The little black dress: a must-have for every occasion

das kleine schwarze klassisch modern zeitlos anlas

For some, the little black dress may just be a simple black dress. But how could a “simple” garment influence fashion history so much? With this, Coco Chanel has changed the fashion world and marked a new chapter in fashion history. Since then, the small black dress with a simple silhouette is considered a miracle weapon that every woman should own in her closet.

The little black girl has a long history

das kleine schwarze coco chanel geschichte

When the story of little black dress began in the 19th century, the black color was reserved for widowed widow. For the first time, even the designer Coco Chanel appeared in a dress she designed with a simple cut that was not supposed to cause much commotion. The combination of black color and relatively short cut was scandalous after the war. In doing so, Chanel wanted to express her position that the mourning women of World War I should show their sorrow, but at the same time their desire for the future. The author of a book on fashion classics describes the event as a “final harmony of desire and comfort, class and rigor, purism and fantasy”.

When did Coco Chanel invent the little black?

the little black classic cut straighter

The little black dress became popular in 1926 after appearing in American Vogue. Coco Chanel called it a kind of “uniform for all women of taste” and “a model that will carry the world”. It was a narrow-cut dress, closely related to the shift dress, made of China silk, with tight long sleeves and knee-covering. The top was loose at the front and tight at the back. In 1927, the designer designed a second black wool jersey garment with a pleated skirt. It was intended to express both sadness and hope for a better future for widows as a result of World War II. The first model of Coco Chanel stood as a symbol for the modern woman and inspired the fashion world. Since then, the little black is always reinterpreted and up to date.

das kleine schwarze elegant zeitlos besonderen anlass

The Little Black became popular in 1961 when Audrey Hepburn wore a sleeveless model in the feature film Breakfast at Tiffany. In fashion, “small blacks” are especially narrow cocktail dresses that reach to the knee, but could be a little bit longer or shorter. Frequently, fabrics such as satin, viscose and chiffon are used. There is no definite definition for the little black dress and it can be both strapless, long sleeved or sleeveless. It is versatile and therefore a favorite garment of every woman.

The little black for every occasion

das kleine schwarze schlicht elegant büro anlass

On the most asked question of all women: “What should I wear now?” Seems the best possible solution to be a black dress in midi length. In a simple, elegant black dress you are dressed stylishly for all occasions – from a cocktail party to a business meeting. It is considered a miracle weapon and therefore every woman should have at least one good model in the wardrobe. Although designers always strive for new ideas, they have not passed by the timeless dress and discover it again and again. Although there is no clear definition of the model, it is fundamental that it is close to the body, but not tight as the pencil dress cut and knee-length is best. So you can just describe a comfortable and practical dress that can be changed to personal taste.

The little black for every figure

the little black every figure

Depending on your taste, the simple black dress can be individually transformed by the wearer. Fabric, neckline, sleeve length, shoes and accessories are able to conjure up a party outfit from the simple look. So you can call the little black dress as a unique and all-rounder. His biggest advantage, however, is the neutral black mourning color. Black flatters the figure and if the fit of the dress is, hardly brings any other garment the female figure to advantage.

Casual and elegant at the same time

the little black elegant everyday functional functional

How versatile the little black is, is hard to capture. Artists, directors, performers and singers like Edit Piaf rely on black outfits on stage, so they do not distract the audience from their performance. Others say, “If a little black suits, there’s nothing you could ever wear.” WW Simpson. Above all, a black simple dress is a timeless classic that is appropriate for any occasion. It is crucial how you style it.

the small black etui dress occasion shcnitt

A black knee-length sheath dress is perhaps the best choice for every occasion and even for everyday wear. The simple cut, the medium length and the inconspicuous color are the perfect combination for every type of figure. In addition, the simple model of the wearer can be individually changed through sophisticated accessories, jewelry and matching shoes.

the little black etui dress flat shoes

A black dress is the best choice for every occasion, depending on the cut. The details such as shoes, jewelry and bag are what make the look suitable for everyday use or the opposite to the stylish evening outfit. On special occasions, one prefers a black dress to the best high heels. When it comes to a party, for example a New Year’s Eve party, the shoes and accessories may be a bit fancier and more glamorous. Details filled with sequins or glittering stones stand out particularly well here.

The little black person in everyday life

the little black short a-line overknie boots

Comfortable models, for example made of jersey or fine knitwear, are preferred for everyday wear and do not emphasize the body very much, but gently wrap it around. These can be very well combined with boots, flat shoes and even sneakers. For curvy women who are looking for a dress in large size, a wrap dress is particularly good. Draped models with a deep V-neck are also a great way to emphasize the décolleté while concealing the tummy.

Evening wear on New Year’s Eve and special occasions

the little black backless accent loop

For special occasions, parties or New Year’s Eve, you can be a bit braver and put on a playful model. A strapless or backless simple-cut dress or a midi-length lace dress is a possible option, depending on the occasion. When it comes to an event with colleagues or in the working environment, the perfect look is rounded off with a beautifully cut black blazer.

The chic little black in the 20s or 50s style

the little black silvester 20s sequins

Extremely attractive for special informal occasions such as parties or New Year’s Eve look black midi dresses, which are lavishly set with sequins, pearls or lace. Tulle accents are also beautiful details that add variety and a playful touch to the look.

Style and combine the little black dress correctly

the little black combine to style properly

A simple black dress can be stylishly combined on special occasions with eye-catching accessories and shoes. Colorful or glittering high heels and matching jewelery or a small bag, for example a clutch, make the simple outfit party-friendly.

style the little black shoe bag occasion

In everyday life you combine a short, black dress with flat leather shoes or sneakers. A short jacket completes the casual look.

The small black combine style small bag

If you choose a matching bag for the little black, you should pay attention to the size. Basically, small bags for short dresses or skirts are better suited than the currently very popular shopper bags.

the little black shoes sneaker

The little black party New Year's Eve combine shoes bag

Updos with instructions for every occasion and every hair length

Updos with instructions sleek-look-haarschmuck-trend

Whether casual or glamorous, updos always look elegant and really feminine. The raised hairs are the perfect complement to any festive outfit and ensure a perfect look. That’s why they are often chosen as a bridal hairstyle for the big day. Furthermore, a casual updo in everyday life can be very practical and especially in the summer to help against the heat. In this article we have put together various updos with instructions that are suitable for both special occasions and everyday life. Let yourself be inspired!

Elegant updos with instructions for a special occasion

Updos with instructions wedding-braided-chignon-strand

Many different occasions such as weddings, birthdays and family celebrations require an elegant hairstyle. As a timeless possibility, the updo offers itself for it. At the same time it can emphasize the facial contours and the festive outfit and round off your whole appearance in an elegant way. The variants for a beautiful high-set hairstyle are simply endless. Experienced hairdressers can conjure up a wonderful updo from every hair length, sometimes in a very short time. However, some styling ideas are not such a big deal of witchcraft and you can try making simple updos yourself. At this point our instructions come to help.

Braided and romantic – a simple chignon made of braid

Updos with instructions pigtail chignon bridal hairstyle

If you want to emphasize your femininity with a simple yet effective hairstyle, then you can wear your hair romantically braided. Classic hairstyles can be put up and transformed into a charming festive hairstyle.

To prepare your hair, you should first spray it with a heat protection spray. Then blow-dry with the help of a hairbrush and then lightly toast in the approach. If you want to style the hairstyle with strands left out, you should lure the front hair with a thick curling iron at this point. So a frame for the face is designed. Now bring all the hair a little bit to one side and braid a simple braid without tying it. Then take the three tresses in one hand and hold the middle one with the other hand. While holding the middle strand, push the rest of the braid to the head. So you can make a full, braided hair bun. In the following, stick the remaining strand of hair to the neck and fix with hair clips. Finally, stand out outstanding highlights and the look is done.

Turned bun

easy-updo hairstyles-manual-hair-knot

Updos do not always take a lot of time. There are also such stylings that you can imitate relatively quickly. An example of this is this twisted bun. For that, lightly toup the hair and spray with hair spray. Then separate into two pieces at the neck and tie them into a knot. Now turn the left part to the right and fix with hairpins and the right one to the left. Use as many hairpins as necessary to fix the bun as well as possible. You can also wear this updo in the currently trendy sleek look by styling the hair on the top of your head with hair gel.

Wedding updos

updo hairstyles-wedding-chignon-lure-summer-flowers

Updos are considered a classic among the bridal hairstyles and always put the wedding dress in scene. What a lofty bridal hairstyle brings to its best advantage is the hair jewelry. Glittering hair combs and elegant fascinators work well for a fall and winter wedding, with a variety of flowers often used for spring and summer weddings. They can be either artificial or real and add a fresh, natural touch to the overall look.

Updo for wedding with hairband

updo hairstyles-wedding-manual-hair band hair accessories

The next example of our updo with instructions is easy to copy and all you need is a hair band, lots of hair clips, hair spray and jewelry of your choice. The hair is inserted into the hair band and fixed with the hairpins. The finished hairstyle can be spice up with any accessory and provides an easy way to wedding updos, which you can do yourself.

Style updos semi-open style

curls updo hairstyles-wedding-half open-manual-

If you want to combine the elegance of the high-set hair with the romantic, gently falling curls, then you can opt for a half-open updo. This looks at the top of the head as pinned, but runs in graceful curls, instead of in a bun. A semi-open hairstyle is best for long hair, but can also be styled with a medium length.

The faux bob

updo hairstyles-imitate-faux-bob-modern

For ladies with long hair, the so-called Faux Bob is a half-open updo for special occasions. The hair is not completely plugged in, but imitate a Bobfrisur. They are therefore only half-open, because the larger hairpiece is plugged. Although this hairstyle looks simple, you usually can not achieve a perfect look, because it is mainly worked on the neck. Therefore, we recommend a visit to the hairdresser, if you have opted for the Faux Bob.

Updos half-open or stuck for Naturlocken

updo hairstyles-manual-semi-open-variant-medium-length-hair

For the ladies, who naturally have pretty curls, we offer here a variant for updo, which can be worn both half-open, as well as stuck. For this you need three thin hair ties (preferably the same color as the hair) and hairpins. Tie three ponytails at the back of the head at three different heights, one under the other. Then you should turn each ponytail around by making a hole in the neck and pulling the hair inward. After you have finished, hide each ponytail under the following, putting the last one under itself. If you want to wear the updo semi-open, just do not put the last ponytail. Fix with hairpins where necessary and ready.

Updos with instructions for short hair

updo hairstyles-manual-short-hair-bob

If you think that short hair is not suitable for updos, you are wrong. Even buffing hairstyles can be tied with the right hair accessories and transformed into an elegant hairstyle. The procedure is a bit more complicated than with long hair, but with a little practice the updo will definitely succeed. To style this look, prepare the hair by toupling the neck and pulling a crest. Then take one strand from each side, twist and bind with a hair clip. Repeat this step until only a little hair stays on the neck. Tie the remaining strand to a small bun with hairpins so that no hair is left on the neck. This hairstyle looks really nice with a side pony.

Simple updos with instructions for everyday life

updo hairstyles-manual-easy-plait-dutt

If you want to feel comfortable in everyday life, then you need a hairstyle that is practical and does not bother you at work. Below are some great updos with instructions that are easy to style and therefore perfect for the hectic everyday life.

First of all, we would like to introduce you to a great hairstyle for the classic Dutt. The hair is not just twirled, but first tied to a high ponytail, braided and then turned. In this way, a great, braided hair bun, which turns the simple hairstyle into a real eye-catcher.

Knotted updo with instructions

updo hairstyles-manual-short-hair-knot

Another styling option for the hair that fits perfectly to everyday life or vacation, you can look at the above image. This simple updo is good for medium-length hair is quickly styled. First, the front hair pieces are taken, with the left is rotated around the right three times. Then, pull the locks tight and stuck with a hairpin. Now pick up two more strands from each side and add them to the first two. Turn the left one around the right and fix with a hairclip. Repeat these steps until all the hair is knotted. Tie the end with a hair tie and poke the hair on the neck with hairpins.

From Dutch braid on the neck to braided bun on the top of the head

braided-updo hairstyles-manual-summer

If you have mastered the Dutch pigtail, then you will succeed in this hairstyle in any case. However, you should not braid the hair from top to bottom, but vice versa. Braid the braid over your head by bringing your head forward. Turn the finished braid on the top of the head into a topknot and fix it with hairpins. So you have styled the perfect beach hairstyle with high-set hair.

Casual banana hairstyle

loose-updo hairstyles pony-manual-steps

For the ladies who work in the office and are looking for simple updos with instructions to imitate, we offer this casual banana hairstyle as a possibility. First, toup the hair well to create enough volume. Then comb carefully and smooth out outstanding strands. In the following, tie the hair half-open at the top of the head so that the volume is preserved. Now turn the rest of the hair into a loose banana and fix with hairpins.

Semi-open and tied with ribbon

updo hairstyles-half open-manual-schleifenband

In everyday life, you can also wear different updos semi-open. A guide with the individual steps can be found in the picture. To make the hairstyle really modern, tie the hair with a ribbon. A loop with black ribbon in the hair is currently very trendy and provides a modern look.

Eye make-up: Tips for the perfect look for every occasion

Augen-Make-Up violett-grüne-augen-lidstrich

The eyes are the central point of the face, to which other people pay special attention. Not only in the evening flirting at the bar, but also in everyday life, a beautiful eye make-up can increase the sympathy. However, this only works if the make-up has been carefully applied and designed according to the occasion. From the first brushstroke to make-up before bedtime, there are some important things to consider around eye make-up.

The eye make-up routine


Already in the morning shortly after getting up, most people find themselves in the bathroom in front of the mirror. Brushing your teeth, washing your face, styling your hair and putting on appropriate make-up are part of the everyday beauty routine of many women. That a particularly large number of women attach importance to eye make-up, also shows a survey . Here, women were asked if they had an eye make-up within the last week. After all, 16.15 million women answered “Yes” in 2016. Four years ago, this figure was well below that of 15.25 million women.

Subtle eye make-up intensifies the look


To make the make-up around the eyes look as beautiful as possible, it needs a plan. Not only the selection of suitable products is important here, because the procedure also determines how durable and attractive the final result will be. In terms of durability, perfumery with personality recommends applying an eyeshadow base after priming with a foundation. This is usually colorless, but ensures that the later applied eyeshadow does not evaporate again too quickly.

Basically, the design of the eye make-up from light tones to darker shades to work. Therefore, a light primer is first applied and delicately blurred in the area under the eyebrows. Under the eyebrows, a highlighter can also be used. He reflects the light and opens the view. Only when the light shades have been applied, darker shades can be placed. Particularly popular here is the accentuation of the corner of the eye and the eyelid fold with a matching eye shadow.

All eyeshadow products should also be gently blended to avoid hard contours. Through the gentle blurring and dabbing the colors run into each other and it creates an even look. Only when this step is completed, eyeliners, artificial eyelashes and mascara are used.

Skillfully choose eye make-up styles

Augen-Make-Up festlich-abendfrisur-hochsteckfrisur-braune-lidschatten-smokey-eyes

There are so many occasions for wearing eye make-up, as diverse are its styles and expressions. Ordinary everyday make-up may in this context be much more subtle and easier, so as not to appear out of place. It’s different at festivities and in the nightlife. Here it may like to go a little more glamorous. This is often reflected in the design of the hairstyle. A nice evening hairstyle completes a festive eye make-up optimally.

Basically, there are several ways to make the eye make-up. Well-known terms are here:

• Smokey Eyes,
• Cat Eyes
• and nude look.

Augen-Make-Up nude-look-brauntöne-hell-dunkel

The nude look is particularly suitable for everyday wear, as it relies on subtle skin tones and a subtle shimmer. If you want something more glamorous in everyday life, the nude look can be combined with an eyeliner. For Smokey-Eyes and Cat Eyes , much darker sounds come into play. Also, the eyelashes are showered much stronger here and possibly compacted with artificial hair and extended.

As the supreme discipline, which combines the most eye make-up styles, the eyeliner applies. Whether with or without “wings” on the outsides: He should be even, harmonious and not too thick. However, many women despair of the regular application of eyeliners, as a lot of tact and experience are required. Some tips about the eyeliner find interested in the video.

Make a proper make-up at the end of the day

The facial skin is particularly sensitive. This is already evident in light weather changes and incorrect care products in the form of rough, reddened spots, greasy areas, pimples and blackheads. No wonder that this area of ​​the body needs a very gentle care. In any case, this includes the daily make-up removal. It does not matter whether the eye make-up was designed very conspicuously or rather discreetly. Eye shadow. Mascara and all other products must be removed at bedtime to avoid damaging the skin and eyelashes.

Make-up removal should not be done in the shower


Just removing mascara is an important step and should be done with care. If this does not happen, the mascara can cause blockages and irritations in the area of ​​the hair follicles. Itching, reddened and thickened areas are the result. Also lashes break off much easier under the influence of mascara. The involuntary movements in the night promote this effect, so that there is little left over from long and dense eyelashes after some time without make-up removal.

It even takes for the removal of waterproof products no expensive special agents. called baby oil as a cost-saving alternative. It softens the waterproof make-up and facilitates the gentle stripping with facial tissues or cotton pads. Excess baby oil should be removed after removing makeup with a cleansing product to prevent clogging of the pores.

Make-up removal is also not a task that should be done in the shower. As dermatologists have noted, shower water is often too hot for facial skin and can cause damage. It is better to remove the make-up before washing with a sponge or washcloth and lukewarm water at the sink.

Image sources: CC0 license /
Inkuuz, Pexels, Y-Photography, Daw8ID, Unsplash

Loose updos for every occasion – ideas and instructions

Lockere Hochsteckfrisuren dutt-hinterkopf-heraushängende-strähnen-eva-longoria

The updos are always in vogue and are preferred by most women for the special occasions. However, not only as a festive hairstyle , but also in everyday life, you can wear your hair up high and attract the attention. In this article, you’ll find lots of great ideas and a few loose-fitting hairstyles that suit different hair lengths and occasions.

Loose updos instead of strict butts

Lockere Hochsteckfrisuren lockige-haare-chignon-haarklammer-taylor-swift

The strict ballerina Dutt is no longer in fashion, now the ladies wear their updos rather playful and easy. The hip styling is easier to do by yourself without taking too much time, so it has won the affection of women worldwide. Especially for special occasions such as the wedding, the prom or New Year’s Eve, the hair can be put up relatively quickly in an elegant hairstyle and without much practice.

Loose updos – simple ideas for everyday life

Lockere Hochsteckfrisuren alltag-sommer-flechten-einfache-steckfrisur

Lack of time – everyone knows this problem, especially in hectic everyday life.However, wearing your hair in a loose updo, you can save a lot of time in the morning and still ensure your beautiful look.Lightweight yet fast ideas represent casual or knotted buns at the back of the head that can be made more elegant with one or two simple braids.

Put up the natural curls

Lockere Hochsteckfrisuren locken-dunkle-haare-ohrringe-sarah-hyland

Loose updos are best suited for curly hair, as they look a bit chaotic and therefore better playful effect. Women with natural curls can make an updo using just a few hairpins themselves. Ladies with straight hair, on the other hand, should first lure their hair with a curling iron for this look and then put it up.

Loose updos with extra volume

Lockere Hochsteckfrisuren chignon-eingedrehte-haare-frisur-hochzeit-party

If you make yourself a Chignon at the back of the head, you should definitely conjure more volume on the top of the head, otherwise the hairstyle does not look perfect. A natural-looking volume is best created with a Toupier brush and should be made in front of the Chignon.

Loose updos for wedding


Many brides choose a casual updo as their wedding hairstyle because it looks both elegant and feminine and is perfect for a summer wedding. For this hairstyle, you should start with curly hair, toup it and to style the pony (if you have a pony hairdo) diagonally.

Make elegant bridal hairstyle yourself


Then it starts with the twirling of the hair. They start first left, then turn right and finally in the middle of the hair, with each twisted strand is attached with a hair clip. Finally, you can put a beautiful hair jewelry in the hair to decorate the wedding hairstyle. This loose updo is best for medium-long or long hair.

Wedding hairstyle – elegant and easy


Loose updos are becoming increasingly popular among brides because they look both elegant and romantic at the same time. A floral motif in the hair is the finishing touch and is usually adapted to the bridal gown. Below you can see how this beautiful bridal hairstyle is styled.

Loose updos for wedding – instructions


The hairstyle is suitable for medium-long or long hair and looks best on a thicker hair. The special feature are the two braids that make the loose updo playful. Whether you have blonde, brunette or red hair, this hairstyle will be a great complement to any wedding dress.

Loose prom dresses in top form


Loose updo with braids are perfect not only for the wedding, but also for the prom. The high-cut hairstyle emphasizes the outfit and is especially recommended for backless evening dresses.

Convert French braid into a loose updo


From a boring braiding hairdo you can conjure up a casual updo in a few minutes. The plaited end of the braid you should hide in the resulting braiding cavity and fix the hairdo with hairpins. To make this hairstyle looser, you can easily tuft the braid with a comb and thus loosen up.

Loose updos with headband made elegant


You can make this beautiful hairdo with a hair band and some hair clips yourself. It is best for women with long hair, resulting in a voluminous chignon. In the instructions below you will find step by step how to style the loose updo yourself.

Instructions – updo for long hair


Loose updos for medium-length hair


The bob is considered one of the most popular hairstyles for women in recent years. Although the shorter trend hairstyle can be a little more difficult, that does not mean that it is impossible. The short bob by Lucy Hale, for example, is transformed into a braided updo that looks both elegant and casual.

Braided updo for shorter hair


This hairstyle fits perfectly with evening and cocktail dresses, as well as the daily outfit. However, a braided updo for medium-length hair, you can style a little more difficult, so you should make an appointment with the hairdresser or at least ask a friend for help.

Put up short hair – instructions


Loose updos for short hair do not offer as many styling variants as with longer hair. A shorter hair length is harder to braid and almost impossible to tie to a bun. However, if you lure the hair first, distribute it in small strands and screw it into several smaller hair buns, you can style a cool updo.

Loose updos – a chignon on the side


The lateral bun or Chignon speaks for elegance and represents a nice change to the classic Chignon in the neck dar. In combination with an oblique pony and a few hanging curly strands a loose updo is conjured up.

Loose updos with bangs


An asymmetrical pony can relax any style of hairstyle without losing its elegance. Loose updos with a slanted pony are the perfect choice for a festive occasion, such as a wedding or christening. Elegant jewelry such as earrings and necklaces combine well with the hairstyle in top form and complete the festive look.

Style shoulder-length hair


Here we have presented a styling idea for shoulder-length hair, which you can also make yourself. The hair is divided into three parts, each of them with the fingers screwed in first, then toupiert and finally attached with hair clips.

Loose updos – Instructions for a banana hairstyle


The so-called French Twist is an elegant updo styled with a comb and a few hairpins. Decorated with beautiful hair accessories, the banana hairstyle is a popular idea for brides or their maids.

Festival look for all weather and occasion – 20 fashion tips

Festival Look -mode-party-caochella-mode-boho-chic

Making a festival look on your own can be a real challenge as fashion dictates everything but can not affect the weather. Of course you should choose a suitable outfit according to the music style. Convenient and at the same time attractive party fashion make the rock, beach party or the so popular Boho Coachella Festiv al the catwalk.

Festival Look Outfits and Beauty Tips

Festival Look mode-haare-faerben-pastellfarben-rosa-lila

The outfit is only half, maybe even less, from the whole look. With properly selected accessories and hairstyling, an ensemble is created that will never be forgotten. Also, the shoes play important role, because the too high or which uncomfortable spoil the mood really. Couple of little styling rules and what ideas will help you make the right choices and stand out from the crowd.

Festival Look – Fashion and Accessories

Festival Look mode-hut-fedora-beige-sommer-sonnenschutz

First you should get rid of the clichés. Much is referred to as a party and festival look is only a sign of tastelessness. Of course, if you go to a bad-key party is another question.

Cliche # 1. Neon hairs are just for the celebrities.

Stars and celebrities can afford wigs and extensions in every color of the rainbow and in the entire color palette. Could you also? Put on naturally beautiful and manicured mane, do not spoil your hair structure for a party look. If you really care about color, do not use a permanent dye, but a tint in delicate nuances, such as the trendy colors of light pink, blue or lilac.

Festival look – break the stereotypes

Festival Look -mode-kopfschmuck-haarschmuck-blumenband-haare

Cliche No. 2. No flower hair bands, instead exotic headdress

Flower hairbands are a real misunderstanding borrowed from boho fashion, but looks really tasteless on the head of a lady who has been beautiful for less than 8 years. Leave the artificial flowers in the hair for the girls and put on hair ornaments with ethnic motifs or pearls. Then you would certainly need no elaborate hairstyle to present a successful hairstyling.

Festival Look – Indian jewelry


Cliche No. 3. No Indian feather on the head, instead sophisticated forehead jewelry

Indian feather leave you for next carnival or carnival. If you like the Indian motifs correctly, then look for headdresses or headdresses in this style, which looks not only exotic, but also tasteful.

Festival Look – rely on self-adhesive rhinestones


Cliche No.4. No strong make-up and no temporary tattoos this summer

Last summer, the gold fake tattoos were in fashion. In this, however, are replaced by the self-adhesive rhinestones for the house. These are beautifully arranged on the face, around the eyes and look like real jewelery on the skin. They are perfect for the summer, when a strong make-up can be easily blurred and not a good idea.

Festival look inspired by Coachella


Coachella Festival takes place every year at the beginning of summer (usually in late April-early May) in California. It’s very popular with Holywood Stars and they are presenting their casual boho chic outfits, which we can find inspiration for the coming summer. Gigi Hadid, one of the Victoria Secrets top models at the moment, always appears in simple outfits and sets accents either on her beautiful figure or on matching accessories. In this look, the patterned sound on the head and the belt tied around the waist in combination with discreet Ethno jewelry is a particularly successful combination.

Festival Look – choose cotton overalls or denim overalls


Overalls, whether made of denim or cotton, the main thing made of natural fibers, are a real must-have tail for this season. Flat shoes, pumps or Roman sandals, all just fit. One more important thing to mention is that you never dress or dress naked. Overalls are very comfortable and the right choice of two parts that fit together well.

Festival look – colorful, casual, cropped – Coachella


Coachella Festival excels with the casual boho fashion. Every type of shorts and crop-free tops are in demand. Ethno motifs, fringes, velor and airy cuts fit perfectly with the hippie motto of the event. Avoid complex hairstyles and hairstyling. Beach waves are always the best choice or maybe a side braid.

Festival look for a beach party – white and denim


One might think that the outfit for a beach party can not be any easier. Then you are wrong. The heat, the lack of shade can cause unpleasant sunburn and sweating. Then less clothing is sometimes the first choice, but you should cream yourself beforehand. A silk top or airy top made of pure cotton in light color, preferably white will not stick to the skin and the natural fiber does not contribute to extra Schmitzen.

With airy clothes and a nice hat on the beach


Do not forget the wide-brimmed hat. One made of straw fits the beach theme and protects against the sun. If you’ve decided on a bikini outfit, wear a wrap so you do not look too tight. Kimonos offer a great variety of patterns and flowing fabrics that flatter the figure and also feel good.

Festival look with romantic maxi dress – pay attention to the length


Maxi dresses in the summer are just a must. They are light, feminine, unpretentious to wear and just perfect for the beach. One thing to keep in mind – if you dance a lot, the length of the dress will be problematic.

Festival look to the beach without hat and sunglasses just will not work


The sunglasses are accessory number 1 for a festival look especially on the beach. The trends for 2016 are aimed at prints and bold frapp combinations. Large and even oversized frames with gradient glass are fashionable and really pleasant to look through. Find a suitable model according to your face shapes.

Rocky festival look with a preference for black color


Rocky it may be, but tasteless and from head to toe in black but not. Black is defined as the color of rock music, but it is often exaggerated. Find parts that do not look boring black. Capsules and prints on T-shirts bring variety and set accents throughout the outfit. Rings on all fingers, long chains and boots are part of the rocking festival look.

Rocky festival look in black and white with leather vest


If it is too warm for a leather jacket, get a leather vest with capsules and zippers. Casual shorts and tops with heavy-used look are top trend in spring and summer, which can be wonderfully combined with ankle boots. Look rockish and feminine at the same time.

Outfit to the Rock Festival with a light grunge flair


Rock style also includes the grunge style. The Schnürboots are a must. Combine with skirt or dress to emphasize the feminine look. Cropped elements are very up to date, as well as web parts. Be brave, but do not exaggerate.

Festival look in bad weather and rain – put on rubber boots


Rainy weather is perhaps the worst it can ever happen. Keep calm and choose rubber boots. That way you can look really good. Put the rain boots in scene and in the center of the festival look. Sweet dress or skirt, hair tied together and you have put together a great outfit.

Fashion brands offer great raincoats


Think a raincoat or jacket can not do good for your look. But. Fashion brands offer great models with playful accents and patterns. Order one of them in advance and get a chic look in any weather.

In bad weather jacket or colorful throw do not forget


Do not forget to inform yourself about the weather forecast, so you will not be surprised by the bad weather and spoil all party plans.

Printing textiles – for every occasion and with style

Textilien bedrucken Ideen T-Shirts Frauen

Fashion, style and outfit – these terms stand for modern and fashion-conscious people. Age and gender do not matter at all. For every occasion, every fancy dress party and every event, there are convincing arguments and possibilities for those who want to print on their textiles and have their clothes made into a unique and extraordinary dress with a stylish print.

It can be read on the online portal Westline that, for example, in the context of a party or an event, where the motto is already established, one should not hesitate to have his shirts printed in this regard. Ideally, you can do this directly online and visit the matching websites such as .

Printing textiles – A touch of lifestyle

 T-Shirt bedrucken Textilien Ideen Prints

The Abi Ball is coming up – but the question of the right dress code does not arise. All members of the last grade appear with a high quality shirt or jacket, of course with a cool print. Even girls would certainly have no problem at a huge party, if all the friends carry a bag with it, which is provided with a loose slogan or an individual motive . All this conveys a hach ​​of life style, because who wants to print his textiles, not only transforms them visually into a real eye-catcher, they also contribute greatly to the fact that the wearer quickly direct the fascinating glances of the viewer out of him and putting them at the center of the event. In addition, the products are unique, because after all, everyone has a personal say in the design, because you can create the design innovatively. So just let yourself be inspired and enjoy the benefits as for example

  • high quality products from well-known manufacturers
  • exceptional comfort
  • Print can be applied on the front, back or both sides
  • wide color spectrum extensive product range
  • personalized printing optional
  • different printing processes (textile printing, flex and foil printing, screen printing)

Innovation that you will experience and enjoy and make each textile a unique companion at every event. Due to the special quality of clothing and the printing process is also granted a long shelf life. Of course, the whole thing can be conveniently arranged online from home.

Textile printing – special print as an ambassador

 coole T-Shirts bedrücken Ideen Schriften

Shirts, jackets, trousers or bags – with an individual print, an unusual logo or an appropriate slogan are not only optical delicacies, they are also transporters of personal messages. In order to do so, one really does not have to be prominent in order to give his opinion, his attitude or his ideas a special personal touch and to achieve a meaningful external effect.

Gift idea – a blouse or T-shirt with a cool print

 T-Shirts Frauen bedrucken Ideen coole Schriften

Outfit for Christmas – Ideas, what to wear for the occasion

Outfit zu Weihnachten auswählen Ideen rotes Kleid

At Christmas, every woman wants to dress beautifully and look elegant. We’ll give you some styling tips for a matching Christmas outfit – whether it’s a cocktail dress in the office, a fitting family dinner outfit, or a decent church look – you’ll find the trendy look for any occasion!

Outfit for Christmas – which look for which occasion?

Outfit Weihnachten anziehen Ideen Bluse

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas outfit, we will be happy to help. You can buy these looks, or simply make a look:

– For a fashion conscious appearance in the office – wear a suit. This season, trousers are particularly popular – but they are not combined with a shirt, but with an elegant blouse. A scarf made of faux fur will complete the look. Also stylish and elegantly wide flared skirt with high waist and a lace blouse.

– Dinner in the restaurant – if you are planning a dinner in the restaurant just before Christmas, then you should dress accordingly – with an elegant evening dress in black or decorated with a two-piece with rhinestones.

– Christmas at home – if you spend Christmas with your family at home and then go to church, then it’s worth choosing a functional and stylish outfit. Leggings or comfortable pants and a flower / poncho with subtle glittering elements make for a charming ensemble.

Attached are our suggestions from three renowned brands – Ann Taylor, Escada and Ralph Lauren. Let yourself be inspired!

Outfit for Christmas – festive ensembles by Ralph Laurent

Wintermode Outfits festlich Weihnachten Ideen

Attracting suit for the cocktail in the office – black and gold make up ensemble

Anzug Weihnachten anziehen Ideen festliche Stimmung

Poncho and leggings for dinner with the family

Weihnachten Outfit anziehen Poncho Leggings

Festive dresses – if you go to the restaurant before Christmas

Abendmode stilvolle Kleider Ideen schwarz

Photos via Ralph Lauren

The collection of Tory Burch

Damenmode zu Weihnachten Ideen modern stilvoll

Pure glamor – Gold satin blouse and floral pattern trousers

Herbst Wintermode Outfit Weihnachten Bluse Hose

Put on a mini dress for Christmas?

Minikleid Blumenmuster lange Ärmel Abendmode

Blouse decorated with lace – this styling is currently on trend

Outfit Weihnachten Ideen schwarze Spitze Strickwaren

Dress dress with floral patterns for Christmas

Outfit zu Weihnachten Kleid Blumenmuster anziehen

Weihnachten was anziehen Outfit Ideen

Photos via – Tory Burch

  The evening wear of Escada – black and green wear for Christmas

Wintermode Escada Büro Cocktail Weihnachten anziehen

Outfit zu Weihnachten Mode graues Kleid Bluse

Was soll ich zu Weihnachten anziehen Outfit Ideen

Weihnachten elegante Mode Ideen Outfits

Photos via Escada

Attractive and elegant – Ann Taylor’s evening wear

Wintermode Outfits Büro Auftritt enger Bleistiftrock schwarze Bluse

was zu Weihnachten anziehen Ideen Outfits

Weihnachten Abendmode Rock Glitzersteine edel modern

Weihnacht Outfits Wintermode 2014 Kunstfell Weste Bluse

Wintermode blaue Bluse enger Bleistiftrock

Wintermode Weihnachten Outfit Ideen Ann Taylor stilvolle Damenmode

Photos via Ann Taylor

Smokey Eyes Eye Makeup – A classic for every occasion

helle rosa Lidschatten auftragen hell braune rauchige Augen

The Smokey Eyes eye make-up has become a classic. For this reason, every lady should be able to master this technique. Many believe that this is a complicated technique and are therefore reluctant to give it a try. However, in this article we will convince you of the opposite by explaining step by step how to make Smokey Eyes eye make-up in a few simple steps at home.

Smokey Eyes Eye Makeup – cleanse the skin and apply moisturizer

grüne Augen Lidschatten auftragen rauchige Augen

1. First, cleanse the area around the eyes to prepare for Smokey Eyes Eye Makeup. Start with the makeup all over. This means that you should remove any make-up that already exists. Otherwise, you will most likely not achieve the desired result.

2. Apply next a moisturizer and then a foundation from a make-up that matches your skin color.

Smokey Eyes Eye Makeup – the colors combine

blaue Augen Make up Smokey Eyes innen hell schminken

3. In terms of the colors for the Smokey Eyes eye make-up, you now have several options. You can choose the classic version of black or brown shades. But if you prefer a Smokey Eyes Eye Make-up that is suitable for everyday wear, you can apply a color that fits your outfit. Whatever you choose, first put on a dense line, the length of the lid. But you should definitely use an eyeshadow applicator that is clean.

Smokey Eyes Eye Makeup – Apply the eyeshadow correctly

grüne Augen blaue Metallic Lidschatten rauchige Augen

4. Next you have to blur this line in the direction of the eyebrows. It’s best to use your middle finger. The eye shadow should finally cover the entire lid and have an oval shape. Just look for the natural shape of the lid.

Smokey Eyes Eye Makeup – apply with Kajal Eyeliner

Rauchaugen dunkle Lidschatten grüne Augen betonen

5. Now pick up a kohl. With it, you additionally emphasize your eyes for the Smokey Eyes eye make-up. Apply an eyeliner by starting at the outer corner of the eye and pulling it to the inside. The eyeliner should be slightly blurred so that it overflows into the eyeshadow. The farther you run the line of the eyelid, the more attractive and feminine your look will finally be with the Smokey Eyes Eye Make-up. But that’s up to you.

White eyeshadow with pearly sheen for expressive look

rauchige Augen Make up Ideen grüne Farbe bronze Lidschatten

6. A bright (preferably white) eyeshadow can contribute to an offer and thus more expressive view. Apply this after the Smokey Eyes eye make-up on the inner corner of the eye. It is even better if the white eyeshadow additionally has a pearly sheen.

Apply mascara properly

Lidschatten Kajal richtig auftragen grüne rauchige Augen

7. Finally, it’s the mascara’s turn. Apply two coats on top lash line. For the lower lash line also a layer is sufficient. For a striking and expressive party look, in addition to the Smokey Eyes Eye Make-Up, you can also attach artificial eyelashes beforehand. So that the look does not look too exaggerated and artificial, you’d better choose those that provide volume and do not unnaturally lengthen the eyelashes.

As you can see, it’s not that difficult to highlight your eyes with a Smokey Eyes eye make-up. You should definitely master this technique, as well as the eyeline alone, just as the little black and the jeans belong in every wardrobe. These are all classics that will never go out of style.

The classically elegant eye make-up – Smokey Eyes

rauchige Augen Lidschatten auftragen Ideen

Make-up smoky eyes yourself – apply pink eyeshadow

rosa Lidschatten rauchige Augen blaue Farbe

Contour and highlight the face: instructions and professional tips

Eye Make-Up Instructions: make-up tips for a party look

rauchige blaue Augen Ideen Kajal richtig auftragen

Long Bob Hairstyle – Stylish inspirations for every occasion


Have you heard of the praise hairstyle? This is actually an abbreviation for Long Bob, so the Bob hairstyle in a longer variant. The hairstyling is perfect if you have your nose full of your long hair, but you also do not want to wear it too short.

Long Bob with retro waves


In the Long Bob hairstyle , the hair is medium-long, so worn up to the shoulder or just above or below. The trend is also very popular among the stars . The hairstyle is not only easier to care for, but it can also be styled more easily and in different ways. A great example is the Long Bob hairstyle by Julianne Hough in beach look. As you can see, you have the opportunity to style your hair for absolutely any occasion, be it for everyday wear, for the office or for the long-awaited party evening.

The styling can be elegant, casual or sporty. It depends entirely on your taste and the occasion. Now take a look at the great examples of the Long Bob hairstyle we’ve put together below and collect stylish ideas.

Long Bob – a pretty hairstyling for everyday wear


Long Bob with loose pony


Medium length hair styling with beach waves


Casual look with side vertex


A casual look


Evening hairstyle and make-up





Via Styleoholic

Make-up lips – strong colors for every occasion

Gesicht schminken Ideen kräftige Farben orange

Whether it’s warm and sunny or rainy and gloomy outside, colorful lips are always fitting and a great choice to set a cheerful accent. We’ll explain in a few steps how you can make-up colorful lips , so that your lips look well groomed and great.

What you need to make up your lips:

Lippenstift auftragen Schminke Ideen 2015

– a lipstick or lip color palette
– a concealer
– A lip scrub for the lip feeling
– a lip brush
– a lip liner or lip contour pencil
– Cotton swab

Make-up on colorful lips – and that’s how you go:

apply orange pink lipstick make-up

1. Peel your lips with Lip Scrub or another way. The lips should be soft and free of dander.
2. Use lipstick to apply any color lipstick.
3. Frame the lips with a lip liner.
4. Use the concealer to hide and repair any bumps or bumps.

Making up colorful lips is not as difficult as you probably thought, do not you think?

Lippenstift Nuance auftragen blonde Haare blaue Augen

Pink lipstick looks young and fresh

Schminkideen schöne braune Augen Schminke Ideen

Berry nuances are perfect for women with brown hair and dark eyes

 Ideen Hautfarbe Make Up Tipps

Orange is the trend color for the year 2015

Nuance auswählen auftragen Herbst Winter Schmink

Nude nuance that stands out – this lipstick subtly emphasizes the face

Orange Farbe blasse Haut auswählen

Contour and highlight the face: instructions and professional tips

And another orange shade – for the woman with blue eyes and blond hair

Lippenstift auftragen Ideen Schminke 2015

To women with yellowish skin, the purple nuances fit

Lippenstift auswählen Schmink Trends

Lippenstift auftragen Ideen Schminke Herbst Saison

Schminkideen Herbst Lippenstift auftragen

Herbst Saison hellrosa Farbe Lippenstift

Lippen schminken Hautton auswählen Ideen