Beret cap for a box of French chic: 30+ great looks & styling tips

Beret, beret or even known as Beret is considered an absolute classic and is usually associated with the French style. Since last year, it is also an inseparable part of the fashion shows and is experiencing a comeback in the meantime. Gucci, Chanel, Dior presented in their latest collections how versatile the stylish headgear is. […]

Short Bob: 22 trendy looks for 2018

The Bob is one of the most popular hairstyles ever. He is multi-faceted and one of our favorite hairstyles. Although it is more of a transition to a long mane, more and more women are choosing to be a permanent hairstyle for it and not without a reason. A short bob is available to every […]

Tiered hair is trendy: The best looks and styling tips

The hair is a statement and also an inseparable accessory, on which every woman attaches great importance. The new haircut is something that is able to change the whole appearance of a person. Maybe that’s why you rarely dare to change it and try something new. Meanwhile, women wear every cut: from a short pixie […]

Make nail polish dull: DIY ideas and 24 trendy looks

In the coming fall and winter season, dark tones on the fingernails are particularly popular and hip. There is again a variety of ideas, gloss-matt combinations and colors to choose from – from black, dark red, red, blue, green to natural and gentle nude nuances. If you want to dull the shiny nail polish , […]

Outfit Ideas with Cardigans – 50 Casual Oversize Looks

In the first autumnal days it is always hard to decide what exactly would suit you as the weather changes constantly. In the morning it is cooler, sometimes during the day also pleasant temperatures are reached. But it is not pleasant if you sweat at noon, because he is overdressed. In autumn these garments are […]