The right glasses for a long work on the screen

Long days in the office burden your eyes. The work on the screen is then always exhausting – even headaches can come. Back problems are also preprogrammed, if you have z. B. occupy a wrong sitting posture to see the screen content sharply. Remedy so-called computer workstation goggles, a special glasses for long hours on […]

Make-up with glasses – 25 wonderful ideas and videos

Wearers of glasses do not have it easy when it comes to make-up. In myopia, the eyes tend to look smaller, whereas in the case of hyperopia they look a bit bigger. Accordingly, the make-up should be matched with glasses . Here we offer you important tips and different, tasteful ideas for eye make-up , […]

Tips for eye makeup when wearing glasses

If you wear glasses, you should know what to look for when applying make-up , so that your eye make-up looks good despite the diopters. Often mistakes are made, but you should definitely avoid them if you want your eyes to look pretty and, above all, natural. What to look for in eye makeup in […]