The right glasses for a long work on the screen

glasses for long working screen goggles daily wear work

Long days in the office burden your eyes. The work on the screen is then always exhausting – even headaches can come. Back problems are also preprogrammed, if you have z. B. occupy a wrong sitting posture to see the screen content sharply. Remedy so-called computer workstation goggles, a special glasses for long hours on the computer.

When does such glasses make sense for you to work long hours?

glasses for long working tips

Best of all, before you perceive physical ailments. As soon as you have to squint your eyes while working or stretch your head towards the screen, a visual aid may already be necessary. With which age this is the case with you, can not be flat. That depends on your personal vision. At the latest, when a presbyopia to your “normal” myopia is added, there is need for action. Then you should check with a spectacle manufacturer if a special VDU eyewear is the right solution for you.

What makes a VDU workplace eyewear?

glasses eyes protection work long

Such glasses are characterized primarily by the fact that their glasses are divided into three zones, each having different levels of vision.

In the middle is the largest zone. This screen is your screen – the point you watch most of the time.

At the bottom is the near range. This will let you see when you look at your keyboard or use a notepad. Your office phone is likely to be similarly far away.

The far edge is at the far end. You can use this, for example, when looking at the wall calendar or when someone enters your office. However, the socket must be large enough so that all three viewing zones are accommodated in the lens. As a guideline, a glass height of 30 mm applies.

Goggles for long work – How to increase the wearing comfort

glasses for long-term work myopia wear screen safety goggles

When choosing a workstation eyewear, you should still pay attention to the following:

• Opt for plastic lenses . They are lighter than mineral glasses. This weight difference is greater with a VDU eyewear than with a normal vision aid, since the glasses are usually higher and thus heavier.

• Also use lightweight materials for the frame .

• Let your glasses be anti-reflective . This is especially worthwhile in offices where many different light sources are located.

• Choose a frame with flexible hinges and temples that are more comfortable to carry.

Goggles for long work – Further useful tips

glasses long work screen protect eyes

• If you work on the screen for more than three hours a day, a three-zone progressive lens is recommended for you.

• Your employer must help you buy a workstation goggle. For this you need a corresponding confirmation from your ophthalmologist, optician or company doctor. More information about this topic can be found here .

glasses long working tips tricks

• It is recommended to measure the distance between the eyes and the monitor before making a pair of office eyeglasses. Put yourself in a natural attitude ; Your eyes should be close to the top of the screen.

In line with this topic
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Sneaker – the right mix of sports and leisure shoe

classic sneakers compared to sneakers

A series of scientific studies on athletes, however, led to the realization that classic sneakers , as they used to be, only have semiprofessional properties. In addition, they also look visually outdated. Her wide body and heavy materials tire her feet increasingly. After a while the body needs a break and not infrequently joint pain is added with regular use. Thankfully, the manufacturers of innovative shoes have launched a new kind of sneakers: the sneaker.

Sneaker sporty elegant shoe design modern

Sneakers bring a certain lightness at the first sight. In doing so, manufacturers refrain from using superfluous properties and concentrate solely on the technical advantages of shoes, the health of the feet and of course the shoe design. First and foremost are the needs of the people of the 21st century. They want to be dynamic, they want to know the meaning of exercise in their everyday life, they want vitality and that’s exactly what sneakers should support. If you want to buy a new pair of sneakers, you will find great sneakers at RENO – for women, men and children.

The features of the newfangled shoes

modern sneakers sneaker features benefits

The first highlight of the sneaker is its shape. They are as supple and slim as they offer space for more extended foot shapes. Sleek specimens with textile and thus flexible upper material can be found as well as classic shoe models with a harder surface. Here everyone chooses his pair of shoes for his personal comfort. Most shoes have a lace closure. Latest models get by without the clasp. They have an elastic band that automatically triggers and adapts to the foot shape. Just slip in and go. No more pressure points, no strings left.

Sneaker features sole comfortable

But the manufacturer promises even more. Certainly there are sneakers with commercial soles. In the upper price segment, shoe lovers can look forward to gel soles. They relax the footbed and relieve the spine when walking. It has to absorb less impact, which has a positive effect on the intervertebral discs. Thus, these shoes are also suitable for people with difficulties in the musculoskeletal system and who wants to prevent painful sensations in the spine area, should also rely on the quality of sneakers.

The shoe for all situations

Sneaker as Freitzeitsschuh Accessoire Sporliches Outfit Jeans

Sneakers to a more elegant wardrobe? That is not how it works! What about sneakers?

Although the sneakers have a sporty shape, they impress with a fashionable and stylistically appropriate look. They can shine, sparkle or look completely neutral. Thus, they are not only suitable as a final accessory for the sporty outfit. More and more men are wearing sneakers under jeans and suit jacket. They love the style and of course it is also good.

Sneaker elegant clothes combine dress

If you want to take a little walk in the evening after work, sneakers are also recommended. The lightweight shoes do not wear the feet extra. Because of its closed form no moisture penetrates, so that the walk over the lawn is not an unpleasant matter. In addition, models with white soles are allowed in gyms, black shoes leave unsightly streaks. When buying new sneakers make sure you have an anti-slip sole that has an integrated abrasion protection. As a result, the shoes are preserved for a long time and accompany in every life situation.

The right underwear for the winter: tips and suitable materials

Proper underwear Winter keep warm socks materials black

Especially in the cold season, it helps the body’s health to warm the body effectively. The right underwear does important services. That is why it is important that the right laundry does not only generate heat. In addition, consumers should make sure that the body should not sweat or emerging moisture in the laundry remains.

No cotton underwear in the cold season

Underwear cotton top bra briefs

Cotton is a no-go during the cold season. Underwear made from this material absorbs sweat unnecessarily. The logical consequence: panties, underpants or undershirts can not give off sweat . In addition, an unpleasant odor develops in the long run. A much more sensible option is functional underwear made of synthetic fiber or merino wool. Unlike cotton, these two materials dry relatively quickly. After a possible sweat, the body fluid is derived from the body. For this reason, the laundry made of merino wool also convinces with its odor-neutral properties. Because merino wool feels particularly fine and does not scratch the skin, underwear made of this material is also suitable for first layer on cold days. The only shortcoming of this material: the drying times are relatively long, unlike artificial fiber underwear.

Practical options: Synthetic fiber underwear

Underwear winter choose polyester synthetic fiber thermal underwear

Who wants to wrap his body in thermal underwear, usually resorts to clothing made of polyester blended functional fiber – for a good reason. This synthetic fiber variant dries relatively quickly. The fabric clings softly to the skin and is able to absorb moisture and to guide it from the skin to the outside. This combination of high functionality and breathability is great for sports activities. However, special germicidal silver ions should be incorporated into the undergarments for this purpose to counteract odor formation.

Cuddly soft: Clothing made of angora wool

angora wool winter keep warm socks

Angora underwear is the perfect choice for all ladies and gentlemen who can not get enough of soft, cuddly fabrics . Clothing made from this natural product impresses with its air permeability. Thanks to the skin-friendly characteristics, underwear made from angora materials effectively protects against cold. Since the fiber material contains voids, moisture is more easily absorbed to the outside. In return, in the wool, however, weld residues form, due to which the laundry must be washed at the latest after the third use.

Angora wool Cuddly soft warm

To protect the material, the angora underwear should be cleaned at a maximum of 30 degrees in the delicates mode. The effort is worth it. Finally, angora wool effectively warms the body. As the angora hairs on the laundry line up on the human skin, a small spacer is created. This creates a pleasant climate between the skin and the laundry.

Winter underwear selection warming materials

Feminine curves: Tips for the right styling

Female curves top soft flowing fabrics mustard yellow

Stylish and stylish look – this is not only model size, but is possible with the right tricks even with large dress sizes! Female curves are no longer a reason to hide these days. On the contrary: the feminine silhouette can be staged really well with the right styling!

Perfect clothes for great curves

Female curves skirt A-line white colorful top

Although most of the catwalks and fashion magazines show pictures of super-slim women – in reality, the picture is quite different: the majority of women need clothes size 40 or more. And the clothing industry has long adapted its offer to the fashion needs of its customers. On the Internet there are therefore numerous providers such as this online retailer , which specializes in offering for strong women. Gone are the days when female curves were still hidden under baggy, shapeless dresses in dark colors!

But with which garments can women best show off their curves? For skirts, the A-line shape is ideal for concealing small cuffs on hips and legs. The perfect length either ends just above the knees or extends slightly beyond the knees. In addition a dark as possible, simple tights without pattern, to make the legs visually slimmer.

Female curves jeans high heels mustard yellow blouse

For jeans, it’s all about the perfect fit. Trendy jeans are again fashionable with a waist-high waistband. Together with a high stretch content, they move the figure into the right shape and ensure great curves!

When choosing the top, it may quietly something open-hearted approach: A wide neckline, possibly with a refined collar or in a wrap look, conjures up a nice neckline. Also a good choice for a big bust: soft, flowing fabrics that emphasize the silhouette without being too tight.

Fashionable accessories set stylish accents

Female Curves Outfit Pastel Colors Mint Rose Apricot

To give the styling a personal touch, accessories are a great way. They also distract from a few extra pounds and provide fashionable accents.

Chic shoes are indispensable to give the outfit that certain something. For a feminine styling shoes with high heels fit perfectly, as long as they are not too high . High heels stretch the legs visually and make them look slimmer. Especially in combination with a dress or skirt a great combination!

Female curves dress pink patterned black high heels

In order to emphasize the waist, slightly wider belts are perfect. They emphasize the feminine silhouette and also shed waistlines that are not so slim in a favorable light.

For jewelery and handbags: less is more! XXL-sized bags make the styling look overly overloaded. Subtle and stylish accessories, on the other hand, are a good choice for setting fashionable accents and distracting them from small pockets.

Images: © / Ondine32, ©

Find the right facial care – Facial cleansing and routine for every skin type

proper facial care and cleaning tips products of every skin type

The right facial care is the basis for beautiful skin and therefore of particular importance. To find the perfect face care, you must first know your skin type. The skin care is also adjusted to the season and the age. Finding the perfect beauty routine is not easy, but it’s worth it.

In today’s article, we’ve put together the exact products that you should use, depending on your skin type, in the right order. We also explain why those with dry skin should use cleansing milk or why someone with sensitive skin should try a gel face mask. Which facial care is right for you? Just keep reading!

The right facial care for normal skin

proper face care step by step Normal Skin Instructions

Your skin can be considered normal if it is not particularly oily or dry and if anti-aging, acne and sensitivity are not a problem for you. Or in other words, the skin type we all want.

morning routine

  • Facial Cleansing : A mild facial cleanser without sulfates, which turns into a soft foam on contact with water, is best suited.
  • Toner : Avoid ingredients such as SD alcohol 40, denatured alcohol, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol. These ingredients are often found in toners and should be avoided.
  • Moisturizer with SPF : Sunscreen is the most effective remedy for skin aging. The ideal amount for face, neck and décolleté is the size of a teaspoon. Even with cloudy skies you should not do without sunscreen.

evening routine

  • Cleaning agent: As described above.
  • Toner: As above.
  • Serum with antioxidants: It is recommended to choose a serum with whitening ingredients such as vitamin C and algae extract as well as natural ingredients such as rosemary and peppermint.
  • moisturizer

Once or twice a week:

Glycolic Acid Cosmetics: Add glycolic acid to your daily skin care routine a few times a week. “This is an alpha hydroxy acid, which is preferred because it has the smallest molecular structure and therefore can penetrate deeper into the skin. This helps to rid the skin of superficial, dead skin cells and makes the epidermis soft, smooth and radiant.

The right facial care for dry skin

proper face care step by step dry skin everyday order

Dry skin has a damaged skin-lipid barrier. For this reason, the skin loses moisture and dries out. It creates numerous invisible cracks in the skin, through which irritants can easily penetrate.

morning routine

  • Cleansing Lotion : A low-foaming, dairy-free, super-mild cleanser is right for women with dry skin. Alternatively, try a mild cleansing milk.
  • Toner : Avoid ingredients such as SD alcohol 40, denatured alcohol, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol.
  • Serum with antioxidants : Use highly effective serum (best with vitamins E, A and C) to prevent collagen breakdown. After that, a sunscreen should definitely be used.
  • Moisturizer with SPF : A moisturizing moisturizer with SPF is the final step in your skin care routine.

evening routine

  • cleansing lotion
  • toner
  • Retinol Serum: It is recommended to use a retinol serum five times a week. Unlike creams, serums have smaller molecules and are better able to penetrate the skin.
  • Eye Cream : Look for an eye serum with peptides. They impress with their collagen-supporting properties.
  • Moisturizer: Look for ingredients such as rosehip seed oil, evening primrose oil, borage oil, phospholipids, cranberry oil, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil. All of these ingredients mimic the natural lipids in your skin and repair the disturbed lipid barrier.

proper skin care combination skin products for pimples

Once or twice a week:

  • Peeling : Dry skin responds well to gentle exfoliation. If your skin is dry, you should first remove the dead skin cells and only then hydrate and condition the skin. Avoid facial scrubs with coarse abrasive particles. Chemical peels, for example, are an effective and non-invasive method of refreshing the skin.
  • Facial oil : If your skin is extremely dry, you can use a nourishing, moisturizing facial oil instead of moisturizer.

Skin care routine for oily skin / facial cleansing for acne

proper face care step by step oily skin pimple

Oily skin is characterized mainly by impure skin and excessive sebum production. This is genetic. The goal is to reduce facial fat production by keeping skin cells slightly hydrated.

morning routine

  • Cleansing Gel : For oily skin, excessive sebum production causes bacteria and bacteria cause acne. Wash your face three times a day, if possible. The more sebum, the better breeding ground for impurities and pimples. It is advisable to use a gel or foam cleaning without sulfates. Make sure you have a good balance: you want to reduce the production of sebum, not that your skin dries up with too many cleansers.
  • Toner : Choose a non-alcoholic toner containing ingredients such as sodium PCA (a moisturizer for the skin), geranium oil or witch hazel (witch hazel).
  • Oil-Free Moisturizer: Choose a light, oil-free moisturizer with sodium PCA and glycerine in the Ingredients list to help keep moisture in your skin.
  • Sun protection with zinc oxide: Women with oily skin often find it difficult to find suitable sun protection for their skin type. It’s best to look for sunscreen with zinc oxide because it forms a dull layer on the skin. In addition, zinc oxide is recommended as an antibacterial agent and ideal for people who are more prone to pimples.

proper facial care cleaning women's dry skin

evening routine

  • cleaning gel
  • toner
  • AHA / BHA Serum: Any serum containing alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids helps to fight large pores and blemishes. If you are prone to acne, look for ingredients like salicylic acid or tea tree oil.
  • Retinol Serum : Retinol is good for oily skin because it helps to reduce large pores.
  • Oil-free moisturizer

Once or twice a week:

  • Clay mask : It is recommended to use a gentle tone mask once a week. Make sure your clay mask does not dry too much before rinsing it off. If you smile and the mask breaks, you have probably waited too long and it has become too dry – this can dry out your skin.
  • Facial Oil : Facial oil and oily skin may be a weird couple, but it does help in super-dry environments like an airplane, for example. It is not recommended as part of your daily routine.

The right facial care for combination skin

proper face care step by step combination skin routine

Combination skin is greasy in some places and dry in others. Typical feature is the so-called T-zone – forehead, nose and chin. So the goal is to normalize the greasy T-zone.

morning routine

  • Cleansing Gel: Read the tips for oily skin. If your skin dries out, you can replace it with a cleansing lotion.
  • Toner: Read the tips for oily skin.
  • Light moisturizer: For combination skin, it is best to use a light cream.
  • Sunscreen with zinc oxide : Read the tips for oily skin.

evening routine

  • cleaning gel
  • toner
  • AHA / BHA Serum: Read the tips for oily skin.
  • Retinol Serum: Read the tips for oily and dry skin.
  • Light moisturizer

Once or twice a week:

  • Clay mask: Since with combination skin usually only the T-zone is oily, you are focused only on this area, if you apply a clay mask.
  • Facial Oil: Facial oils can work wonders in combination skin. Use facial oils best in the evening.

Skin care routine for sensitive skin

proper face care step by step Delicate skin routine

Sensitive skin resembles dry skin and is characterized by fine pores and a weakened skin barrier. For this reason, it tends to irritation, redness and impurities. Once the skin reaction has arrived, it is important to soothe the skin and stabilize the complexion.

morning routine

  • Cleansing Lotion: A gentle, sulfate-free cleansing lotion will remove your makeup and any impurities without affecting the natural skin barrier.
  • Non- alcoholic toner: ingredients such as white tea extract, green tea, chamomile and bisabolol have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Beta-glucan also has a positive impact on the immune system of your skin and can make it more resistant over time.
  • Non-perfumed moisturizer: When choosing a moisturizer, make sure it does not contain synthetic fragrances that can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Avoid alcohol and synthetic dyes.
  • Sun protection with zinc oxide: sunscreens with zinc oxide are very suitable for sensitive skin. Even titanium dioxide is okay, but not suitable for medium and dark skin color, because these creams leave white marks.

correct facial skin type emflindlich dry winter

evening routine

  • Cleaning Lotion: As described above.
  • Non-alcoholic toner: As described above.
  • Moisturizer without perfumes: As described above.

Once or twice a week:

  • Gel mask : A gel-based mask has a cooling effect, making it ideal for irritated, inflamed skin.
  • Lactic Acid Serum : Just because you have sensitive skin does not mean that you should not exfoliate. If your skin reacts too much to glycolic acid, try it with a lactic acid peel instead – it’s milder and better for sensitive skin. The lactic acid serum should be used twice a week.

Skin care routine from 40 with anti-aging effect

proper face care step by step from 30 to 35 years

As you age, skin care often gets more complicated. The mature skin becomes more demanding and develops very different care needs. Basically, your main goals are to curb wrinkles, get rid of dark spots, and tighten facial skin. The right facial care in this case is similar to that of dry skin, there are only a few small differences.

morning routine

  • Cleansing Lotion: Read the tips for dry skin. Special attention should be given to the neck area when it comes to cleaning, moisture and sunscreen.
  • Toner : Read the tips for dry skin. Some toners contain AHA and BHA acids that gently lighten the skin.
  • Serum with antioxidants: A serum with whitening ingredients such as licorice and vitamin C fades dark spots. Peptides, hyaluronic acid and resveratrol also help against fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Moisturizer with SPF : Read the tips for dry skin. If in doubt, remember: Antioxidants are your friend.

correct facial care from 30 women beautiful skin

evening routine

  • Cleansing Lotion : Read the tips for dry skin.
  • Gentle exfoliation : The skin becomes more sensitive with age. For this reason, a gentle peeling with round pearls is best for aging skin – especially in the neck area.
  • Toner : Read the tips for dry skin.
  • Retinol Serum : Depending on the depth of your wrinkles, you can visit a dermatologist for a prescription product with Retinol.
  • Eye Cream : Read the tips for dry skin. Look for an eye cream with peptides that are easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Moisturizer : A moisturizer with retinol smoothes out fine lines and prevents future ones from forming.

Once or twice a week:

  • Glycolic acid exfoliation : A weekly glycolic treatment leaves the skin looking fresh and clear.
  • Lightening Serum : If dark spots and hyperpigmentation are your main problems, try a lightening serum.
  • Facial oil : As you age, the skin dries. Therefore, you should use a nourishing face oil with anti-aging ingredients a few times a week.

proper face care and cleansing for women

Do you know your skin type? If not, then you should first determine it to find out which facial care is right for you.

Combine hairstyles with a beard – 5 trend hairstyles and the right beard length

hairstyles with beard trends combinations mens styling ideas

Men with beards are not a rare sight today, beards are currently very trendy. And whether you already have a full beard or are about to grow one, you’re always on the lookout for trendy hairstyles for men with beards that can add the finishing touch to your look. Then you landed right here. We’ve put together the Top 5 Men’s Hairstyles Hairstyles, which you can choose to add to any beard hairstyles in a trendy way.

The full beard influences more or less the selection of suitable men’s hairstyles. Therefore, a guide like the following can be quite helpful. Also included are a few styling tips that can help you with everyday hairdressing. Look at the five hairstyles for the beard and find your favorite to spice up your styling.

Undercut hairstyles with a beard

hairstyles with beard undercut modern mens hair gel

The undercut is without question one of the trendiest men’s hairstyles and this does not seem to change in the future. In combination with different beard shapes creates a more or less strong contrast (depending on the beard length) between the short-shaven under- or sidecut for men and the full beard. And it is precisely this contrast that deters many. However, those looking for a flashy look can not go wrong with these hairstyles with a beard and look stylish.

With which beard combine?

hairstyles with beard sidecut undercut men trend tips great pompadour

Here you have in principle free choice. You can combine the short sides and neck with both a more subtle 3-day beard, as well as a full, well-groomed full beard. This is a matter of taste and depends mainly on the effect you want to achieve. The beard likes to have the same length as the hair, although you can choose between the length of the shaved part and the longer parts on the head.

A good alternative is also the pointed beard. It is about stylish and upbeat beards, where a long beard serves as a basis. The shape of the beard in the area of ​​the cheeks runs relatively straight and the same length and then becomes longer and sharper in the direction of the chin. Undercut hairstyles with beard are suitable for every age group. They are both younger men and older, who already have gray hair. These make the beard even more interesting.

hairstyles beard long hair medium long gray hair male style

What was considered in the early years as a sign of unkempt care, is now particularly popular and popular: long hairstyles for men. Long hair is just as well suited for the men as it is for the ladies and also fits wonderfully into a beard styling. In addition, the length of the hair can vary and also the hairstyle itself can be changed at any time. Wear it open and sometimes with the trendy Man Bun.

Which beard types are suitable for the long hairstyle?

hairstyles beard hairstyle men look man bun

If you think about how much time it takes to grow your hair first and then look after it properly, you will surely lose the desire for a long full beard that needs just as much care. But to calm her down – a long beard is not optimal for long hair anyway, so you do not have to wonder if you should let it grow. The time you save for the beard care, so you can confidently invest in your hair. A short beard, on the other hand, is so well suited because it prevents a “surplus” of hair and thus a chaotic and unkempt look.

Make a side vertex

hairstyles beard side covel elegant stylish justin timberlake pony

Modern men’s hairstyles are also those with side apex. They have been around for decades and they are timeless and stylish. Again, the length can vary. In the modern variants, a longer haircut is usually chosen for the upper parts of the hair, which can then be styled as desired. Do not confuse the hairstyle with the under- or sidecut, in which just like side cusps are styled, because in contrast to the sidecut, the side and neck parts here are not shaved short, but only a little shorter than the top batches cut. Only the right beard is missing, right?

Short hairstyles with beard and vertex – Which beard to choose?

hairstyles beard side vertex make mens hairstyles ideas

Despite the small but subtle difference between the side parting and undercut hairstyle in terms of hair lengths, they have a lot in common and one of them is that just any beard variation can be chosen for such beard hairstyles. Nevertheless, there are some rules to follow. For example, if you use a lot of gel for the head or style the wet look, you should choose a shorter beard length. For example, a three-day beard is well suited.

By contrast, if you decide to have more volume in the hairs with side vertex, a fuller beard is also suitable. Nevertheless, the side portions of the barts should not be too long. Under the chin, he can then be a bit longer at will.

Combine quiff hairstyles with beard

beard hairstyles quiff timeless modern schnauzer great

The so-called quiff is a voluminous hairstyle for men, which can also be wonderfully combined with a beard. It is currently one of the most popular variants and is worn by men of different age groups. Gladly the hairstyle is combined with an undercut, but can also have longer side parts.

Men Hairstyles with Beard – Which Beard for the Quiff?

beard hairstyles quiff beckham young old hairstyling tips care easy

If you want to combine the Quiff hairstyles with beard, you have free choice again. A short or trimmed beard cut is just as suitable as a longer one and is finally determined by your taste. Either way, the styling with the Hair Beard Combi is guaranteed to look stylish and modern.

Short and messy

beard hairstyles short hair messy mustache inspiration care tips

A short hairstyle as a basis for hairstyles with a beard does not always have to be very short and tidy. There is also the stylish Messy look, which creates a certain structure, without seeming too chaotic. Since it is a very voluminous look, there is a lot to consider when choosing the barts. In principle, the same rules apply as with a long hairstyle.

Combine the short hairstyles with beard

beard hairstyles messy short hair curls beach style mustache

The Messy look requires a more subtle beard – or vice versa. The ruffled look should not be combined with a wild, long beard. Instead, consider the three-day beard that is sufficient to make the casual, boyish look look more masculine. You this length still a little short, you like to try also a slightly longer beard, but should always be neat and trimmed. Otherwise, you risk being too casual.

Maintain and style beards properly

beard hairstyles products styling care beard trends beard length

Like the hair, a long beard needs proper care to look good. Here are a few products that may be useful in addition to hairstyling products if you want to style the beard hairstyles perfectly:

  • Wash beards with special shampoo and conditioner for softer hair.
  • Special beard oil, for example, not only leaves your beard shiny, it also gives it a pleasant scent and makes it smoother.
  • The beard wank is again the gel of the beard. For which hair gel is much too liquid, masters the beard wank with links. The product is designed to style the mustache. It usually consists of Vaseline and beeswax, while the essential oils give it a pleasant scent. Depending on the stubbornness of the beard softer and firmer beard waft can be used.
  • Beard pomade is again recommended for styling the entire beard .
  • Like the hair, so must the beard be brushed. There are special beard brushes made of wild boar bristles . Knots in the long beard are best removed with a mustache comb .

How to find the right Dirndl for the next Spring Festival

das richtige Dirndl finden-rosatöne-spitze-dirndlschürze-mini-länge

Finally the time has come – the first rays of sunshine awaken the spring fever. In many cities, the tables are being cleared out of the cafés and restaurants. People banish the winter clothes in the far corner of the closet and Frau is looking for the right outfit for the next Spring Festival. The trend towards dirndls is still unbroken. But how does Frau find the right dirndl that suits her and perfectly emphasizes her type?

The first and right dirndl – what should a woman look for?


One is invited to one of the many spring festivals such as the Cannstadter Spring Festival and would like to appear in the trend of the time, of course. A dirndl has to come here. To make sure that she feels well in her new dirndl during the entire festival, she should pay a lot of attention to the purchase.

With a Dirndl woman will always look feminine and nice, because with a too small bust the right dirndl conjures up a full cleavage and slightly too wide hips or a strong bottom disappear under the folds of the skirt.

The right size


The right dirndl should be cut rather narrow, but the bodice of the woman should not cut the air. Anyone who buys the first dirndl should try out blended models with a variety of cuts and lengths. A Dirndl, which is laced in the chest area, is particularly useful if a woman wants to cheat on too small or too big breasts, because with the garment, the bust is to be staged accordingly. Whether the neckline is very low or slightly higher, it is only important that woman feels comfortable. If the bust size is too small, you should prefer to use a heart-shaped neckline, which may also be a bit lower. You can also create more volume with a blouse that has a gathering in the middle. An additional help is the special Dirndl bras, which help to make the bust appear larger.

The right length


Dirndl dresses are available in different lengths from short to midi to long. The short dirndls are very, but are less suitable for dancing on the beer benches or for a carousel ride.

The right color and the material


First and foremost, a cotton fabric is recommended for a dirndl because it is easy to clean. A dirndl dress made of silk is difficult to clean, if, for example, beer is tipped over the dress. A linen model warps over time and then stops working. With the colors, the wearer knows no bounds, because everything that pleases here counts. The traditional colors blue, red or green will probably never go out of style and the dress can be worn over many years. It looks different when you opt for a model in neon colors. In the case of the apron, white aprons are reserved for brides and waitresses only.

The right hairstyle for a dirndl


To a dirndl, of course, also includes the right hairstyle . Women with long hair always have it a bit easier than those with a trendy short hairstyle. Very nice looks a lateral braid, which is also very good alone. For this purpose, a strand is separated behind the right ear, which applies as a start for the braid. Now a braid close to the head braid is braided parallel to the hairline, in which you always add a new strand from the front. Other hairstyle variations are the Dutt and the wickerwork to Hochstecken. But even with short hair, women do not have to do without the trendy braiding hairstyle. A somewhat unusual variant is the braided Iro, which can also be realized with a short hairstyle.

The right dirndl from the online shop


The dirndl does not necessarily have to be bought in a local specialty store. An alternative that proves to be worthwhile in many ways is the Dirndl purchase online. For example, the company Krüger Dirndl offers a wide selection of different models, so that every woman gets her dream dress for the next spring festival. If there are any uncertainties regarding the right choice, size and other things, then Frau Krüger can also be advised by phone, and if the desired dress does not fit or does not like it, it can easily be exchanged.

Sufficient possibilities to wear a dirndl


Anyone who has bought a dirndl especially for the upcoming spring festivals, does not have to worry that the good piece will only hang in the closet afterwards. In the course of the year there are always occasions where women can shine with the dirndl, because not in vain it says – after the Spring Festival is before the Oktoberfest.

How about, for example, a theme party in the style of a Bavarian beer festival, in which all those present in costume have to appear? Or just worn to your heart’s content. In a dirndl, every woman, regardless of size 34 or 48, always looks good.

And on the edge, the Oktoberfest is not only in Munich. In China, the Oktoberfest is celebrated as a 1-to-1 copy and even in New Zealand Oakland, the Oktoberfest copy is a tradition each year. The festival goes back to German emigrants or companies of German origin. Even in Brazil, the land of carnival, the Oktoberfest is celebrated. Every year, around 700,000 visitors meet here. This is the Oktoberfest in Blumenau / Brazil, the second largest folk festival after the carnival in Rio. By the way, we celebrate here for 17 days. Also in Russia, since the year 2000, the Oktoberfest has been celebrated annually at the same time as Munich’s .

Nail Care Tips – Healthy Nails with the Right Care

Nagelpflege Tipps french-manikuere-gesunde-naegel

In addition to the optical design of nails with discreet or even unusual designs , nail care is always an important routine. Today we give you some nail care tips for beautiful and well-groomed nails.

Nail Care Tips – Balanced Diet

Nagelpflege Tipps ausgewogene-ernahrung-vitamine-nageloel

The nail picture as well as our skin picture are already influenced by our diet. Thus, vitamins A and B as well as the micronutrient iron are considered important building blocks of the nail structure, which should be adequately absorbed by a balanced diet. In the case of deficiency symptoms, it is also possible, if possible after medical consultation, to support preparations.

The consequences of nutrient deficiency and diseases are manifold. Wavy nails appear quite often: the cause may be a deficiency syndrome, but also infections that have weakened the immune system. In case of permanent occurrence, it is also necessary to think about poisoning by metals or excessive use of medicines. In this case consult your doctor.

In addition to these indirect effects, the wrong manicure can also lead to damage such as discoloration or nail nail and cuticle injuries. Typical mistakes are the excessive shortening of the nails and the associated injuries to the nail bed. Often the instruments of a nailer or classical manual instruments are not used properly. For example, the cones of an electric nail file are used to remove ingrown nails – better would be a router. For example, at there is a wide variety of offers for both electric and manual nail care sets.

Nail Care Tips – How to Maintain Your Nails Correctly

Nagelpflege Tipps handcreme-nagelcreme-nageloele

In addition to general criteria for healthy nails, such as good nutrition and good health, direct nails care is crucial.

1. Nail Care Tips – Sufficient moisture and fluid

Nagelpflege Tipps -schuessel-wasser-ausreichend-feuchtigkeit

Similar to the skin, a nail may suffer from too little moisture. The result is porous nails. As a remedy may serve a nail cream and nail oils, which provide plenty of moisture and fat the nail with nutrients. Typical ingredients are vegetable oils such as jojoba shrub, vitamins and antioxidants. If you do not have a special cream on hand – use skin cream. In addition, it is important to ensure a high hydration (at least 2-3 liters of water a day)!

Although nail polish and thus the nail polish remover for the ladies of creation is essential, but also contributes to a porous and sensitive nail. Pay attention to the purchase of as possible acetone-free nail polish remover with natural ingredients.

2. Professional manicure with nail cutters

Nagelpflege Tipps elektrische-naegelfraeser-profesionelle-ergebnisse-zuhause

Fundamentally, fingernails and toenails can be treated with a classic manicure and pedicure set as well as with an electric nail cutter. The work with the router is advantageous because of its many essays and related applications.

Cheap models are available for 10 € at the drugstore – but spend a little more. High quality electric manicure sets have more features such as stepless speed control, LED lights and better as well as longer lasting attachments.


Usually there are 3 types of attachments available: cutters, cones and washers. Occasionally also cylindrical attachments for exchangeable sandpaper are supplied. The attachments are also often used for foot care.

3. Cut nails with disc attachments


The slabs of sapphire, sometimes diamond, are used in the first step to shorten the nails. Usually there are 2 discs: The coarse disc with stronger particles is especially designed for long or extra thick nails (toenail). Within a few seconds, you can greatly reduce the nail.

Then use the fine disc for the “Finetuning”. This reduces the risk of injury and makes it easier to shape the shape of the nail.

4. Smooth nails with the felt cone


As with the cleaning of teeth, after the actual treatment, the smoothing of the surface is on. Due to rough machining with the disc attachments, rough and sometimes sharp points are not left out – The risk of tearing is increased, it does not feel good and the difference is also noticeable visually. The felt cone smoothes the nail and gives it a chic shimmer.

5. Edit nails with the sapphire cone


Contrary to the disc attachments, the sapphire cones can be applied at many angles to the nail. Whether horizontally or strongly angled, here you can easily remove the surface of the nail.

6. Cutters for special cases


The thin cutters easily reach difficult areas.

, der ein kegelförmiges Kopfende hat, können Sie eingewachsene (und oft schmerzhafte) Stellen bearbeiten. With the so-called flame cutter , which has a cone-shaped head, you can work on ingrown (and often painful) spots. Use caution when penetrating the indentations or have it done professionally in the nail salon.

hingegen hat einen zylinderförmigen Kopf. The cylinder mills, however, has a cylindrical head. This can be used for delicate nails and woody nails for careful shortening and smoothing.

. Also often included is the sapphire cutter . This is used for removing skin layers such as corns and cornea. His head is spherical.

After the manicure, it is advisable to wipe your hands and cream again and push back the cuticle with a skin pusher.

Perfect Makeup Primer – Choose the Right Color

Make-up Grundierung -nach-hautfarbe-wahlen

Anyone can achieve a beautiful make-up, because it is based on the perfect make-up technique, choosing the right colors in the combination hair-skin-eyes and last but not least, on the good make-up primer . Your Fond de Teint is the key product to successful make-up, which is well suited for everyday wear as well as for gala dinners. Smoky eyes ( Smokey Eyes) and thick lips are best characterized by a clean and healthy skin. For this reason, we want to present to you today the most important steps for your well-made make-up and also help you with the selection of suitable Fond de Teint with good advice.

The right make-up primer

If in doubt, choose the lighter shade!


That is a good decision! Even though it’s not your color, it’s much easier to darken with bronze or powder than just trying the opposite – brightening your face!

Furthermore, it is also difficult to estimate just the right shade of color in the artificial light in the cosmetics store. Sometimes it seems to us, yes, that’s exactly the color I’m looking for! But at home you might be disappointed later.

Make-up primer after skin color

Do not test on the wrist, but on the jaw

Make-up Grundierung -nicht-handgelenk-kieferlinie-testen

This is also correct, because the skin color is different in different parts of the body. When testing a Fond de Teints you must consider the light of your environment. Our tip: the best and safest way is to apply a small amount of Fond de Teint and wait until you come to light. There you can better assess whether this shade is just right for you.

Rely more on the neck than on the face.


This is a good advice, which is again due to the different shades in the face. The reason for this is also easy to explain and is quite understandable – our face is very exposed to the sun and tends to darken more than the neck. Our tip: Test your Fond de

The primer as a base not as a mask

perfekte- Make-up Grundierung richtige-farbe-wahlen

Take your foundation makeup rather than a kind of correction that can completely cover certain defects of your skin. But remember, the more cosmetics you apply to your face the more you are exposed to the risk of contamination and pore clogging on the face.

Hairstyle depending on the face shape – The right hairstyling


Every lady sooner or later has the urge to try something new with her hair. And there are countless variations to choose from. Nevertheless, one should also look for the face shape as well as the tendencies. Each face has certain characteristics that make it suitable or unfit for a specific hairstyle. With the right hairstyle a balance between the different proportions should be achieved. We would therefore like to explain to you which variants are suitable for a hairstyle depending on the face shape.

Hairstyle depending on the face shape – Oblong face


If you have long hair, you should avoid adding extra volume to the hair in the upper front area. The hair should not be longer than the face. The reason for this is that the oblong face lacks breadth that is compensated in this way. If the forehead is high, a short pony is very good. Even curls are very good. These ensure a balanced appearance.

Hairstyle depending on the face shape – triangular (heart-shaped) face


In this face shape, the area of ​​the forehead is wider than the area above the chin. So it gets narrower downwards. But even those uneven proportions can compensate you with the right hairstyle depending on the face shape. One way is to make the broad forehead inconspicuous by wearing a pony or pretty curly hair. You can leave the hair long without any problem. However, if you screw them in, the curl or waves should only reach half way up the ears. Curls that you comb through to make them wider will make up for the lower, narrow area of ​​the face.

Reese Witherspoon has a heart-shaped face


Hairstyle depending on the face shape – Square and round face


Typical of these face shapes is that they are slightly wider than they are long and coarse. Square faces have, as the name implies, edges and corners that need to be balanced with the right hairstyle depending on the face shape. Therefore, hairstyles are appropriate that radiate more femininity. So, if you want to style a new hairstyle or simply style your own, make sure you have the illusion that your forehead is rounder and higher. You can do this either with a side pony or by adding volume. This looks great especially if you add the volume to the back of the head and put the side strands together to create a semi-open hairstyle.

Hairstyle depending on the face shape – Trapezoidal face


This face shape is just the opposite of the triangular, or heart-shaped face. The forehead area is thus narrower than the area of ​​the chin. To make your forehead appear wider, you can make the hair in this area voluminous. Curls or waves in the front area under the ears should be avoided in this case. With these hairstyle examples, depending on the face shape, you can balance the proportions of the face well.

Hairstyle depending on the face shape – slanted forehead


When the forehead goes backwards instead of straight up, the chin is usually pointed and not very pronounced. It is therefore necessary to balance both the lower and the upper part of the face with the appropriate hairstyle depending on the face shape. Comb your hair backwards, but at the same time drop it down the sides. You should also cover part of the forehead. In this way you level out your forehead. Add curls to the back of the head to balance the chin.

Hairstyle depending on the face shape – A very high or low forehead


The lack of balance can be compensated even with these two face shapes with the right hairstyle depending on the face shape, so that they finally look more oval. A few tricks are suitable for this. With a very high forehead, it is common for them to steal the show , so to speak, and therefore not stand out. To counteract this effect, the right hairstyle must create the illusion that the forehead is shorter. This works best with a pony or a few strands over the forehead. Already your face looks more proportional.

Jessica Alba has an oval face


Hairstyle depending on the face shape – If, on the contrary, you have a very low forehead, you can balance it and make it appear larger by combing the front hair backwards and pinning it in place. This is, for example, a great.