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Hairstyles For Women

Sneaker Trends 2018 – Hot treads for cool fashionistas and fashion-conscious guys

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Sneakers are a cult that never goes out of fashion. On the contrary, every year new models flood the catwalks of the world and offer a variety of combinations. Such shoes are simply part of the world of fashion and fascinating designs have come onto the market this year. But some favorite sneakers can be confidently carried on, because they are timelessly beautiful. Curtain up for the coolest sneaker trends 2018.

Sneaker Trends 2018 – Sneakers are a constant in the fashion world

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While there are always new looks in many areas of fashion (though sometimes it’s hard to believe it will actually work), sneakers are a true constant in the fashion world. For some, they are just sneakers, for others a fashion statement, for stars and starlets a way to express themselves – if labels cooperate with them and let them design. There are real sneaker freaks, who immediately buy all the new models of their favorite brands and then hoard the countless boxes in their four walls, usually without even wearing the shoes. And then there is this favorite pair of sneakers, which seems to suit all outfits and which one would like to wear every day. Probably the iconic streetwear shoes are the most versatile fashion accessory in the world, possibly as far as combination with the denim is concerned. Cool sneakers, however, can also be worn in a really chic and expensive suit, something you can not just say about jeans.

Sneaker Trends 2018 – Surprise new designs and materials

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Especially in recent times there are some news and surprising looks with the sneakers . Especially It-Girls should be happy about the fact that more and more feminine elements are being processed in the shoes and from loops to glittering to metallic looks, all sorts of styles are laid out, which distinguish them immensely from the classic sneakers. Today it is stars like Rihanna who shape the look of streetwear shoe fashion and continue to fuel their cult status. In the 1950s, James Dean freed the youngsters from their tough leather soles with a photo of Converse Chucks and the sneaker symbolized Rebellion and an own, youthful style shaped like nobody before (and in this cult way also nobody after it). In the 80s and 90s, sneakers experienced a real upswing and have since become part of the fashion circus. The Sneaker Trends 2018 is not only about the style of a shoe, the materials and workmanship are also constantly being developed, so that a sneaker today is hard to beat in terms of functionality. Although the shoes do not close themselves, as was predicted in our cult movie “Back to the Future” for our time, (only such a shoe was developed ), but otherwise there is the right material and model for every foot and every purpose ,

Timeless models and hot styles exist side by side

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Sneakers are undoubtedly the kings of streetwear, with a few princesses joining the proven models. There are styles that just always go. You never have to banish them from the closet, and if you do not already own them, you can simply buy a new “retro” model. These include, for example, the classic white sneaker such as a Reebok Classic or a Stan Smith, with Adidas and Nike also have bright white models in classic shape in the range.
White sneakers can be easily combined into countless styles. Whether for a boyfriend or skinny jeans, a summer dress, a pencil skirt or even sport pants, white can be mixed with all shades and always makes a fresh impression. If you are really brave, combine white sneakers to a black suit and make a statement. Everything is possible!

sneaker trends 2018 summer turnsheets pink

Pure romance promises the extremely girlish looks that many labels have missed their sneakers. On the one hand, the all over Metallic sneakers are still in vogue, on the other hand, small metallic elements to the Sneaker Trends 2018 are just a part of it. However, it may also sparkle and sparkle, because especially girlish, romantic and playful variants of the iconic shoes are increasingly seen. Floral prints, candy colors, pearls and rhinestones complete the collections of the big labels and should not be missing in any girl’s wardrobe. These styles can be combined especially with romantic outfits, but they also give a simple jeans the necessary pep and make an outfit complete.

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The Lords of Creation, on the other hand, will most likely be able to make friends with the innovative high-tech sneakers that impress with a futuristic tech look and velcro or drawstring. Shoelaces are rare to find on these models. Not only do they look crazy, they are also perfectly adapted to the needs of their wearers. Behind the architecture of a sneaker is a lot of development work. The insoles support and feather, the upper is breathable and resistant, the shape just perfect for the foot. Whether jogging, tennis or indoor sports, there is a suitable model for everyone. We would say, in the shoes and out into the world!

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