Nail design for spring 2016 – color trends and motifs

Raise your hand when you are tired of the cold winter days. We would like to hide the gloves, hats and scarves deep in the wardrobe and fight the gray days with radiant colors. With a new nail polish, of course! What better way to get your soul into spring mood than soothing neutral, soft […]

25 nail design ideas for the school – "Back2School" motifs

These “back to school” nail design ideas are one of the cutest ways to immerse yourself in schooling! Whether you’re looking to prepare for the new school year in September, or those who just want to remember their carefree childhood and teenage years, these 25 nail design inspirations give you an idea for a unique […]

30 Nail art images with winter and Christmas motifs

Christmas is a time to celebrate, spend time with friends and family, and festively decorate the house. You can create a nice Christmas mood in different ways – one of them is to create the nail design with Christmas motives. There are many Christmas symbols that you can use creatively – from snowmen to candy […]

32 nail motifs to make yourself with nail polish + instructions

Personal style is something that makes a woman stand out from the crowd. This makes an indirect statement about who she really is. Well-groomed hands and fingernails are like the calling card of a good-looking lady and are part of the beautiful appearance. Not infrequently it happens that the modern woman neglected her fingernails in […]

25 romantic and casual women’s dresses with floral motifs

In spring and summer every woman wears flowers at work, on the street and during her free time or on vacation. And ladies’ dresses with beautiful flower patterns, or at least one, should definitely be present in your closet, so take a look at the designer examples below. A short dress with floral motifs can […]