The little black dress: a must-have for every occasion

das kleine schwarze klassisch modern zeitlos anlas

For some, the little black dress may just be a simple black dress. But how could a “simple” garment influence fashion history so much? With this, Coco Chanel has changed the fashion world and marked a new chapter in fashion history. Since then, the small black dress with a simple silhouette is considered a miracle weapon that every woman should own in her closet.

The little black girl has a long history

das kleine schwarze coco chanel geschichte

When the story of little black dress began in the 19th century, the black color was reserved for widowed widow. For the first time, even the designer Coco Chanel appeared in a dress she designed with a simple cut that was not supposed to cause much commotion. The combination of black color and relatively short cut was scandalous after the war. In doing so, Chanel wanted to express her position that the mourning women of World War I should show their sorrow, but at the same time their desire for the future. The author of a book on fashion classics describes the event as a “final harmony of desire and comfort, class and rigor, purism and fantasy”.

When did Coco Chanel invent the little black?

the little black classic cut straighter

The little black dress became popular in 1926 after appearing in American Vogue. Coco Chanel called it a kind of “uniform for all women of taste” and “a model that will carry the world”. It was a narrow-cut dress, closely related to the shift dress, made of China silk, with tight long sleeves and knee-covering. The top was loose at the front and tight at the back. In 1927, the designer designed a second black wool jersey garment with a pleated skirt. It was intended to express both sadness and hope for a better future for widows as a result of World War II. The first model of Coco Chanel stood as a symbol for the modern woman and inspired the fashion world. Since then, the little black is always reinterpreted and up to date.

das kleine schwarze elegant zeitlos besonderen anlass

The Little Black became popular in 1961 when Audrey Hepburn wore a sleeveless model in the feature film Breakfast at Tiffany. In fashion, “small blacks” are especially narrow cocktail dresses that reach to the knee, but could be a little bit longer or shorter. Frequently, fabrics such as satin, viscose and chiffon are used. There is no definite definition for the little black dress and it can be both strapless, long sleeved or sleeveless. It is versatile and therefore a favorite garment of every woman.

The little black for every occasion

das kleine schwarze schlicht elegant büro anlass

On the most asked question of all women: “What should I wear now?” Seems the best possible solution to be a black dress in midi length. In a simple, elegant black dress you are dressed stylishly for all occasions – from a cocktail party to a business meeting. It is considered a miracle weapon and therefore every woman should have at least one good model in the wardrobe. Although designers always strive for new ideas, they have not passed by the timeless dress and discover it again and again. Although there is no clear definition of the model, it is fundamental that it is close to the body, but not tight as the pencil dress cut and knee-length is best. So you can just describe a comfortable and practical dress that can be changed to personal taste.

The little black for every figure

the little black every figure

Depending on your taste, the simple black dress can be individually transformed by the wearer. Fabric, neckline, sleeve length, shoes and accessories are able to conjure up a party outfit from the simple look. So you can call the little black dress as a unique and all-rounder. His biggest advantage, however, is the neutral black mourning color. Black flatters the figure and if the fit of the dress is, hardly brings any other garment the female figure to advantage.

Casual and elegant at the same time

the little black elegant everyday functional functional

How versatile the little black is, is hard to capture. Artists, directors, performers and singers like Edit Piaf rely on black outfits on stage, so they do not distract the audience from their performance. Others say, “If a little black suits, there’s nothing you could ever wear.” WW Simpson. Above all, a black simple dress is a timeless classic that is appropriate for any occasion. It is crucial how you style it.

the small black etui dress occasion shcnitt

A black knee-length sheath dress is perhaps the best choice for every occasion and even for everyday wear. The simple cut, the medium length and the inconspicuous color are the perfect combination for every type of figure. In addition, the simple model of the wearer can be individually changed through sophisticated accessories, jewelry and matching shoes.

the little black etui dress flat shoes

A black dress is the best choice for every occasion, depending on the cut. The details such as shoes, jewelry and bag are what make the look suitable for everyday use or the opposite to the stylish evening outfit. On special occasions, one prefers a black dress to the best high heels. When it comes to a party, for example a New Year’s Eve party, the shoes and accessories may be a bit fancier and more glamorous. Details filled with sequins or glittering stones stand out particularly well here.

The little black person in everyday life

the little black short a-line overknie boots

Comfortable models, for example made of jersey or fine knitwear, are preferred for everyday wear and do not emphasize the body very much, but gently wrap it around. These can be very well combined with boots, flat shoes and even sneakers. For curvy women who are looking for a dress in large size, a wrap dress is particularly good. Draped models with a deep V-neck are also a great way to emphasize the décolleté while concealing the tummy.

Evening wear on New Year’s Eve and special occasions

the little black backless accent loop

For special occasions, parties or New Year’s Eve, you can be a bit braver and put on a playful model. A strapless or backless simple-cut dress or a midi-length lace dress is a possible option, depending on the occasion. When it comes to an event with colleagues or in the working environment, the perfect look is rounded off with a beautifully cut black blazer.

The chic little black in the 20s or 50s style

the little black silvester 20s sequins

Extremely attractive for special informal occasions such as parties or New Year’s Eve look black midi dresses, which are lavishly set with sequins, pearls or lace. Tulle accents are also beautiful details that add variety and a playful touch to the look.

Style and combine the little black dress correctly

the little black combine to style properly

A simple black dress can be stylishly combined on special occasions with eye-catching accessories and shoes. Colorful or glittering high heels and matching jewelery or a small bag, for example a clutch, make the simple outfit party-friendly.

style the little black shoe bag occasion

In everyday life you combine a short, black dress with flat leather shoes or sneakers. A short jacket completes the casual look.

The small black combine style small bag

If you choose a matching bag for the little black, you should pay attention to the size. Basically, small bags for short dresses or skirts are better suited than the currently very popular shopper bags.

the little black shoes sneaker

The little black party New Year's Eve combine shoes bag

Nail art design in black – 13 ideas and pictures for unique fingernails

nail design in black flower glitter diy idea

When it comes to the nail design in black, there are a variety of ways to put the finger in scene. The black color is anything but boring and is also perfect as a background for a variety of designs, patterns and designs. The result can be elegant or playful, creating wonderful ideas for any occasion. We have put together some interesting ideas and inspirations for the nail design in black, as well as nail design pictures as an illustration. Use them as a suggestion or copy them as you please, to astonish everyone.


Black nails are attractive, but what can you do with them? Apart from the fact that a wide variety of patterns and motifs can be designed, as you will see in the following nail design images, the nail design with French Manicure can be implemented super by the tips are designed in any color. The reverse French looks great in black too.

nail design in black nude-glitter-gold-glitter-gold

In addition, the nail design in black fits any nail length and shape. So whether you want to make short nails, medium long or long, whether the nails are rounded or angular, or whether you are looking for a design for pointed nails, black is always a good choice. Let us now turn to some popular techniques that should provide a little insight into the many possibilities.

Nail design with dots

nail design in black make-your-own-white-dot-pattern-idea

The playful polka-dot pattern is probably one of the most popular patterns. Which lady is not on it? They are not only cute, but also classic and stylish and can be implemented on a black background in a variety of color combinations. For example, if you want a nail design in black and white, then you can easily design white dots for a pattern in black and white. If you are looking for a nail design in black and pink, you can use this color. Or how about a nail design with a bow and dots? You can see some great nail design pictures above and below.

nail design in black dots-gray-silver-simple-art

Of course, more than just two colors may be combined. So a colorful dot pattern on a black background can be very happy. That makes it very suitable for parties. The points can all be the same size or you can create a mix of different sizes. To make them evenly round, you can use a so-called dotting tool, which makes it very easy to work with. Alternatively, a dull toothpick, the head of a pin, and even the ends of a hairpin, which you can easily bend apart. With these items, you can also make different sized dots for the nail design in black.

Nail art pictures with stripes


In terms of stripes is nothing more to say than to the points. Also this pattern belongs to the classics and the possibilities are the same. Black fingernails look chic with white or beige stripes and upbeat with a colorful color. You can get some glamor by designing a nail design in black and gold or silver or using glitter.


The easiest way to obtain a stripe pattern at regular intervals is with the aid of nail strips that are glued to the fingernail as a template and simply peeled off again after painting. For this, the previous lacquer layer should be well dried. Especially interesting are rainbow stripes. To do this, first paint the nails in different bright colors. After drying, the strips are used over which the black paint is then painted. Now remove the strips, the colorful colors come to light again and you get an attractive nails pattern. Thus, the most diverse variants can be implemented.

Nail design with glitter

nageldesign-black-lace nails-glittering-reverse-french-gold

In our nail design gallery, we would like to share with you also the variants with glitter. Here, too, can be quite a lot. With black as the base color, a variety of patterns can be created with gold enem or silver glitter, because the nail design in black and gold or another metal color looks glamorous and chic. Of course, other colors are great. You can also get an interesting nail design in black, if you choose any color as background and then make it with black glitter.

nageldesign-black-glitter-silver-idea-easy-nail polish nail-art

The ideas are also suitable for a gel nail design with glitter that is quick and easy. Use glitter in the form of powder or by choosing a finished glitter nail polish. Then you can implement a variety of patterns such as stripes or dots, ornaments or individual nail design images. Every fingernail design is guaranteed to be unique!

Nail art design in matt black

nageldesign-black-matt-gloss stripe-copper-glamor-style

If you have decided on the classic black, you can create a special eye-catcher by using a dull instead of the glossy paint. Here you can combine with equally matte patterns in other colors or emphasize the patterns particularly well, making them again glossy or even glittering. Just experiment with the designs. Surely you will quickly find an original and unique nail design in black matt.

nageldesign-flat black-pattern-gloss original-simple

Very nice, the matte black can also be combined with gold, silver or copper. Quickly get a stylish and elegant design that you can use for parties. Pretty accents are also available on the matt surface with the help of rhinestones or shiny nail strips. A Toplack is not used in this idea, as this gives shine and prevents the effect of matted nails.

Draw motifs and patterns freely by hand


Anyone who dares can draw pictures or patterns independently instead of the already mentioned tools. So you get beautiful and unique oriental ornaments in black and white or another color, tribals and even tiny landscapes or motifs suitable for a certain celebration such as Easter or Christmas. If you do not find the right stickers, this is the best alternative. Of course, this often takes more time, but it’s well worth the effort.

Especially gel nails in black can be made freely hand free, because the gel does not dry like the paint in the air and is tough to design. Instead, you have enough time to draw and cure the gel under the lamp. There are a variety of instructions that explain even complicated motifs step by step, so that even beginners can enjoy success.

Nail art design in black and nail art images with stickers

nageldesign-black-floral-sticker-stickers-pink accent Brand-corner

For particularly complicated patterns, there are also finished stickers. Especially beginners or ladies, who do not have a steady hand, can look forward to it, because the stickers create the perfect look in no time. All you need is a basecoat in any color you choose, depending on the color of the sticker. After you have attached the sticker, fix it still with a transparent Toplack. So you guarantee that the nail design in black lasts longer.

You will be amazed how many different patterns there are in the form of stickers. Both oriental and romantic, playful and upbeat designs are to be found and thus always offer the perfect variation for every occasion. And if you do not feel like it, just visit your manicurist, who will bring the desired design to your nails while you pamper yourself.

Nail art design in black – 55 ideas for autumn and winter

Nageldesign in Schwarz -geometrische-Muster-Nude-Weiss-Nuancen

We show you 50 pictures about nail design in black – you can make these creative nail art yourself with a little skill, stamps, nail polish and rhinestones. Let yourself be inspired by the examples in the photo gallery – you may find your favorite theme under it, which you are welcome to try and do yourself. Some are super easy, but for others, you have to practice a bit – but you may also be able to design it with just one accent – this way, it is also suitable for everyday use.

Nail art design in black – creative ideas with stamp

Nail art design in black white-stamp-pattern-make-yourself-manual

A stamp makes it easy to make imaginative designs – different motifs such as hearts, stars, letters, stripes, animals and much more can be stamped on the fingernails. It is advisable to choose a light color / white, pastel blue, pink, lavender, soft yellow etc./ as background and the stamping color in contrasting black .

Nail art design in black with colored accents

Nail art design in black matte purple accent stripes

And so is stamped – put a protective sheet / cloth or just a magazine that you no longer need on the table. Apply the selected nail polish on the motif – you have to apply plenty of color, and then remove the superfluous paint with the so-called scraper. Then the stamp first on the subject, and then press on the fingernails – and you’re done! Now all you have to do is remove the paint from your fingers with a correction pen. Let yourself be inspired and find more exciting examples in the photo gallery below.

Nail design in black and gold make yourself


Black and white with stickers in gold


Nail design with stylish patterns that you can paint yourself


Ombre like night sky in black and blue

blue-glitter-effect-own-making brand design-black-ideas-ombre-

Spice up nail design with red glitter particles


Matt black and accented with rhinestones on the ring fingernail


Nail art design in black and white


Nail design with black nail polish and adhesive foil


Apply Toplack with glitter particles over black background


Apply glitter paint only on the edge of the nails


Deco films are particularly effective on black
















Put together black outfits – cool ideas and inspirations


When it comes to style, there is only one color that will always be loved by all, versatile, timeless and practical. This color is black, of course. Some of the most creative designers in the fashion world are known for putting together almost exclusively black outfits .

Put together black outfits – what’s going on in 2015?


Whether it’s your first date or an interview appointment, this color is always the perfect choice. It is flattering, seductive and timeless, regardless of the shape and size of your body. The black color of your outfit can raise your self-confidence limitless. There is nothing fancier than an all-black outfit. There are many options to choose from, from torn black jeans and girly black skirts to silky blouses, to a comfortable outfit and an oversized black sweater. A black outfit is the perfect canvas for your colored accessory. Take a look at the following outfit ideas and discover all the possibilities to achieve a creative look in black.

Put together black outfits – two-piece suit in combination with green blazer


Short evening dress with belt and gold necklace


Put on a long coat over a long skirt


Short dresses for the spring


Faux fur coat for the cold spring days


Short jacket and wide skirt


The short leather jacket can be perfectly combined with the short dress













Dramatic outfit in black – 23 ideas for re-styling


The black color just never goes out of the fashion scene, black has always been a modern and attractive color. There is no woman who does not have at least one piece of black clothing in her closet that could be combined in different ways. You can not go wrong with the black color. For this purpose, we have prepared for you 23 interesting ideas for a stylish outfit in black . Just take a look at the collection of combinations and find suggestions for your dramatic look.

Elegant autumn outfit in black


Black combinations are popular with these women, who want to dress easily and quickly, but still look elegant and maximally reduce their preparation time. Here’s another positive side of black clothing, another reason why women like black: these clothes can make you look thinner and slimmer.

Chic black evening dress with back slit


Ideas for a summer outfit in black


Warm dressed in winter – of course in black


The color black is simply elegance


Long sleeve dress with lace cover


Everyday options


















Black and white nail design – 24 elegant DIY ideas

Nageldesign in Schwarz-Weiß -ideen-nagelbasis

A nail polish design does not necessarily have to be made of bright colors to create a great effect. All you need is a bit of imagination to think about interesting patterns. So you get a monochrome look that still looks elegant and fits any outfit. Even better, such a black and white nail design , depending on the pattern you choose, is easy and takes little time.

Make nail art design in black and white by yourself


For the necessary artistic inspiration, the following 24 effective examples of a monochrome design with white and black nail polish can provide. You can also use gray accents to match or a glittering silver. Best start right now!


Paint your nails first in white and wait until the paint has dried. Then draw a black line in the shape shown. You are also welcome to try a different shape. Then simply paint the top part with the same paint. Then still overcoat and ready!

Almond-shaped nails with black border


Similarly, these nails are designed or at least use the same colors. Start again with white, whereupon you highlight the edge of the fingernails with black paint. You can use adhesive tape to get straight lines.

Emphasize border with glitter paint


How about a weird design like this again? First it’s the white, then the black color. When everything has dried well, you can cover the boundary line between the two paint colors with a glittering line. Then you do not have to worry about irregularities.

Ideas for nail design in black and white

Nageldesign in Schwarz-Weiß -ideen-schachbrettmuster

Nageldesign in Schwarz-Weiß nagelstempel-piano

Nageldesign in Schwarz-Weiß runde-strasssteine

Create a pattern with a nail stamp

Nageldesign in Schwarz-Weiß nagelstempel-muster

Idea for long nails

Nageldesign in Schwarz-Weiß -lange-nagel-kreismuster

white hexagon on matt black background

Nageldesign in Schwarz-Weiß hexagonale-dreicek-bilden-mattschwarz

black and white areas

Nageldesign in Schwarz-Weiß herz-muster-goldenes-akzent

Decorate the ring finger differently




Nageldesign in Schwarz-Weiß farben-vermischen








25 gorgeous Asos black lace dresses

milla-jovovich-schwarze-spitzenkleider-trend asos kleider

The only thing more stylish and inspiring than the little black one is the little black lace dress. The filigree fabric adds a romantic touch to your look, blurring the line between fiery and girlish femininity. Today we present you 25 Asos black lace dresses that will convince you. An elegant clutch in gold or silver is the ideal companion for the small black lace dress. Keep in mind that the dress itself makes a fashion statement, so you should not wear any large eye-catching necklaces and long earrings. When it comes to shoes, pumps and stilettos in neutral colors like black and beige are best.

Asos dresses from black lace


Asos dresses as perfect party outfits


with 3/4 sleeves


short, black dress with lace detail


Jarlo Petite Arabella dress


French Connection midi dress


Bodycon, elastic mini dress

Figurbetontes Kurzkleid aus Spitze mit tiefem Rückenausschnitt

Minidress with low back cut


black midi dress with lace insert and draping


Lipstick-Boutique-Plus-knielanges-kleid-Spitzenlageasos-kleider-xxl-Junarose-kleid-Schulterpartie-Spitzeasos kleider xxl-Etuikleid-schwarzer-Spitzeasos-kleider-Maxikleid-Spitze-spaghettitrager-herzdekoletteasos-kleider-kurzes-Ballkleid-Spitzenoberteil-schwarzasos kleider figurbetontes-schwarzes-Midikleid-blumenspitzendesignasos kleider Bardot-Kleid-Spitze-3-4-armelnasos kleider A-Linie-Spitzeneinsatz-3-4-armel-schwarzasos-coctail-kleid-schwarzer-GänseblümchenspitzeYas-Ida-Figurbetontes-schwarzes-Kleid-SpitzeneinsatzTrue-Decadence-Tall-schwarzes-Maxikleid-SpitzenärmelnRiver-Island-Kurzkleid-Spitze-schwarzPolyester v ausschnitt kimonoarmeln


23 chic black and white outfits that rock the trend

 Outfits in Schwarz-Weiß inspirationen-herbst-sommer

Trends come and go every season, but the black and white look remains a true classic. High-contrast and simple, he is really timeless. Not only celebrities are overwhelmed by this trend and wear it on the red carpet and in their spare time. We also love the outfits in black and white , so we have put together some of the nicest styles for you. Check out these great outfit creations below!

Black and white outfits – Joan Smalls for H & M

joan-smalls-HM- Outfits in Schwarz-Weiß gepunkteter-rock-kurze-lederjacke

The Puerto Rican model Joan Smalls is known for her outstanding fashion style and is a source of inspiration for many. Here are some of the pictures from her photoshoot for the lookbook by H & M “Romantic Edge”. She poses in a lush garden wearing elegant black and white outfits.

Elegant outfits in black and white for every season

joan-smalls-HM- Outfits in Schwarz-Weiß -gepunktetes-kleid-sommer

Black and white unfold their full effect in this contrasting game. Patterns such as dots, stripes and chessboard are particularly suitable for this combination. Find your favorite outfit in the gallery below!

long white cardigan, black top and shorts

joan-smalls-HM- Outfits in Schwarz-Weiß romantic-edge-lookbook

white blouse with lace details and black pants

joan-smalls-HM- Outfits in Schwarz-Weiß -schick

casual outfit in black and white


Pants with graphic patterns in black and white


black skinny jeans with studs


dramatic look in black and white


black shorts, sneakers, jacket and white T-shirt


Miranda Kerr in her free time














Black and white fashion by KTZ during fashion week in London


Unusual and original is the black and white fashion of KTZ for spring / summer 2015, as we saw on the catwalk during Fashion Week in London. The British fashion house KTZ shows the tendencies for the spring and summer 2015 and presents the trendy clothing and the breastfeeding line. Take a look in our comprehensive picture gallery.

Black-white fashion – Greek motifs meet East Asia


The eccentric black and white fashion of KTZ is presented in monochrome tones with a certain symbolism. Cone-shaped sheds typical of the East Asian continent are combined with antique textile print on the clothing . What the designer Marjan Pejoski thought is an extravagant and unusual, but by no means disturbing combination. He drew inspiration from ancient Greece, Baroque and Classicism. The fashion shows how the sporty meets the cheeky and on black fabrics gigantic cabochons, vaulted cuts can be seen, textile printing take over the leitmotif. On the jewelery and women’s accessories we admire the art of baroque and on the transparent fabrics the creation of the earth.

Black and white fashion with beautification effect


Dresses emphasizing figures, skirts or trousers are patterned symmetrically, the swimsuit is spiced up with a wide-meshed jacket. Women’s conical hats are sculpted with sculptural details, and the athletic shoes are worn with striped knee socks. The collection features trendy and cool petticoats with smart basics, quilted fabrics, chic dresses with zippers, wide black jackets or long pelerines. The antiquity lives through the modern age, that’s what the designer wants to emphasize for the KTZ collection. The black-and-white fashion with touch of elegance mingles with the released idea of ​​an ancient age, transferring us to a world that never existed. The spectators are allowed to experience it very closely through these designer pieces. Is not that unique ?!


Geometric pattern


Snakes and alligators skin-leather look for every taste


Voluminous jacket with alligators skin look






































The short, black dress for an eternally attractive look

kurze schwarze kleid damen mode kleidung

Since we are able to choose our own clothes, we know that the “little black dress” is the perfect choice if we just want to look stunning and make a great impression.

The wide, black dress for every occasion

kleid langärmlich schwarz weit offiziell modisch

It was Coco Chanel who met this rule and since then, the short, black dress is the epitome of elegance and an attractive lady. You should have at least one short black dress in your closet if you respect the fashion . It is one of those fashion pieces that represents the definition of “simple is elegant”. You know what you should wear whenever you want to show an attractive look.

Check out more examples of attractive black dresses” this season:>

Feel airy with a wide, black dress

trend kleid weites lässig modern elegant

The wide dress makes for an elegant look

schulter frei lässig modern elegant modetrend

Make a playful look with lace

figurbetont attraktiv schulterfrei spitze damen kleidung niedlich

It does not matter if there is only a little tip …

kurzes schwarzes kleid spitze elegant offiziell

…or more. The dress gets so a certain refinement.

lange ärmel spitze kurzes kleid romantisch

Even half-length sleeves are chic

spitze attraktiv alltag kleid halblange ärmel kurz

On cooler evenings, you can also choose a long-sleeved dress

lange ärmel spitze neckholder locker verspielt

Or a more sophisticated one with a lace sleeve

schwarze kleid ein ärmel verführerisch spitze

damenmode attraktives kleid enganliegend offiziell schulterfrei

klassisch knielang schlicht mode kleider damen

modern elegant kleider besonderer anlass brautjungfer