Gemstone look for the nails – Fascinating gemstones as inspiration for chic manicure

gemstone malachite nail design straight filed short nails

In today’s post, we would like to take a not necessarily new, but absolutely trendy nail trend under the column. The following will be the talk of the manicure in gemstone optics. Gems are perceived as talismans in many cultures and are considered lucky charms. Gems are often worn to enhance certain characteristics of the wearer. But not only their symbolism, but also the fascinating look of the gems causes the emergence of various beauty trends. In our picture gallery you will find many manicure designs that are inspired by the noble look of the stones.

Nail Design in Gemstone Look – Marble Nails

white marble effect dark veins gem optics

Although marble is a natural stone and not a gemstone, it has already created a long-lasting nail trend due to its special texture and unique look. The marble look has been absolutely trendy for some time. Marble is noble and luxurious, which is why it earns a firm place among the nail designs in gemstone look. Whether black with bright veins or white with dark veins, a manicure in marble look is stylish and elegant.

marble nails white gray black gem optics

Marmor Nails complete an official outfit, but also give the casual look a special charm. In addition to black and white, rose gold, copper, metallic and other colors such as blue, red and green are ideal for the marble manicure. Who wants to achieve maximum similarity with the appearance of natural stone, should make the veins as blurred as possible. If you want to make the vein stand out on the base color, you can put it to good use with gold or silver.

silver glitter marble effect gel design gemstone optics

pink oval short marble effect dark veins

nude nails marble white black red gem optics

old pink marble white black almond gemstone effect

Summer nail art ballerina nails marble effect

short nails manicure white marble purple nuances gold

Marble nail design nude black gray make yourself gem optics

elegant fingernail design gray gold gemstone optic marble gray white veins

marble gemstone green milky gold accents

turquoise gemstone optics blue water technology gold

Turquoise nails

turquoise nails straight filed gemstone optics jewelry

If you want to enhance your summery look with a trendy nail design, then the gemstone look of the turquoise is absolutely right. This gemstone is one of the oldest gemstones and is revered as a holy stone in many cultures. Its intriguing color makes it particularly popular in the choice of various accessories such as rings, pendants and chains. The turquoise gemstone is found in the colors sky blue, teal and apple green, with the saturated sky blue color being the most desirable for a fresh manicure in the summer season.

turquoise gemstone optics manicure design ideas

A turquoise manicure in gemstone optics also fascinates with a marbled effect. The turquoise nail design goes well with bright outfits, but is also a great complement to garments in bright colors. The combination with black creates a great contrast. Turquoise nail polish in gemstone look fits perfectly with boho style.

turquoise gemstone optics marbling nail trend square

turquoise nails gold accents almonds gem optics

turquoise gem gel angel design gemstone look gold accents

marble turquoise gold accents round nails

Marbling round nails turquoise gemstone look

gemstone look turquoise nails gold accents

turquoise blue gold foil fingernails design

Rose quartz nails

short nails cared for feminine rose quartz

The trendy gemstone look can also be achieved with the rose quartz nail design . The delicate color of the pink quartz is particularly well received by the ladies and is gaining more and more popularity. The rose quartz manicure looks feminine, simple and romantic. Although the gemstone look of the quartz is not particularly difficult to implement, a little practice and proper guidance is needed to beautify your fingernails yourself with a rose quartz manicure.

gemstone optics rose quartz almond shape gold edging

If you want to transfer the gemstone look of rose quartz to your fingers, you are absolutely right with the colors pink, light old rose and baby pink. Because the rose quartz occurs in nature in all these colors.

gemstone optic rose quartz nails design long round

rose quartz nails gemstone look manicure

rose quartz gemstone optics oval shape marbling

round fingernails gold silver stripes rose quartz gemstone optics

opal gemstone optic dark blue black

Cat’s Eye Gemstone Look – Cat Eye Nails

emerald green rough cat eye gemstone effect nail design

The Cat Eye nails have also gained popularity fairly quickly and will certainly remain among the most popular nail trends for a long time. The cat’s eye gemstone impresses with a light effect that resembles the slit-like pupil of a cat. With special nail polish with small metal particles and a special, thin magnet, the attractive cat’s eye effect is achieved.

black purple cat's eye gemstone optic ballerina nails

The technique is very simple and allows different nail designs. Even beginners can experiment and design designs with a vertical or oblique line along the nail or combine several small lines.

gold foil dark blue manicure cat's eye effect gem optics

dark blue cat's eye gemstone flowers look round

cat eye nails gemstone look bordeaux pink

gemstone optics nails designs cat eye red

stiletto nails filigree ornament cat's eye gemstone optics

nude brown cat eye nails short gem optics

Amethyst gemstone nail design

purple glitter amethyst gem optic fingernails design

No less fascinating is the gemstone look of the amethyst stone. If you like the shades of pink, pale violet or even a dark violet, you can decorate your fingernails with a shade of amethyst. The purple quartz stone is definitely a statement and looks just breathtakingly beautiful on the fingertips.

gray violet amethyst glitter gemstone optics gel nails design

amethyst glitter black gray gemstone optic short nails

gemstone look manicure trends amethyst gold gliltzer

glitter amethyst dark violet nail shape straight

Opal gemstone look for the nails

opal effect gemstone optics golz gel angel design

Are you perhaps inspired by the unique gemstone optics of Opal? His rainbow-colored iridescence makes not only the noble Opalschmuckstücke unique. You do not have to wear an opal ring to enjoy the great color play of the opal, which changes according to the angle of view. The beautiful appearance of the opal can also reflect your nails.

opal nails pastel colors rainbow colored gold border rhinestones

You can achieve the characteristic color gradient and the depth of the gemstone if you use several layers of nail polish. Obtain nail polish in light blue, pink, turquoise, metal and glitter nail polish, which you apply with a sponge to the white base coat. The order of colors should be random to create a true-to-life look.

lace nubal opal gem effect pastel

Once you are satisfied with the rainbow effect, you can complete your manicure with the glitter finish. Seal your nails with a topcoat. An edge in gold or silver makes your fingernails look like real jewelry.

nails design gemstone optics opal manicure make yourself

Opal gem optics make your own instructions

Gemstone Quartz Opal Stiletto Acrylic Gold

gem look opal gel design round long

Agate nail design

With its unique and distinctive pattern, the agate provides a great clue to chic manicure in a gemstone look. In nature you can find the agate in an unmanageable range of colors. Even if the effect is hard to do on your own, you can entrust this look to the professionals in your nail design studio and be amazed by a charming nail design.

agate gemstone optic colorful manicure pink purple gold

agate amethyst gemstone manicure design ideas purple light blue

gemstone look agate layers nude basecoat

agate amethyst stiletto nails stainless steel look

agate nail design turquoise gold emerald green gold

Agate fingernails design gold white gemstone effect

Malachite Nails – Gemstone look in malachite green

malachite gemstone optic short fingernails strasseinchen

Of course, if you want a gemstone look for your nails, you do not have to limit yourself to the gems mentioned here. The gemstone Malachite, for example, also cuts a fine figure with its strong color on the fingernails. Its color ranges from light green to black green and is reminiscent of the color of Malvenblätter.

Malachite nails gemstone optics make water technology

When the malachite green meets your taste, you can use the water technology to make the light and dark overflows typical of the gemstone itself. If the green nail polish is enriched with fine glitter particles, you will reach the gemstone optics of the aventurine quartz.

emerald green white gold oval nail shape gemstone optics

gold green white gray marbling gem nails design

malachite green white gemstone optics nails short

aventurine gemstone optics cat's eye effect nails design ideas

malachite effect straight gem nail design

aventurine gemstone optic green glitter nails design

White Gold Gold Nails – 20 Tips & Ideas for Trend Manicure Gold Glitter

nails-white-gold-trend mosaic fish scale-pattern

Colors and patterns, but also textures alternate with the nail design, as with the fashionable outfits. A recent trend in nail polishes has prevailed: nails in white gold. Made with sparkles, graphically styled or with nail foils, the opulent look is a total hit. He is seen in many variations. At first glance, gilded fingernails may seem playful, but the appearance should always be cool and a lot less.

The current nail design trends at a glance

nails-white-gold-trends-mode current styling

Everything but probably not monotonous, the nails are worn 2017. Strict lines, colorful color combinations, geometric constructions dominate in the nail polish trends, which were currently presented at international fashion weeks. It is not only played with colors, but also with textures. Shellac, powders and foils give you more freedom and make our manicure look more exciting. Thus, there is always something to discover and it never gets boring. Metal paints, chrome, mirror nails and rivets are for those who like the shimmer and shine. On the other hand, neutral nuances fit in well with everything and look just fancy. A special combination of the two will accompany us in summer – nails in white-gold.

Trendy nail shapes

nails-white-gold-trend-manicure manicure

Spring and summer 2017 look promising in terms of nail trends – interesting mix of graphic patterns and great colors. If the nail polish is the fashion on the nails and completes the look perfectly, the hand care and the coordinated nail shape is an important prerequisite for this. No matter what color or pattern you choose, the nail shape should of course be rounded, that is oval. Corners and edges are only allowed for the design.

Nail polish trends: nails in white gold


Although the choice of colors is limited to only two, there is something great in the new paints. Glittering particles need 2017 on the fingernails. Glitter, graffiti motifs, strokes or simply golden color bring us in glamor mood . The manicure but you should be especially adapted to the outfit. Elaborate patterns and motifs are more suitable for festive occasions and less suitable for the office outfit. Above all, it is important if the dominant colors of the outfit are also included in the manicure. White and gold are always a good choice for the summer and fit the tanned skin very well.

French nails in white gold


Everything that shimmers, shines and sparkles is in 2017 announced. If it is too much and not the proper business look, neutral shades always go. So that it is not boring, you should combine with metal effects. Therefore, white gold is a harmonious combination that is well suited for everyone. The classic and unobtrusive French manicure can be beautifully interpreted in these two colors and still looks stylish and elegant. This can also make wonderful at home and is therefore a chic variation of the conventional nail design.

Framed manicure in white gold


The so-called ‘Framed’ manicure or also known as inverted French manicure, is also a variant that convinces with its simplicity. Glitter cover only the nail attachment and a finger, here the wedding ring finger. Thus, a discreet accent is achieved without attracting attention and without exaggerating with the glam, but not completely abandon it.

Ombre nails in white gold


A soft glamor look is created by the Ombre technique. Here, the glitter are gently attached, focusing on the nail tip and run gently toward the nail tip, they are only whole in the end. We are looking for a chic, romantic look with some stardust. The finish should be glamorous, in order to put the glittering splendor in the foreground and to present it in the best possible way.

Nails in white gold: simple with self-adhesive stickers


Brilliant and metallic elements are in full swing. Geomeric motifs, lines and lines – also. Minimalistic yet individual, this white and gold manicure. Minimalist designs of every kind have a rule of thumb: everything has to be perfect. Therefore, the perfectly shaped fingernails are an important requirement. You can reach the perfectly divided white area with some adhesive tape or special self-adhesive strips for the purpose. The decorating elements are stickers here, but can be like golden flash tattoos.

Nails in white gold with some transparency


Compared to the chrome nails, the white-gold combination may look a bit less noticeable. We find them, but really chic and stylish, especially if the gold is not applied on all fingers. The next trend is transparency or so-called see through nails. They are super modern and are achieved either by layers of transparent nail polish or by clear plastic nails. In the process, numerous glitter particles are incorporated in some places.

Nails in white gold with sparkles and playful motives


Thanks to acrylic nails and gel lacquers, it is easy to integrate different small elements in the nail design. Glitter, rivets, rhinestones, pearls and others are incorporated between the transparent layers of varnish and thereby fixed.

Nails in white gold with gold leaf effect

nails-white-gold-trend-gold leaf-effect-nude

2017, the fingernails may be anything but boring. There are no limits to creativity here. You can even mix several styles and even get a great look through nail foils and stencils. For stylish results, we recommend to think of a color concept. Do not use more than 3 colors, the color of the decorating elements also counts. Graphic patterns and motifs When painting, the fingernails are not necessarily completely painted. Self-adhesive strips, foils or stencils can be used to cover individual areas. This look is called cut-out.

Nägel in Weiß-Gold -trend-sommer-flecken-rosa

Even chaotic spots can look right harmonious and harmonious, they belong to a whole and the selection of colors is coordinated. Here is a glamor accent achieved by gold leaf.

Nails in white gold with crash effect


A transparency effect can also be achieved by effect paints, such as a crash paint. The bottom layer of golden glitter color shines through the cracks of the white crash paint.

Nails in white gold with incorporated studs, glitter and rhinestones


The trendy geometric shapes can be reached in several ways. Lines, bows and squares can be precisely painted with nail polish and brush, but also glued as a foil or why not made of several small elements.

Nägel in Weiß-Gold -trend-punkten-glitzer

If you prefer to have your fingernails in one color, then resort to neutral white and add individual details that make for a change. Accents can only be set to two or three fingers. Gold foils , glitter particles and sequins are best suited here. Beautifully and precisely arranged, they can also form geometric shapes and structures.

Lace nails in white gold and nude

Nägel in Weiß-Gold -trend-nude-matt-stiletto-glitzer

Pointed nails are very eye-catching in themselves and are likely to be overused or even cheesy with many incorporated details. Here we recommend instead of using complicated nail designs with elaborate patterns and motifs to paint the fingers in different colors. The rule of thumb about the three colors remains valid here. Then choose two neutral colors, such as nude and white, and a third – gold, which should provide an eye-catcher.

Playful nail design in white gold: star motifs

nails-white-gold-trend-star-jeans-dark blue

If you like it more dramatic and prefer darker colors, you are welcome to combine gold and white with a dark hue. To white gold fits dark blue or black quite well. It is advisable not to overdo it with gold and glitter. Beautiful variant is to paint three fingers dark and the other two to make varied. Star motifs complement the glamorous look, but are also a good decision for everyday wear with jeans.

Playful nail art design in white gold: artfully minimalist

nails-white-gold-trend-artfully minimalist

Artful, yet minimalist is also the nail polish trends. Every fingernail can be designed differently, but also harmoniously with the others. This manicure looks extravagant, but at the same time elegant. Here, the gold is no longer an accent, but one of the main colors. Combined with white and very little black and due to the matte finish it looks discreet and even plain.

Make playful nail design in white gold itself – With permanent marker


Great nails in white gold are easily conjured up using a permanent marker. The color of the marker is mostly based on acetone and blends well with any conventional nail polish. Experiment with shapes and patterns.

Marble nails in white gold


Marble is a trendy trend not only in the interior design, but in fashion, therefore also in nail design. Marbled nails are completely in and seem both minimalist simple, as well as extravagant. The characteristic pattern can be painted with a thin nail art brush or achieved by the so-called marble technique. For this a white ULackschicht is required and a bowl of water. Add 2 – 3 drops of gray or black nail polish to the water surface, then immerse each fingernail. This nail design technique is a bit more complicated and will probably take several attempts to perfect the result.

Artificial fingernails


Artificial nails are always a solution if your own fingernails are brittle or just never look nice and long. Artificial nails can be made both at home and in the nail salon. There are even some with applied color layer and with finished nail design. You just have to stick them on and you’re done. Recently, even artificial fingernails from the 3D printer made socially acceptable

Make gel nails yourself – 9 ideas with instructions for beautiful manicure

Gelnägel selber machen elegante-fingernägel-ohne-tips-roter-gellack

Beautiful nails with or without design are of great importance to women and speak for a neat look. They contribute to the general appearance and strengthen the self-confidence. Many women opt for gel nails as they always look shiny and make a more permanent choice for the manicure . Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to going to the nail salon, then you are right here. In the article, we present ideas with instructions on how to make the gel nails , what important steps to take, and other helpful tips for elegant nail designs.

Worth knowing about the gel nails yourself

Gelnägel selber machen zuhause-led-uv-lampe-glänzende-rote-fingernägel

Gel nails are made of a technology enhanced and beautified fingernails whose upper layer always looks shiny. On the nails, a UV gel is applied, which hardens under UV light and after two or three repetitions significantly strengthen the nails. If you would like to make your own gel nails, then you should pay attention to some important points in order not to damage your natural nails. The fingernails should be carefully shaped and filed with a suitable file so that they do not become brittle. Furthermore, attention must be paid to hygiene and the nails should be treated with a suitable nail care.

Make gel nails yourself or have them done in the nail salon?

Gelnägel selber machen statt-nagelstudio-vorteile-nachteile-roter-nagellack

If you have naturally discolored or brittle fingernails, you can handle the problem by opting for gel nails. But now comes the question of whether the gel nails make themselves at home or should rather visit a nail salon. Actually, both variants have their advantages – the do it yourself presents the cheaper alternative, the visit to the specialist saves some time, if the studio is not far away. In addition, you can just sit back and let yourself be pampered there.

However, if you decide to do it yourself, you can continue reading, as some tips and design ideas that will help you are summarized below. Learn with which means and with which steps you get with a little practice to the perfect nail design, on which all will be jealous.

What do you need to do for gel nails yourself?

Gelnägel selber machen notwendige-materialien-gellack-uv-lampe-aceton

To make durable gel nails on your natural nails, you need a suitable equipment. There are different sets on the market that are suitable for beginners or professionals alike. If you are a beginner in the gel nails, then you need a starter kit, which contains only the most necessary equipment: a UV lamp, primer, cleaner, UV gel or gel varnish in the form of base coat, as well as top coat and color coat. Further, the usual tools such as files, buffers and cuticle pushers are necessary to make the manicure. Video instructions for artificial gel nails with French manicure and other DIY designs can be found later in the article.

French nails – elegant manicure for every occasion

Gelnägel selber machen french-maniküre-diy-uv-lampe-elegant

The French fingernails combine beautifully with all sorts of clothing and can be worn both in everyday life, as well as for festive occasions. The classic French manicure without decorations looks natural and you can easily make it yourself at home, without having special artistic skills, as they are necessary for some motifs and patterns, for example. You may even have already done the French manicure with normal nail polish? Then you know that it really is not difficult. In principle, the procedure for the gel lacquer does not differ much from the normal one. Only the roughening of the nail surface and the use of the lamp make the difference.

Make French gel nails yourself – instructions


When making your own gel nails, you should always first make your fingernails with a file. Here you can choose both the angular nail shape, as well as a rounded. That’s a matter of taste. You should also remove or push back the cuticle and precisely buff the surface of the nail with the buffer until it no longer shines. This rough surface ensures that the paint can adhere well. This is basically like sanding wood and then painting. Then the fingernails are cleaned (there should be no greasy residue as they prevent the gel from sticking well), painted with the base coat and held in the UV lamp to allow it to dry and solidify. With this you have already completed the first steps. Hardening in the lamp does not take as long as normal nail polish, which of course is another advantage over him.

French finger nails make yourself with UV lamp


Above the base coat, a light-colored UV varnish is applied and cured. Next, the tips are painted in white using the stencils and cured again. Then the stencils are removed, the overcoat applied and the nails held under the LED light. Due to the heat that prevails in the light, a so-called sweat layer on the nail surface, which should not scare you. This is completely normal. Finally, this layer of sweat is removed, for example, with a nail polish remover and the nails are treated with a cuticle oil to give them the necessary care.

Video tutorial: Artificial gel nails with tips make yourself

Nail design for DIY with nail art brushes


If you want to decorate one or more nails, this should happen with the topcoat before the last cure. Then paint gels and decorations such as glitter, rhinestones, stickers and the like can be applied to the nails to create a beautiful nail design. All this you then fix with the topcoat, which not only ensures colors for patterns and motifs, but also decorations.

Red gel nails instructions – preparation of the nails


Who does not like red fingernails? They look elegant and are suitable for every season, but only if the nail polish looks fresh and does not peel off, which happens quickly with ordinary paint. Straight designs with strong colors quickly lose their beauty and have to be renewed very often. For the perfect and lasting red nails, the best is the gel-lacquer. If you want to make red gel nails yourself, start again with the usual preparation of the fingernails. This guarantees later a longer hold of the gel on the nails.

Red gel nails Instructions – Apply under-, color- and topcoat


As a further step, the fingernails are varnished with the base coat or the so-called base coat, which protects the natural nails from the following steps and influences and from the color coat discoloring your nails, that is to say a protective layer. Only then is the color coat applied and finally covered with the overcoat, which seals the paint underneath. All of this has to be individually cured again under the UV lamp and your perfect red nail design is done! You can apply these steps to any other color as well.

Make gel nails yourself – the role of the UV lamp


The UV lamp is used between application before each layer. Depending on the model and power of the lamp, the fingernails need between 60 and 120 seconds to cure. The UV light seals the UV gel or the gel enamel and ensures beautiful nails for up to two weeks. This is especially beneficial for the ladies because they do a lot of household chores that ruin ordinary nail polish. The regular rinsing of the dishes, for example, is one of them. With the Gellack, however, you will enjoy your manicure for a longer time.

Making red gel nails yourself – give the finishing touch


To give the red nails the finishing touch, you should wipe away the sweat layer again and treat the cuticles with oil. Do not worry if the first attempts are not perfect – if you always want to make beautiful gel nails yourself, regular exercise is very important. You’re sure to get the hang of it quickly and soon enjoy creating the manicure yourself.

Make gel nails yourself without UV lamp


Would you like to get that great gel look on your nails without a UV lamp? With a nail polish or gel-over varnish you can achieve the desired shiny effect, however, the nail polish in this case is not as durable as with the UV light. It all depends on what you expect from your finished design.

Make simple nail design yourself


Whether with or without UV lamp, you can even make simple nail designs without much time. If you have an artistic talent, you can create even more elaborate and creative designs. Give it a try and experiment calmly. Maybe you even have a talent for it, without having guessed it! For the idea above, not much talent is needed. On a bright gel layer, a black accent in the form of a thin line is added in the area of ​​the crescent.

Make gel nails with nail stickers yourself


You want to make and decorate your gel nails yourself, but you can not paint yourself on the nails with a brush? In this case, we recommend the use of nail stickers, which are easily glued to the fingernails and ultimately create a beautiful nail design. There are a variety of decorative elements that make your job easier and even beginners a beautiful design that is also much cheaper than in the nail salon.

Necessary materials and instructions


For the gel nails with nail stickers you need the UV lamp and the appropriate paints and tools to prepare the nails. At the beginning, you start with the usual procedure: prepare fingernails, paint with the base coat and harden. Put the stickers ready before you start painting, so you will not miss anything afterwards.

Do instructions for gel nails yourself


The next step is to apply the color coat and keep your fingers in the UV lamp. Only then the nail stickers are glued on, as they should be under the overcoat, so as not to be damaged by the UV light. The sticker is cut out, kept in water for one minute and then glued on one or more nails of your choice. Then apply the topcoat and harden again. So you can do a simple nail design for gel nails yourself and in no time.

Make beautiful gel nails yourself with glitter


If you like the glitter fingernails, then you can make sparkling gel nails yourself. The only difference to the usual gel nails is that color was used. However, you can get the effect with glitter powder and make flashy designs like ombre with glitter itself. Also it says again “Try is about studying”. Guides can of course help you a lot with experimenting and practicing. However, nothing hinders you to try something of your own.

Gel nails with French manicure – 32 natural and colorful ideas

gelnägel mit french maniküre pfauenfeder bild glitzer weiss

French manicure gel nails are one of the most popular nail designs today. The reason for this is the clean and fresh look that the nails receive and at the same time look natural. Furthermore, this design is also fast to make, making it perfect for anyone who has a stressful everyday life. In addition to the classic variant with white nail tips, there are also infinitely many other variants, which differ in their color and the decorations.

Gel nails with French manicure – Classic variant in plain white

gelnaegel french manikuere klassisch lange naegel ringe

Of course, the designs that are made with gel are particularly long-lasting. That’s what this article is about. We would like to introduce you to 32 gel nail designs that can be used as a model on your next visit to the manicure. Whether in plain white, in bright colors or with glittering decorations or stickers – highlight your nails and thus your femininity.

Gel nails with French manicure and dot pattern

gelnägel mit french maniküre punkte bunt damen styling

Subtle, but extremely pretty, is this idea. It is an interesting dot pattern of colorful colors, which is very well suited especially for the summer. The nails are first designed in French manicure design and then provided with, for example, a toothpick with dots. In the end, do not forget the overcoat!

Glitter in pink nuances

gelnaegel-french-manikuere-aufkleber ringe sterne pink nuancen

Decorations for the fingernails are completed. They are simply glued to the nail and fixed with a topcoat. That’s how this design was designed after a pretty ombre of white and pink was created. The fingernails were then decorated with rings and stars.

Manicure idea in white and purple with dash pattern

gelnaegel-french-manikuere-lila spitze nailart ring hochzeit idee

Come up with any manicure design and experiment with strokes, dots and other shapes. You can let the imagination run wild when you paint and implement individual ideas.

Nails with red glitter angel

gelnaegel-french-manikuere inspiration rot glitzer finger

Glittering stones on white french manicure

gelnaegel-french-manikuere glitzersteine blaugruen schwarz streifen

Transparent design of gel nails with glitter

gelnaegel-french-manikuere glitzer schlicht nailart damen

Glittering design in blue nuances

gelnaegel-french-manikuere glitzer look blau

Oblique design in Bordeaux

gelnaegel-french-manikuere bordeaux schraeg design dunkel naegel

gelnaegel-french-manikuere aufkleber blumen glitzer sommer motive

gelnägel-mit french-maniküre weiss orange nagelspitze design

gelnägel-mit-french-maniküre punkt idee lila blau gruen gelb

gelnägel-mit-french-maniküre pink spitze design idee feminin

gelnägel-mit-french-maniküre-orange blau mix sommer look

gelnägel-mit-french-maniküre glitzer blau tuerkis nuancen lange naegel

gelnaegel-mit french-manikuere feder motiv idee romantisch design

gelnaegel-mit-french-manikuere blau weiss wellen maritim look damen

gelnaegel-french-manikuere-zebra tiermotiv lila weiss design

gelnaegel-french-manikuere weiss nagelspitze stern aufkleber

gelnaegel-french-manikuere-streifen hautfarbe runde naegel

gelnaegel-french-manikuere-silber glitzer idee inspiration

gelnaegel-french-manikuere-schwarz silber motiv ornamente

gelnaegel-french-manikuere-scherben look gruen gelb

gelnaegel-french-manikuere-pastellfarben pink hellblau acryl

gelnaegel-french-manikuere-blumen rose glitzerstein damen styling

gelnägel-mit-french-maniküre weiss gold akzente schraeg design hochzeit





Nail Design for Easter makes your manicure an eye-catcher


When spring finally comes and Easter approaches, you have a great opportunity to brush up on your fingernails! We have 20 charming ideas for nail design ready for Easter ! Let yourself be inspired!

Nail design for Easter – colorful, happy and modern


As an important element of the Ostermanicüre serve the subtle vernal colors such as light green, delicate powdery rose, pastel yellow, lilac, sky blue. Applying rhinestones, gold and silver paints will make your nails shine.

Typical Easter motifs that adorn not only our home, but also our fingernails are painted chicken eggs, Easter bunnies, stripes, zigzag patterns, waves. They require a few nail polish colors, but you can also easily design yourself. The more elaborate designs are for advanced nail designers who have a calm touch and a lot of patience. Drawing works wonderfully with a fine tooth stick. To work faster, quick-drying nail polishes are always recommended.

Nail Design for Easter – the Easter Eggs Look


Probably the easiest and at the same time effective Easter design are dots or polka dots. Points can be applied very filigree. First, the root is applied. If you paint the base coat thick, one coat is enough. Allow to dry for 10 to 15 minutes and start with a different color for the dots. Since the color of the dots is a bit thicker, it will take more time to dry. At the end you can smooth the surface with a TopCoat. Voila!

Typical Easter colors are all-round talents


Nifty nail design for the spring


Colorful Easter Nail Art


Suitable for Easter painted nails


Easter Chick Nail Art


Colorful dots design


Strong red as the keynote


Paint nails festively for Easter











Autumn manicure – The trends 2015 in the nail art

herbst maniküre pastellfarben ombre idee damen beauty

The manicure is a pretty accent that we choose depending on the outfit we are wearing. It does not matter whether it is about the outfit in everyday life or a special occasion. The fall manicure should match in your shades and patterns just this season. To give you an idea of ​​what to look for, this article will show you what is important in choosing the design of the fall manicure to be modern and up-to-date.

Autumn Manicure – Dark Reds

herbst maniküre burgunder schlicht farbgestaltung elegant

Melancholy is something that should not be missed in the fall. You can also transfer this feeling to your fingernails . Paint them in a dark red. Furthermore, this color also symbolizes strength, density and safety.

Autumn manicure in matte pastel colors

herbst maniküre matt grau glitzer kombi nageldesign

For the autumn manicure also pastel tones are suitable. These belong to the autumn tendency 2014. Such nuances can, for example, consist of ocher, green and bordeaux. You can either paint your nails in one of these colors, or you can combine them with others to create great effects and patterns.

Brown nail design with golden leaf motifs

herbst maniküre braun nagellack blatt motive gold orange

Nude look and plaid manicure design

herbst maniküre kariert idee rosa blau nude look

Autumn manicure in the French style

Gold Partikel Ideen Herbst Saison

A modern nail design for years is the French autumn manicure . Also interesting is the new variant, in which the strip is not as usual on the nail tip, but in the lower area, where the crescent is located.

The modern nude effect is also great for the nails. With a nude nail polish your nails look as if they were completely natural, while they look even more neat.

Shimmering colors for New Year’s Eve

Ideen Herbst Gold Maniküre

Also fashionable at the fall manicure are metallic colors, as well as silver and gold that you can combine with each other. As with all other fashion areas, the color black is also in the field of nail design announced.

Below we will show you how you can shape your fall manicure . Also included are designs by Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang .

Autumn manicure – these colors are trendy

Nageldesign Ideen Maniküre selber machen

Shining bronze manicure

Maniküre selber machen Nagellack Glitzer

Nude and marble effect for fall in one

Trends 2014 Herbst Saison Nude Nuancen

Autumnal nail design

Herbst Maniküre selber machen Ideen

The Nuancehn in beige are trendy

schwarze Fingernägel Design Ideen originell

Combine two contrasting colors

Fingernägel schwarz rot Glitzerpartikel

Stylish nail design – ideas

lila Nageldesign Ideen Herbst Maniküre

Matt purple color

Fingernägel Ideen Lack auftragen

Maniküre Nageldesign Bilder schwarz silber

Nageldesign Ideen rosa rot französischer Stil charmant

Nagellack zwei Schattierungen auftragen

schwarz Glitter Nagellack auftragen Ideen

grün schwarz Herbst Makeup Maniküre

Ideen Gold Schwarz Partikel Ideen

Halloween nail design and manicure – 45 scary ideas


Every year in October comes the “Night of the Nights”, where witches, talkers, monsters and vampires roam the streets. The decoration is already made, the pumpkins carved. Masks and costumes are ready – in the end, adequate Halloween nails should round off the scary appearance. Furthermore, you will find cool inspirations for Halloween nail design , which could be suitable for this year’s Halloween costume – whether you want to dress as a witch, a zombie or vampire. The unique design suggestions shown here can be created with a little practice and extended by using different colors.

Halloween nail design – imitate blood traces with red paint


The possibilities for an effective Halloween nail design are endless. For Halloween nail polish colors are especially reds, a black and a gray paint on, but the imagination knows no bounds. This year, for example, the eye-catching neon-colored paint with exciting patterns is a trendy trend. With neon green conjure up scary zombie grimaces on the fingernails, with base coat in neon yellow black cats are really good effect. A great nail polish design is created with the sponge technique – especially if you achieve a blood nail effect. You can fall back on trendy nail stickers when the time runs out before the Halloween party . The toenails are also part of the Halloween look.

Halloween Nail Design – Terrible Vampire Teeth


We hope you enjoy trying out these nail designs and would be pleased if you show us your finished Halloween manicure. The most beautiful are added to this article and published on our page on Facebook.

An elegant design in black and gold


Halloween nail art in nude colors


Halloween nail art design in orange and black with crackle nail polish

halloween nageldesign orange schwarz reissender nagellack

Classic in red with black spiders – a great Halloween nail design

halloween nageldesign rot spinne motiv idee

Mummies with eyes on fingernails – creative halloween nail design

halloween nageldesign mumien design beige weiss binde augen

Halloween nail design with ombre effect

halloween nageldesign baeume burg gruselig lila schwarz

Idea for nail design in purple

halloween nageldesign glitzersteine schwarz orange federn glitzer

Orange and black as Halloween colors


Halloween nail design with neon paint


Nail design suggestions for Halloween Vampire Nails


Nail design with skeleton


Halloween nail design with bats


Neon yellow gel nails with black cat


Angular filed fingernails with cobweb motif


Lace black nails for Halloween


Modern Frenchmanicure with a bloody look


Chic Halloween nail design to imitate


Eye-catching paint colors


Nail art design with ravens and crows


Trendy Nailsticker – Last Minute Nail Design


Glitter Frenchmanicure


Halloween zombie nail


Bloodnails to make your own


Halloween nail polish design with glitter


Halloween frenchmanicure in neon orange
















Straight from the catwalk – 25 nail design ideas for the manicure


The nail design should always be matched with the outfit and the style. This ensures that he always looks pretty and it does not matter what color or shape she has. The fashion designers prove this again and again. Even with them, the manicure and nail design is the finishing touch. As you know, the designers and their collections are numerous, as well as the lines of each brand and their shows. This has also been the case at this year’s spring / winter shows. Because of this diversity, everyone can be sure to find something suitable for themselves. There is something for everyone.

Trends in nail design 2014


Among the nail design ideas are all possible variants. There are manicures in matte or glossy, neutral and garish, provocative colors, with pebbles or stickers in various patterns, geometric figures, like dots, but also the length and shape varies. As usual, the designers used the manicure to underline their collections. They used stylish and interesting, effective, down to plain and unobtrusive variants for the nail design .

Subtle and unobtrusive nail design



If you are curious, you can look at the 25 examples of a manicure directly from the catwalk and be inspired.

Bright nails and eyeshadow


The Blonds




Holmes & Yang


Rebecca Taylor




Marc Jacobs


Carmen Marc


Band of Outsiders


Phillip Lim


Costello Tagliapietra


Nicole Miller


Tadashi Shoji

Nagellack-Design Ideen für Sommer-Maniküre-Ombre-tess-giberson

Tess Giberson


Alexandre Herchcovitch


Louise Goldin


Naeem Khan


Lela Rose


Charlotte Ronson


Tsumori Chisato


David coma








Vivienne Westwood / Gold Label

Choose a pretty manicure and nail art of the bride


The nail art of the bride is an important detail in the overall outfit of the bride . It should first of all correspond to the taste and wishes of the bride, then the fashion trends and not least the condition of the nails. Today we have some ideas for you that will help you to find the bride’s personal and unique nail art for your big day. To find out which manicure is best for the bride, read the following tips for choosing the bride’s nail art .

The chic nail art of the bride in the wedding – a classic, monochrome manicure


That’s the simplest way you can choose for the wedding. For this are light colors, such as white, cream, transparent, light pink, skin color. You can also use a pearlescent varnish with shimmer or a nail varnish with a dense color.

You can also make such a nail art of the bride without the help of a manicurist. But since the day is special, not to say the most special day in your life, maybe you should choose a more specialized manicure. A monochrome manicure is well suited for the mother of the bride.

Types of Nail Art of the Bride – French Manicure


This seems to be the most popular manicure that also fits all occasions. The brides are no exception.

The length of the nails depends on your taste, as well as the condition of the nails before the wedding.
The manicure for the groom is no longer a novelty. There is nothing to stop you from getting your perfectly groomed nails on their big day.

The care of the nails starts long before the wedding. But if you have nails that break easily or have a habit of nibbling on them, do not worry. Fortunately, there are the artificial nails or the possibility of extending the nails by different variants.

The classic French manicure can also be designed by extending the nails.

You can choose for the nail art of the bride between:

Nail extension with gel


In this variant of the nail art of the bride UV gel or gel with extension is used. On the Internet, you can find out how this type of extension is performed.

Extension with acrylic


This variant of the extension provides a feeling as if the nail was real. It lasts up to three weeks depending on how much care you give them.

Extension with fiberglass

This is a unique variant of the extension that uses fiberglass fabric. The nails are hard, pretty and there is no thickening.

You should know that the extension of the nails should not happen until the day before the wedding.

You will need time to get used to the artificial nails. That’s why you should check with a manicurist in good time. If you have decided to have your nails extended, make an appointment one week before the wedding.

French manicure with decorations


In addition to the French Manicure as a basis, a variety of decorations for the nail art of the bride can be added.

Decorations on a nail


The accent is placed on a nail on each hand. Mostly, the ring finger is chosen, which will also be the wedding ring.

The nails can be decorated with stones:

Or with 3D ornaments and pebbles, like here:

The decoration in 3D is an interesting variant of the nail art of the bride:


A decoration on all nails

In most cases, the technique of painting is applied by hand for this type of decoration.

There is no manicurist who will not love to style the bride’s nail art for the simple reason that she lets her imagination run wild.

For the nail art of the bride on the nail, a color nail polish can be used. White is usually chosen for this.

Using stencils or different techniques, the painting on each nail can be different, as is the case with this pretty nail design:

Depending on the bride’s taste, other colors may be added to the bride’s nail art:


Mostly the design of the nail is adjusted to that of the wedding dress. If you choose the details of the manicure, it would be good if you follow the details of your dress.

Apart from the traditional white nail polish, the nail art of the bride can also be made of different colors, depending on what you prefer, what design your dress has or the accent you want to set.

If your dress is completely white, you can add some color to your nails. The blue and green colors, for example, are a great idea:

It is good to know that the decoration itself, whether on the nail extension or on your own nail, should be added on the day before the wedding, so that it really holds and does not peel off.

Another idea for shimmering nails:


Nail polish containing golden or silver glitter can also be used to design the bride’s nail art.

Such a manicure is a great idea if your accessories, like the handbag or the shoes, have a similar style.

Interesting and attractive are nails decorated with pearls and crystals:


If you want, you can also choose a pretty piercing to match the nail art of the bride :

Or you turn away from the manicure and decorate the nails with a ring for the nail.

The variants for the nail art of the bride are endless. Other techniques that you can choose for nail design for your wedding are the airbrushed manicure and marble patterns on the nails. This technique is extremely light and effective. You can also design yourself or choose the ideas for the manicure of the bridesmaids, the maid of honor or the mother of the bride.

It is an unwritten law that the manicure of the bride must be the most special and beautiful


She is the star of the evening and it is her big day so all the others present, including the bridesmaids, the maid of honor, the mother and all the other guests, should go for it and choose a manicure that does not go beyond the bride’s nail art .

Chic feather decoration with French manicure


Combination with jewelry stones


Gold, silver and bronze are also among the wedding colors