Make shampoo yourself: recipes for naturally beautiful hair

Nowadays, many shiny hair care products are on the market. Shampoos are often in the foreground – as products of the chemical industry, some shampoos contain active ingredients that may cause allergies in people with sensitive skin. And even if most people actually tolerate the hair cosmetics quite well, they find it difficult to find […]

Make your own cosmetics: DIY beauty products and recipes

Do you need inspiration for homemade gifts at Christmas time? Then you are here. Body scrubs, face masks, creams – make cosmetics yourself, is not difficult at all. We’ll tell you how to make these surprisingly cheap DIY beauty products at home. Fill each finished mixture in an airtight, sealable glass and package it to […]

Make lip balm itself – Simple recipes with & without taste

Do you suffer from dry lips, and not only in cold winter?Then you should do something about it as quickly as possible, because the dry skin is unkempt and therefore unattractive.And what helps dry lips better than lip balm, which you can even take anywhere?Maybe you would like to produce some instead of the purchased […]

DIY make up remover for pure skin – 11 refreshing recipes

You are tired of buying expensive products to remove your make-up and even get annoyed about the quality afterwards? It gives the perfect solution and is called simply DIY Make up Remover . Like so many things, you can also make the remover yourself with natural or home remedies . How to do that today […]