Gemstone look for the nails – Fascinating gemstones as inspiration for chic manicure

gemstone malachite nail design straight filed short nails

In today’s post, we would like to take a not necessarily new, but absolutely trendy nail trend under the column. The following will be the talk of the manicure in gemstone optics. Gems are perceived as talismans in many cultures and are considered lucky charms. Gems are often worn to enhance certain characteristics of the wearer. But not only their symbolism, but also the fascinating look of the gems causes the emergence of various beauty trends. In our picture gallery you will find many manicure designs that are inspired by the noble look of the stones.

Nail Design in Gemstone Look – Marble Nails

white marble effect dark veins gem optics

Although marble is a natural stone and not a gemstone, it has already created a long-lasting nail trend due to its special texture and unique look. The marble look has been absolutely trendy for some time. Marble is noble and luxurious, which is why it earns a firm place among the nail designs in gemstone look. Whether black with bright veins or white with dark veins, a manicure in marble look is stylish and elegant.

marble nails white gray black gem optics

Marmor Nails complete an official outfit, but also give the casual look a special charm. In addition to black and white, rose gold, copper, metallic and other colors such as blue, red and green are ideal for the marble manicure. Who wants to achieve maximum similarity with the appearance of natural stone, should make the veins as blurred as possible. If you want to make the vein stand out on the base color, you can put it to good use with gold or silver.

silver glitter marble effect gel design gemstone optics

pink oval short marble effect dark veins

nude nails marble white black red gem optics

old pink marble white black almond gemstone effect

Summer nail art ballerina nails marble effect

short nails manicure white marble purple nuances gold

Marble nail design nude black gray make yourself gem optics

elegant fingernail design gray gold gemstone optic marble gray white veins

marble gemstone green milky gold accents

turquoise gemstone optics blue water technology gold

Turquoise nails

turquoise nails straight filed gemstone optics jewelry

If you want to enhance your summery look with a trendy nail design, then the gemstone look of the turquoise is absolutely right. This gemstone is one of the oldest gemstones and is revered as a holy stone in many cultures. Its intriguing color makes it particularly popular in the choice of various accessories such as rings, pendants and chains. The turquoise gemstone is found in the colors sky blue, teal and apple green, with the saturated sky blue color being the most desirable for a fresh manicure in the summer season.

turquoise gemstone optics manicure design ideas

A turquoise manicure in gemstone optics also fascinates with a marbled effect. The turquoise nail design goes well with bright outfits, but is also a great complement to garments in bright colors. The combination with black creates a great contrast. Turquoise nail polish in gemstone look fits perfectly with boho style.

turquoise gemstone optics marbling nail trend square

turquoise nails gold accents almonds gem optics

turquoise gem gel angel design gemstone look gold accents

marble turquoise gold accents round nails

Marbling round nails turquoise gemstone look

gemstone look turquoise nails gold accents

turquoise blue gold foil fingernails design

Rose quartz nails

short nails cared for feminine rose quartz

The trendy gemstone look can also be achieved with the rose quartz nail design . The delicate color of the pink quartz is particularly well received by the ladies and is gaining more and more popularity. The rose quartz manicure looks feminine, simple and romantic. Although the gemstone look of the quartz is not particularly difficult to implement, a little practice and proper guidance is needed to beautify your fingernails yourself with a rose quartz manicure.

gemstone optics rose quartz almond shape gold edging

If you want to transfer the gemstone look of rose quartz to your fingers, you are absolutely right with the colors pink, light old rose and baby pink. Because the rose quartz occurs in nature in all these colors.

gemstone optic rose quartz nails design long round

rose quartz nails gemstone look manicure

rose quartz gemstone optics oval shape marbling

round fingernails gold silver stripes rose quartz gemstone optics

opal gemstone optic dark blue black

Cat’s Eye Gemstone Look – Cat Eye Nails

emerald green rough cat eye gemstone effect nail design

The Cat Eye nails have also gained popularity fairly quickly and will certainly remain among the most popular nail trends for a long time. The cat’s eye gemstone impresses with a light effect that resembles the slit-like pupil of a cat. With special nail polish with small metal particles and a special, thin magnet, the attractive cat’s eye effect is achieved.

black purple cat's eye gemstone optic ballerina nails

The technique is very simple and allows different nail designs. Even beginners can experiment and design designs with a vertical or oblique line along the nail or combine several small lines.

gold foil dark blue manicure cat's eye effect gem optics

dark blue cat's eye gemstone flowers look round

cat eye nails gemstone look bordeaux pink

gemstone optics nails designs cat eye red

stiletto nails filigree ornament cat's eye gemstone optics

nude brown cat eye nails short gem optics

Amethyst gemstone nail design

purple glitter amethyst gem optic fingernails design

No less fascinating is the gemstone look of the amethyst stone. If you like the shades of pink, pale violet or even a dark violet, you can decorate your fingernails with a shade of amethyst. The purple quartz stone is definitely a statement and looks just breathtakingly beautiful on the fingertips.

gray violet amethyst glitter gemstone optics gel nails design

amethyst glitter black gray gemstone optic short nails

gemstone look manicure trends amethyst gold gliltzer

glitter amethyst dark violet nail shape straight

Opal gemstone look for the nails

opal effect gemstone optics golz gel angel design

Are you perhaps inspired by the unique gemstone optics of Opal? His rainbow-colored iridescence makes not only the noble Opalschmuckstücke unique. You do not have to wear an opal ring to enjoy the great color play of the opal, which changes according to the angle of view. The beautiful appearance of the opal can also reflect your nails.

opal nails pastel colors rainbow colored gold border rhinestones

You can achieve the characteristic color gradient and the depth of the gemstone if you use several layers of nail polish. Obtain nail polish in light blue, pink, turquoise, metal and glitter nail polish, which you apply with a sponge to the white base coat. The order of colors should be random to create a true-to-life look.

lace nubal opal gem effect pastel

Once you are satisfied with the rainbow effect, you can complete your manicure with the glitter finish. Seal your nails with a topcoat. An edge in gold or silver makes your fingernails look like real jewelry.

nails design gemstone optics opal manicure make yourself

Opal gem optics make your own instructions

Gemstone Quartz Opal Stiletto Acrylic Gold

gem look opal gel design round long

Agate nail design

With its unique and distinctive pattern, the agate provides a great clue to chic manicure in a gemstone look. In nature you can find the agate in an unmanageable range of colors. Even if the effect is hard to do on your own, you can entrust this look to the professionals in your nail design studio and be amazed by a charming nail design.

agate gemstone optic colorful manicure pink purple gold

agate amethyst gemstone manicure design ideas purple light blue

gemstone look agate layers nude basecoat

agate amethyst stiletto nails stainless steel look

agate nail design turquoise gold emerald green gold

Agate fingernails design gold white gemstone effect

Malachite Nails – Gemstone look in malachite green

malachite gemstone optic short fingernails strasseinchen

Of course, if you want a gemstone look for your nails, you do not have to limit yourself to the gems mentioned here. The gemstone Malachite, for example, also cuts a fine figure with its strong color on the fingernails. Its color ranges from light green to black green and is reminiscent of the color of Malvenblätter.

Malachite nails gemstone optics make water technology

When the malachite green meets your taste, you can use the water technology to make the light and dark overflows typical of the gemstone itself. If the green nail polish is enriched with fine glitter particles, you will reach the gemstone optics of the aventurine quartz.

emerald green white gold oval nail shape gemstone optics

gold green white gray marbling gem nails design

malachite green white gemstone optics nails short

aventurine gemstone optics cat's eye effect nails design ideas

malachite effect straight gem nail design

aventurine gemstone optic green glitter nails design

Nude nails always look chic – tips and ideas for copying

Nude look nails simply short

The “no make-up” look has been one of the top beauty trends for a few years now. Women worldwide strategically use foundation, concealer and highlighter to “naturally” flawless skin, higher cheekbones and a slimmer face. Nude tones are not only the best in the fashion and beauty world – they have also conquered the nail art industry. Nude nails are currently setting trends and can be easily combined to almost anything.

Nude nails make for a chic fashion statement

Gel Nails Nude Tones Ballerina Nail Shape Glitter

Nude shades look like make-up for your nails. They mask imperfections and adapt perfectly to your skin tone to create the illusion of slimmer fingers and longer nails.

When it comes to nude nails, the right shade is crucial for a perfect manicure. Countless nuances make the nude tones wonderfully multifaceted. As with choosing a foundation, you should consider your skin tone .

Nude nails long black rhinestones

For a more natural finish, a slightly transparent nail polish in a rosy nude shade is recommended, which conceals nail discoloration, but still lets the natural nail shine through easily. This also makes the nails appear longer.

For gel nails, however, a covering nail polish is recommended, which is close to the skin tone, but form a discreet contrast. If the color matches the complexion, the end result will not be so nice. A delicate rose raises the natural nail best.

Nude ballerina nails in combination with gold glitter

The nude nails look wonderfully natural and discreet. The good news? Everyone can benefit from the nude look without sacrificing color or creativity. For example, you can only put more noticeable accents on your thumb and ring finger. So the nail art still looks simple and suitable for everyday use.

Lace Nude Gel Nails Finger Rings

Much like a foundation creates the perfect foundation for a flawless make-up, a nude tone is the ideal starting point for an interesting nail art. Nude is neutral and can visually balance even the most colorful or complicated nail design.

The beautiful nude nails can be easily done by yourself

Nude Nails Gel Nails Ballerina Ring Finger Accent Hologram Powder

Below are some simple instructions for beautiful nude-colored nails. The nail designs can be imitated in just a few steps and look lovely. Let yourself be inspired!

Ombré nails in nude and white

Nude Nails Ombre White Oval

These plain ombre nails are a serious competitor to the classic french nails! The flow of pale pink to white offers a natural and totally chic look, which is suitable for both special occasions and everyday life.

Nude nails with white gradient

That is how it goes:

  1. Paint the nails with a transparent nail polish in light pink.
  2. Apply white nail polish to a small make-up sponge.
  3. Using the sponge, first stamp the color on the nail center and then dab the tip.
  4. Finally, apply a top coat and clean the skin around the nails.

Nude nail design with a silver stripe as an accent

Nude nails in short plain silver stripes

The perfect nude nails are timeless, chic and can complement any outfit. Combine this classic look with a silver accent for a bit more shine.

Nude nails themselves make simple design

That is how it goes:

  1. Apply a matt undercoat.
  2. Then paint 3/4 of the nail with the Nudeton.
  3. Glue a silver strip between the nude and the basecoat.
  4. Seal the whole thing with a topcoat.

French Nude nails with rose gold

French Nude nails with rose gold

From a gala dinner to a laid-back girls evening – this variation of French nails suits every occasion! The nude tone makes the glittering tips in rose gold shimmer and radiate discreetly.

Nude Nails Rose Gold French Design oval

That is how it goes:

  1. The nails are painted nude.
  2. Paint the tips with the rose gold with a nail liner. Alternatively, use a nail tip sticker.
  3. Apply top coat and let it dry.

Nude nails with white triangle rectangular nail shape

In this nail design, the lines are painted round and adapted to the oval shape of the nails. If you have rectangular nails, you can draw triangles instead.

Negative Space Nails

Nude Nails Silver Pink Negative Space Look

For the next nail design Nude, Pink and Silver are combined for a cool and fresh look. You can also use your favorite colors and create your own version of these Negative Space nails !

Negative Space Nude Nails themselves make Pink Silver

That is how it goes:

  1. Paint all nails nude.
  2. Paint a silver French tip with a nail liner.
  3. Then pull a fine crescent in pink along the cuticle.
  4. Seal with topcoat.

Crescent nails in silver

Crescent Nails Nude Tone Silver Glitter

Instead of emphasizing the nail tips, many women opt for a half-moon manicure in which the accent is set on the nail bed. In this look, a silver crescent is painted on the nude nude shaped nails.

Half moon manicure Nude silver glitter make yourself

That is how it goes:

  1. Paint all nails nude.
  2. Draw the contours of the crescent with a nail liner.
  3. Then fill up the crescent completely.
  4. Finally, apply a topcoat.

Nude nails with golden glitter and black

Nails Black Nude Gold Glitter Oval

The combination of gold and black is classic and noble. The golden glitter particles shine in conjunction with black very special and stand out with their color. The details in nude tones bring optically more calm into the design.

Nude nails with glitter gold black make yourself

That is how it goes:

  1. Paint the thumb and ring fingernail with glitter nail polish in gold.
  2. Paint the small fingernail black.
  3. Paint the index and middle nail with the nude clay.
  4. Using the black nail polish, draw a V-shape on the middle finger nail and a triangle on the index finger nail. Also fill the lower part of the nail with black.
  5. Using the glitter nail polish and nail liner, draw a gold triangle on the middle fingernail.
  6. Draw a golden line along the cuticle on the index finger.
  7. Make a small dot with gold at the base of the small fingernail nail.
  8. Seal nail design with topcoat and let it dry.

Pastel shades and marble look

Nude Nails Blue Gray Marble Silver Accent

A hint of metallic, a marble-accented accent and a fresh palette of pastel colors – this look radiates hibernation! It’s also a great opportunity to try the trendy “Marble Nails” nail design.

Nude Pastel Blue Marble Look White

That is how it goes:

  1. Paint the thumb and ring fingernail with nude nail polish.
  2. Paint the index finger nail gray gray.
  3. Apply silver nail polish to the fingernail nail.
  4. For the marble look first apply a white lacquer as a primer on the middle fingernail.
  5. Draw very fine lines with a very thin brush and black paint to create a marble effect.
  6. Finally apply Topcoat and let it dry.

Gel Nails in Nude-Look Almond Shape Rhinestones

Have fun!

Ballerina nails on trend – This nail shape looks totally noble and stylish!

Ballerina Nails Acrylic Nude French variant Juwellen

The ballerina nails, still called coffin nails, have been in vogue for a few years now, competing with the pointed stilettos . The look first stood out among celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, now the distinctive nail shape is popular with many ladies worldwide. Unlike the curious trends like “Bubble Nails” and “Fur Nails”, which have recently gained much attention on Instagram, the Ballerina Nails are a trend that ordinary people can actually wear. In addition, there are already numerous variations and ideas for beautiful nail designs. We tell you today, which characterizes this nail shape and still give suggestions for an elegant manicure.

What makes the ballerina nails?

Pointe shoes Ballerina dancer Inspiration source Ballerina nails

This nail form owes its name to the classic ballet shoes, still called pointe shoes. These have a flat front part, which offers the dancer a flat footprint. The ballerina nails represent a combination of two nail shapes – “square” and “almond”. The nails are first filed in almond shape, then they end up flat with sharp corners. The nail tip should look like an isosceles trapezoid and the nail as a whole forms a diamond shape.

Coffin nails nail shape emphasize rhinestones

Despite the elegance of her name, the ballerina nails are considered pretty brave and extravagant. The ballerina nails are more suited to self-confident, purposeful women and are best paired with strict suits rather than romantic dresses.

Ballerina nails short nail reinforcement with gel purple violet

The ballerina nails are a mix of the oval and the angular shape. The look is suitable for strong and strong natural nails as well as for artificial gel nails. However, the shape is more effective for longer nails. It is very important that all nails on the ten fingers are perfectly filed, because all irregularities will immediately catch the eye.

“Ballerina” with natural nails

Ballerina nails form natural nails long strong

If you want to sculpt your natural nails in ballerinas, you can try the following filing techniques:

Method 1 – First determine the length of the nails and file all nail tips flat. Then round off the sides and center of the nail at an angle of 45 degrees to create a trapezoidal shape.

Method 2 – First, file the sides and center of the nail as with the almond shape and then adjust the tips to the desired length. The tip is straightened horizontally straight.

Ballerina nail shape natural nails painted pink

Make sure that the nail tips do not become too narrow or too wide. Otherwise, the whole effect of the ballerina form will disappear and the nails will soon resemble the usual “square”.

Gel nails in ballerina form

Ballerina nails pinks pastel rhinestone triangle

Since natural nails can break off relatively quickly by this technique, a natural nail gel reinforcement would make more sense. Gel nails in ballerina form are very popular in nail studios worldwide. In terms of the artistic design of the nails, the possibilities are limitless. If you have a specific nail design, you can show it to your manicurist.

Ballerina Nails Gel Matt Glitter Bordeaux Dark Red

In order to give you some inspiration for your next manicure, we have collected some great nail art ideas that put this nail shape particularly beautiful scene. Depending on the selected color or ornaments, a very different effect is produced.


Ballerina gel nails pink nail stickers

Even if all nails are painted in one color, the ballerina manicure causes a stir. Gentle pastel and nude shades such as beige, rosé or gray make the nail design visually appear calmer. Bright neon colors, on the other hand, emphasize the wild look and enhance the effect. A gaudy colorful nail design is perfect for summer holidays.


Ballerina Nails Combination Angular Oval Matt

A velvety-looking, matt nail polish makes the corners of the ballerina nails appear softer and provides for visual peace. A charming contrast results when the matt surface is decorated with sparkling rhinestones. You can also mix matte and shiny surfaces and thus set accents on some of the nails.

In addition, underline the nail shape

Ballerina nails short French variant silver glitter

The ballerina nails are characterized by a beautiful geometry, which can be additionally emphasized by the nail art. Put on a pattern with clean lines, negative space design or stripe-look.

Accents with glitter

Ballerina nails short Gellack pink glitter silver

If you want to make your nail art look livelier, you should definitely put on glitter. The fine shimmer of the glitter particles visually compensates for the angular nail shape and makes it look very feminine. The possibilities are very varied: emphasize the nail tip, create a color gradient or paint only a few nails with the glitter nail polish.

color pigments

Ballerina nails acrylic pastel pink rhinestones

Color pigments make the nails shine even brighter and are currently at the top of the popularity scale . Chrome, hologram, glass nails – all these looks are great for the ballerina nails and bring a fancy element into play.

color gradient

Ballerina Nails Gradient Nude White

The Ombré look in bright colors is ideal for the ballerina nails. The most popular combination is Nude and White. The accent is put on the nail tips. You can also add some glitter to the gradient and create an even more impressive effect.


Ombre Nude White Ballerina Nails Rhinestone

The ballerina nails are usually unusual and extravagant. Rhinestones give the nail polish the finishing touch and are not to be overlooked. The breathtakingly glittering highlights make every nail design even more special.

Marble look

Ballerina nail shape nude marble look silver stripes

Marble effect nails now wear all! They look super classy and can also be super easy to make yourself. You can combine this look with various nude tones, pastel colors or additional details such as nail art stripes.

Crackling lines on a white primer can also be perfectly conjured up with an Edding permanent marker! Just make a few scribbled strokes and then slightly blur them using a brush soaked in alcohol. Since the sarong nails are usually characterized by a certain length, 4-5 strokes are sufficient, otherwise the nail design is too dark in the end.

Ballerina Nail Shape Marble Look White Black Nude Tones

Marble nails white long ballerinas shape

Tiger Eye Nails

Ballerina Nails Tiger Eye Look White Black Gold Glitter

The Tiger Eye Manicure is definitely an eye-catcher. The name probably sounds familiar to you. A few years ago Tiger Hair was totally hip. The hair trend was a beautiful mix of brown, gold and bronze, which provided beautiful highlights in the hair. The cat-eye nails also shine with fascinating light reflections and a unique color depth.

Gothic nail design

Nail form Ballerina matt black Gothic nail design

Very stylish look also black painted ballerina nails. Finally, this nail shape is still called “sarong nails”. The nail design may therefore turn out to be somewhat gothic and convey a dark feeling. A matte finish will add to the effect.

Paint motives on nails

Ballerina sarong nails salmon color butterfly

The ballerina nails provide enough space for painting cute subjects. With a point pen, for example, small Mickeys, hearts and flowers can be made. If you can not paint elaborate designs by hand, there are also great alternatives such as water decals , stamps, stickers and Co. Especially on longer nails the complicated motifs come into their own.

No matter which nail polish look you choose, the ballerina nails will definitely cause a stir!

Ballerina Nail Peach Pink Black White

Gel nails Ballerinaform pineapple motif summer

Ballerina Nail Form Beige Brown Rhinestone

Coffin nails nail shape marble blue white silver accents

Coffin nails Ballerina Matt Dark red Glitterstones

Ballerina Coffin Nails Nude Tones Matt Rhinestone

Rose Quartz make nails yourself – instructions and tips

Rose quartz optic long nails almond shape

Ever since Pantone Rosenquarz named the color of 2016 alongside the pastel-blue Serenity, we’ve all been crazy about this delicate shade of rosé. Of course, we immediately integrated them into our wardrobe and our own four walls, and now our nails may also be styled in this look. Rose Quartz nails are currently a big trend! It all started with the marble look, then this light pink gem conquered the world of nail designs. Inspired by the beauty of the mineral, this manicure trend can be seen everywhere on the internet or on the street. If you have fallen in love with the rose quartz nails, you can read in our guide how easy it is at home. The delicate nail design looks especially pretty in spring and summer.

Rose quartz nails are trendy

Rose quartz design nails Heitlstein optics

First of all, it’s worth explaining what the rose quartz manicure looks like. The rose quartz is characterized not only by its fine, milky color, but also by its fine grain. Within the mineral there are thin, microscopic veins that resemble marbling. The common quartz is very cloudy, semi-transparent or opaque.

Following the logic, the rose quartz nails should imitate this beautiful grain of the mineral. The end result is very elegant and especially chic. Incidentally, the rose quartz is considered a stone of love and the heart. In the esoteric it is one of the most important healing crystals for the opening and healing of the heart chakra. No wonder that this nail trend makes women’s hearts beat faster!

Rose Quartz Nails Himalayan Salt Orange Tone

The Rose Quartz Manicure is also known as the “Himalayan Rock Salt Nails”. This is explained by the similarity between Himalayan salt crystals and rose quartz. The Himalayan salt , however, has an orange color that is warmer than rosé. But whatever the inspiration behind the trendy nail design, many women take the look and interpret it to their own taste.

Casket nails in rose quartz optics in combination with gold

You probably also ask yourself the question: Which nail types are best suited for the rose quartz nail design? Due to the delicate and feminine aesthetics of this milky rosé nuance, the look can be used excellently for all nail lengths. Whether you have short and long nails, you can wear the beautiful manicure trend. The same applies to the shape of the nails. Whether square, round, oval or almond-shaped – the rose quartz look fits all nail shapes .

Some say that the rose quartz nails look a bit strange

Rose quartz nails without gel with golden accent

Most women love the delicate look and the airy-light effect of the color. Close up, the rose quartz nails look nice, but do not they look weird from a distance? Like unhealthy and leafy nails with shiny top coat? It’s best to try it yourself and decide whether you like the look or not.

Rose Quartz Nails Design Tutorial

Rose quartz nails make their own instructions with a thin brush

Make rose quartz nails yourself

Nail art design for short oval nails in rose quartz optics

You need this:

Nail polish in rosé and white
nail polish remover
a medium sized brush for nail art
a thin brush for details
Under and over paint

How to make rose quartz nails:

– Apply a coat of base coat.

– As soon as the basecoat has dried, the pink nail polish is also used. You can also use a clear pink nail polish that is suitable for French nails.

Rose quartz nails instructions with brush short oval nails

– With the thin brush and the white nail polish conjure up a few fine wavy lines on the fingernails. Drag a line diagonally from right to left and then add two more dashes. Too many lines would make your design look messy.

– Using the middle brush, gently blur the edges to make the transitions look softer.

– Apply another coat of pink nail polish and let it dry.

– Then the nails are painted with a top coat.

– Repeat the above steps on the other fingernails, but vary the pattern.

Variations of the technique

The easiest way to work the technique is with a wafer-thin brush. But there are also other ways to get the rose quartz on the nails. You can make the pattern with clinging cling film or make-up sponge. To make the lines easier to draw, you can first dip the brush in nail polish remover. Experiment with the different techniques!

Rose quartz spice up nails with golden accents

Rose quartz nails in combination with golden glitter

The rose quartz nails are very discreet and therefore absolutely suitable for everyday use. If you want a little more glitter, go for Gold! Gold leaf, gold glitter varnish, gold stripes, rhinestones – everything is allowed! Rosé and gold are a really nice combination. It also does not look cheesy, as the colors balance each other out.

What do you think about this trend – yes or no ?!

Rose Quartz Nails Stiletto Spitz with Gel

Nails in rose quartz look with gel embellishments

Rose quartz nails themselves make pointed glitter

Rose quartz nails pointed gold accent

Nail design for short nails Rose quartz make the optic itself

Rose quartz nails pale pink white

Rose quartz nails angular diy

Rose quartz nails with gel marble effect

Rose quartz nails with gel casket shape

Rose quartz nails ring finger fade effect

Rose quartz nails make stone look itself

Rose Quartz Nails Stiletto Gel Nails

Rose quartz nail design short nails feminine

Summer nails with fruits – 40+ original, colorful and fruity nail designs

summer nails fancy nail design fruits blue french oranges

If you want to make your fingernails a real eye-catcher , then you should choose a nail design of a special kind. Especially in summer, when you enjoy the bright sun and juicy fruits, you get the mood for happy, radiant colors, which immediately spread good mood. In today’s article, we have put together great ideas for summer nails with fruits that make you feel good and look incredibly fresh and attractive. Be inspired by the fruity summer nail designs in our picture gallery!

colorful summer nails orange kiwi strawberry

This season, the summer nails with fruits are undoubtedly a hot fashion trend. The colorful fruits bring the summery manicure to a completely different level and captivate everyone’s attention. The fruity nail design in summer is particularly diverse and almost infinite. The aromatic, juicy and refreshing fruits such as kiwi, pineapple, banana, strawberry, orange, lemon, watermelon, etc. that nature has to offer can be easily transferred to your fingers and give the manicure a unique summery touch.

attractive nails summer fimo tropical fruits

You can also make the summer nails with fruits yourself at home . It’s easier than it may seem at first glance. Once you’ve decided on a fruity and colorful design, you’ll need to get the necessary nail polish colors as well as several thin brushes. For some nail designs, a suitable lacquer base is also needed.

gel nails summer fruits apple lemon strawberry

For the perfect summery manicure, a good lacquer base color is of great importance and actually the easiest way to properly showcase the fruity masterpieces in miniature. Depending on the subject, the white or nude nail polish would be a good choice. For example, a bright background will make the neon green or yellow even brighter.

colorful french summer nails fruit colorful

In order to achieve a perfect result, patience and a steady hand are required when decorating your fingernails. Let each layer of varnish dry well. How you represent the respective fruit motif is completely up to you. Let your imagination run wild and dare several experiments.

subtle nail design summery fresh fruits

To create a unique nail art, a variety of techniques are available to you. If you do not like to paint, you can use various stickers, stamps or Fimo fruit rods for the selected nail design in summer. Many beautiful and absolutely trendy summer nails can be designed with a few strokes and are therefore ideal for beginners.

kiwi summer nail design with fruits

Would you like to pimp your fingernails or toes with a juicy, green kiwi? Obtain nail polish in white, black and green in a nuance of your choice. First apply the green as the base color and let this first layer dry completely. Now draw a white oval in the middle.

summer manicure white nail polish kiwi

Use a toothpick to pull several rays outwards. With a fine brush or a toothpick make small black dots around the white oval. Seal with a layer of topcoat and your enchanting kiwi summer nails will radiate to the bet.

summer nail art kiwi motif green shades of color

In the photo gallery below you will find many inspirational and creative ideas for fingernails design in the summer. Whether subtle and elegant, lushly decorated or unusual, colorful or reserved, in the examples you will surely discover one or the other fruity motif to your taste. And you can be sure that the various fruits on your manicure or pedicure are an absolute summer hit and will not go unnoticed.

summer nails pop colors zutrone kiwi french manicure

salmon nail polish lemons summer nails design ideas

elegant summery nail design modern fresh

nail design summer orange lemon mustard fimo

striped blue yellow lemon motif summer nails

orange slices blue short summer nails

neon colored nails summer fresh

summery nail designs neon green pink orange lemon

fruits design nails summer straight filed fingernails

summer nails design ideas pineapple yellow

nail polish gloss matt pineapple design summer nails

nail design summer fruit pineapple colorful

pineapple summer nails design tutorial trend

Ideas for easy manicure summer nails

elegant design summer nails cherry nude french

fingernails design summer red white cherries motif glitter

summer nails stiletto cherries white fuchsia

nail design summer cherry pink white

grapefruite elegant nail design summer glitter

short nails summer designs with fruits raspberries

purple blackberries motif nail design summer

ideas for nails summer trend fruits apples nude

nails summer designs with fruits apple caterpillar nude

summer nails design short pink bananas

summer nails design ideas fruits fresh watermelon

summer nails design with fruits watermelon motif

nail design summer fruits watermelon

spiked red watermelon summer nails with fruits

summer nails 2018 with fruits watermelon short

pink watermelons slices nail design summer

easy nail design summer strawberry motif

colorful manicure lemon kiwi watermelon

summer nails with fruits short nails summerly

clear lacquer crescent fruit slices summer nugget with fruits

tropical fruits summer nails design colorful

Paint Cat Eye Nails – Simple instructions and nail design ideas for an exciting look

cat eye nails design ideas short nails grass green

The attractive cat-eye nails have been in fashion for some time now and will certainly remain absolutely intact. The dazzling Tiger Eye nail polishes are particularly effective and turn your fingernails into a true, fashionable eye-catcher. If you feel touched by this magical beauty, browse through our gallery and beautify your nails this time with the fascinating and elegant cat eye look .

Cat Eye Nail Design – trendy, magical and elegant

elegant black red color combination straight line

The Cat Eye nails fascinate with a fantastically beautiful, unique color depth and special luminosity. The unique light reflexes make the enchanting manicure, therefore no additional ornaments are necessary for your fingernails. Of course, there is nothing wrong with completing your chic and glamorous manicure with rhinestones or other decorations as desired. The Cat Eye nails are suitable for everyday use, but at the same time are considered nail art, which guarantees a glamorous appearance even on special occasions.

red black glitter particles cat eye nails nail polish magnetic

The Cat Eye Gel is enriched with magnetic metal particles that react to a special Cat Eye magnet. The metal pigments, which are attracted by the power of the magnet, produce effective, changing color nuances on the nails, depending on the incidence of light. Depending on how the magnet is moved over the Cat Eye Gel, the typical streak that determines the pattern results. This narrow strip can run vertically, diagonally or horizontally on the fingernails, resulting in a variety of nail designs .

cat eye gel nails design brown peach

As far as the color choice is concerned, you can create the glossy gradient with shades that you like. The unique cat’s eye effect looks great in natural tones as well as in all other colors. Basically, the unique pattern stands out better, the darker and deeper the nail polish color is. Dramatic black and red, emerald green or extravagant gold, the choice is up to you.

Cat Eye Nails Instructions

red purple black matt nails cat's eye effect

With some practice and skill, you can also paint your Cat Eye Gel nails yourself. Obtain Magnetic Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish in a color of your choice as well as the special Cat Eye Magnet. After you have filed your fingernails into shape, apply a coat of Cat Eye Gel and allow it to cure under LED or UV light. Then apply a second coat of magnetic nail polish and carefully drive the magnet over the gel without curing it. Keep the magnet at a distance of 1-3 mm from the nail. For the desired manicure with cat’s eye effect you only have to cure the fingernails.

tiger eye gel nails design brown

oblique line gold shimmer tiger eye nail design

gradient gold purple cat eye nails cat's eye effect

Rhinestone Cat Eye Effect Brown Nails Almond Shaped

gel lacquer beige natural look oblique line

dark green neon stripes ladybug decoration cat eye

ladybug motif nail design butterfly green tiger eye nails matt

green manicure decoration cat-eye effect

tip nails greenish gold tiger eye nails

blue nails cat eye effect matte

dark blue stripes horizontal cat eye nail design

cat eye nails paint dark blue rhinestones

matte nail polish cat eye gel royal blue colorful rhinestones

reverse french manicure cat eye nails brown copper

black gold line diagonal long cat eye nails

nail design ideas dotted matt shiny line diagonal

short fingernails design tiger eye oblique line gold accent

magnet accessory cat eye nails paint gold

purple black glitter cat eye gel nails

black purple round nails magnetic nail polish

magnetic color tiger eye purple pink black rhinestones

ombre nails ornaments cat eye nails

cat's eye effect dark gray silver

French Nails for Christmas and Winter – ideas for designs, patterns and colors

french nails for christmas red white santa hat golden snowflakes

For the perfect outfit and styling at Christmas , the right nail design may not be missing. And we are responsible for some suitable inspirations! Find the perfect design and motif with the help of the following ideas for Christmas nails and implement them the best. There are also some winter motifs that you can use before Christmas or later combine with typical Christmas colors and motifs. All ideas for Christmas nails are French Nails for Christmas. Let yourself be inspired!

French Nails Christmas motifs and patterns

christmas french nails modern abstract red white dots

Maybe it helps to get a list of possible motives and patterns in matching colors. Then it will also be easier for you to come up with something later or change our ideas for nails at Christmas. Especially suitable colors for the nail design for Christmas are red, green, white and gold. These are the classic Christmas colors as they are also used for the classic Christmas decoration in the house . Use these colors to create any pattern. The nail design becomes rustic when a checkered pattern is created, but also simple stripes or zigzag patterns are suitable. If you like something more modern, you can of course also choose a geometric pattern for the French Nails for Christmas.

french nails for christmas red nail polish christmas dot pattern white glitter

As for the motives, the selection for the French Nails for Christmas is just as big. Whether fir trees, candy canes, Christmas socks, reindeer, Santa Claus, Christmas tree balls, fairy lights or candles does not matter. The choice depends on whether you prefer a playful fingernail design or a more elegant one. Also typical winter flowers, which are also used for the decoration for Christmas, are well suited. The knight star, the poinsettia or the mistletoe are only a small selection. The necessary sparkle and sparkle you get with golden glitter.

Fir green as a motive

french nails for christmas white nail lace garland fir green idea

We especially like the way the fir trees were used for these French Nails for Christmas. And it represents the transition or the border between the classic white fingertips and the transparent nail bed dar. The dark points are intended to represent pine cones, but can also be replaced by red berries or other motifs. Instead of fir green, you can also use other Christmas motifs such as garlands or fairy lights.

Simple glitter design

christmas french nails nail design simple pattern gold glitter manicure

Very easy to get even such fingernails for Christmas . First apply a base coat. Then you need a second coat, on which you spread golden glitter while still wet with the help of a brush. This glitter should be applied tightly on the tip of the nail and become less towards the crescent, creating an ombre effect. The idea is great if you are in a hurry with the French Nails for Christmas. Tap the excess glitter off and do not forget the Toplack!

Elaborate French Nails for Christmas with glitter

christmas french nails glitter extravagant green ombre gold white snowflake sticker

If you want something more festive and extravagant, you can also use a colored glitter or combine several colors. For the sparkling Christmas pattern above, coarse glitter in green and finer glitter in gold and white was used. Green is here the main color, which then turns into gold and is completed with white glitter. This creates a smooth transition. Glue a snowflake onto the glitter and seal with transparent nail polish.

French Nails for Christmas – red gel nails

french nails for christmas nails christmas nails candy cane motive red white

If you have the necessary lamp and matching gel lacquer, you can also create a nail design, which you will enjoy for a long time. And a nice example of gel nails in red you can see in the example above. The Christmas Nails for Christmas are made of red and white and are combined with pretty red and white patterns and motifs. Such are candy canes and dot patterns. Also, green can be incorporated into the design or replace one of the other two colors.

Playful French manicure with gifts

christmas french nails playful colorful gifts motifs pastel shades gold

Very original is also this variant, with which you can design French Nails for Christmas. Although these are not typical Christmas colors, but rather colorful ones, a Christmas look is created. This is simply the motive. These are gifts that at the same time adorn the fingertips of French design. The golden nail polish with which the loops were designed is also festive. You are welcome to use other colors.

The nail design in winter

christmas french nails ombre winter silver glitter paint fairytale

It turns particularly wintry with colors such as white and silver, as well as any blue shades. The classic among the motives are of course the snowflakes. These can also be replaced by pine cones or fir green from white or blue background. Even snowmen, icicles or sledges are great motives that can make your nails a real eye-catcher and the fairy lights are also well suited here. If you prefer to create a pattern rather than a lavish picture, then opt for silver glitter, with which you design the French design and imitate snowfall. Otherwise, there are no limits to the pattern here as well. If you want, you can also combine the winter nails with the French Nails for Christmas.

Dark blue with snowflake

french nails christmas winter motives snow metallic blue inspiration

Here’s a great example of French Nails for Christmas and Winter, where the nail tip is decorated with a dark blue nail polish in metallic. This comes on a base coat. Once the blue paint has dried, snowflakes can be drawn with a thin brush. Also, vary with a few white dots that are best obtained with a dotting tool. Even faster, these nails are made for winter and Christmas, if you use finished stickers. Finish with a clear topcoat that seals patterns and motifs.

Wintery checkered

french nails christmas winter motives snow metallic blue inspiration

Or what do you think of this attractive and uncomplicated pattern? All you need is a base coat, as well as a white, silver, or sparkling, and light blue nail polish that will help you make the stripes as shown. If you want it for Christmas, just choose Christmas colors. Finish with a top coat to fix the pattern and you’re done. Gladly, the checkered pattern can also be extended by any motives or stickers.

Combine blue tones

french nails christmas winter light blue dark blue snowflake

If you can not decide on a blue tone, simply combine several! This was also done with these French Nails for Christmas and Winter. While light blue lacquer adorns the ring fingers with snowflakes, the French manicure was designed on the remaining fingers with an attractive dark blue. Very attractive, right? Such combinations can also be combined with other colors. If you want it for Christmas, you decide for example for matching Christmas colors and Christmas pictures and motifs.

DIY Halloween Nails – 6 simple patterns and motifs tutorials

halloween nails ideas-instructions-nail-tips-design-tips

When a particular occasion or festival approaches, you naturally want to get in the best mood with the help of the environment. In his home one uses for this decorations. But also in oneself one can do a lot to honor a certain celebration. That would be a fitting halloween nail design . And as the popular Halloween approaches, we’ve also put together some unique ideas for the occasion. Learn how to make attractive and simple Halloween nails yourself to get everyone’s attention thanks to some tutorials. Even beginners will not have any problems implementing the ideas.

Halloween nails with cat motif

halloween nails black-cat-painting-simple-idea

The black cat is a typical symbol of Halloween , as it is supposed to bring bad luck. That makes them perfect as a motive, of course. And although drawing a cat seems to be difficult at first, there are easy ways to see how to do the same in this Halloween nails tutorial. You need a skin-colored or different-colored paint as a background, as well as a black and a white nail polish, which is used for the eyes. Also yellow or green are suitable for this.

halloween nails styling-fingernails-making-yourself

First apply the undercoat. Once it has dried, the two ears come on the nail tips. Fill the area in between with a semicircle to make the head. You can now also let this varnish dry well. Then draw your eyes and pupils and your black cat is ready for Halloween nails.

Red-black nails with paint and glitter

halloween nails simple black and red glitter

Those who do not have the time for motives, can also simply choose a two-color design for the nail art for Halloween and use two typical colors. Very popular is the combination of red and black nail polish . After a transparent base coat, the nails are first painted red. After the layer dries, apply another, if necessary, and let it dry well. Then apply some clear varnish to the nail tips, then sprinkle on black glitter with the help of a brush. The conclusion is a transparent overcoat, which fixes everything well.

Halloween nails with blood

halloween-nails-blutstropfen-manual-beginner-idea-skin color-dark

Very effective your fingernails will look like Halloween if you imitate blood on them. If you would like to make this nail design yourself, use a skin-colored base coat and a dark red nail polish that resembles blood. The drops are drawn quite simply. Draw three thin strips on the nail and then add points at the ends using a dotting tool or a pin. The thin lines are then widened a little, whereby you first narrow and wider in the direction of nail bed again. Let it dry again before you finish with a clear topcoat. Already you have designed seemingly bloody nails for Halloween.


But you can also do bloody nails with other techniques. This way you can create splashes or even bloody fingerprints. For splashes, simply dip a straw into the red lacquer and then blow it on the fingernails. For fingerprints, simply brush one of the fingers of the other hand with a little paint and then press it on the white undercoat of another finger. With dark red color can make so some scary designs for fingernails itself.

Halloween nails with pumpkin

Halloween nails Creepy Pumpkin-pointed-fingernails-orange

Perfect Halloween nail motifs are of course the pumpkins. These can make you scary like here with a terrifying grin. For the Halloween fingernails you need three different shades of orange, at will a subtle glitter paint and black. Apply after the undercoat first the Hautorangeton. Let it dry and add three stripes with the two other orange shades. Let them dry as well, and it’s the glitter coat’s turn if you want to use it. If not, you can go ahead with the black eyes and mouth. Let it dry again and seal everything with a clear coat.

Paint spider web – Instructions for nails on Halloween

orange spider-drawing halloween-nails-cobweb-selbermachen and white

l mit Spinnennetz selber machen?Would you like to do Halloween Nailsl with spider web?ch beeindruckendes Design entschieden, das auf unterschiedlichste Weise und mit den verschiedensten Farben umgesetzt werden kann.Then you have opted for a really simple andimpressive design, which can be implemented in a variety of ways and in a variety of colors.Select the point from which you want to unfold the mesh.From this point, draw at least three lines or more if you want to draw a wider mesh.These lines are then connected with curved lines, which the net is already done.

You can now complete your Halloween nails with a spider or make a nail with a spider instead of spider web. Halloween eine Spinne malen, erhalten Sie sie am einfachsten mit zwei Punkten, doch auch hier lassen sich verschiedene Techniken umsetzen. If you want to paint a spider on Halloween, the easiest way to get it is to use two dots, but you can also apply different techniques here. Very stylish are also 3D spiders, which are brought with the help of small beads or rhinestones in black or other color on the nail. Otherwise, you can play with the colors for the background. In the end, do not forget the topcoat!

Draw skulls


If you want black gel nails or those with simple nail polish, you can decorate them with a skull. Even the skull skull design is easier than you might think. A dark color is the best background for this nail design for Halloween, as the white skulls then come into their own and the spooky mood is perfectly achieved. The individual steps can be seen in the instructions. Use a very thin brush to draw fine lines. After the white part is finished, let the paint dry. With the black nail polish you then draw vein-like lines on the forehead of the skull, which are intended to imitate slight fractures. After a coat of varnish, these Halloween nails are ready.

Halloween nails with pattern

halloween-nails-pattern-seamless-simple, elegant, crescent moon-silver

You can also get a quick Halloween nail design with simple patterns that can be just as impressive. The idea with the seam around the nail, for example, is very simple, yet extremely stylish and unique. For the nail design to make yourself with nail polish, just access the matching Halloween colors like black, orange, yellow, purple and poison green and make stripes or other patterns. By the way, stripes are also a great basis for Halloween nails with mummy, whereby the stripes are used for the bandages. Even a simple sickle moon in silver can be implemented quickly and easily and fits perfectly with the occasion. Find various Halloween nails pictures as inspiration in our articles and let them inspire you, and then put together the right Halloween make-up and outfit.

Autumn nails 2017/2018 – Ideas for a beautiful nail design for fall

Autumn nails 2017/2018 new-york-fashion-week-inspiration

When the days get shorter and the evenings get colder, autumn has arrived! And that means it’s time to replace the summery nail design with beautiful autumnal motifs and colors . In this article you will find plenty of inspiration for a beautiful nail design for fall. Check out the most popular trends for Autumn Nails 2017/2018 and find the best design for you.

The most popular nail polish colors for autumn nails 2017/2018

Autumn nails 2017/2018 nail polish colors trends autumn

Fall is one of the most colorful seasons and therefore offers a wide range of colors for autumnal nails . However, dark tones, which were rather overshadowed in summer, are especially popular. Muted colors such as black, kaki, ocher or beige are just as hip and are perfect for a plain autumn nail design. The trendy wet-look, which is in vogue for hair and hairstyles this year, also comes into its own with the autumn nails 2017/2018. Extra-strong shiny nail polishes and gel nails are best suited for this.

Autumn nails 2017/2018 dark colors logo

The catwalk trends from Fall Fashion Weeks have put an emphasis on nail design with logos. Solid-colored manicure in autumnal colors can be nicely complemented by motifs with letters and logos from the coolest fashion brands. The Marc Jacobs manicure with golden letters on dark brown nail polish has introduced the stylish Nail Art Trend.

Geometric motifs

autumn nails-2017-2018-geometric nail tips

Geometric patterns and motifs remain the trend for autumn and can be designed in a variety of ways for a beautiful nail design. The modern design can be stylishly applied to the nail tips, creating a cool variation of the French Nails . This is matched by different colors and color combinations, which are typical for autumn.

autumn nails-2017-2018-nude nail polish geometric motifs

Various geometric shapes can beautifully highlight a neutral nude tone and spice it up in an atmospheric way. With points, stripes, triangles and squares not only the nail tips, but also the nail crescents can be emphasized. Motifs look very stylish in monochrome colors, such as black or white.

Color blocking trend for autumn nails 2017/2018

autumn nails-2017-2018-colorful-nail polishes-color-blocking

The most colorful trend of the year is the so-called color blocking. Here, brightly colored block colors are successfully combined to form a common design. These are usually geometric shapes that are painted on the nails with different nail polish colors. To match this colorful combination of similar, bright colors quite well.

autumn nails-2017-2018-color-blocking trend

The Color Blocking is perfect for an autumnal nail design, because the colorful color combinations are reminiscent of the autumn color palette. Autumn colors, such as orange, red, ocher, mustard yellow , brown and, of course, nude tones are especially recommended. Great contrasts can also be achieved with black or blue, if you select the right nuances.

Black motifs

autumn nails-2017-2018-nude-nail polish black-elements

In the nail design Fall 2017/2018 Schwarz celebrates his comeback for various decorative elements on the nails. Whether stripes, dots or mere scribbles, the black color is perfect for beautiful accents. To paint the fingernails in a natural tone and to make the nail crescent with black nail polish is easy to make yourself and is currently completely in vogue.

Dry Brush nail design for fall

autumn nails-2017-2018-dry brush Brand design-gold

One of the most popular trends for autumn nails 2017/2018 is the so-called dry brush technique. The fingernails are first painted in a plain tone and then with the selected Dry Brush color. As the name of the technique reveals, this nail design is created with a dry brush. To do this, wipe off the paint on the edge of the bottle until only a small amount of it remains on the brush. Wait a few seconds for the remaining paint to dry slightly. Now the paint is applied to the nail in any direction. This creates the great Dry Brushed effect. This technique can be used on all fingernails as well as on nail tips only. Choose suitable colors for the fall and conjure up a beautiful autumnal manicure yourself.

French with colored tip

autumn nails-2017-2018-french-manicure-rose

French nails are a timeless trend that is simply in vogue every season. However, the trends in French nail design are changing more or less. This autumn, colored nail tips will be particularly effective. This is usually a contrasting, eye-catching color chosen for the tips. Nail polishes with glitter or metallic effect are perfect for this. Another popular nail design trend for fall 2017/2018 is the reverse French manicure, in which the nail crescent is painted instead of the nail tips. Combinations of both designs look just as great.

Nude tones for the autumnal nails

autumn nails-2017-2018-nude-tones-nail polish trend

If you want a more natural look for your fingernails, then nail polish in nude tones is definitely the answer. The neutral colors are perfect for the autumn nails 2017/2018 and can be beautifully combined with other nail design trends. Glittering stones, nail stickers and decorative patterns with dots and stripes can spice up every simple nude tone.

autumn nails-2017-2018-thin-strip-accent

If you would like to conjure an autumnal nail design on your fingernails, then this beautiful idea is perfect for you. As a base coat, you can use both a nude color, as well as a dark autumn color or why not black. The painted and already dried nails can then be beautifully designed with thin stripes. For this you need a thin nail art brush, which you dive in a contrasting color and paint straight and oblique lines on the fingernails. This nail design can be imitated very quickly and easily and fits both everyday life, as well as on special occasions .

Glitter and gold

autumn nails-2017-2018-brand design-autumn-glittery

Although natural nails and neutral colors dominate the fall nail design this season, sparkling manicures remain a trend as well. A nail design with glitter gives every festive outfit that special something and ensures a striking look. Glitter nail polishes in bronze, gold, silver and copper are best for a beautiful autumnal manicure with glitter. These can be combined into a uniform design or applied individually.

autumn nails-2017-2018-natural landscape-gold-accents

Nail designs with gilded elements are wonderful for the autumn nails 2017/2018. The accents in gold are reminiscent of the golden autumn, even if no autumn leaves adorn the fingernails. Gold glitter can be applied over a single-color nail polish or as a decorative accent for a sophisticated nail art.

Autumn nails 2017/2018 in marble look

autumn nails-2017-2018-black-marble-brand design-autumn

Marble nails are one of the biggest nail polish trends for 2017 and remain in the limelight even with the autumn nails. Whether white or black marble decide for yourself. Gel nails are particularly suitable for this autumnal nail design because they give the whole design a great, shiny finish.

Design nail design for holiday nails – Matching colors and motifs

nail design for holiday nails beige-sand-color-glitter-turquoise-blue-nails

Especially in summer, the topic of holidays is at the top. No wonder most people are currently interested in it. Be it in terms of fashion, a nice decoration for holiday mood, a make-up in matching color or the nail design, which is also in this article. We’ve come up with ideas and tips for nails design for holiday nails to give you a unique look. Find out which colors are particularly suitable and with which motifs and patterns you can radiate the holiday feeling especially well.

Beautiful holiday nails with the matching patterns and motifs

nageldesign getaway nails-green-light-dark-silver-glitter-turtle-wal

Surely you come to so many suitable motives in mind, you can use the appropriate theme. The first is possibly the palm tree. Many associate the word vacation with tropical beaches and palm trees. But these are by no means the only option. The sun or shells, starfish, turtles, dolphins and other marine life, waves, anchors, steering wheels or even exotic fruits are great. If you do not want to limit yourself to a certain type of holiday, you can simply design different country flags. For a floral nail design for holiday nails you choose of course the best tropical flowers. Then the perfect flair is guaranteed.

nageldesign-vacation-nails pattern-modern-turquoise-pink-salmon color-Aztec

The nautical motifs such as anchor, steering wheel or rope can also be combined with matching maritime and nautical patterns. This includes the striped pattern in matching colors, which we will introduce to you shortly. Shed patterns are of course just as well suited and on the one hand hand “drawn” and on the other hand designed with the help of coarse glitter. Otherwise, you can choose any pattern, be it a modern zigzag or geometric pattern, the classic dot pattern or whatever else you can think of. It is only important that you choose the right shade for a nail design for holiday nails.

Matching colors for the nail design for holiday nails

nageldesign getaway nails-colored skin-color-salmon-glittering stones-nude-orange

Motifs and patterns are of course a nice accent and conclusion, but do not look perfect without the right colors. It depends on the right nuances! And here the choice is really bigger than you might think. Some color groups and fingernails images are presented below, so you’ll have a great overview the next time you want to think about a nice nail design for holiday nails. Create pointed nails, rounded nails or square, long or short, with pictures or simple French manicure.

Blue nails

nail design for holiday nails blue-simple-dark-blue-sea-symbol

The blue color comes to mind, of course, it is not only associated with the sea, but also the clear summer sky. Blue fingernails combined with white can also be used for maritime designs. So, for example, the mentioned stripe pattern with a nail design in blue and white, as known from sailors, is created quickly and simply. The nail design in blue can also be used as a background for various holiday motives. Choose the nail design in dark blue to imitate sea water and light blue for the clear sky.

nageldesign getaway nails-blue-beach-sea-palm and white

If simple light or dark blue nails are too boring for you, you can also make an interesting blue nail design with glitter for a more glamorous look. Of course, the variant is especially suitable for party evenings, which are often organized on vacation. Or how about a neutral background that is used for blue patterns? The variants are numerous!

Fingernails in purple

nageldesign-holiday nails purple-tropical-flower-floral-white

Purple is a romantic color in itself and can be used for various purposes when it comes to designing a nail design for holiday nails. So Lila is not only suitable for flowers, but can also represent the summer twilight or simply be used as an alternative to the dark blue sky in the evening. There are so many nuances of color, so that the choice is quite large and the right one for every motif or pattern.

Fingernails in turquoise

nageldesign getaway nails-summer-feeling-turquoise-pattern-bikini-shell-starfish-sun

Another color associated with beach and sea holiday is turquoise. The beautiful, white beaches and the turquoise waters of the tropical countries and islands are the dream destination of many. If you want to make turquoise nails , you have the same options as with all other colors. Use paint or gel, glitter or other accessories and put not only yourself but everyone else in the holiday mood.

Beige nuances

Nail Design-for-holidays nails-beige-nude-pink-modern-pattern-copper-glitter

Sand colors, beige, ocher and similar are wonderful neutral colors, which you can use as background for various motives or for a simple nail design for holiday nails. Especially by using a little glitter, you create the look of sand. Whether simply minimalist or with more elaborate patterns and motifs – the result is guaranteed to be impressive!

Coral and other nuances of color red

Starfish-Short-nails-make nageldesign-vacation-nails coral-turquoise

Another exotic and very popular color, with which you can make a beautiful nail design for holiday nails, is coral or, as a lighter variant, the salmon color. In addition, there are various other pinks, which are known from tropical flowers. Especially in combination with white or beige, all these sounds look adorable. They can be both skin color as well as used for smaller accents and thus adorn your fingers.

Radiant colors

nageldesign getaway nails-tropical-colorful-neon-green-pink-blue

It also gets exotic with a mix of different bright and vibrant colors, including neon colors. So yellow, green and pink match very well and look very tropical. Whether you simply distribute these irregularly and stained on the nails or make interesting designs for the nail design for holiday nails in the form of flowers or fruits, is up to you.

Combine colors

nageldesign-vacation-nails Portuguese-Mediterranean-mediterranean-tiles-art-blue-turquoise-shimmering beige

Of course, all these and other colors can be perfectly combined with those described. A mix of pink and turquoise, for example, can look very Moroccan, which can be even enhanced with a matching pattern, be it painted by hand or decorated with the help of stickers. A combination of purple and orange is perfect for creating a summery sunset. The black silhouette of a palm tree gives this pointed nails the finishing touches. Various shades of blue and turquoise, combined with white or beige, have a Mediterranean touch, reminiscent of Portuguese tile art, while purple, pink or coral and beige create an Italian flair. Blue and white are again known for Santorini and are thus a symbol of Greece.

nail design for holiday nails white-glitter-orange-neon-palm

As you can see, different color combinations can be used to represent different countries or regions. You only have to inform yourself about the respective properties. And if you have already spent your holidays in the respective country, you will find it easier to find a suitable nail design for holiday nails. Just think about what you associate with it.