Ideas for prom dresses, hairstyles and jewelry from the TV series "Pretty Little Liars"

Ideas for prom dresses pretty little liars bright dresses short long

The prom is approaching and you have not found the right dress yet? Then it can be really beneficial for you to look at a few ideas for prom dresses, hairstyles and jewelery. In this article we have collected the most popular evening dresses from the TV series “Pretty Little Liars”. Whether you are a big fan of the little liars or have not seen the show yet, you would fall in love with these clothes. Collect beautiful styling ideas from the PLL ladies and be inspired for your own Abiball look!

Ideas for prom dresses in bright colors

Ideas For Prom Dresses From TV Series Pretty Little Liars Tips

The prom is one of the long-awaited events among the youth. Especially the girls expect this day with impatience and start preparing months in advance. For in addition to the dress make-up , hairstyle, shoes and jewelry play just as big role. Here are the Pretty Little Liars outfits they wore at the Charity Ball of the DiLaurentis Family in Season 5. While not the ladies’ prom dresses, they are perfect for the occasion.

Spencer Hastings in a long, mint green dress

spencer hastings abiball dress long light blue glitter

At the Ice Ball, Spencer wears a long V-neck dress with spaghetti straps. The dress in mint green loosely around the body and extends it visually. The small rhinestones and sequins form elegant patterns that create a sparkling look.

abliss dresses pll spencer long glitter

To highlight the shoulders, you should wear this prom dress with high-set or at least half-open hair. Spencer’s hairstyle has the majority of her hair in the back, with only two curly strands surrounding her face. The jewelry is subtle – light green earrings with rhinestones and a clock. The lipstick in Bordeaux adds a nice accent to the bright dress.

Hanna Marin in a long lace dress in white

hanna marin white dress inspiration abiball statement necklace

Hanna appears in a long lace dress in white, whose left side is covered with falling ruffles. The lace has a subtle floral pattern and looks very delicate. The sweetheart neckline and the wide straps accentuate the décolleté and beautifully highlight the selected jewelery. Whether in white or another color, such a lace dress is perfect as an elegant prom-outfit.

Ideas for prom dresses jewelry hairstyle white dress lace

The stylish prom dress can be nicely complemented by a statement necklace. Sparkling stones and floral motifs are perfect here. To bring out the dress and jewelry, the hair should be styled in an updo style.

The knee length dress by Aria Montgomery

Ideas for prom dresses medium length inspiration pretty little liars

Unlike the other ladies, Aria wears a knee-length ball gown that has been successfully combined with heeled sandals. The dress consists of a tight, beaded top, which merges into a voluminous tulle skirt with ornaments.

ideas pll aria knee length braid hairstyle

The sandals with heels by Aria are decorated with large decorative stones and combine beautifully with the statement earrings. Many different hairstyles match this dress, in which case the hair of the little liar is braided to the side.

The ball gown of Emily Fields in beige

Ideas for prom dresses emily long tight dress jewelry earrings

In a sparkling evening dress in beige like this one of Emily you will not go unnoticed at the prom. The sweetheart neckline and fitted corset underline the body contours perfectly and the numerous sequins give the dress a truly glamorous look. For this prom dress fit both open hair, as well as elegant updos. The hair of Emily are lured in vintage style and gently tucked behind the ears. In this way, the earrings are more effective.

Inspiration for the prom dress by Alison DiLaurentis

ideas for fancy dress alison dress blue glitter half-open hair

The dress by Alison at the Ice Ball is a perfect example of a classic prom dress. It is long, opulently decorated and emphasizes the silhouette. Everything except the ruffles from the knee is decorated with tingling sequins and stones. Cap sleeves, a silk waist belt and a large cut-out on the back complete the elegant design of the dress perfectly. The outfit is combined with matching eye make-up in blue, a decorated choker and half-open hairstyle.

Ideas for prom dresses with hinted topic

Ideas for prom dresses pretty little liars inspiration styling tips

In the ninth episode of Season 6, the graduation of the Rosewood Gymnasium takes place. The theme of the ball is fairytale world, so the women’s dresses are inspired by famous fairy tale characters. Whether or not your prom has such a motto, you’ll be amazed by the great ideas for prom dresses from this episode.

Hanna as the Frozen

ideas for pretty little liars asymmetrical dress vokuhila hanna

Hanna’s prom dress is a modern interpretation of the Ice Queen’s dress. The so-called Vokuhila cut (front short back long) is a preferred choice among high school graduates, because it combines the elegance of the long dress with the functionality of the short. The decorated long-sleeved top with golden elements harmonizes perfectly with the white skirt and the long lace-up boots with open toe in beige.

Emily as the evil queen of Snow White

ideas pretty little liars emily black dress

The black dress with white spots by Emily has the popular Mermaid style. The sleeves are long and end with large bangles in gray. The look round off an elegant black crown and statement earrings in oversize.

Aria as Snow White

Ideas for prom dresses pll aria colorful dress hair band

Unlike the other ladies, the outfit by Aria has a slightly younger, playful look. The interpretation of the dress of Snow White is composed of a blue crop top and a long skirt with floral motif. A blue waist belt, a hairband with bow and a matching cuff complete the look.

Spencer as Princess Merida

Ideas for prom dresses dark green velvet spencer pretty little liars

If you are looking for modern ideas for prom dresses then make the right choice with a dress like this from Spencer. The long ball gown made of dark green velvet impresses with its mermaid style line and looks very glamorous. Spencer wears it with open, slightly wavy hair and combines it with two gold bangles.

Alison as Belle

Ideas for prom dresses pll alison dress yellow belt floral motif

The pompous yellow ball gown by Ali instantly recalls one of Belle’s best-known looks, The Beauty and the Beast. Beaded embellishments form an elegant floral pattern on the bodice, which continues a little under the waist belt. The long tulle skirt is voluminous and provides the popular princess look.

Ideas for prom dresses PLL colors models tips styling

Be inspired by the ideas for prom dresses from PLL!

Ideas for prom dresses pretty little liars tv series inspiration

In the following pictures you can still have a look at some ideas for prom dresses, which were worn by the girls from Pretty Little Liars in the series. We wish you a lot of fun in choosing your ball gown!

Ideas for prom dresses long pll colors models

short dresses inspiration pll hanna aria

Ideas for prom dresses short long pretty little liars

25 simple hairstyles for little girls who need 2 minutes or less

classic hairstyles for little girls two braids just fast

Toddlers’ parents know that they have to act very fast if they want to style their hair. Most children can not sit still for a long time, so many elaborate hairstyles are out of the question. Still, girls are pretty vain about their hair. That’s why in today’s post we’ve collected some simple hairstyles for little girls that succeed in 2 minutes or less. They are perfect for parents who are short of time and children who are unbridled.

Fast and easy hairstyles for little girls

Hairstyles for little girls 2 minutes two braids with bows

Two minutes you may seem to be too little for a children’s hairstyle. In fact, they are quite sufficient to tame the hair and to create a nice styling. Choosing the right hairstyle for your little girl depends on a few factors: The child’s hair length and texture and your skill play a role.

Toddler hairstyle girl tying short hair bow

Infants usually have short and very thin hair. Is that also the case with your girl, you do not necessarily have to do without a beautiful hairstyle. With mini hair ties and a cute bow, even thin hair can be styled pretty. For example, if the pony is longer than the rest of your hair, you can tie it in a mini ponytail or just put it aside with a small hair clip.

Side braids tie loop hairstyle toddler

If the hair is long enough to be tied with a hair tie then hairstyles with one or two hair heads are perfect for toddlers. To give the usual children’s hairstyle a playful touch, tie the ponytails with a pretty bow.

Hairstyles for little girls with bows braids behind the head

The bound hair heads look beautiful even with longer children’s hair. They can be tied either to the sides or to the back of the head, as in the picture above. It is important only to draw a straight center parting and to tie the braids firmly with the hair ties.

Hairstyles for little girls pedertail top head sideways loop

A high ponytail looks just as cute, especially for little girls with longer hair . The braid does not necessarily have to be tied to the back of the head, but can stand by for an interesting effect. An interesting hair tie or a colored bow set cool accents.

Hairstyles for little girls inverted ponytail sideways

Are you looking for interesting ideas for the hairstyle of your girl, then you can try the inverted ponytail. First, tie the hair in a low braid. Then use the fingers to make a hole over the hair tie and finally pull the ponytail down through the hole. Finished!

simple hairstyles for little girls in less than 2 minutes

If you have little time left and still want to style the hair of your little princess before going for a walk in the park, you can try this trick. You only need two pretty hair clips in any color. Make a middle or not too deep side vertex and first take a small strand of hair from the left side of the hair in your hand. Twist them a few times towards the back of the head and then pin them to the side. Repeat with a strand of hair from the right and the quick styling is done. It works just as well with smooth and curly hair.

Dutt hairstyles for little girls

Hairstyles for little girls two doughs sideways

Dutts or topknots are very popular with women and offer various styling options. Of course they are also very good for little girls and can be styled really fast. Whether a Topknot, the so-called Space Buns or several small Dutt, decide for yourself.

Hairstyles for little girls with bows, two mini dutts

To style a bun, you should first hold the hair like a ponytail and then turn it until it forms the beginning of the hair bun. Then just wrap the rest of the ponytail around it and fix the bun with a hair tie. For several hair buns first divide up the hair and then style the Dutts.

Hairstyles for little girls Topknot plaited neck

A nice addition to the Topknot is the braided neck. In this case, however, the hairstyle can take a bit more time.

Cute kids hairstyles with hair ties

beautiful hairstyles for little girls ponytail hair elastics

With the colorful Mini Hair Ties you can create interesting hairstyles for little girls. They succeed very fast and also keep the children’s hair away from the face. In the photo gallery below you will find a few examples of cute children’s hairstyles. Follow the patterns in the pictures to imitate them.

Hairstyles for little girls with scrunchy simple ideas

Hairstyles for little girls cute braids easy

Hairstyles for little girls colorful hair ties children's hairstyle

cute hairstyle toddler girl hair ties

Braided hairstyles for little girls who succeed quickly

fast hairstyles for little girls Dutch braid

Last but not least, we present a few suggestions for beautiful but simple braids for little girls . These need only little time and fit every occasion. The only requirement is that you have a little experience in braiding. Otherwise you may need a little more than 2 minutes to style.

Tip: With slightly damp hair, braiding is easier and faster.

simple braid hairstyles for little girl pink bow

The possibilities for braided hairstyles for little girls are many and can vary from very simple to extremely complicated and time consuming. Since in this article we have collected only those hairstyles that need little time, they are also relatively easy. These include the classic Dutch, French and peasant braids, as well as a few variations of it. The braided hairstyles can also spice up with various hair accessories such as hair clips and bows.

beautiful hairstyles for little girl grinding two braids

Take a look at the rest of our suggestions in the gallery and try the simple hairstyles with your daughter. We wish you good luck!

cute braids hairstyle for little girl

Hairstyles for little girls. Semi-open hair. Small braids

elegant hairstyles for little girls 2 minutes braid hair band bow

Hairstyles for little girls braiding pony 2 minutes

Hairstyles for little girls easy fast pony braid braids

fast hairstyles for little girl toddler mini braid

The little black dress: a must-have for every occasion

das kleine schwarze klassisch modern zeitlos anlas

For some, the little black dress may just be a simple black dress. But how could a “simple” garment influence fashion history so much? With this, Coco Chanel has changed the fashion world and marked a new chapter in fashion history. Since then, the small black dress with a simple silhouette is considered a miracle weapon that every woman should own in her closet.

The little black girl has a long history

das kleine schwarze coco chanel geschichte

When the story of little black dress began in the 19th century, the black color was reserved for widowed widow. For the first time, even the designer Coco Chanel appeared in a dress she designed with a simple cut that was not supposed to cause much commotion. The combination of black color and relatively short cut was scandalous after the war. In doing so, Chanel wanted to express her position that the mourning women of World War I should show their sorrow, but at the same time their desire for the future. The author of a book on fashion classics describes the event as a “final harmony of desire and comfort, class and rigor, purism and fantasy”.

When did Coco Chanel invent the little black?

the little black classic cut straighter

The little black dress became popular in 1926 after appearing in American Vogue. Coco Chanel called it a kind of “uniform for all women of taste” and “a model that will carry the world”. It was a narrow-cut dress, closely related to the shift dress, made of China silk, with tight long sleeves and knee-covering. The top was loose at the front and tight at the back. In 1927, the designer designed a second black wool jersey garment with a pleated skirt. It was intended to express both sadness and hope for a better future for widows as a result of World War II. The first model of Coco Chanel stood as a symbol for the modern woman and inspired the fashion world. Since then, the little black is always reinterpreted and up to date.

das kleine schwarze elegant zeitlos besonderen anlass

The Little Black became popular in 1961 when Audrey Hepburn wore a sleeveless model in the feature film Breakfast at Tiffany. In fashion, “small blacks” are especially narrow cocktail dresses that reach to the knee, but could be a little bit longer or shorter. Frequently, fabrics such as satin, viscose and chiffon are used. There is no definite definition for the little black dress and it can be both strapless, long sleeved or sleeveless. It is versatile and therefore a favorite garment of every woman.

The little black for every occasion

das kleine schwarze schlicht elegant büro anlass

On the most asked question of all women: “What should I wear now?” Seems the best possible solution to be a black dress in midi length. In a simple, elegant black dress you are dressed stylishly for all occasions – from a cocktail party to a business meeting. It is considered a miracle weapon and therefore every woman should have at least one good model in the wardrobe. Although designers always strive for new ideas, they have not passed by the timeless dress and discover it again and again. Although there is no clear definition of the model, it is fundamental that it is close to the body, but not tight as the pencil dress cut and knee-length is best. So you can just describe a comfortable and practical dress that can be changed to personal taste.

The little black for every figure

the little black every figure

Depending on your taste, the simple black dress can be individually transformed by the wearer. Fabric, neckline, sleeve length, shoes and accessories are able to conjure up a party outfit from the simple look. So you can call the little black dress as a unique and all-rounder. His biggest advantage, however, is the neutral black mourning color. Black flatters the figure and if the fit of the dress is, hardly brings any other garment the female figure to advantage.

Casual and elegant at the same time

the little black elegant everyday functional functional

How versatile the little black is, is hard to capture. Artists, directors, performers and singers like Edit Piaf rely on black outfits on stage, so they do not distract the audience from their performance. Others say, “If a little black suits, there’s nothing you could ever wear.” WW Simpson. Above all, a black simple dress is a timeless classic that is appropriate for any occasion. It is crucial how you style it.

the small black etui dress occasion shcnitt

A black knee-length sheath dress is perhaps the best choice for every occasion and even for everyday wear. The simple cut, the medium length and the inconspicuous color are the perfect combination for every type of figure. In addition, the simple model of the wearer can be individually changed through sophisticated accessories, jewelry and matching shoes.

the little black etui dress flat shoes

A black dress is the best choice for every occasion, depending on the cut. The details such as shoes, jewelry and bag are what make the look suitable for everyday use or the opposite to the stylish evening outfit. On special occasions, one prefers a black dress to the best high heels. When it comes to a party, for example a New Year’s Eve party, the shoes and accessories may be a bit fancier and more glamorous. Details filled with sequins or glittering stones stand out particularly well here.

The little black person in everyday life

the little black short a-line overknie boots

Comfortable models, for example made of jersey or fine knitwear, are preferred for everyday wear and do not emphasize the body very much, but gently wrap it around. These can be very well combined with boots, flat shoes and even sneakers. For curvy women who are looking for a dress in large size, a wrap dress is particularly good. Draped models with a deep V-neck are also a great way to emphasize the décolleté while concealing the tummy.

Evening wear on New Year’s Eve and special occasions

the little black backless accent loop

For special occasions, parties or New Year’s Eve, you can be a bit braver and put on a playful model. A strapless or backless simple-cut dress or a midi-length lace dress is a possible option, depending on the occasion. When it comes to an event with colleagues or in the working environment, the perfect look is rounded off with a beautifully cut black blazer.

The chic little black in the 20s or 50s style

the little black silvester 20s sequins

Extremely attractive for special informal occasions such as parties or New Year’s Eve look black midi dresses, which are lavishly set with sequins, pearls or lace. Tulle accents are also beautiful details that add variety and a playful touch to the look.

Style and combine the little black dress correctly

the little black combine to style properly

A simple black dress can be stylishly combined on special occasions with eye-catching accessories and shoes. Colorful or glittering high heels and matching jewelery or a small bag, for example a clutch, make the simple outfit party-friendly.

style the little black shoe bag occasion

In everyday life you combine a short, black dress with flat leather shoes or sneakers. A short jacket completes the casual look.

The small black combine style small bag

If you choose a matching bag for the little black, you should pay attention to the size. Basically, small bags for short dresses or skirts are better suited than the currently very popular shopper bags.

the little black shoes sneaker

The little black party New Year's Eve combine shoes bag

Kinder Street Mode: 20 adorable outfit ideas for the little ones

kinder mode street grau outfit idee kleider strumpfhose jacke

Dressing up the kids is just as much fun as buying new clothes ourselves. And most of the time, parents also want your kids to have a modern look and dress in style. If you are looking for ideas that will give you new ideas for your kids’ outfit , then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we show you the latest trends in the children’s street fashion , which you can also imitate with already existing garments! Enjoy the trendy kids outfits and our inspiring photo spread!

Kids Street Fashion Outfit in Mint Green

kinder mode street kurze hose kragen minzgruen blau schuhe

A pretty outfit with the trendy kids street fashion you can make especially with the color mint green. In this example, a cute outfit has been created that gets accents through a blue collar and blue ballerinas.

Kids Street Fashion – Idea for the winter

kinder mode street jacke winter-jeanshose haare mittellang

The jeans can not be missing in the Kinder Street fashion. It can be combined, as you know, with any color. For the boys a shirt can be used and in winter a jacket in the color khaki.

Kids Street Fashion – Pantsuit for girls and shirts for boys

kinder mode street hosenanzug maedchen hemd jungen

Kids outfit idea of ​​white pants and blue shirt

kinder mode street bluse hellblau weisse hose kette

Street style outfit with light blue shirt and jeans

kinder mode street baseball muetze jeanshemd

T-shirts for kids are comfortable and hip

kinder street mode t shirt blau turnschuhe

Street outfit with pink jumpers boots

kinder street mode springerstiefel pink schwarze jacke

Kids Street Fashion – Combine elegant shoes with sporty clothes

kinder street mode sonnenbrille jeans blau jacke

Gray skirt and headband for the girl outfit

kinder street mode rock grau stirnband maedchen outfit

kinder street mode jeans lachs farbe jungen hemd

kinder mode street streifen jacke orange turnschuhe muetze kopfhoerer

kinder mode street stiefel leder braun pullover blau

kinder mode street partnerlook regenjacke blau gelb akzent

kinder mode street maritim outfit blau weiss struempfe

Fashion for little girls: 50 spring / summer 2015 outfits

Mode für kleine Mädchen fruhjahr-sommer-2015-malvi-co-Chiffonkleid-blaue-rosen-gemustert

The famous fashion weeks are over and we’ve already come to some conclusions about the fashion trends in 2015, from what we’ve seen. Leading designers such as Kenzo, Dolce & Gabbana , Chloe, Stella McCartney and many more have also created exclusive children’s fashion lines that stand out for their individual design and quality. Designer fashion for little girls is in! Check out some of the most beautiful outfits for the season. They will inspire you!

Designer fashion for little girls – Chloé

Mode für kleine Mädchen -fruhjahr-sommer-2015-chloe2-blau-gemustert-stoff

Chloé children’s fashion line spring-summer 2015 is heavily influenced by the Provence style. The garments are mini variations of women’s fashion creations, so mother and daughter can match their outfits. Exotic patterns, light fabrics and color combinations like navy blue and white radiate Parisian elegance. Trés chic!

Designer fashion for little girls in Provence style

Mode für kleine Mädchen fruhjahr-sommer-2015-chloe-designs




Stella McCartney children’s fashion Spring-Summer 2015


Stella McCartney’s Spring-Summer 2015 children’s fashion line could be called “Growing up in the 1980s” – roller skating motifs, baseball jackets, patchwork overalls and beautiful bright red marching band jackets. Stella McCartney’s designs still focus on the children’s imagination with punchy prints and colorful color palettes – rainbows, unicorns and confetti sprinkled tulle skirts await the little girls.

Mode für kleine Mädchen fruhjahr-2015-stella-mccartney-jeans-shorts-jacke-80er-jahre-stil


Kenzo children’s fashion line spring-summer 2015

Mode für kleine Mädchen -fruhjahr-sommer-2015-kenzo-zick-zack-muster-farben

Spring / Summer 2015 at Kenzo looks like an eclectic mix of ice and bright colors. Sugar-sweet splashes of color in baby blue, lilac and lemon yellow give sweaters, T-shirts and pants a fashionable freshness kick.


Hucklebones London Spring / Summer 2015


Hucklebones London is known for its simple elegance and charming gowns that have timeless beauty and are made from the softest cotton and silk.





Some models are available at

Roksanda Ilincic Blossom Collection

































Haircuts and hairstyles for little boys – summer trends 2015

haarschnitte und kinderfrisuren lange haare jungs zerzaust look t-shirt

Especially children are looking forward to the coming summer – the little ones can hardly wait until the school days come to an end and they can play outside. Especially the boys want to do a lot in warm weather – and then of course their skin and hair have to endure a lot. In addition, the family holiday is imminent – and then it is photographed, what the stuff holds. That’s why a new haircut will be missed by spring at the latest. If parents and children together choose a practical and at the same time easy-to-style firsur, nothing stands in the way of the summer fun! We are happy to help and show you 42 cool haircuts and hairstyles for little boys.

Haircuts and Hairstyles for Boys – What Hair Length?

haarschnitte und kinderfrisuren bruenett jungs pony styling grau jacke

So that the little ones feel comfortable in the hot summer days, the shorter haircuts are basically better than the longer ones. A trendy hairstyle for children is the so-called cutout haircut – the lateral hair parties are cut short, the deck party is longer and can be styled upwards or forwards. Larger children can style the hair with gel, for toddlers parents can use hair oil. Another modern hairstyle is the Sufer-Haarschnitt. The hair is long but fringed. The hairstyle is extremely changeable, casual and currently – very trendy.

Haircuts and hairstyles for little boys – curls

haarschnitte und kinderfrisuren locken schulterlang idee junge jacke streifen

Curls are often a challenge – they are difficult to get and the right haircut is somehow difficult to find. Finally, with the very short haircuts end. This season hairs with curls are worn longer – of course, the pony party is cut so that the hair does not fall in the eye.

Style hair for the children’s hairstyle with gel

haarschnitte und kinderfrisuren gel haare styling idee jungs kurze hose

The hairdresser can best judge which haircut fits your own child best. The right haircut is tailored to the face shape and the hair thickness. For some ideas on how to make a successful end result, see the photo gallery below.

Haircuts with mid-length hair are modern

haarschnitte und kinderfrisuren lange haare pony locken pullover jeans

Modern haircuts and hairstyles for the summer season 2015


Boys with straight hair can wear a pony hairstyle


Curls are worn longer in the summer – both by girls and boys


Haircuts and hairstyles for little boys – the hair is left a bit longer in the back


Haircuts and Hairstyles for Kids – Casual haircut with bangs and longer side parties


Haircuts and hairstyles – Cool little man – with forward styled cover section


Trendy Haircut – Cutout – Hair is cut short at the sides and left longer at the top





































Children’s fashion for girls – charming outfits for the little princess


We show you twenty ideas for children’s fashion for girls . The charming outfits for spring and summer are from the prestigious Dolce and Gabbana brand and reflect the latest trends in for 2015.

Children’s fashion for girls – cheerful summer clothing with prints


Airy dresses with flared skirts, capri pants and overalls – that’s what all girls like to wear in the summer. So that the models are not only comfortable, but also look cute, they are richly decorated with prints. Baroque motifs and flowers decorate children’s fashion for girls in the 2015 season.

Children’s fashion for girls – charming blouses and lace skirts


Super cute blouses made of lace – they can be perfectly combined with the colorful skirts and pants. A charming outfit for family reunions, weddings or baptisms. Combined with jeans, the blouse looks casual.

Children’s fashion for girls – straps for the hot summer days


Sleeveless dresses are perfect for the hot summer days. The knee-length wide flared skirt is extremely comfortable – the dress can be put on quickly. Cheerful nature motifs in green and pink make the summer dress a real highlight. The outfit is completed with ballerinas and sandals.

Children’s fashion for girls – two-parter


Two-piece suits are super practical, because a skirt and jacket with the same print can be perfectly combined with monochrome tops. And of course, a hair band made of the same material may not be missing.

Cute outfits with colorful prints for spring


Sweet summer dresses and hair accessories with fabric flowers for the little princess


Not only the clothes are important – the satin hair band with rhinestones will please any girl


Festive children’s fashion for the little ones – summer dresses with vest


Sweet festive children’s fashion for girls – sleeveless dress


Top decorated with lace, skirt with stripes – the perfect styling for baptism and wedding


Prints with roses decorate the blouses in spring 2015


Cool kids fashion – jeans, white shirt and nice jacket


Blouses decorated with hearts, flowers and lace


Festive children’s fashion – dresses decorated with lace








Children’s clothing is from Dolce and Gabbana

Charming vintage dresses add a little more glamor to everyday life


Do you want to be different from everyday life? Then complete your wardrobe with a vintage dress. Swing and vintage dresses are available to all women – from young to old, from big to small and from slim to full. In addition, they emphasize your femininity and exude youthful charm! Would you like to be inspired? Here are a few original pieces that have been a hit among women over the past few decades.

Vintage dresses convey the charm of the past


Undoubtedly, vintage fashion is one of the biggest trends that has set the tone for fashion and furnishings in recent decades. Many stars wear vintage clothes on the red carpet more often, the glossy fashion magazines are filled with photo series staging vintage fashion, fashion designers orient their models in the style of the 30s, 60s, 80s. The selection of vintage dresses is really very large and versatile – whether for a summer party, a dinner or a date, cocktail party, etc. Remember, though: Vintage dresses may look old-fashioned, worn and used-look but rather not. Experience a touch of vintage glamor with foldenden models!

Vintage dresses look wonderfully feminine


These and other vintage dresses can be bought at .

Vintage outfits with daring details


Dotted swing dress


Vintage-style garments with lace collar


Swing dress with halter neckline


Rocky vintage fashion


Waisted retro dress in strong red


Form-fitting dress with half sleeves


Feminine floral pattern


VIntage dress with body-conscious cut








Winter fashion for little girls – 30 cute and cool ideas


Winter is already in progress and the sweet and cool winter fashion for little girls melts our hearts at first sight. If you are looking for an elegant dress for the New Year’s Eve celebration or simply practical but chic outfits for the day out, today you will admire some truly enchanting pieces.

Winter fashion for little girls- mini chic and mini cool


It often happens that the mothers dress their little daughters in the same style as they do themselves. Long blouse, leggings, colorful scarf and vest made of fur. The winter fashion for little girls transforms our darlings into mini ladies with a romantic outfit in knitwear or in cool ladies with a modern jumpsuit or wool and shawl coat with leopard pattern. It is a popular and traditional way to attract the little daughters in pink or peach but sometimes the trend takes a different direction. What do you say to a fur vest and short pants with brown ankle boots? Let’s take a modern knit cap and a very colorful scarf and as outerwear a sporty jacket with a thin belt. And the little lady is ready for her crib, for a walk or for a cake.

Winter fashion for little girls – and there comes the princess


Just like adults, our little daughters need warm and beautiful clothing on sunny or cold winter days. Parents prefer knitted or fur-fed items from head to toe and provide the right warmth for outdoor use. On the fine holidays at home, however, you need a cute dress made of cotton in peach or rose or in charming red and the little princess is already on the way home to conquer the hearts of everyone. How beautiful! More great and cuddly things you will see in our small picture gallery.

Who is the hare here …


Sweet in pink


















Winter fashion 2015 for little boys from Dolce & Gabanna

Wintermode 2015 für kleine Jungs Dolce-Gabbana-sweatshirt-pullover-grautone

The winter season is a lot of fun, but often requires a lot of preparation for winter clothing . It should not only look smart, but also keep you warm. Winter 2015 for little boys by Dolce & Gabanna combines these two qualities and introduces fascinating models. Your little boy will look like an elegant man.

Winter fashion 2015 for little boys for everyday life


The winter fashion 2015 designed for little boys by Dolce & Gabbana look so warm and cute. The neutral colors emphasize the modern fabrics and cuts. The collection includes various garments such as jackets, shirts, sweaters, suits and coats. You immediately notice the typical features and prints of the brand, but they are not so noticeable – as in women’s clothing, for example. Whether you are looking for holiday or everyday wear, you would find something to suit you.

Street-style outfit for guys in khaki and blue


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Sweater over shirt for an elegant look


dark shades of gray


plum-purple boots as an accent


noble coats of arms on pillies and scarves


blue rain jacket


warm coat with fur detail


subdued colors are dominant








Winter fashion 2015 for little boys for holidays