Gemstone look for the nails – Fascinating gemstones as inspiration for chic manicure

gemstone malachite nail design straight filed short nails

In today’s post, we would like to take a not necessarily new, but absolutely trendy nail trend under the column. The following will be the talk of the manicure in gemstone optics. Gems are perceived as talismans in many cultures and are considered lucky charms. Gems are often worn to enhance certain characteristics of the wearer. But not only their symbolism, but also the fascinating look of the gems causes the emergence of various beauty trends. In our picture gallery you will find many manicure designs that are inspired by the noble look of the stones.

Nail Design in Gemstone Look – Marble Nails

white marble effect dark veins gem optics

Although marble is a natural stone and not a gemstone, it has already created a long-lasting nail trend due to its special texture and unique look. The marble look has been absolutely trendy for some time. Marble is noble and luxurious, which is why it earns a firm place among the nail designs in gemstone look. Whether black with bright veins or white with dark veins, a manicure in marble look is stylish and elegant.

marble nails white gray black gem optics

Marmor Nails complete an official outfit, but also give the casual look a special charm. In addition to black and white, rose gold, copper, metallic and other colors such as blue, red and green are ideal for the marble manicure. Who wants to achieve maximum similarity with the appearance of natural stone, should make the veins as blurred as possible. If you want to make the vein stand out on the base color, you can put it to good use with gold or silver.

silver glitter marble effect gel design gemstone optics

pink oval short marble effect dark veins

nude nails marble white black red gem optics

old pink marble white black almond gemstone effect

Summer nail art ballerina nails marble effect

short nails manicure white marble purple nuances gold

Marble nail design nude black gray make yourself gem optics

elegant fingernail design gray gold gemstone optic marble gray white veins

marble gemstone green milky gold accents

turquoise gemstone optics blue water technology gold

Turquoise nails

turquoise nails straight filed gemstone optics jewelry

If you want to enhance your summery look with a trendy nail design, then the gemstone look of the turquoise is absolutely right. This gemstone is one of the oldest gemstones and is revered as a holy stone in many cultures. Its intriguing color makes it particularly popular in the choice of various accessories such as rings, pendants and chains. The turquoise gemstone is found in the colors sky blue, teal and apple green, with the saturated sky blue color being the most desirable for a fresh manicure in the summer season.

turquoise gemstone optics manicure design ideas

A turquoise manicure in gemstone optics also fascinates with a marbled effect. The turquoise nail design goes well with bright outfits, but is also a great complement to garments in bright colors. The combination with black creates a great contrast. Turquoise nail polish in gemstone look fits perfectly with boho style.

turquoise gemstone optics marbling nail trend square

turquoise nails gold accents almonds gem optics

turquoise gem gel angel design gemstone look gold accents

marble turquoise gold accents round nails

Marbling round nails turquoise gemstone look

gemstone look turquoise nails gold accents

turquoise blue gold foil fingernails design

Rose quartz nails

short nails cared for feminine rose quartz

The trendy gemstone look can also be achieved with the rose quartz nail design . The delicate color of the pink quartz is particularly well received by the ladies and is gaining more and more popularity. The rose quartz manicure looks feminine, simple and romantic. Although the gemstone look of the quartz is not particularly difficult to implement, a little practice and proper guidance is needed to beautify your fingernails yourself with a rose quartz manicure.

gemstone optics rose quartz almond shape gold edging

If you want to transfer the gemstone look of rose quartz to your fingers, you are absolutely right with the colors pink, light old rose and baby pink. Because the rose quartz occurs in nature in all these colors.

gemstone optic rose quartz nails design long round

rose quartz nails gemstone look manicure

rose quartz gemstone optics oval shape marbling

round fingernails gold silver stripes rose quartz gemstone optics

opal gemstone optic dark blue black

Cat’s Eye Gemstone Look – Cat Eye Nails

emerald green rough cat eye gemstone effect nail design

The Cat Eye nails have also gained popularity fairly quickly and will certainly remain among the most popular nail trends for a long time. The cat’s eye gemstone impresses with a light effect that resembles the slit-like pupil of a cat. With special nail polish with small metal particles and a special, thin magnet, the attractive cat’s eye effect is achieved.

black purple cat's eye gemstone optic ballerina nails

The technique is very simple and allows different nail designs. Even beginners can experiment and design designs with a vertical or oblique line along the nail or combine several small lines.

gold foil dark blue manicure cat's eye effect gem optics

dark blue cat's eye gemstone flowers look round

cat eye nails gemstone look bordeaux pink

gemstone optics nails designs cat eye red

stiletto nails filigree ornament cat's eye gemstone optics

nude brown cat eye nails short gem optics

Amethyst gemstone nail design

purple glitter amethyst gem optic fingernails design

No less fascinating is the gemstone look of the amethyst stone. If you like the shades of pink, pale violet or even a dark violet, you can decorate your fingernails with a shade of amethyst. The purple quartz stone is definitely a statement and looks just breathtakingly beautiful on the fingertips.

gray violet amethyst glitter gemstone optics gel nails design

amethyst glitter black gray gemstone optic short nails

gemstone look manicure trends amethyst gold gliltzer

glitter amethyst dark violet nail shape straight

Opal gemstone look for the nails

opal effect gemstone optics golz gel angel design

Are you perhaps inspired by the unique gemstone optics of Opal? His rainbow-colored iridescence makes not only the noble Opalschmuckstücke unique. You do not have to wear an opal ring to enjoy the great color play of the opal, which changes according to the angle of view. The beautiful appearance of the opal can also reflect your nails.

opal nails pastel colors rainbow colored gold border rhinestones

You can achieve the characteristic color gradient and the depth of the gemstone if you use several layers of nail polish. Obtain nail polish in light blue, pink, turquoise, metal and glitter nail polish, which you apply with a sponge to the white base coat. The order of colors should be random to create a true-to-life look.

lace nubal opal gem effect pastel

Once you are satisfied with the rainbow effect, you can complete your manicure with the glitter finish. Seal your nails with a topcoat. An edge in gold or silver makes your fingernails look like real jewelry.

nails design gemstone optics opal manicure make yourself

Opal gem optics make your own instructions

Gemstone Quartz Opal Stiletto Acrylic Gold

gem look opal gel design round long

Agate nail design

With its unique and distinctive pattern, the agate provides a great clue to chic manicure in a gemstone look. In nature you can find the agate in an unmanageable range of colors. Even if the effect is hard to do on your own, you can entrust this look to the professionals in your nail design studio and be amazed by a charming nail design.

agate gemstone optic colorful manicure pink purple gold

agate amethyst gemstone manicure design ideas purple light blue

gemstone look agate layers nude basecoat

agate amethyst stiletto nails stainless steel look

agate nail design turquoise gold emerald green gold

Agate fingernails design gold white gemstone effect

Malachite Nails – Gemstone look in malachite green

malachite gemstone optic short fingernails strasseinchen

Of course, if you want a gemstone look for your nails, you do not have to limit yourself to the gems mentioned here. The gemstone Malachite, for example, also cuts a fine figure with its strong color on the fingernails. Its color ranges from light green to black green and is reminiscent of the color of Malvenblätter.

Malachite nails gemstone optics make water technology

When the malachite green meets your taste, you can use the water technology to make the light and dark overflows typical of the gemstone itself. If the green nail polish is enriched with fine glitter particles, you will reach the gemstone optics of the aventurine quartz.

emerald green white gold oval nail shape gemstone optics

gold green white gray marbling gem nails design

malachite green white gemstone optics nails short

aventurine gemstone optics cat's eye effect nails design ideas

malachite effect straight gem nail design

aventurine gemstone optic green glitter nails design