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Smokey Eyes Instructions – make-up in a few steps


Although the smoky eyes look like they’re complicated to make up, the opposite is true, no matter which Smokey Eyes guide you follow, you’ll get the same result. You just have to pay attention to a golden rule and that is that it all depends on the mixing. This means that the different colors have to run well together. Often this is forgotten or not paid enough attention to it and it creates an eye make-up that looks rather chaotic and ugly. It’s up to you how dramatic and sophisticated you make it. Just keep in mind that the lines and transitions must be soft. That’s just the name of this make-up. So that you can easily imitate the make-up, we have below a guide for Smokey Eyes, in which the steps are explained in detail.

Smokey Eyes Instructions – the make-up primer


Smokey Eyes instructions says first that you apply a make-up primer primer. This should be on the eyelid and right up to the eyebrows. If you want, you can then apply a black eyeliner, but only on the eyelid to the eyelid crease. Follow the natural form of the eye. Blur it with your finger or use a brush with a sponge applicator.

Apply Smokey Eyes Instructions Eyeshadow


Next is the eye shadow, which should have a soft, black color. You too wear it only on the eyelid. The border again forms the eyelid crease and the shape should correspond to the natural of the eye. For the next step in the Smokey Eyes tutorial, pick up an eyelid brush. With its help, you can add the eyelid crease and the outer area of ​​the eyelid from the same eyeshadow. This area should be a little bit darker than the eyelid itself. Now you have to mix everything in a circular motion with a brush for eyeshadows or with your finger. As already mentioned, no sharp lines should be visible. In this way, the line in the eyelid fold becomes softer and the area on the outer lid is slightly widened.

Blur the light part well with the dark one


So that the outer part of the eyeshadow is softened even more in the outer corner of your eye, you should apply a shimmering, bright color there. An eyeshadow in white, pink, silver or whatever else you have on hand with bright colors is ideal for this. Do not forget to smudge the bright part with the darker one next to it, even at this step of the Smokey Eyes instructions!

Make up the inner corner of your eye


Next apply the same shimmering eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye, as well as in the area between the eyelid fold and the eyebrow. You can also omit the area under the eyebrow if your make-up primer already has a shimmering effect. Make a thin line on both the upper and lower eyelids and lightly smudge them with a sponge applicator or brush. If you want, you can then apply a dark eye shadow to the upper eyeline and mix well again.


At the end

Anleitung für Smokey Eyes ist nur noch der Mascara an der Reihe und schon sind Sie fertig!At the end of theinstructions for Smokey Eyesis only the mascara’s turn and you’re done!We hope you enjoy trying it out and wish you every success.












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