Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Style and Fashion: The Most Beautiful Summer Trends 2018

Summer Trends Fashion Clothing Styling at a glance

Summer is in full swing and the enjoyment of colors and fabrics is at its highest point of the year. This year, this joy has a particularly long season due to the many warm days. One thing is clear in all small and large fashion trends: it will never be boring. The mix of pimped-up retro elements and extravagant ideas creates new show effects and original lifestyle that will last for the summer. These are the summer trends of 2018!

Colorful patterns, bright colors and technical up to date: Summer Trends 2018

Summer Trends 2018 Linen and colorful patterns

Summer Classic: Colorful, light, exciting

In the summer we like to be even more playful than usual. With the length of the days, the joy of colors also grows, so we would like to try very colorful combinations. So this year – matching the new possibilities of nail art – there are many original and fruity nail designs . Kiwis, oranges or melons find their way onto the fingernails through applications or elaborate painting and make summer mood really. Fruity to the fingertips!

black sandals with heels and rhinestones

What’s new every year, of course, are bikinis. As soon as the summer sun lures to the pool or the beach, women want to stage their body with beautiful swimwear. Some trends are coming back, like this year ‘s V-bar bikini . Bloggers and influencers have really hyped up this bikini shape. The name comes from the bikini-hanger, which creates an inverted V-bridge on the breastbone. This beautifully sets the décolleté in the limelight. In addition, the bikini panties is relatively narrow and conjures visually long legs.

A true classic every year is shopping in summer sale. Already in July many shops and online shops offer the most beautiful summer looks at bargain prices. Whether bathing and beachstyles, summer dresses or timeless fashion classics – the Italian fashion label ALBA MODA has something airy for every taste. There is still enough time left to carry on the summer fashion this year.

Highlights of the Summer Trends 2018

Summer Fashion White Jumpsuit Lace Shoulder Cuts

And where is the trend going? Those who can not wait to look into the future in terms of color and style will find answers at Fashion Week in Berlin . Young fashion designers have presented their visions of summer fashion for the next year for a few days. With many of their creations, they are not only forward-looking, but also pick up on the popular. Some current trends have been going on for quite some time and are continuing to pick up.


Transparent elements are a very hot trend that will continue next year. Cut-out items are currently on display everywhere, on tops as well as on leggings. Inserted power supplies, clear plastic nicks or complete top shirts allow insights and stimulate the imagination. Here is less.

Rock pattern Tropical palm leaves pink top


For patterns, it stops anyone this year. Graphic patterns, tropical prints, floral designs – anything is possible and can be combined in any way. The modern printing technologies allow ever wilder patterns, such as a test pattern or sophisticated photo prints. Especially the floral designs – a true classic in the summer fashion – remain highly popular.

Glittering elements on clothing and shoes continue to be in high season

black sandals with heels and rhinestones


Glittering sequin elements, metallic birch floor shoes in all variations or shimmering 3D glossy foil prints – the eye-catching effects have long since come to a standstill outside a party, according to fashion designers. On everyday garments such as pencil skirts or casual straps, the new materials are used. This should not only spice up our everyday life, but may also create a little glamor at work.

Summer top zigzag fringing


Fringes in all latitudes and variations celebrate this summer a fluttering party. They can be found as a decorative element on dresses, bags, coats and tops. This trend has been current for several seasons and has no end in sight.


The trench coat celebrates resurrection, this summer there is the fashion classic in all interpretations. The trench coat was invented by the British army during the First World War and has since been experiencing a new hype over several decades. Now you can see it cut into stripes, elaborately re-draped, decorated in bright colors or with metal elements.

Summer and jeans belong together and are always up to date

bright summer jeans with tears on the knee


Who does not love jeans ?! The comfortable and durable fabric not only pleases us as a leggings – since the fashion designers of the world are once again committed to the blue fabric, there are jeans fashion in more and more looks. As a suit, as tops, in dresses or coats – especially new original cuts conjure from the fashion Evergreen very varied and wearable garments. A jeans does not make a summer – but many new fashion ideas.

Visionary ideas in 2018

Summer in nature enjoy woman with green summer dress

When it comes to fashion, pioneering ideas have already arrived. A jury team of renowned experts from the fashion scene and industry honored particularly innovative ideas with a prize during the Fashion Week in July 2018 from the international applications. With the Telekom Fashion Fusion, these ideas can be further developed until they are ready for the market.

• Talking clothes

Israel’s Keypod team equips clothes with some communication features that allow them to check voice messages and tasks without having to get their hands on the phone. Music streaming or fitness apps are integrated via special electronic components.

• Body scanner for every figure

For all those who have an extraordinary figure or a heavy overweight or underweight, designers from Belgium have found the solution for tailor-made clothing. Project Love is the name of the project technology that enables individual scanning of the body and tailor-made production using a 3D printer.

Clothes for back problems smart shells

• Smart orthopedics

Problems in the back? With the smart tops of the Hamburg designers of Smart Orthosis can be prevented. Their tops are equipped with vibration elements and heat patches, which help relieve acute pain or compensate for postural damage. The carriers of this system can control via app or Bluetooth.

• Fashion for the blind

Smart clothing can help blind and visually impaired people. This is what two young designers from Hamburg thought and invented the navigation system Isabelle. With an integrated app and a built-in camera, the wearers can better orient themselves, in addition, all friends who are connected to the Internet-connected system, have the opportunity to help navigate. Fashion for people with handicaps is thus a niche that is finally occupied and recognized by the fashion industry.

Summer Dress Boho Dress Lace White Straw Hat

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