Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Short hairstyles for women – 25 trendy haircuts

Kurzhaarfrisuren Pony schöner Schnitt Volumen

This year, short hair is the trend – the hair cuts emphasize the shoulder and neck and make the face look better. Whether bob hairstyle , the so-called pixie or the newly interpreted bob head – for each face shape is a correspondingly appropriate cut to find. Hairstyles give the hairstyle structure, the ombre look attracts attention and the new hair colors / such as copper red / give the styling elegant look and hair styling. We show you 25 trendy short hairstyles for women for inspiration!

Short hairstyles for women – Bubikopf is back in fashion

Haare Trends 2014 Ombre Look Pony Stufen

The short hairstyles for ladies with straight hair look super elegant and feminine. No wonder the bob is experiencing a comeback – and this time the classic hairstyle presents itself with a new accent – namely the hair color. Pink, copper red, chocolate brown or provocative platinum blonde are in fashion in 2014. The hair is simply styled with a round brush / the back part gets more volume / and then fixed with hair spray or gel. Super chic and a popular choice for fashion-conscious women.

The most popular hairstyle in the last 2 years is still the bob hairstyle. Anyway, in 2014 she does not seem so strict anymore – curls and tiered cuts make her more casual and interesting at the same time. Hair strands in pink and blue or two-tone hair bring structure and emphasize the face. Also nice – side pony.

Short hairstyles for women – hair strands and two-tone hair give the bob hairstyle structure

Haarsträhnen rot orange blonde Pony

kurze Haare Wellen natürlich aussehen

Feminine and easy care – casual bob hairstyle with waves

Haarschnitte Schokoladenfarbe glatte Haare Volumen

These haircuts are perfect for ladies with rectangular and long faces

lange Gesichter Ideen Wellen glatte Haare

Chic hairstyle – straight hair in the day, in the evening – curls

Ideen schön lässig glatte Haare

Hair strands give the haircut structure – these hairstyles are styled only with a hair dryer

Ideen Haarsträhne Bob blonde Platin

Bob hairstyles for fashion-conscious ladies’ link Platinumblonde, right – strand of hair in honey blonde

 Jahr 2014 Bob Frisuren Haarfarbe kupferrot rosa

Short hairstyles for women – current color trends – left pink, right – copper color

rote glatte Haare Ombre braune Haarfarbe Locken

Playful and at the same time elegant bob hairstyles

Bob glatte Haare Pony gerader Schnitt

Trendy short hairstyles for women

kurze Haarfrisuren Platinblodn rosa

orange Haarsträhnen seitlicher Pony

Frauen Bob mittellang Pony Haarsträhnen rot blond

schöner Schnitt Struktur seitlich kürzer

2014 kurze Haarschnitte Bob Styling

kurz stufiger Pony Platinblond Blauschwarz

stufige Haare ovales Gesicht strukturiert

Kurzhaarfrisur Bob Blauschwarz Schokoladenbraun

Haarschnitte schwarz platinblond modern 2014

rundes Gesicht Kurzhaarfrisuren mit Pony seitlich

Frisuren rosa rote Haarfarbe Locken oben

kurze Haare rot Haarsträhnen blond

Haare Frisur Styling Tipps Ideen

Volumen kurze dünne Haare Frisur auswählen

pflegeleicht Alltag Haarsträhnen stufiger Schnitt

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