The little black dress: a must-have for every occasion

das kleine schwarze klassisch modern zeitlos anlas

For some, the little black dress may just be a simple black dress. But how could a “simple” garment influence fashion history so much? With this, Coco Chanel has changed the fashion world and marked a new chapter in fashion history. Since then, the small black dress with a simple silhouette is considered a miracle weapon that every woman should own in her closet.

The little black girl has a long history

das kleine schwarze coco chanel geschichte

When the story of little black dress began in the 19th century, the black color was reserved for widowed widow. For the first time, even the designer Coco Chanel appeared in a dress she designed with a simple cut that was not supposed to cause much commotion. The combination of black color and relatively short cut was scandalous after the war. In doing so, Chanel wanted to express her position that the mourning women of World War I should show their sorrow, but at the same time their desire for the future. The author of a book on fashion classics describes the event as a “final harmony of desire and comfort, class and rigor, purism and fantasy”.

When did Coco Chanel invent the little black?

the little black classic cut straighter

The little black dress became popular in 1926 after appearing in American Vogue. Coco Chanel called it a kind of “uniform for all women of taste” and “a model that will carry the world”. It was a narrow-cut dress, closely related to the shift dress, made of China silk, with tight long sleeves and knee-covering. The top was loose at the front and tight at the back. In 1927, the designer designed a second black wool jersey garment with a pleated skirt. It was intended to express both sadness and hope for a better future for widows as a result of World War II. The first model of Coco Chanel stood as a symbol for the modern woman and inspired the fashion world. Since then, the little black is always reinterpreted and up to date.

das kleine schwarze elegant zeitlos besonderen anlass

The Little Black became popular in 1961 when Audrey Hepburn wore a sleeveless model in the feature film Breakfast at Tiffany. In fashion, “small blacks” are especially narrow cocktail dresses that reach to the knee, but could be a little bit longer or shorter. Frequently, fabrics such as satin, viscose and chiffon are used. There is no definite definition for the little black dress and it can be both strapless, long sleeved or sleeveless. It is versatile and therefore a favorite garment of every woman.

The little black for every occasion

das kleine schwarze schlicht elegant büro anlass

On the most asked question of all women: “What should I wear now?” Seems the best possible solution to be a black dress in midi length. In a simple, elegant black dress you are dressed stylishly for all occasions – from a cocktail party to a business meeting. It is considered a miracle weapon and therefore every woman should have at least one good model in the wardrobe. Although designers always strive for new ideas, they have not passed by the timeless dress and discover it again and again. Although there is no clear definition of the model, it is fundamental that it is close to the body, but not tight as the pencil dress cut and knee-length is best. So you can just describe a comfortable and practical dress that can be changed to personal taste.

The little black for every figure

the little black every figure

Depending on your taste, the simple black dress can be individually transformed by the wearer. Fabric, neckline, sleeve length, shoes and accessories are able to conjure up a party outfit from the simple look. So you can call the little black dress as a unique and all-rounder. His biggest advantage, however, is the neutral black mourning color. Black flatters the figure and if the fit of the dress is, hardly brings any other garment the female figure to advantage.

Casual and elegant at the same time

the little black elegant everyday functional functional

How versatile the little black is, is hard to capture. Artists, directors, performers and singers like Edit Piaf rely on black outfits on stage, so they do not distract the audience from their performance. Others say, “If a little black suits, there’s nothing you could ever wear.” WW Simpson. Above all, a black simple dress is a timeless classic that is appropriate for any occasion. It is crucial how you style it.

the small black etui dress occasion shcnitt

A black knee-length sheath dress is perhaps the best choice for every occasion and even for everyday wear. The simple cut, the medium length and the inconspicuous color are the perfect combination for every type of figure. In addition, the simple model of the wearer can be individually changed through sophisticated accessories, jewelry and matching shoes.

the little black etui dress flat shoes

A black dress is the best choice for every occasion, depending on the cut. The details such as shoes, jewelry and bag are what make the look suitable for everyday use or the opposite to the stylish evening outfit. On special occasions, one prefers a black dress to the best high heels. When it comes to a party, for example a New Year’s Eve party, the shoes and accessories may be a bit fancier and more glamorous. Details filled with sequins or glittering stones stand out particularly well here.

The little black person in everyday life

the little black short a-line overknie boots

Comfortable models, for example made of jersey or fine knitwear, are preferred for everyday wear and do not emphasize the body very much, but gently wrap it around. These can be very well combined with boots, flat shoes and even sneakers. For curvy women who are looking for a dress in large size, a wrap dress is particularly good. Draped models with a deep V-neck are also a great way to emphasize the décolleté while concealing the tummy.

Evening wear on New Year’s Eve and special occasions

the little black backless accent loop

For special occasions, parties or New Year’s Eve, you can be a bit braver and put on a playful model. A strapless or backless simple-cut dress or a midi-length lace dress is a possible option, depending on the occasion. When it comes to an event with colleagues or in the working environment, the perfect look is rounded off with a beautifully cut black blazer.

The chic little black in the 20s or 50s style

the little black silvester 20s sequins

Extremely attractive for special informal occasions such as parties or New Year’s Eve look black midi dresses, which are lavishly set with sequins, pearls or lace. Tulle accents are also beautiful details that add variety and a playful touch to the look.

Style and combine the little black dress correctly

the little black combine to style properly

A simple black dress can be stylishly combined on special occasions with eye-catching accessories and shoes. Colorful or glittering high heels and matching jewelery or a small bag, for example a clutch, make the simple outfit party-friendly.

style the little black shoe bag occasion

In everyday life you combine a short, black dress with flat leather shoes or sneakers. A short jacket completes the casual look.

The small black combine style small bag

If you choose a matching bag for the little black, you should pay attention to the size. Basically, small bags for short dresses or skirts are better suited than the currently very popular shopper bags.

the little black shoes sneaker

The little black party New Year's Eve combine shoes bag

Smart Casual Look – What should be considered in the dress code?

Smart Casual Dress Code Ladies Mens

A dress code determines the dress code for an event and is increasingly asked for at various events. So you can make sure that one or the other guest does not appear underdressed or overdressed. The dress code smart casual has gained in importance in recent years and is often confused with the business casual . What does “smart casual” actually mean? What do men and women wear to this dress code? What are the dos and don’ts in such an outfit? The answers to these and other questions we reveal in the article!

What is Smart Casual?

smart-casual men's jeans-shoes-blazer

In English, “Smart Casual” is literally translated “elegantly informal”, so it’s easy to be fooled. It is not a completely informal dress, but a casual business outfit, which is usually worn at table societies with colleagues or business trips. In this dress code, it is important to find the golden middle between sportiness and elegance, without exceeding the limits.


The dress code Smart Casual is not only in demand for official invitations, but also often chosen during a drink or dinner with colleagues after work. In young, dynamic companies, for example in the advertising industry, this look is just as perfect as office clothing. In this case, it is important that you do not dress more elegantly than the boss and at the same time do not appear more casual than your colleagues. In such companies, you can express your personality with a more creative outfit, however, you must also adapt to the appropriate work environment.

smart-casual-look men's pattern shirt-blazer

In general, an “outfit other than at work” is the most important requirement for this dress code. So you can not wear the same clothes you wear to work in everyday life. Pay particular attention to a non-professional clothing, which is smart, so elegant and pleasing. If, for example, you are invited to a gardening company, then with Smart Casual you are certainly right as upmarket casual clothing.

The dress code Smart Casual for men

smart-casual dress code-men suit

The look for men demands a perfect balance between casualness and elegance. Although the clothes should be casual, you do not have to leave out the suit. The best combination for this dress code is just a suit, for example made of cotton, poplin or corduroy, in combination with an open shirt without a tie. Instead of the tie, a contrasting pocket square can be used. So the whole outfit looks smarter and expresses a certain elegance.

smart-casual-look men's suit

When choosing a suit, you should pay particular attention to muted colors and darker tones. It is best combined with a long-sleeved shirt, either plain or with a subtle pattern. For those who prefer something more conspicuous, wear a playful, patterned shirt underneath the monochrome suit and thus add an accent to the outfit. The smart casual look, however, should show inconspicuous elegance, so do not exaggerate with patterns and bright colors.

smart-casual dress code-men's tie

Unlike casual business dress code, a smart casual look usually omits the tie. However, you can still wear them as you wish, if you stick to a few simple rules. It is recommended that such models and patterns that are as subtle as possible and make the look not too “official” and “business”. In the colder months, a tie can be hidden under a matching sweater and the dress code is respected.

smart-casual-look men's suit jacket-shirt

Regardless of whether it is part of an overall suit or a complement to chic jeans or pants, a blazer or blazer is one of the basics of smart casual looks. The jacket should however necessarily be worn over a long-sleeved shirt. So T-shirts and polo shirts are considered inadmissible. The exact outfit of this dress code is also dependent on the weather and the exact event. So at a garden party in the summer you may be able to do without the jacket and just wear an open shirt and elegant pants.

smart-casual-look men's fashion ideas

For a casual, yet elegant look, you should opt for a high-quality pants. This may be part of an overall suit, but you are still right with flannels, chinos and corduroy pants. So the suit itself is not a must. You can also wear jeans for the smart casual look, but there are some limitations. The jeans in this dress code should be dark blue and never wrinkled or too wide. The clothes should look new, so denim jeans are undesirable.

smart-casual men's shirt-pants-belt

Regardless of whether the pants fit perfectly or not, an elegant belt is always the right outfit for this dress code. As far as footwear is concerned, laced leather man shoes like Derbys or Budapester are perfect for a smart casual look. Of course, they are not the only way. With classic leather loafers or elegant sneakers in dark colors, you can combine the outfit as well. Absolute no-go’s in the shoes are sneakers, as well as leather boots. To round off the outfit, suitable stockings are worn to the pants.

dress code smart-casual men's outfits

The color selection is particularly important in the complete smart casual look. The motto of the dress code is understatement, so unobtrusive colors are the best choice. It means both the pants, as well as the blazers and shirts. For a successful look for autumn and winter, the shirt can be replaced by a turtleneck made of fine material such as cashmere. Alternatively, you can wear a V-neck or round neck sweater over the shirt as part of the dress code.

smart-casual men-look jeans

If you have found the perfect outfit, then you can now give your look the finishing touch. With the dress code Smart Casual, the accessories should round off the entire look, but still not attract too much attention. For men, an elegant watch for the wrist and the ring are enough. Depending on the outfit, however, you can supplement your appearance with cufflinks. You do not need more than accessories.

The smart casual look for women


And what do women actually wear at Smart Casual? For women, this dress code is not as strict as it is for men. So the woman has several options for a matching outfit and she has a lot more combinations to choose from. In general, she should dress tastefully and elegant, so similar to the office. You can not be wrong with a dark trouser suit with a bright blouse or a costume. Discreet patterns are also possible and ensure a casual look.

smart-casual look-women-shirt-sweater

Especially popular for this look are pants of any kind, such as chinos or business pants. Above all, they should not be too far and look elegant. You can either combine the pants with a matching blouse and blazer, or opt for the combination of shirt and sweater. Always pay attention to muted colors and color combinations. So a colorful mess of colors and different patterns is completely inadmissible.


In a skirt, most women always feel good and very feminine. Therefore, the skirt is considered a good variant in almost every dress code. Of course, smart casual skirts are also allowed if they are no shorter than a hand’s breadth above your knee. They are great with blouses, shirts and even T-shirts and should always be worn with a matching pair of shoes. The pleated skirt in combination with a nice blouse certainly creates the look.

dress code-smart-casual-women-rock

An equally good combination for spring and summer are skirts with elegant pullovers. In this case, such a sweater is meant, which is not too thick or too wide and has no prints and inscriptions. He should be color coordinated with the skirt, so that both create an elegant overall picture. Tights are also required, but may be omitted in hot weather.

Note: If you decide to wear a jumper or a T-shirt with this dress code, you should always pay attention to quality materials and look.

dress code smart-casual ladies-jeans-blazer

The ladies, however, can dress a little more informally with this dress code. High-quality dark jeans, combined with a beautiful blouse and a blazer as a top, the woman can wear depending on the occasion and still be within the dress code. However, the jeans should never crack or be too wide. You should also avoid a used look.

smart-casual-woman outfit-jeans

As for outerwear, you should wear an elegant coat in the colder months. Leather jackets and parkas are not part of the smart casual look and should be left for leisure. In autumn and winter blazers are considered the best outerwear.

The matching shoes for this dress code are closed and not too high. Flat but elegant shoes such as ballerinas, moccasins or Chelsea boots are ideal for this and should be matched with the handbag if possible.


Sometimes it’s easier to stick to a dress code if you know which garments do not fit the look. We’ve created a small list of no-go’s to avoid when working with women’s smart casual outfits.

  • Striking patterned clothes
  • transparent blouses
  • belly-free tops
  • T-shirts, pullovers and blouses with print
  • bright or loose jeans with cracks or used look
  • sporty shoes such as sneakers and sneakers
  • loose boots or leather boots with big buckles
  • Sandals and flip flops
  • oversized women’s bags

dress code smart-casual ladies-look

Unlike the man, the woman does not have to hold back on the accessories for this dress code. Noble chains, fine bracelets and elegant wristwatches, as well as tasteful earrings round off the look of the woman. With the right jewelry even a casual dress with jeans and T-shirt can be upgraded immediately.

Abiball make-up for the dress – make-up tips and instructions

Abiball Make-up -dramatisch-smokey-eyes-rote-lippen

After leaving school and before university usually comes the Abiball Make-up and hairstyle can either be done by a professional or if you have already had some experience – do it yourself.

Abiball make-up matched to the dress

Abiball Make-up -outfit-kleid-rot-rosa-blau

Abiball make-up and hairstyle are individually tailored to the

Abiball make-up matching the black dress

Abiball Make-up -schwarzes-kleid-schminke-anleitung

For an official outfit in black, a classic make-up would always be the best choice – stressed eyes and dull, red lips. With further removal, this make-up will also be very good in the group pictures. A strong make-up, like this, flatters symmetrical face shapes and makes them appear particularly expressive.

Dramatic Abiball Make-up type ‘Smokey eyes’


‘Smokey Eyes’ is perhaps the most popular eye makeup ever. These subtle lips fit, perhaps only emphasized with shine for a little more volume and blush with highlights. False eyelashes would teach for the expressive look.

Dramatic promo make-up for extremely big eyes – instructions


Our make-up tip for ‘Smokey Eyes’ – use dark brown or gray eyeshadow according to your type. Ladies with a light skin and fair eye color, green, blue, gray, should choose gray eyeshadow. This dark-skinned and perhaps brown-eyed one recommends using the brown color palette. The outer end of the eye accentuate you with black and draw very precise eyeliners.

Extravagant promo makeup fit the white dress


In a white Abi dress every lady looks radiant and angelic. To add some contrast, it is worth emphasizing the eyes, but of course not as strong as the black dress. Put light tones in the middle of the lid. Our tip: Contrasts usually attract attention, so use them appropriately.

Abiball Make-up, which visually enlarges the eyes


The eyeliner and the white line above make the eye appear longer and give it the desired almond shape. The inner corner of the eye is left in white, as well as the outside, which ensures a special freshness of the look. The lips are naturally very glamorous.

Abiball make-up in black and white with eyeliner


Important for a make-up with strong eyes is the area around the eyes. Under the eyes is corrector with lighter color than the natural and at the top of the cheeks highlighting powder. Have a look at the video tutorial.

Exotic make-up in black and white – video tutorial by Maryam Maquillage

Abiball make-up in delicate spring colors


The romantic spring colors, such as pink and pink, make for a charming and especially girly look. It is not recommended to make too much makeup. Match the eyeshadow and rouge to the lipstick. Rely on products with highlights that bring a fresh touch to your look.

Abiball make-up in delicate shades for dress in pink or pink


A coral color make-up highlights the green or blue eye color. Emphasize with some dark brown on the outer corner of your eye, but do not overdo it. With eyeliner you can still put the accent on the eyes and at the same time shade the false false eyelashes.

Abiball make-up in apricot color with eyeliner


Here we offer a make-up guide for make-up in apricot color. The make-up artist has brown eyes, which she has very well expressed with brown eye shadow. As an accent, she has made which little dots with the eyeliner.

Abiball make-up in fresh spring color

Abiball makeup for dress in red


No doubt the dramatic make-up fits the red dress, making the whole look even more feminine and. For your choice we offer two variants – ‘Spanish eyes’ and a kind of ‘Smokey Eyes’, but with burgundy eye shadow.

Dramatic Eye Makeup – ‘Spanish eyes’ video tutorial

Abiball make-up in red shades and with sparkles


Burgundy eye shadow is particularly good green eyes, which makes it really extravagant and dramatic. Dark kohl is applied between the eyelashes and the eyelid glittered.

Burgundy color eye make-up for green eyes

ABiball dress in green, blue or purple and matching make-up


If you’ve chosen a dark green, blue or purple prom dress, we offer two ideas for matching make-up. But first think about whether you would rather present your beautiful eyes or your lips.

Girlish prom ball makeup with stressed lips


To the dark pastel shades of green, blue and purple, would be just as good a lipstick in matching shade of purple. It’s best to combine two to create a 3D effect. Your eyes will look a little more natural and unobtrusive in this case. Nevertheless, the false eyelashes can always be used well.

Abiball Make-up with colored eyeshadow matching the dress


Another option would be to master dramatic eye make-up in the selected color palette. Accentuate by using dark green-blue tones instead of black and put purple eyeshadows at the transition to the eyebrow. A guide would certainly help.

Glamorous eye make-up with extra glitter – video tutorial

Graduation Makeup suitable for blue eyes


If you want to express your blue eyes and not reach for the black eyeshadow, then set to gray and brown. Do not forget the highlights on the cheeks and in the inner corner of the eye. Also wear white eye pencil in the waterline, this will visually enlarge the eye.

Make a promo make-up for blue eyes


Natural promo makeup in bronze colors


Natural-looking make-up can be achieved by ‘highlighting’ and using bronzing products. Emphasize the eyes with brown eyeshadow and mascara for extra volume. Kajal and eyeliner come to the question only in brown, as a warm, sunny look is targeted.

Make your own make-up yourself – apply the highlights correctly


Highlights wear properly with a large brush on the nose tip, on the upper lip, on the upper part of the cheeks and under the eyebrows. Do not forget the rouge, which should also contain extra highlighting parts.

Keep the prom makeup as natural as possible


Natural make-up means emphasizing the natural beauty without exaggeration. It is not meant that make-up is missing at all, but only put in the right places in precise quantity. Here is a video tutorial with tips and tricks on the subject!

Natural promo makeup with shimmer

Abiball Makeup Ideas – Eyeliner Variations


For the lovers of eyeliners, he can also be a variant of successful prom makeup. Choose the right one according to the outfit. If it is a midi dress, then pull a classic, like a little thicker eyeliner or is it rather disco-like with sequins – then rather an extravagant in color. You are spoiled for choice!

* see some of the great make-up tutorials on homepage




Hairstyle for dress with a carrier – 25 ideas and examples

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger -seitlicher-pferdeschwanz-haarschmuck-abiball

If you are going to wear a dress with a wearer for a special occasion like a wedding or the prom, then you also need a matching hairstyle that completes your outfit beautifully. Open hair can hide the richly decorated straps , so it would be better if you chose a hairstyle that emphasizes and emphasizes this detail. Take a look at the great ideas in our picture gallery and choose the perfect hairstyle for a dress with a strap !

Hairstyle for dress with a strap – Side ponytail or braid

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger messy-seitlicher-pferdeschwanz-kleider-zopf

A side ponytail looks classic, refined and elegant and is very easy to style. If you are blessed with really beautiful, thick hair, then a smooth ponytail would be perfect for you. If your hair is thinner, the good curling iron comes into play to give it more shape and volume. Tie your hair into a low ponytail and drape it over the free shoulder.

Hairstyle for dress with a strap – Messy Dutt

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger -tiefer-dutt-flechtfrisur-Blake-Lively

The Messy Dutt is a simple updo that can be styled in minutes, though it seems to be very complicated. Tie your hair to a low ponytail. Then whirl it around with a twisting motion, wrap around the hair tie and pin it directly to the Ansaty with hairpins. The trick with the Messy Dutt: a few strands are carefully pulled out of the bun.

Hairstyle for dress with a straps – Side curls

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger seitlich-gesteckte-gelockte-haare

If you prefer to wear your hair openly, you can consider this option: curls at the sides. This hairstyle would complement your dress without hiding the wearer. Use a curling iron to curl the hair. Then the big curls are put on the side.

Hoollolle and Messy Bun

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger -abiball-hochsteckfrisur-haartolle-messy-dutt-volumen

Faux Hawk hairstyle with side braids

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger -rita-ora-faux-hawk-seitenzoepfe-zuhair-murad-couture

lateral plait with toupiertem top

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger -zopf-seitlich-getragen-mohawk-toupierter-oberkopf

Lined hair on the side with plaited braids

Frisur für Kleid mit einem Träger seitlich-gesteckt-flechtfrisur-locken

laterally inserted hair


also suitable for medium-long hair















Hairstyle for Strapless Dress – 33 Wedding and Prom Ideas

frisur für trägerloses kleid halboffen elegant locken weiss braut

A strapless dress allows women to show off their elegant neck and shoulders. Emphasize these qualities with a beautiful hairstyle and a brilliant styling for a special occasion. Take a look at our beautiful hairstyle ideas for a strapless dress and be inspired!

Strapless hairstyle – updo with bun top

frisur für trägerloses kleid hoher dutt elegant look spitze hochsteckfrisur

A real updo that looks just as nice with a strapless dress like the Messy Dutt, just a little bit more upscale. The bun is to be fixed on the top of the head for a royal look.

Strapless hairstyle – Semi-open hair

frisur für trägerloses kleid dunkelblau halboffen frisur damen styling

A semi-open hairstyle brings the hair away from the face, but still leaves magical curls flowing and completing the strapless neckline. This looks especially good with wavy and curly hair. Add a decorative hair clip as an accent.

Updos for strapless dresses

frisur für trägerloses kleid hochsteckfrisur locken romantisch styling braut idee

In principle, all updos are for strapless dresses. This is wonderful for the shoulders and neck to advantage. If you also add a quiff, you also emphasize the face at the same time.

Open, wavy hairstyle

frisur für trägerloses kleid offen haare locken wellen blau weiss glitzer outfit

If updos are too cumbersome for you, you can also wear the hair open. For a more romantic look, add curls or light waves. In this way, the hair is also shorter, which brings back the shoulders to light.

“Messy Dutt” hairstyle for strapless dress

Frisur für trägerloses Kleid messy-dutt-seitenscheitel

A Messy Dutt looks great with a strapless dress because it contrasts interestingly with its formal effect. It is modern and especially charming for women under 35.

Smooth, open hair


Smooth hair looks good with a strapless dress because it continues the minimalist tone of the styling. Straighten the hair with a straightener for a lasting look and apply a shine serum.

Chignon (deep bun)

Frisur für trägerloses Kleid chignon-tief-gesteckt

This hairstyle is classic and beloved by many women. A bun tied deep in the neck looks romantically elegant and is suitable for brides and high school graduates.

Faux bob hairstyle with volume

Frisur für trägerloses Kleid faux-bob-voluminos-haaraccessorie

elegant bridal hairstyles for strapless dresses

Frisur für trägerloses Kleid hochzeit-diadem-pferdeschwanz

big curls and side parting


Ponytail and laterally stuck hair


Bridal hairstyle with diadem


voluminous hair roller


a few stripped-out strips for a romantic look


View from behind

Frisur für trägerloses Kleid -messy-dutt-locken

Frisur für trägerloses Kleid messy-dutt-ganz-oben

Frisur für trägerloses Kleid dutt-duttkissen-ganz-oben

Frisur für trägerloses Kleid abiball-halboddene-haare-volumen-wellen





Frisur für trägerloses Kleid -retro-wellen-hochsteckfrisur






Hairstyle for a neckholder dress – 25 ideas for your wedding

Frisur zum Neckholderkleid hochzeit-chignon-tiefer-dutt-seitenscheitel

A neckholder dress looks very feminine because of his neck tie , as the shoulders are placed in the center. For this reason, the hairstyle to Halter dress emphasize her neck and back and leave them free. Avoid hairstyles where the hair covers your shoulders or hangs over your back. Instead, choose a stylish and simple updo.

Hairstyle for a neckholder dress – Dutt and Chignon

Frisur zum Neckholderkleid hochzeit-chignon-mittelscheitel

A normal knot or Chignon Dutt is a nice idea for dresses with neck-bound straps. Use lots of styling spray and hair clips to fix the bun. For a special flair, drop a strand of hair from the bun around your neck.

Hairstyle for a neckholder dress – updo with curls


Big curls and teased hair are good for a halter dress. Again use a large curling iron to curl the hair, back-rub the hair party and fix the curls with hair clips to keep the hair away from the shoulders.

Faux bob hairstyle


Another nice hairstyle for the neckholder dress is the Faux Bob. This hairstyling is one of the hottest trends in the celebrity world and looks deceptively real. The long hair is combed over a side parting, curled in the neck and pinned. Watch the video below!

teased head, side pony and ponytail

elegant bun hairstyle with hair accessories


Stress shoulder with halter dress


elegant ponytail hairstyle


Kate Beckinsale’s Faux Bob


















The 3D printed dress Kinematics by Nervous System

Das 3D-gedruckte Kleid koerperbewegungen-anpassbar

The design studio Nervous System has created the first 3D printed dress using its Kinematics 4D printing system to create complex shapes. The New York Museum of Modern Art has acquired the dress and software for its collection. The 3D printed dress is made up of thousands of unique components, but it was printed in one go at Shapeways in New York City and does not need a compilation. The Kinematics dress represents a new approach to manufacturing that brings together design, simulation and digital manufacturing to create complex, custom products.

The 3d printed dress in motion


Our bodies are 3-dimensional, but our clothing is usually made from a flat fabric that is cut and carefully assembled. In contrast, the Kinematics garments are created directly by 3D printing, so they can be worn immediately without further additions. The kinematics system makes it possible to adapt the flexible structure to the physics of the body via body scans. In addition, it is possible to produce garments with complicated patterns.

The 3D printed dress is very flexible


The 3D printed dress is a complex structure of 2,279 unique triangular panels and 3,316 hinges printed as a single piece of nylon. While each component is inflexible, all behave as an elastic fabric, allowing the garment to flexibly adapt to the movements of the body. Unlike traditional fabrics, this fabric varies in shape, porosity and pattern. The entire piece can be customized by Nervous Systems latest app “Kinematics Cloth”.

free body movements


elegant design and cut

Das 3D-gedruckte Kleid kinematics-tafelchen-scharniere

The dress consists of hundreds of tablets and hinges



front short back long

Das 3D-gedruckte Kleid -kinematics-vorne-kurz-hinten-lang


deep back cut









Design and Photos: Nervous Systems

Jeans Outfit – dress modern and sporty-elegant


The jeans are the perfect choice for the jeans outfit , whether it’s cool outside or slightly warmer outside. It is one of those garments that will never go out of style. With a tight-fitting jeans , you can also emphasize your legs wonderful. They look more sculpted and slimmer.

Jeans Outfit Ideas for everyday combinations


Another advantage of the jeans is that you can combine them with different types of tops. So is a casual T-shirt or a modern tunic, as well as a wide, elegant blouse to do so. You can also wear elegant shoes with heels or choose a pair of casual sneakers for everyday wear. So you have the choice between a casual sporty or sporty-elegant jeans outfit .

The jeans outfit can look very elegant


In this article, we show you some fashionable variants of the jeans outfit , where different styles for each type of woman were tried. Just try it out and feel stylish dressed with every step. Have fun watching.

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Figure-hugging jeans


Sporty-elegant looks for everyday life


Tight-fitting jeans with peep-toes


Light jeans slightly rubbed off


Dark blue skinny jeans with flat shoes


Ripped jeans


Conventional and convenient






Jeans Outfit schlanke-figur-helle-jeans-outfit-lässiges-Hemd-flache-Sandaletten-rot-sportlich-elegant

Jeans Outfit -mode-kleidung-kombinieren-stiefeletten-sportlich-elegant-herbst-trend-look

Office apparel with guaranteed success 20 dress for success outfits


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Everyone knows what the meaning of the right outfit in the workplace is – an enhancer of self-confidence. Especially for the female half, the office clothing in the working circles is a serious stage of the challenge. Having a business look while maintaining the feminine side is quite difficult.

Office clothing during the job interview

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The job interview is your chance to make a first impression on your potential employer. Office apparel with guaranteed success makes up the bulk of the interview. When it comes to first impressions, the outfit is the welcome approach to the working atmosphere. If you do not know yet how best to dress for the interview, do not forget that professionalism and glamor go hand in hand.

Office clothing combination possibility

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In the following picture gallery we will introduce some helpful suggestions for office clothing . Enjoy 20 dress for success outfits and more by finding out which suits you best. There’s a lot to do with combinations, it’s important to look chic and elegant, and to feel comfortable, because clothing is our second skin in the world outside.

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Shirt and pants with creases are current in every season

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White and pastel shades always go

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Black ladies accessories like sunglasses, a nice watch and a handbag

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Tall shoes keep the femininity in the outfit

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On the principle cooler tones combination

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Spice up your outfit with colorful shoes and handbags

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Careful use of colors and jewelry

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Striped pants and white vest

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Use boastful colors in the summer

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Hint of brown

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Floral pattern and red shoes

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The short, black dress for an eternally attractive look

kurze schwarze kleid damen mode kleidung

Since we are able to choose our own clothes, we know that the “little black dress” is the perfect choice if we just want to look stunning and make a great impression.

The wide, black dress for every occasion

kleid langärmlich schwarz weit offiziell modisch

It was Coco Chanel who met this rule and since then, the short, black dress is the epitome of elegance and an attractive lady. You should have at least one short black dress in your closet if you respect the fashion . It is one of those fashion pieces that represents the definition of “simple is elegant”. You know what you should wear whenever you want to show an attractive look.

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Feel airy with a wide, black dress

trend kleid weites lässig modern elegant

The wide dress makes for an elegant look

schulter frei lässig modern elegant modetrend

Make a playful look with lace

figurbetont attraktiv schulterfrei spitze damen kleidung niedlich

It does not matter if there is only a little tip …

kurzes schwarzes kleid spitze elegant offiziell

…or more. The dress gets so a certain refinement.

lange ärmel spitze kurzes kleid romantisch

Even half-length sleeves are chic

spitze attraktiv alltag kleid halblange ärmel kurz

On cooler evenings, you can also choose a long-sleeved dress

lange ärmel spitze neckholder locker verspielt

Or a more sophisticated one with a lace sleeve

schwarze kleid ein ärmel verführerisch spitze

damenmode attraktives kleid enganliegend offiziell schulterfrei

klassisch knielang schlicht mode kleider damen

modern elegant kleider besonderer anlass brautjungfer