Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Spring Type Colors – Tips for fashion and styling in matching tones

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The right colors in terms of fashion and styling is a question of the type. While some cool colors stand better, other types should resort to warm colors. Accordingly, there is also a specific type for each season, which is determined by characteristic colors and shades. This article is specifically about the spring type, which is characterized by warm tones. We have put together some styling tips and suitable spring-type colors that you can consider when putting together your outfit and styling. Stay true to your type!

Spring Type Colors – How do I recognize my type?

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With a simple test, you can determine if you are a spring type. For this you need silver and gold jewelery. Stand in front of a mirror and first hold the gold jewelry to your face. Does this, in contrast to the silver jewelry to your skin radiates, then you can assume that you are an autumn or spring type. Silver jewelry then ensures that your skin looks rather pale.

Spring type Colors depending on skin, eye and hair color

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In order to be able to exclude also the autumn type, consider your skin and hair color. The spring type has a light hair color that shines in the sun. These include dark blond, copper red or red blond and honey blond. If you have a fair complexion, this is a sign that you are a spring type. The skin should also have a warm nterton. If you have freckles, as well as a light eye color like blue, gray or light brown, you can use spring type colors for your styling.

Suitable colors for the spring type


Use delicate, light and above all warm spring colors for your styling. Well suited are yellow, apricot or blue-green. Yellow is great base color for the spring type, which should be at least 50% in the styling. This applies to both the make-up, as well as for your clothes. In addition, youthful spring types come in colors such as tomato red, may green, lime green, tender turquoise, orange and coral, all of which emphasize their feminine and delicate appearance. For a more official business outfit, you can fall back on the color beige.

Cold colors for spring type

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You should avoid cold colors when using the spring type. Azure and dark violet disturb the harmonious appearance of the spring type, because they make your skin look too pale. The same goes for black. In general, the spring type should avoid dark colors. Avoid bright neon colors and use alternatives to pure white. For this is old white, cream or champagne and a beautiful natural white.

Spring type colors combine


Of course you do not always want a monochrome outfit and styling. In this case, you can confidently also combine some spring type colors. A contrasty look is best achieved with the combination of light purple and light green, apricot and blue, light green and pink, red and purple or yellow and gray.

Spring type colors for the make-up

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It is important for the make-up that the colors emphasize your skin and do not suppress it. It should therefore be chosen tender and best contain a yellow tinge. The rouge is also tender to choose. Apricot is perfect because it complements your skin color. Other suitable spring-type make-up colors are bright red and pink, but they are only used as lipstick colors for the spring type.

Eye make up

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The eyes make you as neutral as possible. The spring-type colors ocher and other beige tones are suitable. If you still want to emphasize the eyes with a more striking color, choose a shade of green as an eye shadow. Be sure to avoid blue and other dark colors. Overall, all make-up colors should complement each other and strong contrasts should be avoided.

Choose the right hair color


In the spring type, the hair is characterized by a slight golden shimmer. In case you want to try a new hare color, it is recommended to keep this golden shimmer. Thus, you can choose blonde highlights or golden red. For the whole hair spring type colors in different shades of blond or a hair color that is not darker than middle brown are suitable.

Spring type colors for the fashion


Which colors should be chosen for the spring type of clothing, we have already mentioned above. Subtle colors are therefore preferable. However, if you want to style yourself extravagantly for a specific occasion, you can do it with a strong tomato red or a bright orange. For skirt and pants, you can also dare to a color that is not part of the spring type. However, then a balance must be created with the top. Because there is a need for spring-type colors again.

The jewelry for the spring type


Since you have already determined your type by means of the jewelry test, it is certainly unnecessary to mention that gold jewelry is the best option for you. Stones and other accents in jewelry can be made of the spring-type colors ivory, turquoise, jade, coral or amber. Silver or platinum jewelry will make you look pale and can not emphasize your type.

Tips for eyeglass wearers


Not only wearers of glasses should pay special attention to the choice of glasses. Even the sunglasses, which are indispensable in the summer, should be chosen with caution. The glasses and the glasses frame should not be chosen dark. Suitable are typical spring-type colors and a dull gold. Rimless glasses or those in silver are unsuitable.

The right nail polish


There is not much more to say about the spring-type colors for the nail polish. Choose one of the mentioned colors, which are suitable for this type or make an interesting nail design from the mentioned combination variants. A glamorous nail design comes with gold, an extravagant with red or a bright orange, and for everyday wear simply choose one of the more subtle or natural colors.

Color palette for the spring type


Above you can see a color palette again, in which some suitable spring-type colors have been put together. In this way, you get a good guideline for the matching colors for make-up, clothing and accessories, hair color and nail polish at a glance. Underline your warm color with the right colors and nuances and make your look shine!

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