Birkenstock Outfits – How to style the trend sandals in the summer

birkenstock outfits sandals floral prints pattern

Especially in warm weather you want to relax under the strong sun rays. It goes without saying that styling needs to be both comfortable and chic at the same time. Comfort is still the keyword in this summer season – the designers sent their models with airy dresses and wide trousers on the catwalks. As far as the shoes are concerned , the sandals score with a simple but extremely comfortable design. Because of straps and high soles – this year, flat sandals and Birkenstocks are totally in. Yes, the classic model with cork-latex footbed is making a comeback. Which Birkenstock outfits come into question and how you can style the cult shoes for 2018, you will find in the article.

Birkenstock outfits over the years

birkenstock outfits leather jacket beige jeans

The history of the Birkenstock company and its cult sandals dates back to 1774. At that time Johann Birkenstock was listed for the first time as a shoemaker in the church register. His profession was continued by the sons in the family – and gradually followed the first successes. In 1896 the first flexible footbed inserts were made, and in 1899 the concept of bespoke shoes was developed and presented. In the years before the First World War, the shoes of the prestigious brand became synonymous with comfort. In 1925, the opening of the first factory for mass production followed. Among other things, she also supplied shoes for people who had problems running due to injuries during the war. But also athletes who needed orthopedic shoes, bought the mules “Madrid” of the brand. While the company enjoyed growing popularity in Europe, it remained unknown until the 1970s in the United States. At that time, an American woman began to sell the shoes as an exclusive representative. And they caused a sensation behind the ocean. Since the 90s, the question arose, why the extremely comfortable sandals are worn. In the beginning they were worn with socks, in 2000 they celebrated a comeback as sports shoes. And in 2018, they will not only complete everyday life, but also office and party outfits. Stars like Dakota Johnson, Cara Delevingne and Rosie Huntigton-Whiteley show it.

Birkenstock outfits – everyday outfits

Birkenstock Outfits Denim High Waist T-shirt Print

The super comfortable mules can easily be paired with jeans and T-shirt in everyday life. At least the outfit is not boring, colors and cuts come into play. The 7/8-length high-waist jeans emphasize the sandals, while the 70s inspired T-shirt completes the styling. The combination with long red fringed earrings makes the look more fashionable. Incidentally, 70s style has been back in fashion for 2 years – and the Birkenstocks were then considered a sign of change. At the latest since 2016 they have become indispensable in every fashionista’s wardrobe behind the ocean. Especially the classic model, in white and black, is often worn.

Birkenstock outfits strapless blouse jeans

The top for this season is undoubtedly the off-the-shoulder blouse – true trend-setters combine it with jeans in stretchy, washed denim in the used look. The romantic styling can be worn for shopping as well as for the first date. And the best part of it – this is a common mistake in jeans styling. Often tight jeans are paired with tight tops, which does not look very good. All the more – the Birkenstocks visually enlarge the feet in this case. An airy blouse with a loose fit keeps the body cool and flatters the figure with the right proportions. The sandals complete the summer ensemble.

Birkenstock outfits and everyday clothes combine

Birkenstock Outfits Maxi Dress Slit Floral Prints

Whether a maxi dress like the model Rosie Huntigton-Whiteley or rather a mini dress like Cara Delevingne – the Birkenstocks from the new collection of the brand cut a fine figure. So you can spend a casual evening with friends in a beach bar – just combine a long, figure-hugging maxi dress with a long slit at the hem with birch sticks in bronze nuance. The aviator goggles add a romantic touch from the 70s.

birkenstock outfits stars white dress mini sandals

The British model Cara Delevingne wears her black Birkenstocks to a white mini dress with slim, adjustable straps, a V-neck, a waist seam and a flared skirt. So the monochrome look is loosened up, and the perfect for summer small white acts girlish playful. The monochrome garments look super elegant, and can be worn both for cocktails on a yacht, as well as for a walk along a promenade. The matching golden jewelry may not be missing.

birkenstock outfits shirt summer stripes

Birkenstock outfits and blouse dresses fit together perfectly. A straight cut dress with a removable belt has a beautiful feminine silhouette. By the way, she can also be styled with jeans when the weather gets cool in the evening. The sandals provide the necessary running comfort all day long – so you are perfectly prepared for the holiday .

Birkenstock outfits to parties: the mix and match trend at a glance

birkenstock outfits leather skirt trenchcoat navy blue

The mix and match trend says: different fabrics, cuts and designs are skilfully mixed. Together with a short skirt in crocodile look, a top with spaghetti straps and V-neck and a trench coat, pumps are often worn. But it actually looks cooler when Birkenstocks or other mules are combined with it – they give the outfit an “edgy” look.

Birkenstock outfits leather skirt handbag animal pattern

As for the colors, white, beige or khaki Birkenstock sandals are worn most of the day, while in the evening the black models steal the show. And best of all – Birkenstocks are color-matched to the outfit, not the bag. You are welcome to choose a handbag in contrasting colors, such as the designer model above with animal prints.

Birkenstock outfits – pants are worn in the office

birkenstock outfits black trousers stripes cow folds

A long day at the office is imminent? Then not only modern, but also comfortable clothing is a must – pants with creases and wide legs, a blouse with stand-up collar and a blazer complete the office look. Matching – the Birkenstocks in Nude Nuance.

Other office-suited outfits in the photo gallery below.

Wearing black ensemble in the office

Birkenstock Outfits Black Pants High Waist Crop Top Long Blazer

The monochrome look made easy: white blouse and blazer to wear black pants

birkenstock outfits black capri pants white blazer blouse

Wear a blouse dress with jeans

birkenstock outfits ideas long shirt jeans

Everyday outfits with T-shirt and jeans: Alexa Chung

Birkenstock outfits jeans t-shirt pullover

Allesandra Ambrosio combines styling with a fedora hat

birkenstock outfits stars fedora hat jeans gray t-shirt

Oversized sweatshirt and shorts fit together perfectly

birkenstock outfits shorts oversize sweatshirt

birkenstock outfits capri pants floral prints summer

Sock sneakers are the sporty trend shoes for men and women: styling tips and 21 outfits

sock sneaker trend schuhe damen schwarz kleid rock

Socks and shoes belong together. However, they are not always a perfect combination. There is certainly a picture in your mind: trekking sandals and white tennis socks. However, socks and shoes that match each other can look great and make a stylish statement. This collection was never as hip as it is today and the socks have become an inseparable fashion accessory for both women and men. So it is not surprising that designers have come up with something new – the Sock sneaker.

At first Sock Boots were …

sock sneaker trend shoes ladies heels spotz sock boots

The sock trend first results in sock boots. These are ankle boots that cover the ankle, are close to the foot, have pointed ends and thus create a slim foot. They are among the biggest winter trends and are still in great shape. Now the sock sneakers are their successors for spring and an ideal variant for life in the big city, because they are extremely comfortable.

Sock sneakers are the new trend shoes for men and women

sock sneaker trend schuhe herren damen schwarz jeans

The Sock sneakers have totally conquered the street style scene . Especially popular is the model of Balenciaga, which is equally suitable for men and women alike. The shoes are made of a lightweight material that looks like woven or knitted, so like a sock. It is stretchy and therefore suitable for every foot shape. The sneakers are close to the foot and reach up to the ankle. They have a flat and ergonomic sole, which is essential for the sports shoes. At the same time lacks the typical element for lacing and you slip directly into the shoe.

Ladies Sock Sneaker

sock sneaker trend shoes ladies black balenciaga skirt dress

The extraordinary shoe is now very popular among influencers on Instagram. They present their original outfits and suits with the new sock sneakers. The ladies wear them for mini or midi skirts and dresses . The men rely on shortened pants and slim-fit cuts. Above all, the shoes made of elastic fabric to casual clothing, but also to elegant, classic style.

Sock sneaker for men

sock sneaker trend shoes mens black shorts outfit

The exceptional athletic shoes are particularly effective when worn with a garment that has a shortened length. In this way attention is directed to the ankle length of the shoes and their special design.

Sock Sneaker sytlen: Whether sporty or elegant

sock sneaker trend shoes mens elegant style manter

Meanwhile, there are no taboos in terms of styling and outfits. Bloggers and influencers wear the Sock sneakers to both playful maxi dresses and elegant slim pants. The trend shoe always delivers a successful style break and enhances the simple look.

Sock sneaker by Balenciaga

sock sneaker trend schuhe herren jeans casual outfit

The original socks sneaker has presented the fashion house Balenciaga for the first time on the catwalk. They are characterized by a minimalistic design: white sole and monochrome fabric, without visible seams, without additional elements or embellishments. The only decoration is the brand logo that stands on the outside of each shoe.

Sock sneakers from other brands

sock sneaker trend shoes men ladies khaki color fendi

Meanwhile, other brands have designed similar models. Fendi, Marni, Givenchy and others have not left indifferent to the trend and also designed simple sports shoes made of elastic fabric to slip into. Even the clothing chains such as Zara etc. now offer cheaper variants.

Marnis Sock Sneaker

sock sneaker trend schuhe damen herren marni designer

While years ago, fashion houses like Balenciaga, Michael Kors or Givenchy would not produce sports shoes, because they just did not belong to haute couture, today everything looks different. Actually, the sock sneakers are not typical sports shoes. Although they are lightweight, comfortable and comfortable to wear, they are exceptionally elegant in comparison to other sports shoes thanks to their simple design. This gives every outfit a sporty-cool touch.

Sock Sneacker by Adidas Adidas

sock sneaker trend shoes men ladies red adidas

Sports brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma follow the trend and now offer ultra-light woven models. They look a bit more sporty than the socks sneakers from Balenciaga and are intended primarily as running shoes for active athletes. They usually have a lacing and are also available in a wide variety of colors.

Nike Lunar Flyknit: A combination of sock and running shoe

sock sneaker trend shoes mens nike sporty running shoes

Sock Sneaker skilfully style

sock sneaker trend shoes ladies long high

The Sock sneakers are stretchy and cuddly, so they are extremely comfortable and the unpleasant pressure points that are usually in the shoe, are thus forgotten. The combination of lightweight materials and elastic fabric make the shoes more comfortable than traditional sneakers.

sock sneaker trend shoes ladies black shorts tulle net t-shirt

The particular advantage of the shoe model is that it conjures up a nice slim foot. The tight-fitting fabric emphasizes the shackles, the narrowest point on the leg, and conjures up a sporty, elegant silhouette. Thanks to the simple effect, the Sock sneakers are still true combination wonders. They go well with jeans or a feminine dress equally well.

The sporty trend shoes in different colors

sock sneaker trend shoes ladies men jeans denim outfit

The sock sneakers are not only available in black, although they are usually preferred in this color. Balenciaga offer a few simple versions of the same model in red and white. The other brands are true to the simple color scheme and rely on only a few colors.

Sock sneakers suit every style of clothing

sock sneaker trend shoes men white trousers slim fit zipper

The Sock sneakers conjure up a slim foot and look quite neutral thanks to the simple design. So they can be combined in many ways and perfectly adapted to any clothing style. A sporty-casual look is created with cool jeans and an oversize top. The gentlemen like to put on a slim fit pants and the ladies – on a feminine dress or a stylish skirt and a chic silk blouse. The perfect finish gives a biker jacket, which has no gender as the Sock sneaker.

sock sneaker trend shoes men's fashion brown beige willow

sock sneaker trend shoes ladies glitter tinsel

socks sneaker trend shoes men black Balenciaga

sock sneaker trend shoes ladies elegant pencil skirt karos

sock sneaker trend shoes ladies schwraz white jeans

sock sneaker trend shoes mens jeans slim fit denim jacket

Kids fashion for summer 2018 – 40 trendy outfits for boys and girls

children's fashion for summer 2018 dresses ruesche blue pink

The warm sunshine lets the whole family dream of the coming summer. Especially children are very active this season and like to spend time outdoors – whether a trip with the parents or a walk with friends – the little ones always want to do something new. To make them feel good, the quality of shoes and clothing plays a big role. Soft, breathable fabrics and a comfortable fit that allows freedom of movement are therefore an absolute must. When it comes to optics, summer 2018 children’s fashion is full of the charm of a variety of prints – floral patterns decorate the dresses , safari-inspired cargo pants and khaki chinos, and T-shirts with prints provide optimum comfort while playing, with maritime-themed jumpsuits and pullovers Sailor stripes bring a Mediterranean touch to the design. We give you an overview of the latest collections of many designers and take the fashion trends under the microscope.

Children’s fashion for 2018 – pastel colors and comfortable cuts characterize the Fendi collection

children's fashion for summer 2018 pink dress fendi

Airy dresses in soft pastel shades are in the foreground of the new Fendi collection for the summer season. Sweet as a candy presents the above pictured pink dress with volantärmeln, wide skirt and high waist with hidden elastic band. The matching accessories must not be missing – snapbacks are also making a comeback in women’s fashion, for toddlers they are extremely practical and can serve as a sun hat. The white sneakers bring variety into the outfit.

children's fashion for summer 2018 dress sky blue pastel pink bomber jacket

Many weddings take place especially in the summer – for the festive occasion, of course, the children have to be dressed appropriately. A beautiful dress offers Fendi to. The sky blue pastel color together with the pink bows create an exciting color contrast. The voluminous skirt allows for freedom of movement. Fittingly, the fashion house presented a suit with knee-length pants and polo shirt for the boys.

children's fashion for summer 2018 fendi collection boys

Playing in the garden or in the park is great fun, especially in summer! The lightweight cotton fabric ensures comfort. The combination of a sailor-striped blouse and shorts in a strong orange color is currently in fashion. From now on there is nothing in the way of a trip to the sea!

children's fashion summer 2018 fendi blouse girl ruesche knilanger white skirt

Everyday sets for the cool evenings outdoors – a blouse with Fendi inscription and jeans for him, blouse with shirt collar and ruffles and white knee-length skirt for her. Incidentally, red is experiencing a comeback this summer.

Kids fashion for summer 2018 – vintage dresses by Pero bring a touch of the past

children's fashion summer 2018 floral pattern lace

Exclusive fashion brand Pero has developed an Indian-inspired collection for the little princess. Each model is the result of close cooperation between the designers and the production department – from the fabric processing, through the colors, to the handmade lace details – the clothes are made according to traditional Indian manufacturing techniques. The vintage dresses are richly decorated with openwork lace. Elaborate embroidery with colorful floral patterns sets accents and the decorative ruched waistline with rhinestones subtly emphasizes the waist. The tulle skirts provide the right volume.

children's fashion summer 2018 summer dresses girls hair accessories

The clothes do not only look beautiful, the designers also promise a comfortable fit. The little princess can wear her dream dress for a wedding, a communion or a birthday party. Of course, the hair jewelry may not be missing – the hair clip with fabric flower conjures a playful touch in the hair, the beaded hairband is a perfect accessory for a wedding reception.

children's fashion summer 2018 pink dress glitterstones guertel

The trend colors of the summer are pink, white and red. Check patterns are in some ways timeless – large patterns set the tone again this summer. Incidentally, printed floral motifs can be easily combined with each other according to the latest mix and match trend.

kids fashion summer 2018 dresses vintage girl

In the summer, the designers continue on the big trend of puffed sleeves. The voluminous sleeves made of shimmering fabrics like silk give the dress a noble look. The sweet tops are combined with skirts with flounces. The little princess can wear classic ballerina shoes or belt sandals in neutral color.

children's fashion summer 2018 check blouse flowers

Playful dresses in white as highlights in the Dior collection

children's fashion for summer 2018 white dress ruesche aermel

Classic elegance with a modern touch – this is how the new summer collection for children of the fashion label Dior can be described. The highlight of the collection is the white dress of gold-colored jacquard with dot pattern shown above. Absolute must-have for every little trendsetter!

children's fashion summer 2018 white shirt chino pants

Girllike details such as flounces and bows crown the rest of the clothes from the collection. The dresses are made of light elfenish fabrics and inspire with airy cuts – thanks to the simple look, they can be worn not only on festive occasions, but also in everyday life.

children's fashion summer 2018 dress flower pattern sunhat

The charming cotton dress together with a sun hat complete the perfect summer outfit for every little girl. The subtle patterns of shamrocks in gold are considered the hallmark of fashion house Dior – and must not be missed by the children’s collection.

kids fashion for summer 2018 bright yellow dresses outfit girls

The last two ensembles in Champagne are decorated with tulle ruffles on the sleeves. The flounces are also experiencing a comeback in women’s fashion – in 2018 they were almost indispensable to the catwalks. This trend has been reinterpreted by the talented Dior designers.

Ethnic patterns are making a comeback in the fashion label Where is Marlo

children's fashion summer 2018 rock top geometric figures

Ethnic patterns and tribal prints are definitely making a comeback – the fashion label “Where is Marlo”, based in Switzerland, presented their interpretation on the subject of ethno-look. The collection for boys and girls in kindergarten and school age is heavily inspired by the travels of designers in distant lands. The ethno prints are skillfully combined in allover looks in neutral colors.

children's fashion summer 2018 african pattern t-shirt

The company was founded by Anne-Sophie Bitz in 2015 and has enjoyed growing popularity ever since. The fashion house specializes exclusively in children’s clothing. The label’s trademark is the prints, which turn even the plain T-shirt into a statement garment.

children's fashion summer 2018 summer colors pastel girls boys

In addition to ethno motifs, patterns inspired by nature decorate the T-shirts – the looks are completed with sandals as footwear. The fashion brand also offers several combinable Basics in neutral colors – jersey dresses and overalls promise highest wearing comfort.

Children’s fashion for summer 2018 – color trends presented by Barn of Monkeys

kids fashion summer 2018 beach fashion teenager

This summer is sure to be colorful – in addition to the four seasonal color classics, yellow, orange, turquoise and pink have established themselves as trend colors for the 2018 season. The talented designers of the fashion label Barn of Monkeys presented their varied interpretation of summer colors in the latest collection of the brand.

Children's fashion summer 2018 graphic pattern mustard color sweater orange skirt

The yellow color is traditionally worn in black, gray or khaki – but this year, mix and match color combinations with orange and emerald green are trendy. The collection was inspired by the aesthetics of South America. Turquoise blue together with Rosa forms a charming ensemble. In combination with gray there are exciting contrasts. Matching prints add the finishing touches to the outfit.

children's fashion summer 2018 dress yellow emeraldgruen girl

Band of Monkeys is a Portuguese fashion house that produces high quality children’s clothing for children between 2 and 16 years old. The garments are made from organic cotton and the company promises that the colors will last a long time.

Children’s fashion for summer 2018 – nature motifs decorate the children’s clothing from 4funkyflavours

Children's fashion summer 2018 cardigan dresses girls

The Dutch fashion house 4funkyflavours recently presented the new collection for the upcoming season. The brand’s summer 2018 children’s fashion is inspired by nature – no wonder that nature designs adorn the blouses, T-shirts and skirts. The color choices – beige, red, different blue nuances, emerald green – makes us dream of adventure in exotic countries.

children's fashion summer 2018 dress bags shirt collar

The simple cut from the poloshirt and pockets dress shown above is spiced up with Koi fish prints. Comfort also comes first in the boys’ collection – a T-shirt and Chinos complete the perfect outfit.

kids fashion summer 2018 dress t-shirt zebra print

With the soft cotton dress, the cut cuts loose, so that the clothing does not restrict and allows free movement while running or climbing. Leather strappy sandals and a sun hat complete the look – and the little ones can discover the world.

children's fashion summer 2018 cats print dress drawstring

Skin-friendly textiles and prints without allergenic dyes guarantee that the children feel well all day long. The summer can come – the team of 4funkyflavours offers a wide range of products for the season so that the little ones have the right clothes to wear in any weather.

children's fashion summer 2018 shirt dark blue shark pattern

Children’s fashion for summer 2018 – Jungle look at Monnalisa

children's fashion summer 2018 dress safari prints sunhat monnalisa collection

The Italian brand Monnalisa is known all over Europe for its children’s clothing – the fashion label combines comfort with aesthetics in one design. For every summer outfit, the matching jacket is offered – denim jackets are worn to the dresses, in contrast, the softshell jackets, which are made of windproof and water-repellent fabric, are suitable for everyday use. Sun hat protects the sensitive skin from strong sun rays, the fleece-lined hood protects against wind and rain.

children's fashion summer 2018 blouse girl jewelery jungle motifs

The girls are also happy – their summer outfits are offered with matching hair ornaments. In addition, the blouses of the brand are decorated with rhinestones and paillets. The color palettes green, pink and white form attractive ensembles.

children's fashion summer 2018 monnalisa collection donald duck print shirt

The second collection of the brand was designed as beachwear – the white-blue color palette, the striped pattern and the Donald Duck print with sailor cap complete the outfit. At the same time the white leather jacket protects against strong wind.

children's fashion summer 2018 maritime pattern jacket stripes shirt

Incidentally, kids also like to wear jeans in the summer – the fringes on the top of the capri are playful and girlish. The exciting mix and match that develops between the striped blouse and the jacket with floral motifs makes the ensemble look modern.

Children’s fashion for summer 2018 – comfortable cuts at Munsterkids

Kids Fashion Summer 2018 Beach Fashion Basics

Cool looks in sporty bright tones are also popular with Munsterkids – the Jumpsuits, T-shirts and pants promise the highest wearing comfort. Perfect for a family trip or play date with friends. Inspired the designers of the fashion brand Street Style in Australia. The fashion house was founded by Rich and Samantha Brown in 2005. In the beginning, the clothing line was focused on boys, now they offer clothing for girls and baby clothes. Nowadays, Munsterkids collections are available worldwide and are very popular in Japan and the USA for their prints.

kids fashion summer 2018 t-shirt print monster

children's fashion summer 2018 t shirt print

children's fashion summer 2018 skirt stripes

Kids Fashion Summer 2018 Pants T Shirt Kids

Children's fashion summer 2018 comfortable clothes important

Festival Look inspired by Alessandra Ambrosio Coachella outfits: 30 pictures

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella victoria secret models

In 2018, the 19th Coachella Festival will take place in the Indigo Desert near Los Angeles, California, USA. Every year, famous musicians, talented artists and almost the entire celebrity world gather here. With the breathtaking performance of Beyonce, the opening of the festival was like no other in recent years. The event is one of the biggest festivals in the world and is always in great demand. The Victoria’s Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio visits regularly and is even announced for Coachella Queen. Her performances at the hippie event are a true inspiration and she has always delighted with her casual and original festival look.

The festival look of Alessandra Ambrosio on Coachella 2018

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2018 denim bauchtasche regenbogenfarben

The Coachella is considered one of the most famous hippie festivals, taking place in the open air for two weekends in the spring. Here, music is played, contemporary artists present their works and a lot of celebrities and stars come into flower dresses and Natterer’s jackets in order to amuse among the crowd. For one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels the event is a must. Alessandra Ambrosio does not miss a year or a day without visiting Coachella. She knows exactly what a festival look is about. Their outfits over the years are a real asset to those who need fresh ideas and inspiration for a casual, summer outfit. Whether you’re so attracted to Coachella or any other hippie-style party event, it does not matter. The Brazilian’s boho looks are ideal for any occasion when it comes to dancing in the open air.

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2018 netz perforiertes kleid t-shirt neonfarben

Since 1999, Coachella has been meeting around 200,000 visitors, who enjoy dancing, celebrations and festival time together. Celebrities and stars throw themselves into their most beautiful hippie gulf and meet in the Indigo desert in California. Of course, supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is also present. One topic that interests the ladies in particular is: what to wear when attending an open-air party or festival? Can someone be a better role model than a Victoria’s Secret Model ? We gather fresh inspiration from the queen of the boho style, Alessandra Ambrosio. We present 30 great Brazilian festival outfits from today until back in 2013.

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2018 kurzes bandeau kleid sneaker bauchtasche

Back in 2013, the Brazilian top model founded her own fashion line “Ále by Alessandra”. It offers loose, feminine bohemian fashion, just like the individual style of Alessandra. As a fashion designer, she combines feminine cuts and soft-flowing fabrics with details such as suede, feathers, ruffles, fringes etc. She wants to appeal to women between the ages of 18 to 35 years. The female visitors to Coachella are just as young. So there may be no other star who dominates the festival look like Alessandra Ambrosio.

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2018 dior schwarz maxi rock

Every year, the Brazilian impresses with her Coachella outfits. Sometimes colorful in the style of Californian casualness, sometimes feminine with maxi dresses in pastel colors or with playful mini skirts and denim shorts. Key elements of her festival clothing include cowboy details such as leather boots, ankle boots, floppy hats and fringes.

Festival look by Alessandra Ambrosio on Coachella 2018

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2018 black 90s fashion

At 37, Alessandra always looks the same as she did five or more years ago. She loves the bohemian chic and the casual fashion. The result is a refined mix of colorful colors and casual beach looks that provide plenty of freedom of movement and make them look so youthful. In her outfits the tin of femininity is not missing either. Lace elements, crop tops and bustier tops are included.

Festival look by Alessandra Ambrosio 2017

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2017 ethno motive strapless

The Coachella fashion is heavily influenced by Woodstock and hippie style. An inseparable part of it are namely crocheted garments, as well as ethno and floral patterns. These are worn by Alessandra in the form of tops, like off the shoulder or as delightful details that perfectly round off their festival look. They are feminine and give every festival look a holiday flair.

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2017 crocheted kimono white boho

In her looks at Coachella over the years, you realize that she never waives chic accessories. Whether a waist belt, many small, colorful bracelets or sunglasses, usually even something for everyone, but all the pieces of jewelry are very tastefully matched.

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2017 kiss t-shirt leather jacket

The supermodel likes to go back to the vintage denim. On Coachella she prefers comfortable jeans shorts with tears or cropped details. The high waisted models conjure up a nice butt and can be combined very well with both high heel shoes and flat cowboy boots. A leather jacket is also a must-have for an open air party, because the evenings in spring can be really cool.

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2017 short white dress

When it comes to hair styling and make-up, the Coachella Queen is really economical and has a natural effect. It is also logical, if you dance and celebrate for several hours in hot weather and in the open air, to refrain from heavy makeup and elaborate hairstyle. You should definitely protect the skin from the rather unfavorable conditions on the festival grounds. A skin cream with high UV factor, which moisturizes should belong to the beauty routine. Plus, any woman will be happy if she has a dry shampoo, a deodorant, and maybe one or the other sheet mask on hand. For make-up, Alessandra focuses on highlighting and a lip gloss in nude color.

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2017 leather boots denim shorts fluffy coat

In terms of hairstyling elaborate hairstyles on the festival grounds are hardly possible or, above all, they hold only a short time. Alessandra relies on casual waves year after year and always looks stunning. They can be achieved with the help of a bit of “Wave Spray” or with a curling iron loose turn.

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2017 denim jeans leather boots

Alessandra Ambrosio is a passionate visitor to the Coachella Festival and has been with her every day for the past five years. Mostly she travels with her friends, but sometimes they also accompany her daughter or her former partner and father of her children. With every performance, she delights with her casual boho outfits. She also loves the bohemian style for her everyday clothes and serves as a real source of inspiration for those who need fresh ideas for their festival look.

Festival look by Alessandra Ambrosio 2016

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2016 brown leather shorts cropped

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2016 crocheted monokini dress

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2016 denim shorts kimono

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2016 jeans shorts black bodyjpg

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2016 short dress ethno pattern

Festival look by Alessandra Ambrosio 2015

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2015 boho maxi dress

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2015 short dress batik effects

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2015 short white dress

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2015 leather top fringes

Festival look by Alessandra Ambrosio in 2014

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2014 boho maxi dress

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2014 set shorts bustier top

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2014 velor leather shorts daughter

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2014 white shorts sneaker

Coachella 2013: The Festival Look by Alessandra Ambrosio

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2013 white lace boho brown leather

festival look outfit alessandra ambrosio coachella 2013 pink shorts headscarf

Style Timberland Boots: 20 outfits & styling tips

timberland boots stylen outfit weiss schwarz moder fashion tipps

Timberland boots are considered classic and are reliable companions in the rain and snow. They are high-quality, comfortable, also warm and look good. The yellow cult boots are equally suitable for men and women and are among the must-haves of every stylish shoe cabinet. Meanwhile, the timeless model offers not only in the classic ocher yellow. If you have not decided on a particular color yet, or if you are not sure how to style the Timberland Boots, here are a few suggested combinations and styling tips from us.

Timberland boots for men and women

timberland boots stylen outfits kombinieren damen herren stylingtipps

Timberlands stands for the iconic ocher-yellow ankle-high lace-up boots that the brand has produced since its inception. Meanwhile, there are other models that are equally suitable for women and men alike. Also for children there are some shoe models . The classic Timberland boots are currently enjoying great popularity with all fans of casual clothing style and also with the stars. So they should not be missing in any well-stocked stylish shoe cabinet, because they are an inseparable part of outdoor clothing. How to style them properly, we reveal here.

Timberland Boots – a must-have in the women’s and men’s wardrobe

timberland boots stylen outfit braun gelb pullover

The symbol of the brand “Timberland” is a tree and it stands for a special lifestyle. It conveys an overall picture of nonchalance, sportiness, love of nature and the lumberjack image. For more than 40 years, the company has been committed to environmental protection and recycled materials. Employees can even support social projects for 20 to 40 hours a year.

timberland boots stylen outfit männer schick alltag

Timberland boots find a place of honor as casual everyday shoes and fit perfectly with casual casual wear. They are now available in different colors, however, remain the classic in yellow-brown in the crowd particularly popular. They are equally suitable for the two  The best way to combine timeless boots with jeans. Depending on the jeans cut, the whole look is shifted in one or the other style. Above all, it is important to choose a model with tight trouser legs or roll it up and put it in your shoes.

timberland boots style outfit brown coat sporty

The lace-up boots made of supple premium leather stand for a conscious way of life and are comfortable companions in snow and wet weather. They should be equally suitable for long walks through the city or on grounds. The non-slip, thick, ribbed   Rubber sole guarantees a secure grip on any terrain. The lined version keeps feet warm in winter . There are also models without feeding, which are perfect for rain and if the weather does not play along. The robustness of the Timberlands has made them number-one everyday shoes for many street-style professionals.

Timberland Boots: Stars love them!

timberland boots style outfit stars kanye west

Timberlands are among the favorite shoes of many stars. Especially with Kanye West, Rihanna, Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne, Gwen Stefani they are very popular. From the styling of the celebrities, we can also get inspiration and certainly find that the boots are real all-rounder and versatile in everyday life can be combined.

timberland boots style outfit stars rihanna

Ladies and gentlemen usually wear narrow-cut jeans such as tubular or skinny models for the lace-up boots. However, they can also be combined with some loose variants such as the so-called girlfriend jeans. They are slightly wider cut, but emphasize the waist and hips nicely and are also cut tight at the ankle. The shoes are loosely knit to emphasize the edge look. Men like to bet on slim models in the destroyed style.

Combine Timberland Boots skillfully: outfits & styling tips

timberland boots style outfit yellow gray coat

The oldest and at the same time most famous model are the “6-inch” boots in ocher yellow. They are originally intended as worker’s shoes. However, they have conquered the city and are now part of the cool appearance for many fashion-conscious. Even the simplest outfit in neutral colors is upgraded immediately and it is given a visual whistle.

timberland boots style outfit brown boho style

In autumn and spring, when temperatures are not so low and the weather changes constantly, you have more leeway and can combine clothes playfully and imaginatively. In the transitional period, layer clothing or the so-called onion look is always a good idea. The Timberland boots in warm beige-brown tones are the perfect complement to it. If you want to create a casual yet feminine appearance, then you should resort to bright, natural colors. White, cream, light gray, brown, khaki, beige, etc. can be wonderfully put together.

timberland boots style outfit jeans momber khaki military

Ocher Yellow Timberland Boots are a proven recipe for a cool and comfortable look. They perfectly complement any casual outfit in natural colors. It fits particularly well in military style clothes. In cold days you can throw on an oversized knit sweater or put on a warm parka. In the transitional season, a bomber jacket provides comfort, which blends perfectly with destroyed skinny jeans.

timberland boots style outfit leggings gray athleisure

If you are a sporty type and practicality, comfort and warmth come first in winter, you can combine leggings with an oversized bodice and timberland boots. This fits best a coat in Camel or gray.

timberland boots style outfit white coat black beanie

Who says Timberlands are just a sporty style? The cult boots can also create a feminine outfit by relying on bright, neutral colors. It should not necessarily be a tone-on-tone look. It is important that the cut of the individual garments is simple and classic.

Styling Timberland Boots: Different Models and Colors Boots

timberland boots style outfit high heels black skinny jeans

Meanwhile, there are the classic lace-up boots not only in different colors, but also with a high heel for the ladies. They look particularly chic and fit perfectly with the cool urban look with a certain dose of femininity, with a part not just associated with a particular style. The street style includes bold combinations of well-known classical music and new fashion pieces.

timberland boots style outfit black skirt dress

Combining Timberland boots with a dress or skirt is only for real fashion experts. This bold combination causes a stir and definitely hits the eye. Here is recommended the mini or possibly the knee length, otherwise the legs seem massive and chunky. Check patterns in black and white or in trendy red and blue are very much in keeping with the casual country style conveyed by the lace-up boots.

timberland boots style outfit black white boots modern

For a classy style break, choose Timberland Boots in a different color than Ocher Yellow. Basic colors such as black, white or navy blue are classics and are universal partners for any stylish look. Very recent variations of the classic lace-up shoes are in intense nuances such as pink or red. Pastel shades are also a hip variation, which may be the best choice for ladies with a feminine style of clothing.

timberland boots style outfit gray skirt monochrome

Since the Timberlands were originally designed as men’s shoes, it may be easier for the men to style them. With a plaid shirt, a jeans and quilted waistcoat you create the classic lumberjack look, to which the lace-up shoes are actually assigned. If you want to modify this appearance, put on a chino pants or on slim model jeans. A classic sweater or a leather jacket will enhance the masculine outfit and give it an elegant touch.

Look at Timberland as others wear their boots. Be inspired and share your looks!

timberland boots style outfit gwen stefani stars

timberland boots style outfit pink color

timberland boots style outfit pink jeans girfriend

timberland boots style outfit pink pastel color

40 great outfits combined with Adidas NMD for women

Adidas NMD gray trousers leather look Camo T-shirt

Our editors have already shown you how to combine platform sneakers . And in today’s article, we reveal how women wear the famous Adidas NMD to look casual and chic at the same time. We have collected 40 examples showing different outfits with these modern sneakers. Dresses, pants, jeans, skirts – you’re spoiled for choice. In addition, NMD is available in a variety of colors and patterns. We are sure that there is an Adidas NMD model that fits your style. The versatility of this beautiful sneaker will inspire you!

Adidas Nmd XR1 Gray Women

Adidas NMD is a lifestyle sneaker that celebrates moments from the collective memory of Adidas. The NMD refers to classics among the Adidas shoes such as the Micro Pacer, the Rising Star and the Boston Super and reinterprets well-known elements. The NMD sneakers feature a BOOST midsole that is characterized by high durability, shock resistance and stability. The upper is made of Adidas Primeknit and offers a new level of flexibility and comfort. Comfortable shoes are essential in everyday life.

Adidas NMD R1 black powder pink combine with midi skirt

The NMD collection includes the following models: NMD_R1, NMD_R2, XR1, CS1 and CS2 (City Sock). No matter which model suits your style, the NMDs bring modern looks and innovative technology to the streets. Even combined with a simple outfit they are real eye-catchers.

The NMD collection stands for being inspired by the past, but always looking to the future. It is a sneaker for a nomadic lifestyle without limits.

Adidas NMD black combined with skirt and blazer

It is possible to show yourself feminine and stylish with sneakers. And our great collection of ideas is the proof! Even the most famous fashionistas have swapped high heels for sneakers. Whether you want to wear a dress, skirt or jeans, the Adidas NMD fits any style. Do not be afraid to experiment with contrasts and combine sneakers into blazers or skirts. The ideas and combination options in our gallery will fascinate you!

Adidas NMD R1 Ladies Black Kauzenpullover Puderton Black Pants

Adidas sneaker NMD collection black leather jeggings coat

Adidas NMD combined with dress in burgundy

Adidas NMD R1 ladies light gray pink sweater skirt slit

Adidas NMD white skirt with straps leather look

Adidas NMD Ladies Bomber Jacket Ankle-length pants or shirt dress

Adidas NMD R1 Dress Tulle Vokuhila Black

Adidas Sneaker NMD Collection Pink Bomber Jacket

Adidas NMD black skirt sweater

Outfit Spring Summer Dress Adidas Sneaker white blue

Adidas sneaker NMD collection black gray jeans

Adidas Sneaker NMD Collection Gray Cardigan XXL

Adidas sneaker NMD collection black shirt dress hat

Adidas Sneaker NMD CS1 Primeknit Leather Skirt Black and white outfit

Adidas NMD black white shirt tunic

Adidas black karorock denim jacket

Sportoufit leggings crop top and pink bomber jacket

Adidas sneaker NMD collection pink summer dress

Kylie Jenner Adidas NMD Sportswear

Adidas sneaker NMD collection series Primeknit pink sports pants

Adidas Sneaker NMD Collection black Sport Outfit

Adidas sneaker NMD collection black midi skirt leather jacket

Adidas sneaker NMD collection black biker skirt leather skirt bomber jacket

Adidas sneaker NMD collection gray leather mini skirt

Adidas Sneaker NMD Collection City Sock Black T-Shirt Dress

Adidas sneaker NMD CS1 pink green jacket black pants

Adidas NMD White Black Pants Tee Boxer Braids

Adidas NMD white sports pants dot pattern blouse pink

Adidas NMD pink pants tone on tone look

Adidas NMD Jeans Casual Outfit Everyday

Adidas NMD gray-black extra-long coat

Adidas NMD Ladies Streetstyle Black

Adidas NMD ladies black jeans red velvet jacket

Adidas NMD beige pink pants sports jacket

Adidas NMD beige jeans colorful applications fine knit blouse

Adidas NMD Everyday Jeans and Rock Bomber Jacket

Style fur vest for ladies: Styling tips and 26 great outfits

Fur vest ladies style fashion gray real fur outfit everyday

A fur vest for women keeps you warm and looks very stylish at the same time. So it is not surprising that the fluffy part is absolutely trendy. The fur vest is available in different variants and is available in every price range. However, the trend piece has a big drawback: It can make us look fuller than we actually are. So it is particularly important that you choose a suitable model for your type of figure when buying and also style it properly. Here are 26 beautiful outfits and helpful styling tips on how to skilfully combine the vests.

Fur vest for women: synthetic fur or real fur

Fur vest ladies style fashion gray black elegant olivia palermo

Whether a fur vest, a fur or a soft collar, all fluffy accessories and garments are arguably the most controversial and polarizing in recent years. Although man produced his clothing in animal stone and animal skin as early as the Stone Age, animal rights activists today reject the wearing of genuine fur and leather, and describe it as inhumane. Nevertheless, the fashion designers present fancy mink and fox coats on the catwalk year after year. For the celebrity world, a fur is a statement piece that they wear with pride. Even prominent men like Kanye West and Snoop Dog have fur coats in their wardrobes.

fur vest ladies style fashion gray long pullover white jeans

In the meantime, big high-quality brands like Gucci have completely excluded the real fur from all collections and rely on Fake-Fur. Whether artificial or real, everyone has to decide for themselves. However, a fur or a fur vest for women is still a trend for the winter. There are very high quality polyester or polyacrylic fur imitations that are even more expensive than the real ones, and no animal had to die for it.

Styling fur vest for ladies: figure type

Fur vest ladies style fashion long real fur overknie boots chrissy dough

Artificial or real fur, meanwhile, there are such high-quality imitations that you can hardly distinguish the real from the artificial fur. Whether you have chosen an expensive or a cheaper fur vest, you recognize only bad from the first look. The important thing is that it fits your figure type. Slender women can wear well long and short vests of long, fluffy fur. Ladies with female figures , on the other hand, should avoid the variations that go over the buttocks and opt for longer models with a short coat ending over the hips.

Style coat vest for women: With belt

Fur vest ladies belt style fashion dark brown outfit black elegant

A fur vest for women is cuddly and warm and makes a simple outfit immediately to the trend look . Mostly you can not tell if you wear an expensive or a cheaper fur vest. It’s more important how you combine them with the rest of your clothes. It looks particularly advantageous if you waist the vest with a belt.

Combine fur vest for women

Fur vest ladies style fashion pink boots jeans elegant

When combing the fur vests, you should generally do without loose trousers. Since the vest already gives a bit more volume, a pair of wide trousers will not look good. Instead, you prefer tight, figure-hugging pants like leggings or skinny jeans.

Wear a short fur vest for women with a skirt or dress

Fur vest ladies style fashion gray short skirt

The shorter versions of fur vests can be combined beautifully with skirts and dresses. These boots and a fedora hat fit very well. For a casual appearance, choose a different color instead of black. In the meantime faux fur has become a different kind of material and no longer has to reproduce real fur. Unusual textures and colors are totally hip.

Wear a fur vest for women over the coat

coat vest ladies style fashion pink coat color pastel

A women’s fur vest is a beautiful alternative for the cool transitional season of spring or fall, when the outside temperatures are too low for a blazer and a little higher for a winter coat. If it’s not too cold outside, but not warm, make the so-called layered look. You can simply wear the fur vest over the autumn coat.

Styling a short fur vest for women

fur vest ladies style fashion white outfit olivia palermo

The combination of knit and coat is irresistible. Especially if you prefer warm tones like cream, brown or beige. The look is a bit reminiscent of the currently very popular 70s flair. Contrasting color combinations are extremely aesthetic when black clothing is combined with a light fur vest. Accessories and jewelery in gold really stand out.

Styling a long fur vest for women

fur vest ladies style fashion long white beige real fur kendal jenner

A fur vest, especially in light shades, you can combine stylishly with jeans. The rocking look with a washed-out jeans trousers or cracks completes ankle boots and a leather jacket under the vest just perfect.

Stylish fur vest for ladies sporty

Fur Vest Ladies Styling Fashion Black Long Athletic Outfit Sneaker

A fur vest for women can be combined particularly chic even with sneakers. The look works best if you choose one or two neutral colors and a simple model sneaker. Eye-catching shoes and a fur vest style you properly, because the two have in common design. So they look like an inseparable duo and become a tasteful ensemble.

Fur vest for women in black

Fur vest ladies style fashion black fake fur long hair

A fur vest in black or another neutral color such as gray or beige is multi-faceted and is considered a true all-rounder. The neutral tones are not only easier to combine with other garments, but conjure up an overall aesthetic. Especially if you want to invest in an expensive vest, it is worthwhile to choose one in black, gray, beige or possibly in cream.

Combing fur vest for ladies elegant

Fur vest ladies style fashion black elegant blouse gloves

Elegant or sporty, each look can be stylishly created with a fur vest by putting on a tone-on-tone combination. Black and black and maybe a white accent always work great. In most cases, the choice of shoes determines whether the look finally looks elegant or rather sporty.

Fur vest for women in gray

Fur vest ladies style fashion long gray military look

A fur vest that fits your figure type is a valuable all-rounder in the wardrobe. The fashionable accessory comes in various lengths and materials, and it can be combined with other garments varied. Once you have found the right model, you have the perfect combination part for the transitional period.

Fur vest for women in brown

Fur vest ladies style fashion beige elegant leather pants

Fur vest for women in beige

fur vest ladies style fashion beige short jeans uggs

coat vest ladies style fashion short skirt denim jacket grunge

Fur vest for women in white

fur vest ladies style fashion boho style brown boots fedora

Fur vest ladies style fashion short white skirt pink

Fur vest for women in pink

Fur vest ladies style fashion pink pastel jeans

Fur vest for women in green

Fur vest ladies style fashion outfit green color

Fur vest for women in red

Fur vest ladies style fashion red dress overknie boots

Multicolored fur vest for ladies

Fur vest ladies style fashion colorful blue black white

Fur vest for children

Fur vest ladies style fashion white children

A hot trend: fur and fur for men

Fur vest men fur style fashion trend

Beautiful autumn outfits for the school and current fashion trends for teenagers

Schöne Herbstoutfits-teenager-trends-ideen-mode

Fashion trends move many young people. Often they express their moods and preferences through their clothes. Teenage fashion is all about finding your own style and living your individuality. And with the beginning of the school year, each teenager’s wardrobe needs a fresh, stylish update. What a teenager must have in the wardrobe, which are the current trends and a few beautiful autumn outfits we have summarized at a glance. Learn more about it now.

Back to School – Beautiful autumn outfits for teens

Schöne Herbstoutfits -teenager-mädchen-schule-stiefel

Many young people are interested in fashion. Year after year the schoolyard is no different from Paris or London and new trends are set. For through the clothes teenagers express their moods, preferences and even belonging to a specific group. The outfits should also be comfortable and suitable for school. In order to achieve a cool look, you do not need to buy so many parts, but only a few It-Pieces nachshoppen and skillfully combine them with the existing clothes . We show how to do it.

Beautiful autumn outfits – basic fashion for teens

beautiful autumn-outfits-teenager-basics-girl-jeans

The basic wardrobe for fall season includes jeans , sneakers, denim jacket, boots and of course a school bag or a backpack. These parts are essential for both the boys and the girls. It is best to choose simple models without applications or additional ornaments to make them easier to combine. Which are the current trends and how they can be implemented tastefully, you will soon find out.

Beautiful autumn outfits for the school – cool trends

beautiful autumn-outfits-teenager-trends-checks-shirt

Of course, not all current trends that we see on the catwalk in Paris, New York or Milan, are suitable for everyday or school. Correctly implemented and combined with simple basic parts , the It-Pieces are real eye-catchers and convey a fashion awareness, which surely every boy and girl from the age of 13 strives for. The coolest trends and great styling tips for teenagers are summarized here.

Beautiful autumn outfits – The trendy colors for the boys

beautiful autumn-outfits-teenage boys sneaker-gray

What are the trend colors for the new school year? However, the dark nuances of gray and blue are hip and at the same time very practical for the boys. A trend that has prevailed in recent years is the so-called tone-on-tone clothing. All garments are combined in the same color. It results in a harmonious overall picture, which guarantees a tasteful appearance.

Beautiful autumn outfits in pastel colors for the girls

beautiful autumn-outfits-teenage girl-pastel-blue baby-pink

In the girls’ fashion, soft pastel shades such as soft pink and baby blue prevail this year. These can best be combined with basic jeans and gray. Another particularly hip color will be the purple this fall. It comes out very well as a flashy addition to ensembles with black or denim. Red outfits are also in the current trend.

Cool teenage fashion denim jacket

beautiful autumn-outfits-teenager-young-black-denim jacket

The denim jacket, which hangs securely in the wardrobe of generations, is both a basic part and an it-piece. The current model this year is a slightly extended, fancy version. Whether classic blue or black, the jacket is often decorated with statement applications or cracks that provide the trendy street look.

Fashion Trends for Teenagers – Bomber & Baseball Jacket

beautiful autumn-outfits-teenage bomber baseball jacket

A must-have for the autumn is definitely the bomber jacket. These are available in numerous variants, including in the style of baseball jacket with applied numbers and symbols or nylon. This model is equally suitable for boys and girls.

Autumn Outfits Trends – Checks

beautiful autumn-outfits-teenager-trends-checks

Another trend this fall is the check pattern. Checkers in every color and size carry bloggers and fashionistas worldwide. As a wide shirt made of cotton fabric for the boys and an airy top to jeans, this hot trend is best implemented.

Teen Fashion Trends – Skater Skirt

beautiful autumn-outfits-teenage girl-skater-rock

When it comes to beautiful fall outfits with skirts and dresses, what every girl must necessarily have in her wardrobe is a skater skirt or a dress with a similar cut. The model flatters every figure and can be worn with pumps or boots as well as sneakers. With a thick, dark tights it is also suitable for the cold season.

Beautiful autumn outfits and shoes – sneaker

beautiful autumn-outfits-teenage girl-sneaker-superstar-vans

Sneakers are the shoes that are particularly popular with teenagers. Meanwhile, they are not only suitable for sports and have become a must-have not just for teenagers. Here we recommend investing in a classic, high-quality model best in black or white. Classics like “Superstar” by Adidas, “Old Skool” by Vans or “Air Max” by Nike are considered timeless and are always a good choice.

Boots and boots in bad weather

beautiful autumn-outfits-teenager-boots-rain time

In autumn, the weather is really changeable and it can often surprise us with a rain or thunder storm unpleasantly. Since waterproof boots or boots are always good to have. Leather half-high boots go well with skinny jeans or dress or skirt. Lace-up boots are also a great choice for boys too.

A vest always works

beautiful autumn-outfits-teenage vest-cold

For the surprises of the weather you should always be prepared. That’s why a lined vest with a hood is a garment that should not be missing in the fall wardrobe. Especially up-to-date are models with decorative pockets that not only look good, but are extremely practical.

Cardigan also for the boys

beautiful autumn-outfits-teenage boys-sweater

If in former times cardigans were regarded as something old-fashioned, today they are totally hip and that in the men’s fashion. Fancy knit models convince with their softness and laid-back look. They are easy to combine when matching the colors of the individual garments. Then there is a tasteful outfit that not only looks cool, but also keeps you warm.

Nice autumn outfits for boys – Chino pants

beautiful autumn-outfits-teenager-young-chino-pants-chucks

Chino pants have proven to be an everyday version of the classic trousers, which can now replace the blue jeans in men’s fashion. Chinos are real all-rounders and can be combined with sneakers and chucks as well as with leather shoes. In addition, they are appropriate for all ages and are a great option for teenagers who do not want to look disguised on special occasions.

Backpack is trendy

beautiful autumn-outfits-teenager-young-backpack-bag

The backpack celebrates its comeback and is more trendy than ever. Whether you go to school or not, a cool backpack is a statement accessory for young people and is also extremely practical. Simple models with only 2-3 pockets made of leather or vinyl are trendy. Variants with prints and playful zippers are very popular with teenagers.

Fall Outfits 2017/2018 – Fall Fashion Trends for Women to Re-Style

Fall Outfits 2017/2018 fashion fashions colors

Autumn is coming closer and it’s time to pack away the summer dresses and shorts and make room for jackets, warm sweaters and cardigans. Would you like to prepare well for the cold season and get to know the latest trends in the fashion world, then you are here. In this article, we reveal the most popular fashion trends for women this season in terms of fabrics, colors, patterns and must-haves. Check out the most popular trends for Fall Outfits 2017/2018 and find the perfect look to style.

Autumn fashion 2017/2018 for women

Autumn Outfits 2017/2018 street fashion fringed trench coat

The best thing about the Fall / Winter 2017/18 fashion trends is that they offer something for every taste. This year’s fall fashion introduces a wide range of colors, patterns and fabrics that create a particularly eye-catching look. Velvet and corduroy make a comeback, denim remains in the center and the fringes and ruffles give every autumnal outfit that special something. What are the must-haves this season and how can they best be combined?

Fall Outfits 2017/2018: Must-Haves

Fall Outfits 2017/2018 bow-tie blouse patent leather shoes

Last winter, the blouses with ribbons found their way back into the limelight. And they certainly will not go out of style this fall. Loopsed blouses with loops are the perfect garment for both the office, as well as for a walk in the park with the loved one. They can be wonderfully combined with pants, jeans or skirts and look very feminine and noble.

autumn outfits-2017-2018-maxi-cardigan-trend-autumn fashion

Other must-haves for the autumn outfits 2017/2018 are long vests and cardigans, which you can wear at the beginning of autumn as an alternative to the jacket. The longer the better. Cardigans, longwests and coats in XXL look are announced this season and can be worn over dresses, as well as over trousers and jeans.

autumn outfits-2017-2018-scarves-poncho-check pattern

The absolute must-have for autumn and winter are capes and ponchos, which can even replace the traditional winter jacket. Fluffy XXL scarves are just as suitable for this and keep you warm even in the colder days. The fall look with cape or poncho can be completed beautifully by high boots or comfortable ankle boots .

autumn outfits-2017-2018-fashion-trends-ladies elegant trouser suits-red

A trend for autumn / winter 2017/18, which comes straight from the catwalk, are elegant trouser suits with a wide cut. The fancy dandy style is very popular this season, so the pants suit in the wardrobe of the style-conscious lady should not be missed. It’s best to use eye-catching colors to make a statement.

Fall Outfits 2017/2018: These fabrics are trendy!

autumn outfits-2017-2018-fashion trends-velvet dress leather jacket

As for the fabrics for autumn 2017/2018, there are some that stand out. Velvet has already celebrated its comeback in the previous fall / winter season, however, the fabric shines this fall as a complete look. The Velvet Allover is trendy this autumn and can be perfectly combined with a leather jacket or an XL coat.

autumn outfits-2017-2018-cord-rock-retro-flair-karo scarf

A fabric that gives the autumn outfits 2017/2018 a retro flair is the corduroy. Especially popular in the 70s , Cord returns this season in the form of loose trousers, suits and elegant skirts. An A-line corduroy skirt with buttons at the front and a neutral flounce blouse conjure up a beautiful autumn look. With a leather jacket or an XXL scarf over, you’re ready for an afternoon in the city.

autumn outfits-2017-2018-fashion trends jeans-look completely

Denim is worn this autumn not only as pants or top, but as a complete look. To wear jeans from head to toe is totally hip and is perfect for the everyday look. Whether a jumpsuit or a jeans with a denim shirt or jacket you decide yourself. The outfit can be combined with pointed patent leather pumps for a touch of elegance, as the fabric is also one of the most popular trends this season. In addition to shoes, trousers and jackets made of patent leather are particularly popular in autumn 2017.

Trendy colors and color combinations for autumn outfits 2017/2018

autumn outfits-2017-2018-trend-color-mode red

Reds are one of the trendiest colors this season and provide a striking look in the dreary season. Allover Red is one of the most popular trends for fall outfits 2017/2018 and can be styled with skirts and dresses, as well as with an elegant trouser suit. For the accessories is either a similar shade of red, or a skilful color block with pink or orange.

autumn outfits-2017-2018-autumn-colored fashion-trend-silver metallic

Silver and metallic may not be missing in any wardrobe as colors for the autumn outfits 2017/2018. The shiny look is particularly popular this autumn / winter season and is considered a real eye-catcher. Other trend colors in autumn 2017 are Royal Lilac, Yellow Green, Royal Blue, Petrol, Peach, Beige Brown and the timeless combination of black and gray.

autumn outfits-2017-2018-landscapes-poncho-autumn fashion

Trends are always changing, but the checked pattern never goes out of fashion. The autumn fashion trends for 2017 focus on the evergreen in the form of ponchos, capes, pants but also complete looks. The color combination does not matter at all. Whether with gingham, tartan or any other pattern, you’re definitely right with checks in the fall. They are suitable for everyday use and combine great with both denim, as well as smart casual outfits.

autumn outfits-2017-2018-baroque-pattern-grind-bow blouse

Baroque and opulent baroque designs are in vogue this autumn. Jacquard fabric with flowers, appliqués with rhinestones and big brooches as an accessory are in fashion and create a trendy look with a hint of vintage.

Popular Fall Fashion Trends 2017/2018

autumn outfits-2017-2018-frills-trend-fashion-red

In recent years, ruffles are a favorite trend for many ladies, because they look very feminine and elegant. Ruffles on the sleeves or shoulders make your look look more playful and romantic, and are an absolute must-have for fall 2017/2018 outfits.

autumn outfits-2017-2018-sweater-frills-fashion trend ladies'

However, ruffles not only decorate shirts and blouses, but also sweaters, pants and dresses that are perfect for the fall look. A top with ruffles can best be combined with a simple pair of trousers, otherwise the whole look may seem a bit over the top.

autumn outfits-2017-2018-trends-women-fray-hat

Another trend that enjoys great popularity in the fall / winter season is fringe. The rule is: the longer, the better. If, however, the long fringes are not so comfortable, short is just as well. Loose threads are a great decorative detail for vests, scarves, dresses and blouses, and garments are sure to be among the fall outfits 2017/2018 must-haves.

autumn outfits-2017-2018-autumn fashion fringe-bag-shoes

However, fringes are very popular not only for clothing but also for accessories. Boots and bags with this detail are a great addition to the autumn outfit and make for a totally trendy look for this season.

Ombre Look at Clothes – 18 summery outfits and styling tips

Ombre Look kleidung-sommer-trend-kleid-orange-fiksiafarbe

The Ombre look is no longer reserved for hairstyles. The trend has its way from the hair styling over the make-up to the nail design . Ombre effects also find their place in the fabrics of current fashion collections. Gentle gradients are totally hip and an absolute must-have for the coming summer. Below we present outfits in fresh colors and 18 styling tips for a stunning look.

Ombre look at the clothes

Ombre Look -kleidung-sommer-trend-jlo-2015-american-music-awards

We start the article with a princess dress that Jennifer Lopez has selected for the 2015 American Music Awards. The fabulous dress is completely decorated with sparkling crystals and sequins that reflect the light and create a fairy-tale appearance. The fabric under the glitter is characterized by a pink gradient – from magenta (the so-called fuchsia color) to pink to white. A loose bun and glittering high heels complete the glamorous look.

Hot summer trend: Ombre look at the clothes

Ombre Look -kleidung-sommer-trend-mxi-rock-grün

The ombre look in clothing and fashion is very typical, especially for the boho style. Gentle color gradients and washed-out motifs look casual and exude a special summer feeling. If you have not bought a maxi skirt or a long summer dress, then it’s already time. Put on cheerful summer colors like turquoise, green, yellow or orange and choose a model with a nice ombre effect at the bottom.

Ombre Look -kleidung-sommer-trend-blau-weiss-elegant

Ombre dresses are as diverse as the garment itself. If you want a fresh, yet elegant, summery look, then choose a simple model with a gradient between white and one more color, such as blue. If the dress has a classic line and is not too short, it is perfect for business meetings as well as for other special informal occasions.


An airy dress with spaghetti straps on the other hand, something for leisure. It is simply ideal for the hot summer days and the perfect companion for everyday as well as for a trip or walk. The fresh colors and the casual cut combine very easily with flat or with heel shoes. Espadrilles are currently very up to date, are also comfortable and extremely easy to maintain. The outfit in the picture is a true inspiration for

ombre-look-clothes-summer-trend-dress. business outfit

Pastel tones and neutral, bright colors are ideal for summer office outfits. They are fresh, but not so bright and do not attract much attention. A smooth transition between the different tones creates a stylish ombre look that suits every occasion. For an elegant appearance you avoid the strong contrasts. These are very good shoes in nude color. By the way, with such a pair you complete every outfit.

Denim Ombre look

ombre-look-clothes-summer-trend-jeans-effect-hose legs

Ombre look at jeans is a hot trend especially in ankle length. Again, as with the dresses and skirts, it is possible to run the gradient from bottom to top or vice versa. Ideal for the figure, it would be if the dark area around the hip. Optionally, the garment is largely light and the contrast is set at the bottom, so below the knees. The effect can be achieved by different techniques. A variant is the dip or dip-dye. Alternatively, we can achieve a similar result if different pieces of cloth are sewn together in the corresponding shades. Look at the example above.

Make ombre jeans yourself – instructions


In the dip-dye technique, the respective textiles are dipped in one or more color baths. Depending on how long the fabric hangs in the water, the color transition becomes more intense or, in contrast, easier. However, this method produces best results only when the textiles are white. On the other hand, dark fabrics can be bleached. Depending on the concentration of the bleaching agent, the color gradient results. Soon a simple guide.


Commercially, there are colorants especially suitable for textiles, with which you can dye his clothes directly in the washing machine. However, these can be used to make a garment by hand in the selected color. For this purpose, only half of the amount is used and dissolved in hot water. Depending on the desired color depth, you can use more or less colorant. Usually 60 ° C water temperature to reach the desired result. It is recommended to leave the textile in the dye bath for 30 to 45 minutes.


If you want to dye the garment in two equal halves or achieve several equal layers of different thicknesses, you can mark individual areas that you will later create in the respective color intensity. Safety pins or simply with pins can be used here as marking points and for fixing. It is best to use a skirt strap and hang the garment over a bucket. This makes it easier to handle the fabric to achieve relatively even layers of paint, and the excess color water drips into the bucket. If there are more than two color strengths with a nice gradient, dip the fabric into the dye bath gradually for the same time, for example for about 10 minutes.


In order to achieve additional effects, you can fix the fabric in some places with rubber bands or cable ties and immerse so in the dye bath. If you put the bindings with the same distance in between, the result is a nice regular pattern. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water and wash once separately from other clothing.

* In the color process it is advisable to use rubber gloves, because the tin agent strongly attacks the skin. You should also protect your clothes as unwanted bleach stains can quickly develop.

Ombre denim look

ombre-look-clothes-summer-trend jeans shorts10

Jeans shorts are definitely something for the summer and combined with the Ombre effect, they quickly become a favorite piece. It even makes sense for your first try after the dip technique with a smaller garment than a pair of pants.

ombre-look-clothes-summer-trend-jean jacket-acne-designer

A denim jacket or denim skirt with ombre effect are also very special. Brands like Acne and Levis put on the trendy look in their collections. In addition, Denim Destroyed clothes such as cracks and frayed hem appear every now and then and complement the casual, casual appearance.

ombre-look-clothes-summer-trend midi-jeans skirt

Ombre Look at the Accessories – Earrings by Oscar de la Renta


If Ombre look is not for you, then look no further than striking accessories. Here we have a few inspirations for you.

Ombre shoes: from high heels to sneakers


Ombre Look at Designer Bags – Dior, Chanel


Ombre look at the clothes: simple and unobtrusive