Gemstone look for the nails – Fascinating gemstones as inspiration for chic manicure

gemstone malachite nail design straight filed short nails

In today’s post, we would like to take a not necessarily new, but absolutely trendy nail trend under the column. The following will be the talk of the manicure in gemstone optics. Gems are perceived as talismans in many cultures and are considered lucky charms. Gems are often worn to enhance certain characteristics of the wearer. But not only their symbolism, but also the fascinating look of the gems causes the emergence of various beauty trends. In our picture gallery you will find many manicure designs that are inspired by the noble look of the stones.

Nail Design in Gemstone Look – Marble Nails

white marble effect dark veins gem optics

Although marble is a natural stone and not a gemstone, it has already created a long-lasting nail trend due to its special texture and unique look. The marble look has been absolutely trendy for some time. Marble is noble and luxurious, which is why it earns a firm place among the nail designs in gemstone look. Whether black with bright veins or white with dark veins, a manicure in marble look is stylish and elegant.

marble nails white gray black gem optics

Marmor Nails complete an official outfit, but also give the casual look a special charm. In addition to black and white, rose gold, copper, metallic and other colors such as blue, red and green are ideal for the marble manicure. Who wants to achieve maximum similarity with the appearance of natural stone, should make the veins as blurred as possible. If you want to make the vein stand out on the base color, you can put it to good use with gold or silver.

silver glitter marble effect gel design gemstone optics

pink oval short marble effect dark veins

nude nails marble white black red gem optics

old pink marble white black almond gemstone effect

Summer nail art ballerina nails marble effect

short nails manicure white marble purple nuances gold

Marble nail design nude black gray make yourself gem optics

elegant fingernail design gray gold gemstone optic marble gray white veins

marble gemstone green milky gold accents

turquoise gemstone optics blue water technology gold

Turquoise nails

turquoise nails straight filed gemstone optics jewelry

If you want to enhance your summery look with a trendy nail design, then the gemstone look of the turquoise is absolutely right. This gemstone is one of the oldest gemstones and is revered as a holy stone in many cultures. Its intriguing color makes it particularly popular in the choice of various accessories such as rings, pendants and chains. The turquoise gemstone is found in the colors sky blue, teal and apple green, with the saturated sky blue color being the most desirable for a fresh manicure in the summer season.

turquoise gemstone optics manicure design ideas

A turquoise manicure in gemstone optics also fascinates with a marbled effect. The turquoise nail design goes well with bright outfits, but is also a great complement to garments in bright colors. The combination with black creates a great contrast. Turquoise nail polish in gemstone look fits perfectly with boho style.

turquoise gemstone optics marbling nail trend square

turquoise nails gold accents almonds gem optics

turquoise gem gel angel design gemstone look gold accents

marble turquoise gold accents round nails

Marbling round nails turquoise gemstone look

gemstone look turquoise nails gold accents

turquoise blue gold foil fingernails design

Rose quartz nails

short nails cared for feminine rose quartz

The trendy gemstone look can also be achieved with the rose quartz nail design . The delicate color of the pink quartz is particularly well received by the ladies and is gaining more and more popularity. The rose quartz manicure looks feminine, simple and romantic. Although the gemstone look of the quartz is not particularly difficult to implement, a little practice and proper guidance is needed to beautify your fingernails yourself with a rose quartz manicure.

gemstone optics rose quartz almond shape gold edging

If you want to transfer the gemstone look of rose quartz to your fingers, you are absolutely right with the colors pink, light old rose and baby pink. Because the rose quartz occurs in nature in all these colors.

gemstone optic rose quartz nails design long round

rose quartz nails gemstone look manicure

rose quartz gemstone optics oval shape marbling

round fingernails gold silver stripes rose quartz gemstone optics

opal gemstone optic dark blue black

Cat’s Eye Gemstone Look – Cat Eye Nails

emerald green rough cat eye gemstone effect nail design

The Cat Eye nails have also gained popularity fairly quickly and will certainly remain among the most popular nail trends for a long time. The cat’s eye gemstone impresses with a light effect that resembles the slit-like pupil of a cat. With special nail polish with small metal particles and a special, thin magnet, the attractive cat’s eye effect is achieved.

black purple cat's eye gemstone optic ballerina nails

The technique is very simple and allows different nail designs. Even beginners can experiment and design designs with a vertical or oblique line along the nail or combine several small lines.

gold foil dark blue manicure cat's eye effect gem optics

dark blue cat's eye gemstone flowers look round

cat eye nails gemstone look bordeaux pink

gemstone optics nails designs cat eye red

stiletto nails filigree ornament cat's eye gemstone optics

nude brown cat eye nails short gem optics

Amethyst gemstone nail design

purple glitter amethyst gem optic fingernails design

No less fascinating is the gemstone look of the amethyst stone. If you like the shades of pink, pale violet or even a dark violet, you can decorate your fingernails with a shade of amethyst. The purple quartz stone is definitely a statement and looks just breathtakingly beautiful on the fingertips.

gray violet amethyst glitter gemstone optics gel nails design

amethyst glitter black gray gemstone optic short nails

gemstone look manicure trends amethyst gold gliltzer

glitter amethyst dark violet nail shape straight

Opal gemstone look for the nails

opal effect gemstone optics golz gel angel design

Are you perhaps inspired by the unique gemstone optics of Opal? His rainbow-colored iridescence makes not only the noble Opalschmuckstücke unique. You do not have to wear an opal ring to enjoy the great color play of the opal, which changes according to the angle of view. The beautiful appearance of the opal can also reflect your nails.

opal nails pastel colors rainbow colored gold border rhinestones

You can achieve the characteristic color gradient and the depth of the gemstone if you use several layers of nail polish. Obtain nail polish in light blue, pink, turquoise, metal and glitter nail polish, which you apply with a sponge to the white base coat. The order of colors should be random to create a true-to-life look.

lace nubal opal gem effect pastel

Once you are satisfied with the rainbow effect, you can complete your manicure with the glitter finish. Seal your nails with a topcoat. An edge in gold or silver makes your fingernails look like real jewelry.

nails design gemstone optics opal manicure make yourself

Opal gem optics make your own instructions

Gemstone Quartz Opal Stiletto Acrylic Gold

gem look opal gel design round long

Agate nail design

With its unique and distinctive pattern, the agate provides a great clue to chic manicure in a gemstone look. In nature you can find the agate in an unmanageable range of colors. Even if the effect is hard to do on your own, you can entrust this look to the professionals in your nail design studio and be amazed by a charming nail design.

agate gemstone optic colorful manicure pink purple gold

agate amethyst gemstone manicure design ideas purple light blue

gemstone look agate layers nude basecoat

agate amethyst stiletto nails stainless steel look

agate nail design turquoise gold emerald green gold

Agate fingernails design gold white gemstone effect

Malachite Nails – Gemstone look in malachite green

malachite gemstone optic short fingernails strasseinchen

Of course, if you want a gemstone look for your nails, you do not have to limit yourself to the gems mentioned here. The gemstone Malachite, for example, also cuts a fine figure with its strong color on the fingernails. Its color ranges from light green to black green and is reminiscent of the color of Malvenblätter.

Malachite nails gemstone optics make water technology

When the malachite green meets your taste, you can use the water technology to make the light and dark overflows typical of the gemstone itself. If the green nail polish is enriched with fine glitter particles, you will reach the gemstone optics of the aventurine quartz.

emerald green white gold oval nail shape gemstone optics

gold green white gray marbling gem nails design

malachite green white gemstone optics nails short

aventurine gemstone optics cat's eye effect nails design ideas

malachite effect straight gem nail design

aventurine gemstone optic green glitter nails design

Stylish Women’s Transition Hairstyles – Tips & Inspiration from the Stars

Damen Übergangsfrisuren haare-wachsen-lassen-pixie-cut-bobfrisur-emma-watson

You want to grow your hair after a short haircut or intend to separate yourself from the long mane? For you, we present ideas for hairstyles, with which you can also style a beautiful look for the transition between short and long hair. In the article you will find the most beautiful women transition hairstyles , as they are worn by the stars.

Ladies Transition Hairstyles – Grow the Pixie Cut

Damen Übergangsfrisuren pixie-cut-kurz-mittellang-bob-strähnen-anne-hathaway

Who wants to grow his hair should have a great deal of patience and choose a proper cut for the transition hairstyle. Unfortunately, it is not recommended to grow your hair because it will be uneven. For example, if you have a short hairstyle with a longer top coat and a shorter neckline, your outgrowing hair may produce an unwanted vokuhila effect. That’s why you should make a Frieseurbesuch and let adjust the hair length from time to time.

Women transitional hairstyles from short to long or medium

Damen Übergangsfrisuren kurze-haare-wachsen-lassen-übergang-mittellang-keira-knightley

For the transition from a short haircut to long hair, a few years are usually necessary, depending on your own hair growth. If you achieve a medium-long hairstyle like the trendy long-bob takes a little less. In both cases, as a transitional hairdo, you actually have a bob that offers different styling options for both straight and curly hair.

Transition Hairstyle after Undercut – Inspiration by Scarlett Johansson

Damen Übergangsfrisuren nach-undercut-schräger-pony-tolle-scarlett-johansson

The sidecut and undercut hairstyles have been a total trend over the past few years, especially as a cool summer hairstyle. However, if you no longer like the trendy look, you should bring with you a lot of patience to let the undercut grow out. In the meantime, a few ideas for women transition hairstyles to choose from, which sometimes look better than the actual undercut hairstyle. The actress Scarlett Johansson, for example, has let her hair grow, combing the longer top hair down and covering the undercut.

Short hair with pony hairstyle grow

Damen Übergangsfrisuren stylen-ponyfrisur-pony-färben-wachsen-lassen-kaley-cuoco

The short hair cut with side or straight bangs looks good and can be styled either to a disheveled or sleek look. Even the outgrowing pony is no problem if styled properly. After some time he can be compensated with the hair length and transform into a beautiful bob hairstyle. For her transitional hairstyle with bangs, Kaley Cuoco has also chosen some color by making her blond hair pink. Dyeing always brings a good idea for the transitional hairstyle, so it does not look boring.

Women’s Transition Hairstyles by Pixie Cut on Bob


For the transition from a short hairstyle to a praise Jennifer Lawrence has opted for a short side-parted bob, which she wore slightly wavy. Such a transitional hairstyle fits perfectly with women with round faces and can be turned into a shoulder-length bob in a relatively short time.

Style women’s transition hairstyles


The ladies transitional hairstyles from short to long require a good styling to look good in the meantime. With a flat iron, for example, the still short hair can appear longer. However, if you like the shorter hairstyles as well, you can conjure up a retro hairstyle with waves for the next party. However, you should note that strained hair usually grow slower. If you want long hair as a result, you should style the transition hairstyles less often, so as not to damage the hair. Regular cutting would also be recommended.

Ideas for tall women transitional hairstyles


For the ladies transition hairstyles from medium to long hair, there are numerous styling ideas that you can make yourself without much effort. Classic chignons, updos with hair bands or bands and braided hairstyles such as braided hair wreaths can be conjured up with a shoulder-length hair. So your hair can grow back in peace and quiet.

Maintain ladies transition hairstyles after Bob properly


If you want to say goodbye to the bob hairstyle and let your hair grow again, you can make beautiful transitional hairstyles yourself with a step cut. However, a lot of care is needed to ensure hair grows as fast as possible. Damaged hair does not look pretty at all, so you should have the tips cut regularly and apply appropriate hair products for the appropriate hair type.

Transition hairstyles and hair extensions


If you want to create a more extravagant look for your hair, then you can experiment with the transition hairstyle. For example, you can color them as you like Katy Perry often does. However, most singers and actresses do not let their hair grow in peace, but rely on the so-called extensions or hair extensions. So you can always have the desired hair length, without having to wait long time.

Hair cut short – what should be noted


Another type of women transitional hairstyles is the decision to cut the hair from long to short. Many prominent women have opted for a shorter haircut, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. So that the change does not take place drastically, you can have a medium-length hairstyle done first and only then consider a short haircut.

Phases for the transition from long to short hairstyle


South African actress Charlize Theron did not suddenly make the pixie cut but let her long blond mane cut first to a bob as a transitional hairstyle. Bobs hairstyles are the best transition from long hair to short haircuts. This makes it easier to assess whether short hair is good or not.

Stylish women transitional hairstyles with curls


The actress Kristen Stewart has made a transition from long brown hair to a short blond bob. As a transition she first had her hair cut short and then dyed. She almost always wore her transitional hairstyle to the side, with a side vertex staged with casual curls. Another variant for the curly transitional hairstyle are back combed curls with a little volume on the top of the head.

Ideas for Ladies Transition hairstyles from long to short – styling tips


The transition hairstyle from long to short is a great way to try different haircuts. For example, if you cut your hair for a short haircut, you should wait a while for a bob hairstyle. However, if you opt for a mid-length hairstyle, find out what the short hairstyle looks like when it grows out. Short ladies transitional hairstyles with bangs can be styled with a great, which creates additional volume on the top of the head. Longer bob hairstyles, on the other hand, can be smooth or curly, with a middle or side vertex, and open or pinned.

Current Fashion with Cut Out – Tips and Inspiration for Re-styling

Aktuelle Mode -cut-out-kleid-ruecken-alltaeglich-stylingtipps-

The current fashion sometimes dictates trends that are not suitable for our everyday life at all. Of course there are exceptions and one of them we present in the following material. Attractive cutouts as accents transform the uniform, simple, often monochrome outfit and make it look interesting. The so-called cut outs come off the catwalk and dominate since 2015 in the fashion world. With styling tips, we reveal how the pieces of missing material are skilfully staged.

Current fashion with cut outs on the catwalk

Aktuelle Mode -cut-out-weiss-lang-sportlich-laufsteg

Fashion Brands, such as Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Versace and others, ‘remove’ pieces of fabric with a geometric shape around the waist, shoulders or abdomen to present elegant dresses in a different and new way , Copies of these are plentiful on accessible brands, such as Zara, Asos, TopShop, etc.

The stars present current fashion with cut outs

Aktuelle Mode -cut-out-kleid-schwarz-karlie-kloss

The clothes with cut outs stand out with their classic, simple silhouette in just one color. Clothes and overalls remain timeless classic – white, black, red, faithful and extravagant models with colorful patterns are rather rare to find.

Current Fashion – Top Model Karlie Kloss loves cut outs

Aktuelle Mode -cut-out-karlie-kloss

The current fashion with cut outs is undoubtedly suitable for ladies who have a nice figure and are not shy to present them. The cutouts usually fall on the female parts of the body, the waist, stomach, shoulders and back. It’s a subtle way to show off a bit more skin without overspotting and is a wonderful alternative to the well-known décolleté.

Current fashion special occasion -Model Miranda Kerr with cut out dress


Models like Miranda Kerr and Karley Kloss like to perform on special occasions with feminine dresses that show off their well-toned bodies without showing too much skin. Almost every piece of jewelery is missing, except for what shimmering earrings or bracelet.

Elegant cut out dress or jumpsuit – Margot Robbie and Taylor Swift


To make the body appear visually slimmer and longer, the maxi lengths are recommended. The shoes, or the high heels, remain hidden under the fabric and still give which centimeters. Excellent examples of stylish outfits with CutOut elements are those of actress Margot Robbie on the last Oskaren and singer Taylor Swift on the Billboard Awards last year.

Latest Fashion Trends – Jennifer Lopez and the Bodycon Cut Out Dresses


Jennifer Lopez is one of the stars who likes to emphasize the shapes of her body. On occasion, whether at special awards or in her participation in the contest, ‘Music Idol’ she pulls body-conscious dresses with cut outs.

Latest fashion for elegant look – the black small cut out dress


Elegant version of the popular black little dress, but this time with sophisticated cut outs is a true companion for office meetings and even for events with strict dress code. The Midi length gives the elegant touch and the cut-out detail emphasizes the upper body. Stilettos are the best choice for shoes that complete the look.

Current fashion for parties – short cut out dress made of diamonds


Currently, body-accented garments are decorated with square or round holes, but the opposite is especially suitable for parties. The holes are not cut out in the fabric, but they remain as a space between pieces of fabric with a geometric shape, in this example diamonds. The result is a pattern whose background is the human skin.

Street Style A Contemporary Fashion Denim Dress with Cut Outs


In street fashion, the cut out dresses are really popular and can be seen in imaginative variations. As a denim dress with a free silhouette, the necklines fall to the waist and perfect for the summer, the dress is made of fine denim with a hole in the stomach. Important is the places where the substance is missing, as advantageous as possible to choose the figure accordingly.

Current fashion for the summer – cut out dress made of fine denim


Hippie Chic A Ktuelle Fashion – Cut Out Maxi Dress with Floral Pattern


Perhaps the biggest benefit of this latest fashion trend is that you do not need any jewelry or other accessories, so that the cut outs can enjoy the full attention. If you prefer a colorful look, choose a piece of patterned fabric for the coveted, especially in summer, hippie chic look.

Current Fashion from the Streets of New York – Cut Out Black Fine Knit Dress with Open Shoulders


Sophisticated, the shoulders can be set in scene by cut outs in the appropriate places. In order to produce the best effect, the dress or top with long sleeves is selected and definitely on the upper body figure-hugging. Combine with flat shoes or high heels depending on the occasion.

Elegant and extravagant – black midi skirt with stunning cut out details


If you want to present your beautiful legs, look for something different than the ordinary mini dress or short skirt. Mid-length for example, and interesting details at the bottom that draw everyone’s attention. Lace-like cut outs serve as a decorative edge that accentuates your beneficial body.

Current fashion collection from the sisters Kardashian-Jenner – Cut Out swimsuit


The cut-out trend has not left its mark on swimwear, either. The reality stars Kardashian-Jenner presented their last swimwear collection, which is rich in such details. Also available as a bikini set or swimsuit these items are a real eye-catcher at beach or boat parties.

Elegant cut out swimsuit in white


In fact, keep in mind that after a day in the sun with a cut out swimsuit, the cutouts will leave their mark and the complexion will not be regular at all. Occasionally wear it as a summery top for afternoon walks along with a plush maxi skirt or shorts.

Current summer fashion with exotic motifs – Cut Out Swimsuit


Current fashion Trend for everyday life – blouse made of shirt fabric with cut out shoulders


Inspirations for numerous variations of different garments with the trendy cut outs are found in the fashion world. Take a look and choose the part that suits you best to accent your look.

Current Fashion Trends – crop tops with cut out details


Current Fashion Elegant top in black with open shoulders


Cut outs set contrasts in terms of skin color. Thus, it makes sense in light skin to opt for garment in dark color or vice versa.

Cut Out T-shirt make yourself


Street Fashion – Torn Jeans with Cut Outs


Current fashion trends in shoes – Cut Out Boots


Hairstyles for the Round Face – Tips and Inspiration from the Stars

Frisuren für rundes Gesicht -gesichtsformen-tipps-ideen

When it’s time for a new haircut, you think about whether you can really change something and treat yourself to a new look for a change. Similar to make-up, face shape also plays an important role in hair styling. Small tricks help conceal the disadvantages and put the good sides into the scene in the best possible way. Stars present their hairstyles for round face and we’ll tell you the tips of the stylists.

Round Face Hairstyles – Choose your hairstyling by face type and shape


First, the face shape should be determined. That does not happen so easily, because different features except the facial contour just need to be considered. The shape of the hairline, the chin, the distance between the eyes, and whether the carbones are easily visible or not, have a relation to the determination of the face shape. Basically, a round face is the same width and long as the circle itself.

Round Face Hairstyles – Short Haircut as by Ginnifer Goodwin

Frisuren für rundes Gesicht -stars-sonnenbrille-ginnifer-goodwin

The round face is long or short hair that create movement on the head and play around the face. Ginnifer Goodwin is known for her short haircut, which she styles successfully and very diversely. She sticks to the stylists’ advice – low volume on the sides and gentle transition in the hair lengths.

Hairstyles for a round face – different styling possible even with short hair


Here are three excellent examples of successful and simple styling for short hair. Very important for the short hair that they look well-groomed and airy. From strictly styled, edgy cut hairstyles we advise against.

Round Face Hairstyles – Jennifer Lawrence Metamorphoses


Top Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence has a typically round face and her stylings can serve as an example. She cut her hair significantly in 2014 (in the first picture) and appeared with a pixie cut with a long side pony. The wow-Leffekt conjured long, blond strands in front and in the approach outweighed light brown color, which creates optical volume and movement in the hair structure.

Hairstyles for round face – medium-length hair


At the Oscars 2016, the actress appeared with already somewhat mature mane, who reached the shoulder. The shoulder-length long bob is perhaps the best choice for round-faced ladies, as this hairstyle stretches its contours, the mid-pelvis balances the width.

Round Face Hairstyles – Pixie Cut


In recent years, actress Kaley Cuoco experiments quite a bit with her hair. We still remember her amazing change and especially the pixie-cut. He really stood her well and gave a fresh, youthful touch to her round face.

Round Face Hairstyles – Kaley Cuoco


She has remained faithful to the blond color, as kissed by the sun, and her casual, casual style as well. The bright streaks that fall around the face create movement and attract attention where they are the brightest – around the eyes. The hair coloring with a dark finish and the steps are a trick of the hairdressers to draw attention to other points, rather than the facial contours.

Hairstyles for a round face – bright highlights frame the face


Today, the sympathetic comedy actress has matched the optimal hair length of her round face shape. The medium-long hair can be stylishly varied and are at the same time not very intensive care. For round faces, stylists advise to provide more volume at the top of the head and to avoid the very geometric, straight haircuts – to sit on steps.

Round Face Hairstyles – Miranda Kerr on the Red Carpet 2016


If you recommend a crown for the round face, this will be the middle one. Depending on the appearance and proportion of the face but can experiment with it. Curls, waves and Stuffen loosen up the haircut and achieve a new appearance.

Hairstyles for a round face – tie hair together


Cute Miranda Kerr recently cut her long hair down to her shoulders, creating a summery, fresh and youthful look. On the second picture she is bound with hair in a bun. Perfect for a party, this simple hairstyle is relatively easy to do yourself. For round faces it is advisable to put the hair on the top of the head high and voluminous, which visually lengthens the face.

Round Face Hairstyles – Casual waves like Hayden Panettiere


Hayden Panettiere looks really fresh after maternity and this is certainly helped by her new hairstyling . The highlights in nuances of Blonde create real play of light and in combination with the natural waves of motion on the head.

Round Face Hairstyles – Vintage Curls


Regarding the waves with round, full-bodied faces, like that of Katherine Heigl, it is advisable not to exaggerate. Unfortunately, big, typically Hollywood waves wear too much and make the cars seem even wider. This is exactly how the straight cut bangs emphasize the full face. Slightly better on one side are cut ponies that make the hairstyle look A-symmetrical.

Hairstyles for a round face – volume on the top of the head


The classic and highly popular ponytail style, if you have a round face shape, a bit voluminous on the top. Pre-tease before, so that the hair is not too flat on the head and fix it behind. This little trick is perfect for a quick styling that visually lengthens the face

Hairstyles for a round face – cut long hair into steps


Of course, the long hair works great even with round, wide faces. The streaked strands around the face are a must. These can be slightly lightened to visually draw more light into the face.

Hairstyles for round face – high set hair and volume on the top of the head


Updos and which with wicker accents are also very popular here. An important tip is just to put the face in no frame – for example, two symmetrical Heidi braids have this side effect. Better are hairstyles that develop in length and thus make the face look narrower.

Hairstyles for a round face – medium-length hair frame the face


What’s a no-go on the round faces is the modern bobsleigh cut with a length to the chin and even worse – with straight-cut bangs at the eyebrow height. This strict, straight cut puts the face in frame, emphasizing its shape. Opt for a long bob and pony, which is gently extended to the chin.

Hairstyles for round face – falling strand


The perfect hairstyle for a round face looks voluminous on the top of the head and remains narrow on the sides. Airy, natural strands fall around the face and flatter it. A perfect example is Emma Stone’s simple yet effective hairstyling on the picture above.

Make-up tricks for a round face


In addition to the hairstyle, make-up is crucial for a successful appearance. It should pay attention to the peculiarities of the structure and the effect of the personality. This schematic representation will help you with correct contouring and highlighting. Basically, the broad cheeks are concealed and emphasizes the line just above the cheekbones with bronzer and highlighter.

Nail Design in Spring – 26 happy ideas for inspiration

nagel design im frühling bunt blau gold rot

Spring makes everyone happy. It’s getting warmer, the sun is shining more often and many flowers are starting to bloom, and the world seems to be much friendlier. In addition, the spring feelings give us the opportunity to try new things, whether a new hairstyle or new outfits. Matching with the fingernails should be designed. We’ve put together some great ideas for nail design in the spring, and there’s certainly something for you too.

Nail Design in Spring – Delicate skin color with colorful accents

frühling design fingernägel bunt pastellig finger ring

All subjects, with the fit for the nail design in spring Spring can be associated. These include floral and butterfly motifs, but the theme of Easter is very well suited. Finally, Easter is also in spring. The floral motifs are best suited for typical spring flowers. If you are artistically gifted, you can design these yourself or stick them on the nail in the form of stickers. Daffodils, as well as snowdrops or lilies of the valley are especially beautiful. Let your imagination run wild in your choice of nail design motifs in the spring.

Nail Design in Spring – Colorful dots with white base coat

buntes design nägel modern frühling punkte lack

As far as the colors for the nail design in spring are concerned, you also have a lot of room here. Allowed are bright and bright colors, as well as combinations of several such. If you prefer something a little simpler, you can also fall back on pastel shades. Playful variants are also very popular and suitable for the spring theme. This also includes the variant for the nail design in spring with dots. Choose bright colors or pastel shades or combine. You can add some glamor to the design by working with some glitter or gold accents. You have absolutely no limits, the main thing is that your nails look happy and fresh.

Nail design in spring with a blurred look

nagel beauty idee farben kombination metallic pastell

Spring motif with cherries for the nail design

muster band grün rot weiß kirschen frühling idee

Design idea for the nails – cheerful flowers with white base coat

idee nagel design blumen bunt nagellack finger

Simple nail design – White lacquer with light blue glitter

idee fingernägel gestalten schlicht weiß glitzer hellblau

The nail design with dot pattern is trendy

fingernägel lackieren punkte bunt design frühling

Nail Design Idea – Delicate stripe pattern with flowers in blue

design frühling nagellack blumen motive idee blau streifen

Fingernails with design of colorful dots and black base coat

damen beauty punkte bunte farben schwarz nagellack matt

blumen design nailart hellblau gelb schönheit tipp

beauty idee nägel lackieren pastell bunt design

schlichtes nagel design hellblau rose pastell töne frühling

quadrat design nagel schachbrett bunt muster glitzer

polka punkte lila silber nägel lackieren inspiration

pastell farbe modern nageldesign blumen blau silber

oster motiv fingernägel osterhase blau gelb rosa design

nagellack frühjahr idee grün blau muster beauty

nageldesign weißer unterlack punkte regenbogen rot gelb grün blau

nagel design prada elegant modern blumen pastellfarbe

nagel design im frühling mix farben bunt muster

nagel design im frühling grün punkte blumen schmetterling

nagel design im frühling gras natur motiv blumen

nagel design im frühling glamour bordeaux gold idee

grünes nagel design schmetterlinge motiv frühling glitzerstein

frühling motive nageldesign grün rosa weiß idee

Gel nails in pictures – 30 interesting ideas as inspiration

gelnägel in bildern schwarz pink muster ringe

Beautifully painted nails are a must for many ladies. Many try themselves at home, while others prefer to go to a nail salon. Whatever variant you choose, the designs that are offered these days are infinite and the techniques are varied too. The nail design with gel is particularly popular, whereby often also different motives are applied. In this article we have some examples of gel nails in pictures that you can either imitate at home or show your manicurist.

Gel nails in pictures – A design for the prom

gelnägel in bildern hellblau perlen swarovski baker ornamente

The gel nails in pictures are suitable for various occasions, as well as for everyday life and there are also some original examples that you can try during the Christmas season .
If you are now curious, look at the gel nails in pictures and be inspired. We hope you like the examples. If you also have interesting ideas, we would be happy if you show us on Facebook or Google+.

Gel nails in pictures with marble effect

gelnägel in bildern marmor effekt gelb rosa ombre

Nail design with glitter effect

gelnägel in bildern french manicure glitzer gelb gruen bunt

Gel nails for Valentine’s Day

gelnägel in bildern french manicure glitzer gelb gruen bunt

Delicate gel nails with white accents

gelnägel in bildern rosa french manicure

Nail art design in purple with flowers

lila blumen nagellack abiball gel design

Gel nails in pictures – Pink neon for nail design

pink neon nageldesign gel blumenmotive ideen

schmetterling effekt design selber machen bilder

Beautiful butterfly motifs

rote maniküre effektvoll blume offiziell gel

A design in red with floral motif

nagellack matt lila blumen motive schwarz

Matte colors and flowers

nägel gestalten winter motive schneeflocke pailletten blau

Gel nails with winter motives

nagel design weihnachten rot effektvoll foto

A design in red and white for the Christmas season

nageldesign orange blume gelb gelnägel gestalten

Cheerful colors and flowers ensure a good mood

nageldesign grün ideen alltag maniküre mischen

A pretty effect of green nuances

maniküre glitzer bunt design ideen nachmachen

maniküre french streifen rosa glitzer design

grünes nageldesign kunst motive gestalten punkte

glitzer gel maniküre weihnachten grün rot

nägel gestalten french bordeaux blau grau

gelnägel in bildern blumen design french manicure

gelnägel in bildern herzen valentinstag maniküre ideen

french schräg rot blumen motiv design

design nägel zerlaufen blau rosa gel

gelnägel in bildern pink blumen ideen effektvoll

spaßiges nagel design bunt gel muster blumen

zartes nageldesign blume lila motiv malen

bunte maniküre schmetterlinge biene blumen design

design ideen nägel streifen rosa lila

design nägel schmetterlinge blumen zart french