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Summer nails with fruits – 40+ original, colorful and fruity nail designs

summer nails fancy nail design fruits blue french oranges

If you want to make your fingernails a real eye-catcher , then you should choose a nail design of a special kind. Especially in summer, when you enjoy the bright sun and juicy fruits, you get the mood for happy, radiant colors, which immediately spread good mood. In today’s article, we have put together great ideas for summer nails with fruits that make you feel good and look incredibly fresh and attractive. Be inspired by the fruity summer nail designs in our picture gallery!

colorful summer nails orange kiwi strawberry

This season, the summer nails with fruits are undoubtedly a hot fashion trend. The colorful fruits bring the summery manicure to a completely different level and captivate everyone’s attention. The fruity nail design in summer is particularly diverse and almost infinite. The aromatic, juicy and refreshing fruits such as kiwi, pineapple, banana, strawberry, orange, lemon, watermelon, etc. that nature has to offer can be easily transferred to your fingers and give the manicure a unique summery touch.

attractive nails summer fimo tropical fruits

You can also make the summer nails with fruits yourself at home . It’s easier than it may seem at first glance. Once you’ve decided on a fruity and colorful design, you’ll need to get the necessary nail polish colors as well as several thin brushes. For some nail designs, a suitable lacquer base is also needed.

gel nails summer fruits apple lemon strawberry

For the perfect summery manicure, a good lacquer base color is of great importance and actually the easiest way to properly showcase the fruity masterpieces in miniature. Depending on the subject, the white or nude nail polish would be a good choice. For example, a bright background will make the neon green or yellow even brighter.

colorful french summer nails fruit colorful

In order to achieve a perfect result, patience and a steady hand are required when decorating your fingernails. Let each layer of varnish dry well. How you represent the respective fruit motif is completely up to you. Let your imagination run wild and dare several experiments.

subtle nail design summery fresh fruits

To create a unique nail art, a variety of techniques are available to you. If you do not like to paint, you can use various stickers, stamps or Fimo fruit rods for the selected nail design in summer. Many beautiful and absolutely trendy summer nails can be designed with a few strokes and are therefore ideal for beginners.

kiwi summer nail design with fruits

Would you like to pimp your fingernails or toes with a juicy, green kiwi? Obtain nail polish in white, black and green in a nuance of your choice. First apply the green as the base color and let this first layer dry completely. Now draw a white oval in the middle.

summer manicure white nail polish kiwi

Use a toothpick to pull several rays outwards. With a fine brush or a toothpick make small black dots around the white oval. Seal with a layer of topcoat and your enchanting kiwi summer nails will radiate to the bet.

summer nail art kiwi motif green shades of color

In the photo gallery below you will find many inspirational and creative ideas for fingernails design in the summer. Whether subtle and elegant, lushly decorated or unusual, colorful or reserved, in the examples you will surely discover one or the other fruity motif to your taste. And you can be sure that the various fruits on your manicure or pedicure are an absolute summer hit and will not go unnoticed.

summer nails pop colors zutrone kiwi french manicure

salmon nail polish lemons summer nails design ideas

elegant summery nail design modern fresh

nail design summer orange lemon mustard fimo

striped blue yellow lemon motif summer nails

orange slices blue short summer nails

neon colored nails summer fresh

summery nail designs neon green pink orange lemon

fruits design nails summer straight filed fingernails

summer nails design ideas pineapple yellow

nail polish gloss matt pineapple design summer nails

nail design summer fruit pineapple colorful

pineapple summer nails design tutorial trend

Ideas for easy manicure summer nails

elegant design summer nails cherry nude french

fingernails design summer red white cherries motif glitter

summer nails stiletto cherries white fuchsia

nail design summer cherry pink white

grapefruite elegant nail design summer glitter

short nails summer designs with fruits raspberries

purple blackberries motif nail design summer

ideas for nails summer trend fruits apples nude

nails summer designs with fruits apple caterpillar nude

summer nails design short pink bananas

summer nails design ideas fruits fresh watermelon

summer nails design with fruits watermelon motif

nail design summer fruits watermelon

spiked red watermelon summer nails with fruits

summer nails 2018 with fruits watermelon short

pink watermelons slices nail design summer

easy nail design summer strawberry motif

colorful manicure lemon kiwi watermelon

summer nails with fruits short nails summerly

clear lacquer crescent fruit slices summer nugget with fruits

tropical fruits summer nails design colorful

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