Summer Outfits Ladies – 20 Hot Trends & Tips for Perfect Styling

Hardly is it spring and one always thinks of the summer. The ladies are impatiently awaiting the latest 2017 fashion summer trends, which were shown at international fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York and London. Inspired by this, Street Fashion presents the current summer outfits ladies on the streets of the big cities, far […]

Shoe tips for ladies: Find shoes in oversize / undersize sizes

Finding women’s shoes in sizes 31-35 and 42-47 was a real challenge in the past. In the meantime, the established shoe brands have expanded their collections and introduced fresh models of women’s shoes in special sizes in their assortment, which are in no way inferior to the standard sizes in terms of comfort or design. […]

Denim jacket for ladies really combine – 20 layered outfits

In the transitional months, when the weather changes constantly between rain and sun, our wardrobe faces special challenges. Often you should leave the house in the cold, early morning, do a lot of things during the day and you really feel overwhelmed to pick suitable and comfortable clothing. For these cases, and more, the so-called […]

Stylish ladies shoes for 3D printers by Behrad Ghodsi

ATOSSA is a very special collection for women’s shoes . The design is by Behrad Ghodsi. More specifically, ATOSSA is a project that is developing different models and designs. This creates systems that reduce manufacturing processes. Ladies shoes from the Atossa collection This gives customers quick access to the new products. The idea of the […]