What is Dresscode Business Casual for women? Tips and 10 golden rules

Business Casual Outfit Women's Inspiration Amal Clooney

The dress code Business Casual for women is a little difficult to decipher in today’s work environment and can also vary depending on the profession and office environment. Since proper clothing is very important in the job, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the dress code rules . We’ll give you some basic tips today on what to wear when a business casual outfit is required. We’ll also show you some of the best looks of Amal Clooney – a businesswoman who is always smart and smartly dressed and often becomes a style icon.

What does Business Casual mean?

Business casual outfit women white pants black top ballerinas everyday

The dress code Business Casual is a bit more casual than the traditional office clothing style. You do not have to wear a full suit, but a strapless summer dress with flip flops is a no-go.

Business Casual has long since established itself as a modern office look in most companies. You can wear items from more formal business attire such as blazers, suit skirts, or trousers, but they do not necessarily have to be combined together.

It is also advisable to choose most of your garments in neutral colors: black, gray, navy blue, brown, beige and white. Based on the simple plain colored pieces, you can then put a few splashes of color that emphasize your personality.

Which pants fit the business casual look?

Business Casual Dresscode Ladies Brown Pants White Blouse Statement Chain Raincoat Trench

Pants are an obvious and often the first choice of most women for their office outfit. Make sure they sit well, are wrinkle-free and have no frayed seams or torn seams. Wool, cotton, linen and gabardine are best, but you can also put on the easy-care polyester. Nowadays, there are also a nice selection of office-grade jeans with no cracks, embroidery or extreme washes.

Dresscode Business Casual Ladies Black White Red Coat

Simple trousers in plain colors are usually best suited because they can be combined with many colored tops. Pants in a dark subdued color like burgundy or forest green looks very pretty. Pinstripes, glencheck or plaid patterns are absolute classics. In addition to the actual comfort and the optimal fit is of great importance. Straight leg pants, boot cut or ankle length are real all-rounders.

Business Casual Blouses, Shirts and Co.

Business Casual Midi Skirt Peach Solid Top Accented Collar

To add a splash of color to an outfit, think of blouses and tops. Choose those colors that would complement your skin tone and your eyes nicely. Pastel colors, gemstones such as opal, amethyst and turquoise, plaid, floral and other prints such as paisley, polka dot, ikat are acceptable.

Business Casual Dresscode Women's Dress Knee Length Black White

In colder months put on blouses with long or ¾-sleeves. For spring and summer short sleeve blouses and cap sleeves are ideal. Pay attention to the neckline. Blouses with a Peter Pan collar, stand-up collar, round neck, submarine neckline, turtleneck or a square neckline look elegant. If you decide on a v-neck, make sure that the neckline is not too deep.

Business casual sweaters and cardigans

Business casual dress code women white cardigan chocolate brown pants

You can combine sweaters in a variety of ways – wearing pants, a skirt or over a dress. The fit is important here, so stay away from oversize sweaters. Whether with or without buttons, soft fine knit sweaters are great all-rounders. You can even wear longer cardigans with a narrow belt to give your outfit a completely different look.

Business casual coat, jacket or blazer

Business Casual Outfit Women's White Sheath Pumps Floral Pattern Red Handbag

A blazer is not a must if a business casual outfit is required. But do not think you can wear a denim jacket on the way to work. You still need a professional looking outerwear. (You never know when to go to lunch with the boss or a customer!)

Business casual outfit gray pants burgundy short coat patent leather shoes lace-ups

Stay on the safe side with neutral colors like black, anthracite, brown and navy blue. If you want a bit of variety, choose classic gemstone tones, thin pinstripes or herringbone patterns. The fit is often a big problem with jackets and blazers. Classic, fitted models always look good.

Business casual skirts and dresses

Business Casual Dresscode Women's Knee-Length Dress Scoop Neck Elbow Sleeves Navy Blue White

While pants are casual office wear, do not forget the skirts and dresses. Blouses, which are worn in combination with a pair of trousers, usually go very well with a skirt. Pencil skirts, A-line skirts or pleated skirts look very elegant. Colored skirts are fine, but avoid too colorful colors and prints like flowers. If the skirt has a slit, make sure that it is appropriate, especially in the sitting position.

Business Casual Dress Knee-length Patterned V-Neck

Dresses are an easy choice for business casual attire. Dress up and get started. It is not necessary to consider for a long time whether the upper part fits to this lower part. They also look good with cardigans and blazers when the weather is colder. Neckline and sleeves should follow the above rules for blouses. The hem can reach from just a few centimeters over the knee to just below the knee. Mini, Vokuhila and asymmetrical skirts are best kept in the closet.

Which shoes are suitable for the Dresscode Business Casual?

Business Casual Red Knee-Length Dress Beige Coat

When it comes to shoes, you have many nice options. Ballerinas, wedge heels, pumps, petticoats and sandals are a great match for casual business outfits. Ballerinas are a comfortable option and should especially be worn with pants. Loafers, moccasins, ballerinas with round or pointed toes or even Oxford shoes are suitable for the office. Heels are typically seen in a work environment, but with a heel of 7 – 8 inches or less. If you like to wear heels, you can combine pumps, sling pumps, T-strap pumps, peep toes with your office outfit.

Business casual outfit dot pattern blazer with peplum

In terms of color and pattern everything is allowed. In the colder months, wear a pair of ankle boots or knee-high boots, either flat, with heel or wedge heel. Boots should be made of leather (or a vegan alternative) and kept in a neutral color. Avoid decorations such as rivets or buckles.

Amal Clooney suit with skirt and blazer boucle fabric in pink white

10 golden rules for a successful business casual outfit

Finally, let’s re-list the 10 golden rules for you:

1. Sleeveless tops should reach to the edges of your shoulders. No spaghetti straps.
2. The neckline should never reach deeper than 10 cm below the collarbone.
3. Make sure your clothes look as wrinkle-free as possible.
4. Use patterns sparingly.
5. If you are wearing a slightly transparent top, be sure to combine it with a blazer or undershirt.
6. A knee-length skirt is ideal for the office. Never shorter than a few inches above the knee.
7. If you want to wear patterned pants, choose a plain blouse.
8. A few splashes of color are perfectly fine!
9. Buy some quality clothing like a suit, a well-fitting blazer, a pencil or A-line skirt and a silk blouse.
10 If you want to wear jeans, then choose a dark wash.

Business Casual Dress Ladies Summer Sleeveless Flower Pattern Dark Blue Beige

Business casual women's wide pants patterned plain top

Business casual summer dress ivory slightly not transparent

Casual, casual and still well-dressed: the leisure chic trend

leisure-chic outfit-man-top shirt-jacket-jeans-and-white sneaker

As the famous German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in April 2012 said in a broadcast with Markus Lanz: “Who wears a pair of sweatpants, has lost control of his life.” Now, five years after Lagerfelds statement , this opinion seems to be passé – at least for the remaining fashion world. Because currently the leisure chic look is totally hip. And what is the most important part of the fashion style? A jogging pants! Combined with a classic dress shirt we say goodbye to pure suit wearers and bring a bit of comfort into play – without losing control of our lives. But not everywhere the look looks good, in some situations it can even seem inappropriate. What you should know about the revival of sweatpants, we have summarized in this article for you.

The sweatpants lose their bad image

leisure-chic sweatpants harem pants-scarf-shirt

As a rule, it is comfortable casual wear that we wear when we come home from work. We walk around on the sofa, maybe even bring out the garbage or go to the sport. After all, we want to be comfortable outside the workplace. But if we have a pair of jogging pants on the street and perhaps want to shop for a snack in the supermarket next door, we will not only notice the many side views. You’ve probably already found yourself looking at the wearer of a pair of sweatpants shaking his head. The so-called joggers have had a rather bad reputation so far. But these times are finally over.

Jogging pants are petted and made socially acceptable

sweatpants black-denim jacket-sneaker-cap

Of course, Leisure Chic does not mean that you can get your worn clothes out of the closet. The standard sports pants are convenient and comfortable, but remain an absolute no-go. After all, it’s called Leisure Chic, where comfortable trousers are combined with high-quality and visually appealing shirts . The new models are therefore made of a functional material, are equipped without waistband on the ankle and call themselves Tracksuit pants . These are usually cut a little longer than usual, so they go over the shoes. However, there are also shorter variants. In terms of colors and patterns, they resemble normal trousers.

The principles of leisure chic

leisure-chick-man blazer sneaker-hose

In principle, the Leisure Chic look is a style with which you can experiment perfectly, to finally get the ideal combination for your needs, in which you just feel good. Nevertheless, there are a few rules that we want to recommend to you, so you are always dressed chic:

1. The right combination is crucial


Opposites attract. It is precisely this point that makes the Leisure Chic look so interesting for us. The wide-cut, casual jogging pants are particularly well with a narrow-cut T-shirt (in the spare time) or a smart shirt / blouse (for the office) to advantage. If it has to be a little more formal, that’s not a problem, just put on a sports jacket, suit vest or blazer. If it is more casual, then the handle in the color or the sample box is worthwhile. Striking all-over prints can be a real eye-catcher.

2. Pay attention to color choice!

leisure-chic-jogging pants-gray-black

The jogging pants shine through muted shades like midnight blue, dusky gray or feather white. They are particularly easy to combine, are restrained and therefore suitable for almost any occasion. You also select the shirts, blouses or shirts tone-on-tone, so that a harmonious overall picture emerges. Although there is nothing against it, at least on the top now and then to play with a striking pattern. The upgrading of the look, however, usually takes place through fashion accessories.

3. Accessories, accessories, accessories

leisure-chic accessories-backpack-pink

So that the look does not look too much for leisure or even dull, you should now reach deep into your bag of tricks. In principle, women can not go wrong with an elegant bag , just like men with a high-quality file or laptop bag. Fashionistas are fortunate that they can really shine with the matching jewelery: big hoops or a statement necklace definitely enhance the outfit. Nevertheless, be careful not to appear too cluttered. Otherwise, you will rather remember a Christmas tree than a trendy fashionista. With chic shoes both women and men can put their style in the right place, as they create a desired contrast with the right choice. Of course, in summer a matching sunglasses or hat may not be missing, in winter, however, a colorful coat is the perfect eyecatcher.


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Casual updos for medium-length hair – 12 great styling ideas

Lässige Hochsteckfrisuren -mittellange-haare-einfach-ideen-anleitung

For women who like to try new looks and like it easy, medium-length hair is just the perfect length. It offers numerous styling options and contributes to a fresh, youthful look. Here are imaginative casual updos easily accessible. Waves, Seek-Look, even braids can be conjured up quickly, with little effort, if you know the know-how. Below you will find interesting ideas with instructions and helpful tips on how to style your hair medium.

Casual updos for medium-length hair

Lässige Hochsteckfrisuren -mittellange-haare-zopf-locker

There is nothing that adorns the woman as the beautiful hair and, accordingly, a beautiful hairstyle. However, it is acceptable to leave home without make-up, but with unsightly, unwashed hair – a sign of bad taste, even bad hygiene. In addition, the hairstyle plays a very important role in the overall effect of the person. With the right haircut and a hair color tailored to the individual, balanced facial proportions can be achieved visually. It’s not surprising why hair styling is so important to all women. The hair is always successful to style, but is not an easy task, at least if you have to do it daily.

Casual updos for medium-length hair

Lässige Hochsteckfrisuren-mittellange-haare-lockig-locker

Important condition for a beautiful hairstyle is a healthy hair. Especially if you do not get professional support and style yourself, damaged hair always looks ugly. Although the average length is extremely easy to care for, it usually reaches the shoulders and the friction in clothes quickly strains the hair tips. Daily styling can also make the medium-length hair particularly susceptible to splits. The care with special products, such as Anntispliss serum or beauty oils is recommended here. The regular walk to the barber is mandatory by the way.

Casual braiding for medium-length hair – Twirled and twisted

Lässige Hochsteckfrisuren -mittellange-haare-drei-zöpfe-flechten

If you have a medium hair length , you do not have to do without braids and updos. In fact, they can even be made simpler than with a long mane. Mostly twirling and turning works better than real braiding, but here we present a very variant for a great braiding hairstyle.

Divide all hair into parties and braid three small braids each. To tie these, use small transparent rubber bands, because you will not notice later. Take a few hairpins, recommended in similar color as your hair itself, and cross the left and right braid, fix it. The third, middle knot nicely and tie with hairpins. It looks nice when the hairpins and rubber bands are covered with hair and remain invisible.

Casual updos made easy for any occasion – instructions

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-manual-knot-locker

The next casual updos for medium hair looks more or less than braided, but is not. It is also particularly suitable for relatively short hair. For this you also need hairpins, preferably in hair color and a Toupier comb. But before you proceed to the actual styling, we have a few styling tips for you.

  • Braids and updos do not look good on freshly washed hair, because they usually feel very “slippery” and fall out quickly. Try the next day.
  • With fine, smooth hairs, a volume fluid, powder or mousse can make them voluminous and thus grippy.
  • For thick hair, use beauty oils such as argan or coconut oil. But take only a little of it and rub very well in your hands, only then distribute well on the hair length, not in the hairline, otherwise the hair gets greasy. The positive side effect – hair care.
  • For additional structure and thus a really casual updo, make sure you braid your hair overnight or in a bun on top of your head.

Casual updo – turning instead of braiding

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-manual-easy

Now go with this beautiful updo! First split the top coat on the top of the head from the rest and then in two. These two small strands of hair twirl you loosely and toup you a bit with the comb, so they get more structure. Knot inward and fix with a hairpin or two. Soon you take two more strands that fall on both sides of the face, twirl and loosen up, finally you fix. The same thing you do with the hair party on the neck. At each step you can spray hairspray over it for added support. Finally, the little knots relax a bit.

Make casual updos yourself – instructions

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-knot

The next casual updo is reminiscent of the last, but here the hair is twirled around the face from the hair’s apex and tied low at the back of the head. You can leave the hair on the neckline unbonded or make it into a small hair bun.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-manual-knot-locker

Casual updo with little pigtails

casual-updo hairstyles Braid medium-length-hair-kleien-pigtails-

This particularly casual updo looks decidedly youthful, summery and simply laid back. It is first pulled a side vertex and then braided on both sides several small braids. The hair on the back of the head divides into three sectors and braid them as well, or just twirl them, it does not matter much.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-braids-manual-lure

Firmly tie the middle area and fix with a few hairpins. To the left and right, add the little braids, braid and fix beautifully. All the little strands, which are chaotically around, you can do a little hairdressing with the curling iron.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-tie-plait-locker

Make casual updos yourself – medium-length hair toup for better grip

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-toupieren-tie-manual

This upholstery is really casual and can be done in a few minutes. Here, above all, a grippy hair structure is needed. Above are a few helpful tips on how to easily reach them with the right products. In addition, we touped the hair and fixed with hair spray. This ensures a very good hold, but can strain a fine hair. Therefore, handle the Toupier comb with great care.

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-loose-tie-leisure

When you have achieved the necessary structure, you only have to tie the hair nicely. Use a few hairpins in your hair color and fix it in some places. The hairstyle should remain very relaxed and casual. First tie a topknot to the top of the head, then add the side strand of hair and finally the neckline. Drop a few strands around your face for a casual look.

Simple, casual updos for medium-length hair – tie with hair jewelry

casual-updo hairstyles-medium-length-hair-haarschmuck-hairpin

If it has to be really fast, you only need one or two pretty hairpins or a nice hair accessory to tie the hair.

Smart Casual Look – What should be considered in the dress code?

Smart Casual Dress Code Ladies Mens

A dress code determines the dress code for an event and is increasingly asked for at various events. So you can make sure that one or the other guest does not appear underdressed or overdressed. The dress code smart casual has gained in importance in recent years and is often confused with the business casual . What does “smart casual” actually mean? What do men and women wear to this dress code? What are the dos and don’ts in such an outfit? The answers to these and other questions we reveal in the article!

What is Smart Casual?

smart-casual men's jeans-shoes-blazer

In English, “Smart Casual” is literally translated “elegantly informal”, so it’s easy to be fooled. It is not a completely informal dress, but a casual business outfit, which is usually worn at table societies with colleagues or business trips. In this dress code, it is important to find the golden middle between sportiness and elegance, without exceeding the limits.


The dress code Smart Casual is not only in demand for official invitations, but also often chosen during a drink or dinner with colleagues after work. In young, dynamic companies, for example in the advertising industry, this look is just as perfect as office clothing. In this case, it is important that you do not dress more elegantly than the boss and at the same time do not appear more casual than your colleagues. In such companies, you can express your personality with a more creative outfit, however, you must also adapt to the appropriate work environment.

smart-casual-look men's pattern shirt-blazer

In general, an “outfit other than at work” is the most important requirement for this dress code. So you can not wear the same clothes you wear to work in everyday life. Pay particular attention to a non-professional clothing, which is smart, so elegant and pleasing. If, for example, you are invited to a gardening company, then with Smart Casual you are certainly right as upmarket casual clothing.

The dress code Smart Casual for men

smart-casual dress code-men suit

The look for men demands a perfect balance between casualness and elegance. Although the clothes should be casual, you do not have to leave out the suit. The best combination for this dress code is just a suit, for example made of cotton, poplin or corduroy, in combination with an open shirt without a tie. Instead of the tie, a contrasting pocket square can be used. So the whole outfit looks smarter and expresses a certain elegance.

smart-casual-look men's suit

When choosing a suit, you should pay particular attention to muted colors and darker tones. It is best combined with a long-sleeved shirt, either plain or with a subtle pattern. For those who prefer something more conspicuous, wear a playful, patterned shirt underneath the monochrome suit and thus add an accent to the outfit. The smart casual look, however, should show inconspicuous elegance, so do not exaggerate with patterns and bright colors.

smart-casual dress code-men's tie

Unlike casual business dress code, a smart casual look usually omits the tie. However, you can still wear them as you wish, if you stick to a few simple rules. It is recommended that such models and patterns that are as subtle as possible and make the look not too “official” and “business”. In the colder months, a tie can be hidden under a matching sweater and the dress code is respected.

smart-casual-look men's suit jacket-shirt

Regardless of whether it is part of an overall suit or a complement to chic jeans or pants, a blazer or blazer is one of the basics of smart casual looks. The jacket should however necessarily be worn over a long-sleeved shirt. So T-shirts and polo shirts are considered inadmissible. The exact outfit of this dress code is also dependent on the weather and the exact event. So at a garden party in the summer you may be able to do without the jacket and just wear an open shirt and elegant pants.

smart-casual-look men's fashion ideas

For a casual, yet elegant look, you should opt for a high-quality pants. This may be part of an overall suit, but you are still right with flannels, chinos and corduroy pants. So the suit itself is not a must. You can also wear jeans for the smart casual look, but there are some limitations. The jeans in this dress code should be dark blue and never wrinkled or too wide. The clothes should look new, so denim jeans are undesirable.

smart-casual men's shirt-pants-belt

Regardless of whether the pants fit perfectly or not, an elegant belt is always the right outfit for this dress code. As far as footwear is concerned, laced leather man shoes like Derbys or Budapester are perfect for a smart casual look. Of course, they are not the only way. With classic leather loafers or elegant sneakers in dark colors, you can combine the outfit as well. Absolute no-go’s in the shoes are sneakers, as well as leather boots. To round off the outfit, suitable stockings are worn to the pants.

dress code smart-casual men's outfits

The color selection is particularly important in the complete smart casual look. The motto of the dress code is understatement, so unobtrusive colors are the best choice. It means both the pants, as well as the blazers and shirts. For a successful look for autumn and winter, the shirt can be replaced by a turtleneck made of fine material such as cashmere. Alternatively, you can wear a V-neck or round neck sweater over the shirt as part of the dress code.

smart-casual men-look jeans

If you have found the perfect outfit, then you can now give your look the finishing touch. With the dress code Smart Casual, the accessories should round off the entire look, but still not attract too much attention. For men, an elegant watch for the wrist and the ring are enough. Depending on the outfit, however, you can supplement your appearance with cufflinks. You do not need more than accessories.

The smart casual look for women


And what do women actually wear at Smart Casual? For women, this dress code is not as strict as it is for men. So the woman has several options for a matching outfit and she has a lot more combinations to choose from. In general, she should dress tastefully and elegant, so similar to the office. You can not be wrong with a dark trouser suit with a bright blouse or a costume. Discreet patterns are also possible and ensure a casual look.

smart-casual look-women-shirt-sweater

Especially popular for this look are pants of any kind, such as chinos or business pants. Above all, they should not be too far and look elegant. You can either combine the pants with a matching blouse and blazer, or opt for the combination of shirt and sweater. Always pay attention to muted colors and color combinations. So a colorful mess of colors and different patterns is completely inadmissible.


In a skirt, most women always feel good and very feminine. Therefore, the skirt is considered a good variant in almost every dress code. Of course, smart casual skirts are also allowed if they are no shorter than a hand’s breadth above your knee. They are great with blouses, shirts and even T-shirts and should always be worn with a matching pair of shoes. The pleated skirt in combination with a nice blouse certainly creates the look.

dress code-smart-casual-women-rock

An equally good combination for spring and summer are skirts with elegant pullovers. In this case, such a sweater is meant, which is not too thick or too wide and has no prints and inscriptions. He should be color coordinated with the skirt, so that both create an elegant overall picture. Tights are also required, but may be omitted in hot weather.

Note: If you decide to wear a jumper or a T-shirt with this dress code, you should always pay attention to quality materials and look.

dress code smart-casual ladies-jeans-blazer

The ladies, however, can dress a little more informally with this dress code. High-quality dark jeans, combined with a beautiful blouse and a blazer as a top, the woman can wear depending on the occasion and still be within the dress code. However, the jeans should never crack or be too wide. You should also avoid a used look.

smart-casual-woman outfit-jeans

As for outerwear, you should wear an elegant coat in the colder months. Leather jackets and parkas are not part of the smart casual look and should be left for leisure. In autumn and winter blazers are considered the best outerwear.

The matching shoes for this dress code are closed and not too high. Flat but elegant shoes such as ballerinas, moccasins or Chelsea boots are ideal for this and should be matched with the handbag if possible.


Sometimes it’s easier to stick to a dress code if you know which garments do not fit the look. We’ve created a small list of no-go’s to avoid when working with women’s smart casual outfits.

  • Striking patterned clothes
  • transparent blouses
  • belly-free tops
  • T-shirts, pullovers and blouses with print
  • bright or loose jeans with cracks or used look
  • sporty shoes such as sneakers and sneakers
  • loose boots or leather boots with big buckles
  • Sandals and flip flops
  • oversized women’s bags

dress code smart-casual ladies-look

Unlike the man, the woman does not have to hold back on the accessories for this dress code. Noble chains, fine bracelets and elegant wristwatches, as well as tasteful earrings round off the look of the woman. With the right jewelry even a casual dress with jeans and T-shirt can be upgraded immediately.

This is how gentlemen combine the business casual outfit correctly

business casual herren-outfit-streifen-pullover-blazer-jeans

In the profession you should be dressed correctly: suit and shirt are a must for men in many industries. By contrast, modern dress codes require less formality and are interpreted differently from company to company. As a representative of the company, you should follow these dress codes and externally adapt to the corporate culture. Whether you are invited to a job interview or to an event, you should always inform yourself about the prescribed dress code. Business Casual, for example, is casual office wear that can be worn in everyday business, at informal events and in internal meetings. A certain elegance is still expected. And since this dress code leaves a lot of freedom and room for interpretation, we have put together a few tips for you so that you can make the business casual outfit perfect.

Business Casual Vs. Smart Casual

business casual herren-outfit-button-down-hemd-chino-hosen-pullover

Business Casual and Smart Casual make a balancing act between sportiness and elegance and are carried in young, dynamic companies. There is little difference between the dress codes “Smart Casual” and “Business Casual”. Both commute between serious and casual and are stricter than casual. Casual in English means something like: “casual”, “comfortable” and “casual”, Smart stands for “elegant” and “chic”. Accordingly, it is for a casual business outfit, but a minimum of quality and chic reflects. If the clothing note is Business, the clothes expected to be worn in the office are expected. Both dress codes are chosen for visits without an official meeting, informal meetings or interview. A clear business relationship should definitely be clear.

Shirt and Blazer at Business Casual

business casual herren-outfit-hemd-blazer-ohne-krawatte

“No jeans, no tie” is the motto at Business Casual. Specifically, this means you do not have to appear in washed-out jeans, but you can leave the tie off. The best is loose, elegant clothing. However, some companies allow well-kept office jeans in dark colors. These can be combined well with a smart jacket. The main thing is, the individual parts of the outfit fit together and look tasteful and well-kept.

Today there are various business outfits with which one is well dressed even without a jacket. At Business Casual the outerwear made of shirt and pullover, cardigan or even tank top is a great alternative. A V-neck or O-neck jumper can be paired with a classic, light long-sleeved shirt. If the collar looks out over the sweater, then you can also combine a tie . Currently, the narrow versions are again very trendy and fit well with the V-neck .

A light shirt in subtle stripe or check patterns, which set a colorful accent, also goes well with the dark sweater. This combination is particularly harmonious if the shirt has a pattern in a specific color that repeats that of your pullover. It is only important to note that the pants should be plain.

Business Casual Jeans

business casual herren-outfit-hemd-hellblau-chino-hosen-beige

Suited for the business casual outfit are suit, flannel and cord pants. Are Chinos Business Casual? Yes, khakis are ideal for informal occasions and so versatile that they combine well with jackets. If you want to stay on the safe side, gray chinos are a good choice.

Straight-cut denim jeans without exaggerated details have been allowed at Smart Casual in recent years. Just remember that your look should be casual but still professional. Be sure to avoid pockets, rivets, tears and loose cuts such as loose and baggy fit.

Shirt in the pants or not? That depends on the styling and fit of the shirt. White business shirts are generally wider and cut longer and are not intended for carrying over the pants. But if the shirt is sporty-elegant or loose cut, it may then be worn outside. If it should look formal and chic, then a figure-hugging shirt comes in the pants. Above all, it looks more casual if the shirt is not in his pants.

Business casual shoes

business casual outfit-herren-schuhe-hemd-stoffhose-kombination

The shoes in Business Casual are usually closed, the socks color coordinated. Dark leather lace-up shoes are preferred, but men are welcome to wear an elegant sneaker or loafer. Singer Justin Timberlake, for example, often combines casual sneakers with a noble suit. Respected men such as actor Robert Downey Jr. , Orlando Bloom, Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio have also chosen this casual-elegant combination from time to time for their appearance on the red carpet. The fact is, the sneaker models are so versatile today that they can be perfectly combined with an elegant outerwear such as jackets. At Uebervart Frankfurt – Shoes & Sneakers, for example, there are sporty and elegant models with a guaranteed coolness factor. What always makes a smart suit is classic adidas or Nike white sneakers.

Examples of successful business casual outfits

business casual -herren-outfit-cardigan-karohemd-beige-hose

Finally, we would like to introduce you to a few combinations that are perfect for the business casual dress code. The more creative the profession, the greater the scope.

Smart and Business Casual Combinations:

  • Button down shirt, cotton trousers, loafers or Wingtip shoes made of leather
  • Slim button-down plaid shirt, chinos and slip-on leather shoes
  • Jacket, shirt instead of shirt and pants without tie
  • V-neck sweater, round-neck T-shirt or sweater under shirt, straight jeans, classic leather boots to lace up
  • sporty-elegant blazer, form-fitting shirt, dark jeans (without tears), suede lace-up shoes
  • Jacket, turtleneck sweater, dark jeans and sneakers
  • Tweed jacket, solid color sweater with round neck, gray chinos, sneakers

Outfit Ideas with Cardigans – 50 Casual Oversize Looks


In the first autumnal days it is always hard to decide what exactly would suit you as the weather changes constantly. In the morning it is cooler, sometimes during the day also pleasant temperatures are reached. But it is not pleasant if you sweat at noon, because he is overdressed. In autumn these garments are in demand, which you can put on and take off several times a day. Check our 50 great and modern outfit ideas with cardigans and choose a suitable model for you. In any case, you will need one in the cold season .

Outfit ideas with cardigans – the eternally current color combination black and white


The oversize cardigans are referred to as the top trend in fall / winter fashion. In the fall, these are dressed instead of jackets or coats and in winter – just below. The large tops are comfortable and ideal for the changeable weather outside, as you can wear a T-shirt or a long-sleeved blouse. These can be wonderfully combined with casual items such as jeans and sneakers, as well as with dresses made of flowing fabric.

Outfit Ideas with Cardigans – Autumnal Street Style Fashion


For a more elegant look, tie a belt around the waist, if one is missing in the cardigan. Alternatively, you can wear the cardigan open or just on the shoulders. Attractive models with colorful accents lend a modern tasteful touch to simple clothing and make you look like a style icon. Oversize cardigans are even worn over jackets or blazers, as a coat.

Outfit Ideas with Cardigans – Vintage in Beige


All variations that are reminiscent of college style, are very current and trendy this season. For the look you combine vintage cardigan with pockets in camel color and blouse in matching nuance or with checks.

Outfit Ideas with Cardigans – with high contrast pattern


The eternal street style classic remains the rocking leather jacket and a cardigan underneath, and of course casual cap and torn jeans. Experiment in the days with sandals and then cardigan in the same color, of course, if it is not rainy. Maxi dresses and skirts from last summer can be wonderfully worn with long cardigans in autumn. Give it a try and do one of the looks from the picture gallery.

Outfit ideas with cardigans as a coat


Outfit ideas with cardigans under rocking leather jacket


Outfit ideas with cardigans in autumn colors


Autumnal fashion with ankle-length cardigans


Outfit ideas with cardigans and sneakers


Casual outfit ideas with cardigans and jeans


Outfit Ideas with Cardigans – Oversize Tops are In


Outfit ideas with cardigans for modern day-to-day look


Outfit ideas with cardigans – currently melded


Outfit ideas with cardigans in camel color


Stars and Celebrities Love Oversize Cardigans – Candice Swanepoel


Outfit ideas with cardigans and suede overknee boots


Outfit ideas with cardigans – the current autumn khaki color


Outfit ideas with cardigans instead of coat


Outfit ideas with cardigans in color


Outfit ideas with cardigans in boho chic















Outfit Ideen mit Strickjacken -oversize-grau-mohair-laessig-tshirt

Outfit Ideen mit Strickjacken-oversize-grau-melange-jeans-hemd-bluse







Outfit Ideen mit Strickjacken -oversizeboho-chic-stree-mode-lila-strick-sneakers

Outfit Ideen mit Strickjacken -oversize-braun-stiefel-braun-leder-tasche-kleid

Outfit Ideen mit Strickjacken -oversize-weiss-strick-bluse-leggings-schwarz-mode

Outfit Ideen mit Strickjacken -oversize-stoff-cremeweiss-jeans-schwarz-zerrissen-sonnenbrille

Crop Tops – 25 Inspirations for Casual & Elegant Outfits

midi rock maritim blau weiss top bauchfrei yacht meer

You may still have some doubts about the recurring trend of wearing crop tops . But maybe you should make friends with the idea. Because the trend will hardly disappear so soon. And why, too, if you can design such wonderful outfits with these tops. Both sporty and elegant look can be created while your figure is perfectly emphasized. Our trendy examples to show you how belly-free tops can be worn will definitely convince you!

Crop Top – In combination with Rock in salmon color

neon rock lachs sportlich top bauchfrei pferdeschwanz

A great way to wear crop tops, without showing too much skin, is to combine them with pants or skirts with a high waist. By the way, this way you can also hide any love handles in the waist area. If you still feel lavishly dressed, you can also enhance the outfit with a jacket or a pretty buttoned-up blouse. Well crop tops also look great with jeans or those in used look that complement each other. They achieve a casual look, yet feminine.

Combine crop tops with colored pants

sportlich elegant rot hose top weiss absatzschuhe handtasche

The outfit with a crop top can also be wonderfully complemented with accessories, be it a hat, a striking necklace or casual or elegant shoes. For a few inspirations, check out the gallery, which will prove you that crop tops have earned a place in your wardrobe. You will see that there are many ways to live up to this trend.

Sporty look with a gray, cropped top

sportlich look bauchfreie tops jacke grau jeans used

White lace trousers with a cropped top

spitze hose kurz bauchfreie tops schwarz elegant

Casual, cropped top with flared pants and knit coat

schlaghose jeans jacke laessig damenmode idee bauchfrei

Elegant look of blue skirt and white top

rock blau reissverschluss bauchfrei weiss absatzschuhe

Sheer Tops – Elegant outfit with white skirt

outfit eleganz damen weiss rock bauchfreie tops pool sonnenbrille

Belly-free poncho and denim skirt

mode trend weiss poncho bauchfrei rock taille

Sporty outfit with short jeans and black top

kurze jeanshose sneeker bauchfreies schwarzes top damen

mode trend bauchfrei hose schwarz absatzschuhe stadt

jeans used look sportlicher look bauchfrei blazer

jeans used look bauchfreie tops weiss jacke boots

hose locker beige bauchfrei elegant top idee damenmode

elegant look hose weste bauchfrei damen mode

damen outfit rock midi blau oberteil bauchfrei

damen outfit elegant bauchfrei langaermlich streifen rock

bunter rock hohe taille punkte bauchfreie tops

blau rot jeans hose locker oberteil bauchfrei hut

bauchfreie tops jacke rose schwarze hose tasche

trend mode idee streifen hose hut stroh bauchfrei top

taille hoch jeans pullover bauchfrei schwarz stiefel

streifen schwarz weiss bauchfreie tops langaermlich hose

schwarz rock kurz damen mode schuhe flach

bunte hose stoff motive top spitze bauchfrei korb

Herringbone braid Instructions for a casual undone look


A new year always starts with a new, fresh look. A popular hairstyling for the summer – the DIY herringbone braid is in our focus today. He radiates femininity and elegance and fits any face shape. If you like it too, you can easily copy it! Here a herringbone braid instruction in simple steps.

Messy herringbone braid instructions in 6 easy steps


With the herringbone braid you can experiment and wear it in different variants – as an updo, as a side braid or in combination with a ponytail. Follow the following herringbone braid instructions to make a messy side braid that is trendy and looks gorgeous. All you need is hair clips, hair ties and hair spray.

Untidy braided braid – an eye-catcher


For this braid, the hair should not be freshly washed. He looks so cool-mischievous as if you just got out of bed or on the beach and is therefore a perfect hairstyle for a bath-hair-day.

Styling tip: This fishbone braid instruction also works with wet hair.

Tips for a herringbone braid with volume


1. Brush your hair, forming a deep side vertex. Use a hair dryer spray to prepare your hair for the braiding and give it volume. Gently tan the hair and tie it with a hair tie to a side ponytail. With the curling iron you can add some energy to the hair. A chin-length pony game can leave you loose.

Braid the braid loosely


Brush hair tips


2. Braid your hair into a loose braid. To do this, divide the ponytail into two strands of the same size. Take a thin strand from the outer left edge, place it over the larger left strand and pick it up with the second strand. Repeat with the right side: cross the thin strand at the top and add it to the opposite side.

Messy side head messy and irregular braided


3. Repeat the change until you arrive at the end of the braid, tie it with a hair tie. Then cut the hair tie from the beginning of the braid.


Fix braid with hair tie


Pull apart individual plait sections with your fingers


4. Slightly loosen the braid by gently picking a few strands out of the braid so it looks as casual as if it had been worn by the sea all day! If the braid has become too tight, lift the end of the braid and gently shake it.


5. Fix the herringbone braid with hair clips and some hairspray so that your hair is sitting properly.

Fix hair with clips on the braid



6. Decorate the braid with a matching accessory. The hairstyle looks even more stunning. Eye-catching earrings, smokey eyes and light pink lips would be the perfect match.

Decorate your braid


This hairstyle fits perfectly to an everyday look, but you can also wear it at a party as a break in style to a cocktail dress.

We hope you enjoy braiding!


Via: The Sweetest Thing Blog



Long side peg in Undone look



Via: Pinterest.com

Casual felt hat with wide brim as a subtle eye-catcher


A casual panama or wide brimmed felt hat is the must-have fall accessory this season. The wide-brimmed felt hat is feminine, chic and eye-catching and can be combined with any coat, a skinny jeans, ankle boots and sunglasses or wear with a shift dress, dark stockings and high heels. In addition come leather gloves and the perfect autumn look is ready!

Felt hat with wide brim – a statement piece of the season


Since you are well guarded this fall, a felt hat with a wide brim in the wardrobe! It can be worn for any occasion – be it in the office, on trips, on a city tour or on a special date in the evening. Glamorous looks the felt hat in the evening, if you wear thick golden earrings.

A felt hat with a wide brim radiates urban casualness


The simple casual look succeeds with a dark color, either black, gray, brown or bordeaux red. Stylish hats made of felt and cotton surprise by noble designs and fashionable decorative bows or check patterns. A not too large hat bow sets delicate accents. If the hairstyle is not so great, the felt hat offers a nice hiding place.


Loose felt hat completes the autumnal look

The airy floppy hats are the perfect fall accessory. They let your scalp breathe and are pleasantly easy to carry. The wide-brimmed felt hat combines perfectly with short blazers, classic pleated trousers, warm knit or fur vests.


Wide floppy brim – the perfect complement to fashionable outfits


With a hat, a stylish city look is complete


Beautiful headgear and accessory


Floppy hat combined with a leopard design shoe model


Chic hat with high-heeled shoes


Elegant ladies hat with fabric ribbon


Wide-brimmed hat peps up your outfit


Casual hat combined with denim


Wool felt hat with wide brim


Casual hat made of soft felt


Floppy felt hat plain


Felt hat with wide brim and narrow band


Bell hat with wide hatband


Ladies hat in autumn colors


Stylish women’s hat for the fashionable appearance in autumn

Casual braiding with knots – Simple instructions

Lässige Flechtfrisur halboffene-haare-knoten

If you like the bohemian style, then you will fall in love with this casual braiding hairstyle! It looks pretty simple, especially if you can braid herringbone braids . If you have not yet mastered this braiding technique, you can also weave simple traditional braids. The accent here is the little knot.

Casual braided hairstyle in bohemian style

Lässige Flechtfrisur -locken-mit-lockenstab-machen

At the beginning you have to lure the hair a little bit. Whether you are curling with curling iron, ironing or without heat overnight, the goal is to give the hair a little texture . Then make two small braids on both sides of the head and tie them with a rubber band. Once both braids are done, tie a knot at the back of the head. Then tie a second knot, pinning with hair clips and removing rubber bands.

Casual braiding for half-open hair


braid small herringbone braids


or traditional braids


Tie with rubber band


tie a knot from both pigtails


tie a second knot


and done


Source: a beaufitulmess