New Year’s Hairstyle for medium-length hair – 19 ideas and tips for re-styling

sleek look hairstyles medium long new years long bob

Creating the perfect New Year’s Eve look takes some time, so you can start planning a few days in advance. Of course, the choice of party outfits comes first and all other elements can usually be adapted to them. The hairstyle, the festive nail design and make-up, as well as the selection of shoes are closely related to the outfit. Have you already found the perfect dress, then you can already think about the New Year’s Eve hairstyle. In today’s article, we have collected inspiration and styling tips for the ladies with medium-length hair. Whether sleek in sleek look, with waves, curls or shiny hair jewelry, is up to you!

Cool New Year hairstyles with straight hair

New Year's Eve hairstyle smooth mid-length hair behind ear

Smooth hair that is shiny and supple is in fashion and is without a doubt a good choice for New Year’s Eve hairstyle. They look particularly effective and if left open, they do not need any further refinement during the evening. With a hair straightener, the hairstyle also succeeds the ladies with curly hair and with the help of hair spray she is also stuck all night long. Even straight hair naturally offers different styling possibilities. When paired with eye-catching jewelry, the simple smoothed New Year’s Eve hairstyle can be especially festive. Tips: Hair fixed behind the ear ensures a feminine look and sets jewelery in scene nicely.

New Year's Eve hairstyle medium-long hair itself make straightening iron

Another inspiration for this beautiful hairstyle by Margot Robbie. Especially announced in the 90s, she is celebrating her comeback this year. It is a hairstyle with straight hair, the tips of which are turned inwards. The result is a supple, elegant look that’s perfect for a long bob. The New Year’s Eve hairstyle can be styled with both side vertex and pony . For this you need a round brush with soft bristles, a hair dryer and some hair spray to fix.

This is how the look succeeds: First of all, wash your hair and dry as usual. Then take a wide strand and screw the hair tip inwards with the round brush, heat with the hair dryer and allow to cool in the brush. Now remove the round brush from the hair dryer, spray the roll with a little hairspray and continue with the rest of the hair.

New Years Hairstyle Long Bob Sleek Look Great

Hair in sleek look are just as perfect with glamorous outfits and are therefore suitable for festive occasions such as New Year’s Eve. The hairstyle looks stunning at every hair length. The hair is styled to the rear and bring out clothes and jewelry to their best advantage. With medium-length hair, the New Year’s Eve hairstyle also combines perfectly with backless tops and dresses. For this look you should either have straight hair or smooth it with a straightener. Do not forget the heat protection. For re-styling you will need a brush, gel, stick and hairpins. The trick here is to toup the hair on the top of the head to create more volume.

medium long hair style New Year's Eve great volume

How to style the sleek look with volume: Spray heat protection into your hair, brush well and straighten your hair. Then the hair on the top of the head with the stick comb back and comb backwards. Now put some styling gel on the palms and work them into the sides. Gain the lateral parts of the hair behind the ears and fix with hairpins if necessary. The hair clips should be plugged so that they are not visible. Finally, fix the New Year’s Eve hairstyle with hairspray and you’re done.

New Year’s Eve hairstyle for medium length hair with waves

New Year's Eve hairstyle pony curly medium-length hair tiered

If you do not like straight hair and you prefer a hairstyle with waves, then here’s some inspirational cool ideas that are perfect for mid-length hair. Such hairstyles look natural and create volume in the hair. The styling variations for a New Year’s Eve hairstyle with waves are diverse and can be easily styled at home.

inspiration new years hairstyles medium length hair bangs

Many ladies think that the pony with waves just does not work. However, pop icon Taylor Swift has convinced us otherwise. For a few years now, she has not left her bob hairstyle with pony and provides us with more and more inspiration to wear the trendy look. If you also wear your hair in a long bobby with a bangs, then you can consider this hairstyle of the singer. It looks festive, glamorous and modern and fits perfectly with any party outfit.

New Year's Eve hairstyle long Bob waves side vertex

Even without a pony the Long Bob looks stunning with waves. Style the hairstyle with a side parting to give the styling more structure and fullness.

How to create the look: Knead some mousse into your hair first. Then gradually turn wide strands of hair with a thick curling iron. Keep it short and then solve it. The waves can be plucked with your fingers until the desired effect is achieved. For better grip fix the New Year’s Eve hairstyle with hairspray.

New Year’s Hairstyle with Long Bob in a retro look

elegant hairstyles medium length New Year's Eve styling idea

Retro waves are back in. And they look great in combination with a glamorous party outfit. The variants for this styling for medium-length hair are varied. Whether all the hair or just the tips are lured, you decide yourself. Beautiful waves and curls in retro style are easiest to style with a curling iron. So that the curls remain throughout the night, they should also be well fixed with hair lacquer.

New Year's hairstyles medium length hair bob curls

Curls usually make the long bob look shorter, making it look like a classic bob hairstyle. This New Year’s Eve hairstyle can be styled with both center and side apex. Do not lure the hair at the neck, but only the length. If you do not dare to do the hairstyle yourself, then book an appointment in the hair studio. In the hands of professionals, the glamorous look is guaranteed.

New Year’s hairstyles with curls

New Year's Eve hairstyle medium lure volume

Curls are glamorous, appealing and extremely elegant. Therefore, they are simply wonderful as New Year’s Eve hairstyle. And especially medium-long hair looks great with curls. Long hair is usually heavier and will not last long. Shoulder-length hair is light and the look can even last for several days. Of course, this also depends on the particular hair structure.

New Year's hairstyle curls make curling iron

How to lure the hair itself: Spray the whole hair with heat protection spray and then brush, so that the spray evenly distributed. Then curl the hair strand by strand with a thin curling iron . Alternatively, use a method for curling without curling iron, z. B. with hair curlers. Are you satisfied with the look, just spray with hairspray and the party look is done.

Spice up the festive New Year’s Eve hairstyle with hair ornaments

party hairstyles medium-length new years eve ideas hair jewelry

Who wants to give the New Year’s Eve hairstyle a little shine, which is correct with a sparkling hair jewelry in any case. Hair clips, tiaras and hair bands can be adapted to the outfit and round off the look in a great way. These can be used for clinging the hair or simply as a decorative element.

silvester hairstyle hair accessories motto party 20s

With a pretty sparkling hair band and retro curls, the hairstyles of the 20s can be re-styled. If, for example, you are invited to a New Year’s Eve theme party, which is celebrated under the motto “20s”, then you have immediately found the perfect hairstyle!

Semi-open hair as New Year’s Eve hairstyle

New Year's Eve hairstyle semi-fashioned tips

A cool alternative to hairstyles with open hair offer those who are partially stuck. In the picture you can find an example of an elegant, half-open hairstyle that is easy to imitate. It is simply taken a few Haarsträhnchen of the left and right hair, twirled and stuck behind the head. Although this New Year’s Eve hairstyle for medium-length hair is not so complicated, a helping hand would be an advantage in styling.

hairstyles medium length styling ideas laterally inserted curled

Lined sideways, Long Bob hairstyles look very classy and festive. For this, a deep side vertex is pulled and all the hair is brought to the respective side and pinned. The hairstyle works best with curls or gentle waves.

hairstyles medium long New Year's Eve stuck curls

The laterally set party hairstyle can also be spiced up in this case with a pretty hair accessory. It contributes to a better grip and completes the whole look wonderful. New Year’s hairstyles set aside perfectly combine with statement earrings.

Updated New Year’s Eve for medium length hair

updo new years sleek look medium long hair

You love updos, but have a medium hair length? Do not worry, because there are also updos for medium-length hair. Here is the right styling idea and a little skill required. For example, you can tie your bob in a sleek look to a bun or make a pretty braiding hairstyle. A great styling version with instructions can be found in our post for festive updos on New Year’s Eve .

We wish you a lot of fun on New Year’s Eve!

festive updos of silvester medium-long hair

Style hairstyles medium – 14 beautiful styles for shoulder-length hair

Hairstyles medium-length style half-length hair curls

What do short and long hairs have in common? They are considered not particularly easy to care for. The average length on the other hand does not need so much care and is much easier to style even in the early morning. That is why more and more ladies are wearing their hair shoulder length both in winter and in summer. How do you style yourself the most popular hairstyles medium, we reveal in the article.

Hairstyles medium and tiered are in full swing


Medium-length hair always looks elegant and trendy while offering a variety of different styling options. The medium length is the best variant for ladies with fine, smooth hair and low volume. If the hairstyle is styled medium-long and tiered, it can conjure up more fullness in the hair. With the right cut, the facial contours can be highlighted. The American model Karlie Kloss wears her medium-length hairstyle mostly open and with both the middle and side parting. So the look can be changed a bit, without using expensive products or styling special hairstyles.

hairstyles-medium-stage-side crest

Shoulder-length hair is good for both small and tall ladies and can be adapted to any face shape. A medium-length hairstyle always looks very natural and also brings out the shoulders well. Even Miss Universe winner 2012 Olivia Culpo wears a medium-length hairstyle that looks really elegant with her slightly curved tips. But there is no big styling secret behind this, just the fact that the tips sit on the collarbone and thus change their shape.

hairstyles-medium-style-smooth-hair-medium crest

Smooth hair is perfect for the hairstyles for medium-long hair and combine beautifully with a step cut. A long-time known wearer of the stepped haircuts is the actress Jennifer Aniston. The different stages of her half-length hairstyle emphasize her face and create a kind of framework for it. The effect is wonderful with some lighter highlights. This look is perfect for naturally smooth hair, or can be easily styled with the straightener.

hairstyles-medium-style-long-bob-medium crest

One of the most popular medium-length hairstyles is the so-called praise. The Long Bob looks a bit like an outgrown bob hairstyle, but has its own style. The trend hairstyle until a few years ago has already turned into a classic. When editing there are no major features. The hairs are cut a little shorter at the back and slightly stepped at the front. This makes the hairstyle lighter and allows a great variety of stylings. Even in a mid-petticoat sleek look, a long bob looks wonderful, as proven by model Kendall Jenner’s hairstyle.

Style hairstyles medium with curls

hairstyles-medium-styled Wild-natural lure

Medium-length hairstyles are not only good for smooth hair, but also for curly hair. The voluminous natural curls can be brought to bear particularly well with a half-length cut and style as desired. You can play with the vertex and the hair color to achieve interesting effects. The American model Chanel Iman carries her wild curls medium, with the cut also has some stages.


Although natural curls and smooth, medium-length hairs require almost no special styling, this is not the case with slightly curly and wavy hair. If you want to style curly hairstyles medium and create elegant curls, then different products and accessories are needed for the perfect look. If, for example, you want to style glamorous hairstyles in the medium-long way and conjure up beautiful waves like those of Rose Byrne, then you need a set of hot wraps. To make the finished hairstyle last longer and the waves get a nice shine, use hair spray to fix.

hairstyles-medium-style-gentle-wave-crest page

The curly praise is a popular alternative to the smooth variant and is perfect as a hairstyle for special occasions. The curls can be styled in any way. Whether with hair winder, the curling iron or the straightener you decide yourself. However, you should be aware that the different techniques produce a different result. The Wave Bob can be styled with a deep side vertex. Thus, the hairstyle can give a casual look.

hairstyles-medium-style-side-wave-crest page

If, on the other hand, you want to create a more austere look, then you can put half of your hair on the side with hairpins. So the hairstyle is just elegant, but not too strict, such as an updo. This shoulder-length hairstyle can also be combined with a slanted pony that creates an asymmetrical look. Another important element for this is the side parting, which makes the hairstyle so attractive.


Many ladies wear their hair medium long as a transition to the long mane or short haircut. In the former, the hair is allowed to grow until it reaches the desired length. In this case, good care, especially for the tips, is necessary so that the hair does not look strained in the end. The regular lace cutting is a must, even if you want to have your hair longer. However, if you want a short haircut but are not yet sure if you have short hair, then you can experiment with a shoulder length cut as a transitional hairstyle.

Styling medium hairstyles with pony and updo hairstyle

hairstyles-medium-step-pony-ombre-hair color

For middle-length hairstyles, steps of the pony play an equally important role. This even shorter step wraps the face nicely and looks especially feminine and elegant. Famous women like Emma Stone, Taylor Swift and Dakota Johnson almost always wear their hairstyles medium, tiered and with bangs. You experiment with hair colors and coloring techniques such as Ombré and Balayage, which conjure up another cool effect.

hairstyles-medium-high pony-stuck-dutt

What is almost unbelievable with short hair in most cases are updos. But if the hairstyles are medium, then they can also be tied to a beautiful updo. These are not bulky Chignons and elegant ponytails, but rather small, casual Dutt.


Since the medium-length hairstyles are mostly stepped, an updo hairstyle can almost never be perfect. However, this is not a disadvantage, but can be considered as a nice effect. The outstanding highlights make for a casual look and are therefore perfect for an everyday hairstyle.


However, if you want to style your half-length hair into an updo in a sleek look, then various hair products come to the rescue. With hair foam and hair gel, the prominent highlights can be put back and fixed in place. However, if it is a hairstyle for a special occasion, a visit to the hairdresser for the perfect look is worthwhile.

Men’s hairstyles 2017: One wears medium-long hair in the form of Bro Flow!

Men Hairstyles Medium Long Hair Bradley Cooper

Among the men’s hairstyles 2017 there is a new haircut, which is still enjoying growing popularity! The Bro Flow has been featured on many Hollywood stars including Bradley Cooper, Dev Patel and Milo Ventimiglia, and has taken our hearts as well. While other popular haircuts, such as Pompadour and Undercut, rely on clean lines and strong contrasts, the new cut brings the casual yet modern style to the forefront. This hairstyle does not need much styling! Bro Flow is the right choice for men who would rather stay in bed for an extra half hour than get up early to style their hair. What the trend hairstyle looks like, you will find out below!

Men’s Hairstyles 2017: What is typical of the Bro Flow?

mens hairstyles-medium-bro-flow-2017

Casually combed back medium long hair – that’s the Bro Flow. Curly pages are also welcome and welcome. “Mittellang” basically means hair falling between the chin and the shoulder. These are more neck-length hair.

That the medium-length wave is absolutely stylish, has long been proven by the hangover star Bradley Cooper. And although patience is required on the way to medium-length hair until the desired hair length is achieved, the result is definitely worth it. This hairstyle will give any gentleman a cool casual-chic look.

How do you style the Bro Flow?

mens hairstyles-medium-curly-Gerard Butler

The Bro Flow got its name from its shape, because the hair falls casually and airily backwards. One of the advantages of this men’s hairstyle: it can be styled without much effort and always looks great. Once the hair has grown to the desired length, it should be brought to the hairdresser in shape. The hair should be cut shorter and stepped back. After that, styling and care are super easy.

Bro flow in curls types

mens hairstyles-medium-bro-flow-curly-business look

When it comes to styling, it all depends on whether you have curly or straight hair. By the way, natural curls are perfect for this look! Men with curls always radiate a relaxed charm and are directly sympathetic. Pay attention to the correct hair length, so that the Bro Flow does not look too rebellious. The curls should fall loose, but do not hang around in the face, but be plugged behind the ears. This men’s hairstyle makes curly hair an eye-catcher without getting out of hand.

mens hairstyles-medium-bro-flow Dev Patel

To get the hair in shape, you can use gel, styling cream or other hairstyling products. Just rub some gel in your hands and run your fingers through the damp hair from the front to the back. The hair should of course fall backwards. A few highlights in the face are welcome. Do not work the gel directly on the hairline. Then you can either let your hair dry naturally or blow dry from front to back on a low level. For extra hold fix with hair spray.

men hairstyles-medium-side parting-thin-hair-milo ventimiglia

As already mentioned, this hairstyle is perfect for the curly type. But stars like Milo Ventimiglia and Keanu Reeves also prove that the Bro Flow is equally good for men with straight hair. The trend hairstyle looks so refined and very noble.

Bro Flow in straight hair types

men hairstyles-medium-2017-thin-hair-bart-center parting

Are you used to straight hair, a skilfully styled wave could provide a nice change. A wavy texture and hold can be given to the hair very quickly with a beach-style salt spray. A great idea for the summer, which will bring the beach feeling into everyday life – even if there is no sand in sight.

Style mid-length hair in a sleek look

mens hairstyles-medium-bro-flow style-Luke Bracey

If you like the sleek, classic look, you can try the wet look. With a modeling product, a wet effect is achieved. The hairstyle works best with the help of a brush and lots of gel. With mousse, the look is not too severe. But make sure that this hair styling is not suitable for men with thin hair. Disadvantage here is that a strong bundling of individual hairs into strands of hair occurs and the scalp is very clearly visible.

Shorter bro-flow variant

mens hairstyles-medium-bro-flow thin-hair

Despite its name with a playful touch, the Bro Flow can also be suitable for the office. The trick is to keep the casual look in order to be professional in a corporate environment. For this, the hair should be cut to the ears. The layers behind are a bit shorter. Avoid the messy look and straighten your hair with the help of a comb and a small amount of pomade.

The trend hairstyle is also very good for older men

mens hairstyles-medium-gray-hair-Bro-Flow

This trend hairstyle 2017 is not only perfect for young men. Even gentlemen over the age of 50 can wear medium-long hair and be self-confident with this styling. Thanks to its texture and length, the hairstyle gives the mature men a youthful touch. The Bro Flow continues to be an attractive hairstyle variation for men with gray hair. This is how the silver hair is brought to light.

Bro Flow haircut in combination with beard

mens hairstyles-medium-curly Kit Harington

The men’s hairstyle Trend 2017 can also be combined well with a beard. Whether long and bushy or short and well groomed – a beard gives every man a very different look. The look is very masculine and leaves the eyes in the center. But make sure that too much facial hair does not make a gloomy impression.

Man bun

mens hairstyles-medium-Half-Bun-Bro-Flow

Thanks to its length, the Bro Flow is very versatile and can be styled differently. If the hair has grown longer, nothing stands in the way of the “Man Bun”. The hipster hairstyle is a great alternative to the back combed hair and is super easy to make yourself.

And who likes to wear hats in winter?

mens hairstyles-medium-Bro-flow cap

Caps and medium-long hair are also very good. The hair, which looks out of the cap something, conjure a cool look. It looks particularly refined again in combination with a full beard. For the perfect fit of the hair under the cap, simply push your hair up with your fingers and put on the cap. In this way, the haircut spared unwanted platitudes.

mens hairstyles-medium-side crest-curly

Casual updos for medium-length hair – 12 great styling ideas

Lässige Hochsteckfrisuren -mittellange-haare-einfach-ideen-anleitung

For women who like to try new looks and like it easy, medium-length hair is just the perfect length. It offers numerous styling options and contributes to a fresh, youthful look. Here are imaginative casual updos easily accessible. Waves, Seek-Look, even braids can be conjured up quickly, with little effort, if you know the know-how. Below you will find interesting ideas with instructions and helpful tips on how to style your hair medium.

Casual updos for medium-length hair

Lässige Hochsteckfrisuren -mittellange-haare-zopf-locker

There is nothing that adorns the woman as the beautiful hair and, accordingly, a beautiful hairstyle. However, it is acceptable to leave home without make-up, but with unsightly, unwashed hair – a sign of bad taste, even bad hygiene. In addition, the hairstyle plays a very important role in the overall effect of the person. With the right haircut and a hair color tailored to the individual, balanced facial proportions can be achieved visually. It’s not surprising why hair styling is so important to all women. The hair is always successful to style, but is not an easy task, at least if you have to do it daily.

Casual updos for medium-length hair

Lässige Hochsteckfrisuren-mittellange-haare-lockig-locker

Important condition for a beautiful hairstyle is a healthy hair. Especially if you do not get professional support and style yourself, damaged hair always looks ugly. Although the average length is extremely easy to care for, it usually reaches the shoulders and the friction in clothes quickly strains the hair tips. Daily styling can also make the medium-length hair particularly susceptible to splits. The care with special products, such as Anntispliss serum or beauty oils is recommended here. The regular walk to the barber is mandatory by the way.

Casual braiding for medium-length hair – Twirled and twisted

Lässige Hochsteckfrisuren -mittellange-haare-drei-zöpfe-flechten

If you have a medium hair length , you do not have to do without braids and updos. In fact, they can even be made simpler than with a long mane. Mostly twirling and turning works better than real braiding, but here we present a very variant for a great braiding hairstyle.

Divide all hair into parties and braid three small braids each. To tie these, use small transparent rubber bands, because you will not notice later. Take a few hairpins, recommended in similar color as your hair itself, and cross the left and right braid, fix it. The third, middle knot nicely and tie with hairpins. It looks nice when the hairpins and rubber bands are covered with hair and remain invisible.

Casual updos made easy for any occasion – instructions

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-manual-knot-locker

The next casual updos for medium hair looks more or less than braided, but is not. It is also particularly suitable for relatively short hair. For this you also need hairpins, preferably in hair color and a Toupier comb. But before you proceed to the actual styling, we have a few styling tips for you.

  • Braids and updos do not look good on freshly washed hair, because they usually feel very “slippery” and fall out quickly. Try the next day.
  • With fine, smooth hairs, a volume fluid, powder or mousse can make them voluminous and thus grippy.
  • For thick hair, use beauty oils such as argan or coconut oil. But take only a little of it and rub very well in your hands, only then distribute well on the hair length, not in the hairline, otherwise the hair gets greasy. The positive side effect – hair care.
  • For additional structure and thus a really casual updo, make sure you braid your hair overnight or in a bun on top of your head.

Casual updo – turning instead of braiding

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-manual-easy

Now go with this beautiful updo! First split the top coat on the top of the head from the rest and then in two. These two small strands of hair twirl you loosely and toup you a bit with the comb, so they get more structure. Knot inward and fix with a hairpin or two. Soon you take two more strands that fall on both sides of the face, twirl and loosen up, finally you fix. The same thing you do with the hair party on the neck. At each step you can spray hairspray over it for added support. Finally, the little knots relax a bit.

Make casual updos yourself – instructions

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-knot

The next casual updo is reminiscent of the last, but here the hair is twirled around the face from the hair’s apex and tied low at the back of the head. You can leave the hair on the neckline unbonded or make it into a small hair bun.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-manual-knot-locker

Casual updo with little pigtails

casual-updo hairstyles Braid medium-length-hair-kleien-pigtails-

This particularly casual updo looks decidedly youthful, summery and simply laid back. It is first pulled a side vertex and then braided on both sides several small braids. The hair on the back of the head divides into three sectors and braid them as well, or just twirl them, it does not matter much.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-braids-manual-lure

Firmly tie the middle area and fix with a few hairpins. To the left and right, add the little braids, braid and fix beautifully. All the little strands, which are chaotically around, you can do a little hairdressing with the curling iron.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-tie-plait-locker

Make casual updos yourself – medium-length hair toup for better grip

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-toupieren-tie-manual

This upholstery is really casual and can be done in a few minutes. Here, above all, a grippy hair structure is needed. Above are a few helpful tips on how to easily reach them with the right products. In addition, we touped the hair and fixed with hair spray. This ensures a very good hold, but can strain a fine hair. Therefore, handle the Toupier comb with great care.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-loose-tie-leisure

When you have achieved the necessary structure, you only have to tie the hair nicely. Use a few hairpins in your hair color and fix it in some places. The hairstyle should remain very relaxed and casual. First tie a topknot to the top of the head, then add the side strand of hair and finally the neckline. Drop a few strands around your face for a casual look.

Simple, casual updos for medium-length hair – tie with hair jewelry

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-haarschmuck-hairpin

If it has to be really fast, you only need one or two pretty hairpins or a nice hair accessory to tie the hair.

Trend hairstyles: medium length, tiered and with pony – 13 Stylings & Tips

Trend-Frisuren: mittellang, stufig und mit Pony -sommer-haarstyling

The next visit to the barber is imminent and you do not know what your new haircut should look like? Or you already have half-length hair and are looking for the right styling? In 2017, the trend hairstyles are medium length, tiered and with pony. We present the most beautiful inspirations for chin and shoulder-length hair, bold styling and classic hairstyles. You will also find helpful tips that will make daily care easier.

2017 trend hairstyles: medium length, tiered and with pony

Trend-Frisuren: mittellang, stufig und mit Pony -lässig-sommer-natürlich

With medium-length hairstyles one usually speaks of a transitional length . But they are extremely practical and can be a great choice permanently. The middle hair length is neither too short for elaborate hairstyles, nor does it need the intensive care of the long mane. It can be styled in many ways and is always trendy. This year’s hair is casual, tiered and with pony – a great combination for a sassy look.

Bob hairstyles: medium length, level and with pony

Trend-Frisuren: mittellang, stufig und mit Pony -blond-retro

Medium-length, fringey hairstyles often have more swing and volume through the incorporated steps than long hair. But they are also quickly changeable and can sometimes be worn open or even styled as updo. A real all-rounder for the half-length hair is the Bob. He can be worn shoulder-length or only up to the chin and likes to step or with pony. This hairstyle is absolutely sensational, because it really fits every face shape and every hair type. With straight hair, a smooth bob with a pony looks just great. For slightly wavy or rather curly hair, the pony can be worn in the side parting.

Fuzzy Long Bob


If the trend hairstyle 2016 was the Long Bob, 2017 is the Fuzzy Long Bob. He does not completely replace his predecessor, but expands it. Powerful, frenzied and very much inspired by the 70s, he is particularly casual and natural. Actually it applies here: the more frayed, the better. Therefore, the look is totally easy to style and can certainly save the annoying headaches in the early morning when it has to go fast. Thus, it is also ideal for the summer. In addition, a stepped medium-length hairstyle is available to almost anyone and can be easily adapted to the individual face shapes.


The so-called “Clavi Cut” 2014 has become a real trend hairstyle . Today he is celebrating his comeback. This is about an average hair length and up to the collarbone. The hair can be curly, sleek with side or middle parting. Stars such as Emma Stone, Victoria’s Secret Model Monika Jagaciak, Natalie Portman and many others are all very popular.

Hairstyles: medium length, level and with pony

hairstyles-medium-step-pony-trends-lure-kerry washington

Depending on the facial proportions, the steps and the pony may be longer or shorter. For square faces is advisable down frayed hair from the chin cut to make. Thus, the eye-catching face width of discreet strands is subtly and elegantly veiled. Women with round faces should always pay attention to the length of the pony. An XXL tiered pony, which is naturally blown, is here namely the perfect solution. He caresses the full moon face and makes for a casual appearance.


Although ponies are not for everyone, it depends on how they are styled. Properly applied, the matching products can even conjure up extra fullness in fine hair. Above all, it is important that the look does not look neglected. A proper dose of shine is provided by the corresponding anti-split treatment, which should not be underestimated.

Stairs in the hair and pony in curls


Women with natural curls can really look forward to the stepped medium-long trend hairstyles. Curly hair gives the trendy look extra nostalgic flair and it is interpreted very natural. For example blondes or strands in different gold-copper shades match. By an overlong bangs with side parting, in the sense of the Hairdressing Trends 2017, the hairstyling is adapted to the curly hair type. By the way, the haircut reminds of the style icon Marylin Monroe in chin length and light ash blonde.

hairstyles-medium-step-pony-trends-ombre-hair color

Half-length hairstyles are ideal for those who like to experiment with hair color. Color accents come in the middle hair length through a highly graded haircut to advantage. Warm, light brown shades and natural blond tones are in fashion this year. Bold combinations may be tried to a dark base color.


Medium, tiered and pony trend hairstyles are great for any hair structure. They are especially advantageous for fine hair. The frizzy cut brings extra airiness and volume into the hair. To strengthen the effect, hairstylists recommend choosing sombrè. It’s about a gentler variation of the well-known ombrè look, where the color difference is more subtle and is between the mostly dark neck and the slightly lighter tips. The gradient should not be crass, but two to a maximum of three shades and gives especially the thin, fine hair more volume, depth and structure.

hairstyles-medium-step-pony-trends-color hair-halle-berry

The smooth color gradients look great on every hair color, but only when really soft transitions have been made, the look seems natural and really nice. Light waves or the so-called beachwaves provide additional structure and emphasize the unique color effects. For such a hairstyle also many stars like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Dakota Johnson and others decided.


The middle length was long considered a transitional hairstyle to the long mane. Actually, she is hotter than ever. Unlike long hair, hair styling does not lose its shape and you can enjoy its waves or elaborate braiding hairstyles for a long time. Hair reaching the chin or collarbone emphasizes the contours of the face and leaves the décolleté and shoulders free.

Hairstyles: medium length, level and with pony


Perhaps inspired by the French chic and the casualness of the summer, the best trend hairstyles are those that do without much styling but at the same time look well groomed. It is about optimally adapting the haircut to the individual face shape. The steps are a good solution because they are variable and can be used in many ways. A fringed pony can be worn in the middle parting, on one side or smoothly. The frayed hairstyle in half-length is multi-faceted and works well with slightly wavy hair, as well as curls very well. Above all, most contemporary women strive for a natural, easy-care look that can be done quickly in the stressful everyday life or after getting up.


Men’s Hairstyles Medium 2016 – Pictures, Ideas and Styling Tips

Männerfrisuren mittellang 2016-bart-blond-dünne-haare

Medium-length hairstyles are no longer feminine and become more and more popular with men in recent years. Since haircuts and styling such as Man Bun and Männerzopf are on the rise, it’s high time to let the mane grow a bit longer. We have looked around you for male celebrities and discovered really good examples of men’s hairstyles medium !

Men’s hairstyles medium length 2016


Uncomplicated and timeless: the back-styled hair is still a favorite of men with medium-length hair. Using gel, hair spray, foam or wax, the hairstyle can be styled quickly. Find out exactly which product is right for your hair type, as gel can quickly become stringy and greasy on thin hair.

Men’s hairstyles medium with gel back style

Männerfrisuren mittellang -bart-nach-hinten-gel-wellig

If you have wavy medium long hair like Matthew Mcconaughey, then you can achieve the so-called wet effect with gel. For a classic gel treatment, you have to work the gel into wet hair, comb it back with your fingers and let the strands dry in this position.

Thick medium-length hair


Men like Kit Harington often find it harder to tame their thick, medium-length hair. Hair care and hair spray with high strength in combination with other styling products provide the necessary support. So the hairstyle can hold the entire day without having to be styled.

The look of Bradley Cooper


Bradley Cooper has tried many hairstyles and changed his hairstyling several times, but the loosely restyled mid-length hair has become his trademark. Is not it this hairstyle that you have in mind when you think of Bradley Cooper? The medium-length hair is perfect for the actor and emphasize his heart-shaped face and bright blue eyes.

medium-length hair and 3-day beard


Various beard variations can add an icing on top to any hairstyling. The look with three-day beard looks especially manly as actor Michael Fassbender shows. Incidentally, he said goodbye to his long hair a few years ago.

Back styled hair with a beard


Combined with his medium-length hair styled backwards, Jake Gyllenhaal wore a full beard last year. He also acts male and serious, but needs a lot of care and must be well defined. But the actor looks a little older, do not you think?

Classic surfer look


Blonde hair, blue-green eyes, angular facial features, casual charisma: the Australian actor Luke Bracey completely embodies the male summer type. The expression of the summer is additionally emphasized by a casual hairstyle in the surfer look. The timeless look is characterized by medium-length hair, which seems to be modeled by sunlight and salt water.

Johnny Depp as a perfume model


Last year, Johnny Depp successfully featured as a perfume model in the campaign for Dior’s new men’s perfume. At the photoshoot, he appears with interestingly styled hair – the front hair part reaches to the middle of the cheek, while the hair is cut short behind.

Pompadour or OlaSeku?


Football legend David Beckham is regarded as a style icon and his hairstyles are always under the microscope of the public, because he shapes men’s hairstyle trends. In 2016, opted for the trendy side parting and the Pompadour hairstyle . The top of the hair is a bit longer and is styled to a smart size, while the sides are cut shorter. Whether for a suit or casual, you can wear the classic side parting to any outfit.

Smooth, medium-length hair cut in stages for more volume – Brad Pitt


Stages are also very popular with men with medium-length hair. As a result, the men’s hair experienced a volume in unimagined dimensions. Particularly suitable is the step cut for men with straight thin hair as Brad Pitt.

medium-length curly hair for casual types


Mid-length hairstyles for men definitely have a lot of potential. They should not only fit the face shape, but also the character of their wearer. If you think of yourself as rebellious and courageous and have curly hair, then let your hair grow a little longer. That’s how the curls look really good.

Pony hairstyle perfect for a high forehead


Men with a high forehead should opt for a pony hairstyle. A good idea is the British actor Benedict Cumberbatch. In the TV series Sherlock he has worn his hair even longer, but on the side parting he has not renounced here.

Justin Bieber as trendsetter


A casual version of the trendy undercut hairstyle presented in 2016, the singer Justin Bieber. The bleached hair has grown out a bit and the pony falls casually aside.

Zac Efron has also bleached the top coat


If you do not find this haircut and bleached top hair so cool for men, then you’d be surprised if you see the last pictures of the girl’s swarm Zac Efron. The 28-year-old actor appeared on June 4, 2016 at the Spike TV Guys’ Choice Awards in California with a similar hairstyle.

Stylish Men’s Hairstyles – Long Braids and Top Knots for Men?


These new men’s hairstyles, which are currently on the rise, challenge the prevailing stereotypes! Top Knot, or still called Undercut Bun, is a mix of two of the hottest hairstyles for 2015 – Undercut and Man Bun . This hybrid styling is not so easy to realize, but looks great. You can read more about men’s braids in this article .

Ashton Kutcher with a long pony


Since he was a father, Ashton Kutcher looks happy and down to earth. The hippie look with the long mane remains in the past and although he is often seen wearing caps on the streets, we have discovered a beautiful image that fits our theme male hairstyles medium. The messy styled hairs still convey fun and youthfulness.

The fringy hairstyle by Ian Sommerhalder – Natural men’s hairstyles medium


Ian Sommerhalder shows how to get cool with the vocabuhila hairstyle that was popular in the 90s. The hair is casual and frizzy styled and do not proliferate in the neck. The actor renounces Haargel and wears his medium-long hair naturally.

Keanu Reeves


The actor Keanu Reeves has an oblong face and he does not really care about long hair, but this medium long hairstyle convinces us today with its smart gentleman look.

Hairstyles medium – Trends and inspirations for summer 2015

frisuren mittellang huebsch idee mittelscheitel schulter huebsch

One thing is clear about the trend hairstyles for 2015 – they are versatile! Short, very long or the golden middle – chin to shoulder length. Everything is allowed this year – elegant and classic, casual, playful, natural or striking. Fashionable women are looking for a medium length for their hair . The hairstyles medium length offer a lot – they fit any face shape and can be styled quickly. If you are looking for a new hairstyle this season, you will definitely find something.

Hairstyles medium length – From classically refined to wildly cheeky

frisuren mittellang bob styling haare schwarz

In the summer of 2015, among the fashionable hairstyles medium length, the Bob is not missing. Rather longer, straight cut and smooth is a sophisticated classic twist that works well with updos and ponytails. This hairstyle is not without reason popular – it is very easy to care and versatile. The A-line bob with straight or fringed side panels or extravagant overlength on the side – the hairstyle is presented again and again. The short bob looks youthful and takes almost no time to style. A pony gives the perfect trend look.

Hairstyles medium length – Contrasting color tendency

frisuren mittellang kupfer rot locken pony idee elegant

Medium-length hairstyles offer a multifaceted variety and enable a play with unusual details – colors and lines. The trendy colors for 2015 are set to red and offer plenty of scope with highlights. The so-called ombre-look takes a backseat and instead, more natural baby highlights come to the fore, framing the face and giving it a brighter look. Color accents should not compete with the hairline for attention. Geometric hairstyles with rather straight lines are suitable for particularly playful details. Dark shades such as copper, aubergine, merlot, violet or, quite the contrary, platinum blond with silver, pink or rose-gold color accents can be combined with the middle hair length.

Curly hairstyle

frisuren mittellang locken idee verspielt look styling damen

Modern bob with curls

frisuren mittellang mila kunis bob modern wellen mittelscheitel

The styling of medium-long hair is quite suitable for everyday use and directed to the individual taste and personality. Whether smooth, behind combed, curly, wild, with waves, volume or in retro chic does not matter. There are no limits if you want to wear hairstyles medium.

Hair in rose gold

Frisuren Mittellang -rosegold-blond-farbe-haar-schnitt-duenn

Classy clever Bob – long or short

Frisuren Mittellang -long-bob-braun-glitzer-abendkleid-Olivia-Palermo-Haar

Natural waves and warm browns

Frisuren Mittellang -eva-longoria-gerade-wellen-braun-dunkel-schwarz

Natural-looking baby highlights frame the face

Frisuren Mittellang -wellen-laessig-straehnchen-natuerlich-wild

The Ombré hairstyle has been reinterpreted

Frisuren Mittellang -babystraenchen-natuerlich-braun-gold-hilary-swank

The eternal classic Long Bob

Frisuren Mittellang -blond-lang-bob-rot-kleid-charlise-theron

Frisuren Mittellang -long-bob-roetlich-kupfer-nicole-kidmann-

Frisuren Mittellang -camilla-belle-lang-bob-schwarz-kleid-glitzer

Hair combing and peeling is not just a men’s thing

Frisuren Mittellang -bob-braun-haar-glatt-nachhinten-geksemmt-gelen-Camilla-Belle

Frisuren Mittellang -neu-stil-mode-trend-kim-kardashian-blond-haar

Frisuren Mittellang -nach-hinten-gelen-kaemmen-stylen-blond

Frisuren Mittellang -bob-long-glatt-klassik-Charlize-Theron-

Chic and feminine – Short Bob

Frisuren Mittellang -christina-aguilera-bob-glatt-retro-chic-glitzer-abendkleid-rosa

Teen casual

Frisuren Mittellang -natuerlich-jung-bob-pony-kurz-braun-karley-closs

With the very charming A-line

Frisuren Mittellang -bob-kurz-zart-spitze-keira-knightley

Frisuren Mittellang -kurz-bob-blond-glatt-gerade-Reese-Witherspoon

Frisuren Mittellang -Rita-Ora-bob-gerade-blond-platin-weiss-blazer






The fashionable color palette is full of contrasts – from black to white blonde


Platinum Blonde with Color Accents – Rose Gold, Silver, Pink, Pink, Purple






Frisuren Mittellang -lockig-spitze-rot-floral-rihanna





Frisuren Mittellang -blont-platin-silber-kim-kardashian-neu-haarstil


The latest trends in hair colors in 2015 – Dark brown to black with nuances of copper to aubergine






Retro chic with waves and volume




Frisuren Mittellang -farben-haar-trend-2015-geometrisch-schnitt-glatt-gerade

24 bridal hairstyles with veil for medium-length hair

 Brautfrisuren mit Schleier mitellang flechtkranz

The list of wedding choices seems endless: the menu, dress, location, music, guests, rehearsal dinner, reception, and the honeymoon. An important detail is the bride’s hairstyle . If you are planning to wear a veil on your big day, you must also match your hairstyle with the style and length of the veil. Today we have put together some beautiful bridal hairstyles for you with veils for medium-long hair that will fascinate you.

Bridal Hairstyles with Veil – Birdcage Veil (Birdcage)

 Brautfrisuren mit Schleier vogelkaefig-retro-seitlicher-dutt

Women with medium-length hair, birdcage veils are particularly good. This 1950s-inspired short veil can be paired with a romantic, curly bob. A low-bound, elegant chignon would also balance the look with the lush veil. Always wear the birdcage veil attached to the top of the head, so that the net does not cover the entire face but reaches between the nose and the mouth.

Bridal Hairstyles with Veil – Floor Length Veil

 Brautfrisuren mit Schleier -bodenlanger-schleier-seitlich-gesteckter-dutt

Those who have always dreamed of a fairytale, floor-length tulle veil should wear their medium-length hair in an updo. A side-mounted chignon or a banana are ideal.

Ideas for fingertip-long veils


Nothing brings out a bridal hairstyle for mid-length hair better than a mid-length veil. Voluminous curls look chic and glamorous under a fingertip-long veil. Semi-open hairstyles also allow hair to be kept away from the face and yet cascade freely over the shoulders.

interesting braided hair


Hairstyle to a floor-length veil


Twirled hair to a little bun


Bridal hairstyle with veil and diadem


XXL jewelry for medium-long hair


Playful look with veil and topknot















Medium long hairstyles – the best hairstyles for 2014


Mid-length hairstyles are currently conquering the red carpet, and all the stars and celebrities are leaving the long mane and slipping into the new Clavi Cut . Taylor Swift has him, Anne Hathaway wears him, one thing is clear – the long wave is definitely Out . In today’s article we will introduce you to the trendiest hairstyles and hope you would be able to choose one or the other for your next party.

Medium length hairstyles with touch enthusiasm


Adieu long hair, Hello Bob hairstyle! If you can not take the step and the short haircut is not at your side, enter the world of popular bob hairstyles. Mid-length hairstyles are therefore popular among the ladies, because they offer many variations to re-styling and thus carry a touch of individualism and inspiration. Lighter for styling than the short hair and with its own angle of the chosen style are medium-length hairstyles with or without highlights to wear. Pony appears from time to time and gives a little retro flair here and there, but otherwise the smooth hair cuts radiate with layers, and provide enthusiasm for more shine and more shoulder length!

Medium long hairstyles are in!


The Retro Clavi Cut Haircut turns medium-length hairstyles into a trend with satisfaction guaranteed. For the fine hair, you can wear a hairstyle with layers and thus use more volume. Ladies who want to keep their natural hair waves do so with half length hair. Style your right or left apex and point the hair tips in the desired direction. It is important to know that you are in the trend and go step by step with the latest trends.

Give your hair a lively feel with highlights or tints


Hint of curls for a mitigating appearance


Hip Clavi Cut Hairstyles


Optimal hair length with layers


The famous retro look


With silver and copper colored beads













Hairstyles for medium-length hair -Stylings for fall

coole Haarschnitte mittellange Haare Frisur Styling

We show you 20 cool stylings and hairstyles for medium-length hair – the trendy haircuts in combination with the matching hair color can emphasize the face. There is a wide selection of hairstyles available – and if the woman with the help of an expert selects the right styling, it is often enough then already with the hair dryer to give shape.

Hairstyles for medium-length hair – chic styling for the cold season

mittellanges Haar Goldblond Wellen langes Gesicht

In autumn and winter , hair suffers much more than in summer and spring. Wind and rain make the hair look brittle. And if the woman still dyes and blows her hair regularly, then care is urgent. Often, therefore, especially at the beginning of autumn, the ladies decide for a change – the long curls are cut off, instead, hairstyles are sought for medium-long hair . But at the latest when going out from the hairdressing salon you realize – the dream hairstyle is not really long. Nobody has time for time-consuming styling.

Therefore, the experts advise to get detailed advice before the haircut. Questions like

– How can I quickly style this hairstyle in everyday life

– How can I properly care for the hair

– In how much time can I decide on another haircut?

– How often do I have to visit the hairdressing salon

can strongly influence your decision. In addition, you should choose a hairstyle that fits the face shape and hair structure. Be inspired by the picture gallery below, but do not forget what suits you is not so good for the other and vice versa.

Hairstyles for medium-length hair – Bob

Haar Frisuren Pony schokoladenbraun

Frisur blond Haarsträhnen moderne Styling Tipps

Smooth hair can be styled quickly

mittellanges Haar Frisuren Ideen Styling

Even waves can be made by a round brush

Haarsträhne blonde Haarfarbe ohne Pony

Even the stars like to shorten their long hair this season

Haarfrisuren Herbst Winter 2014/2015 Wellen mit lässigem Look

The matching hairstyle for fall season is easy to care for – thanks to the cut, the hair has shape and you do not have to style it every day

 mittellanges Haar Gold Wellen rosa Lippenstift

Short hairstyle for everyday life in the office

Seitenscheitel Wellen ovales Gesicht trendige Frisuren

Well structured cut and strands

asymmetrisch blond gerade Pony

For more volume, this asymmetrical cut is perfect

 Ideen Strähnen Seitenscheitel mittellang

mittellange Haare Ideen braune Haarfarbe

Haare Frisur Bob Braunrote Farbe

Haare Frisur Haarschnitt föhnen stylen

Haare Frisur seitlich Pony Haarsträhnen

Haare Haarschnitt moderne Frau stilvoll

Haare Wellen Kurzhaarfrisur Ideen

Haar föhnen blonde Haarfarbe gerader Scheitel