shaped eyebrows can mask various imperfections of the face and highlight the finest facial features. A poorly shaped eyebrow that is […]

Lace Nails – Nails Shape and 20 Inspirational Designs

In addition to the natural or classic angular nail shapes come again and again new current trends. Especially with longer fingernails, there are the extremely sharp nails, still called stiletto. Above all, they are striking and therefore definitely suitable for extroverted, extravagant personalities. Mostly, this artful form is achieved by gel modeling, because a minimum […]

Make-up for Christmas – Tips for every face shape

Do you belong to those ladies who like to make-up themselves and like to try new ideas? Then in this article, we have a few for you to make up for Christmas for different face shapes for you, which can be helpful for the Christmas holidays. Because as you know, not only the outfit and […]

Hairstyle depending on the face shape – The right hairstyling

Every lady sooner or later has the urge to try something new with her hair. And there are countless variations to choose from. Nevertheless, one should also look for the face shape as well as the tendencies. Each face has certain characteristics that make it suitable or unfit for a specific hairstyle. With the right […]

The best hairstyles for a square face shape

If you are looking for a new hairstyle, you should look for your face shape and style. In this article we have some hairstyles tips for you that are suitable for a square face shape. For a short hairstyle you can, for example, choose the cut from Keira Knightley. For this, the front part should […]