Corset braids as a cool wickerwork trend: styling the look!

Whether a French braid, herringbone braid or a cord , braided hairstyles are a great idea for any occasion. We wear plaited hair in everyday life, during sports, at the festival and even at the wedding. Exactly because of their versatility, braided hairstyles are considered the most popular hairstyles for women. In today’s post we […]

DIY braids and updos from the movie "The Frozen"

When the movie “The Frozen” hit the screens, it was not just the action that burned into our memory. The braided and updo hairstyles by Elsa and Anna also caused rave reviews . If you also liked at least one DIY hairstyle from the movie, have a look at the following great and easy to […]

Make an updo made of braids itself

Whether you are looking for a pretty hairstyle for everyday wear or a chic updo for the party night, we have something suitable for you. Read through the instructions below to make this simple yet pretty braid updo at home. Uppers made of braids – step by step instructions In each case, hang a not […]

Braids with Dutt – A great guide to imitate

The cute and innocent-looking braids with Dutt are extremely topical over the last two summer seasons. These can not only look cheeky and attractive, but also elegant. How to make great braids with Dutt This stunning braiding with Dutt , which looks like it’s pretty complicated, does not really require any special hairdressing skills. You […]