Hairstyles for girls – cool braided hairstyles for the summer

Playful braiding hairstyles are the top trend in the summer! We show you 25 cool variants for children’s hairstyles for girls, which you can do yourself. The cute braids will enhance your little princess’ face. Be inspired – all hairstyles are from cutegirlshairstyles and have instructions – link can be found at the end of […]

Braided hairstyle – A stylish idea to make your own

Especially when one wears a side parting, it often happens that one’s hair is constantly falling in the face and disturbing. Today we show you a stylish braided hairstyle with the help of which you can prevent this. The braided hairstyle is also easy to imitate and a great option if you just want to […]

Instructions for a simple DIY braided hairstyle with bun

The tied back hair does not always have to be very severe. This romantic and elegant at the same time updo can easily spice up a little and take her the rigor. The reversed French plait with Dutt has a few variations, but is easily replicable. To copy this DIY braid with Dutt, your hair […]

An impressive updo braided with Dutt

Updos are a practical variation for women and girls with a long mane and can be both chic and formal, as well as girlish-playful – especially if you add a French braid. This beautiful updo with bun is not that hard to copy as it may seem. Updo with bun and two braids Tie the […]

Beautiful braided hairstyles in 10 minutes – 26 DIY ideas

Here we would like to introduce you once again great ideas for beautiful wickerwork n and give instructions. These hairstyles are all very easy to do, they can be done in 10 minutes. Prepare all necessary products in advance – hair lacquer, sprays for softening the perks, gel, etc. Hair ties and clamps are also […]

Make a pretty braided hairstyle with Dutt at home

Dolce & Gabbana were inspired by ancient Sicily for their spring 2014 show and created a braid with Dutt . The finished hairstyle was also decorated with a crown of flowers and Roman coins. A pretty braided hairstyle with bun The hairstyle is almost the epitome of Rome. And because she is so beautiful, hair […]

Braided hairstyles for the beach – 5 great suggestions

Get ready for the beach” where the sea breeze will ruffle your hair. and that what this article is about. often we women wonder>braiding for the beach we should choose best for the moments of swimming, usually it remains with an ordinary ponytail or bun. Wicker hairstyles for the beach – 5 easy nachzumachende proposals […]