Small backpack as a handbag – 20 fashionable outfits

Kleiner Rucksack -handtasche-outfit-leder-chanel-rot

Although practicality rarely plays a role in fashion, trends are directed at the self-image of the woman, which has meanwhile changed. Hardly a woman can go with high heels, but they are a must for special occasions. The lady is usually standing there and may walk a bit, but she definitely does not run. It does not belong to the model. A small backpack can replace any conventional

Small backpack as a handbag for every fashion-conscious woman in the city

Kleiner Rucksack -handtasche-outfit-schwarz-leder-elegant-damen

The first city backpack appeared in the early eighties and made a real breakthrough. He is still known under the name ‘Vela’ and counts as one of the first most successful Prada products. Inspired by the young students, Miuccia Prada designed a practical leather bag that is also fashionable. A small backpack has established itself as the true companion of any fashion-conscious woman, who should take something more than her cell phone and wallet.

Small backpack as a handbag – designer pieces

Kleiner Rucksack -handtasche-outfit-kapitoniert-chanel-elegant

The backpack brings several advantages and is the better choice for the sake of health. To carry heavy handbag over the shoulder is very stressful for the back. In the meantime, there are really nice backpacks that go well with high heels and elegant outfits.

Elegant little backpack by Chanel – tufted lamb leather

Kleiner Rucksack -handtasche-outfit-chanel-schwarz-leder

Meanwhile, each brand offers a wide selection of models women backpacks, most of them even quite elegant. Chanel – a label famous for the style and class he teaches, has several designs on offer. Made of lamb leather, tufted, made of tweed, even denim, there is something for every taste and personal style. For years, Prada and Versace have also been producing classic models in black, but also in unusual colors, such as red or multicolored.

Backpack by Chanel – equally suitable for men and women


More and more men are interested in fashion and trends, and also treat branded products. For them, there are versions of fabric, which are not very small, but still very practical and in it would easily fit a laptop and paper.

Designer backpack in fabric with straps from Burberry


In the design of fashionable, but at the same time practical backpacks the emphasis is placed on the details. Zippers in beautiful metallic colors, accents, such as pendants and brand logos adorn the bag. Different materials can be combined successfully and often a contrast is achieved.

Small backpack for women by Dior


As a fancy alternative to the classic clutch, Dior’s version appears on the sample photo. Small backpack by Dior in metallic rose gold color is the showpiece of the whole look. The outfit is otherwise stylish and simply kept in cream. Other pieces of jewelry are not required – they will just draw attention from the magnificent designer bag.

Small backpack for men and women – exceptional Fendi models


Meanwhile, a trend has prevailed in the fashion that equal parts of men and women can just as well be worn. Fendi has designed fancy models that have become characteristic of the brand. Small backpack made of leather with two big dark eyes on the zipper is reminiscent of an anime being worn on his back.

Small backpack made of leather with animal prints


Prints and animal fur patterns are meant for extravagant persons who want to attract attention. Bangs, contrasting patterns and unusual color combinations complete the interesting appearance of a small backpack that replaces the traditional handbag. Colorful designs can be harmoniously combined with neutral colors and monochrome parts.

Small backpack in the last designer collections with it – Unusual prints and bold colors


Although big brands make their products rather elegant, simple and classic, they spend collections that contrast and look really impressive. As an example, these Luis Vuitton campaigns, which can be described in one word as gaudy and colorful.

Backpack instead of handbag – Fashion campaign by Luis Vuitton


Playful motifs, bold colors and well-known symbols create a statement piece. The backseat of Luis Vuitton is functional due to its several divisions and exceptional because of the selection of materials. It is considered a true statement – the young generation’s uptake – fashion and quality meet the purely practical

Elegant little backpack – The true companion of every modern woman


Other variants relate to the style of the modern woman in terms of design and color design. Simple shapes, clear colors that are easy to fit into everyday life and match the clothes.

Elegant little backpack made of leather – Simple shapes and great emphasis on quality


In everyday life, the contemporary woman who lives in big city, it will put as much emphasis on high quality and durable materials. Small backpack made of leather in black or brown, with an elegant, subtle closure distinguishes itself as a true, but also stylish companion in everyday life. Intense colors are not excluded and a perfect complement to the otherwise boring wardrobe.

Small backpack with vintage flair


Chic little backpack as an accessory in a girlish outfit


A small backpack is the perfect complement to the girlish college style. It perfectly replaces the handbag and works wonderfully as a stylish highlight in the whole look. It is best to find the colors of the bag in the parts of the outfit.

Black small backpack and ankle boots in autumn


Mid-heel ankle boots have become a trend in recent years that may never be forgotten by modern women. They are chic and stylish, but very comfortable at the same time. The heel is sturdy and comfortable, but gives a few inches plus that no woman would do without. Perfect for this is a small backpack made of leather in the same color as the booties.

Casual city chic – small backpack with high heels combine


Top Trends – fringes and small backpack made of leather


Small backpack in white


A small backpack adds to every look, every outfit of the modern woman. Sometimes sporty, sometimes elegant or boho, this variant of the conventional handbag is multifaceted and very practical at the same time.

White little backpack – sometimes sporty, sometimes elegant



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