Shoe tips for ladies: Find shoes in oversize / undersize sizes


Finding women’s shoes in sizes 31-35 and 42-47 was a real challenge in the past. In the meantime, the established shoe brands have expanded their collections and introduced fresh models of women’s shoes in special sizes in their assortment, which are in no way inferior to the standard sizes in terms of comfort or design. Here are some tips and tricks for you on how to find the perfect shoes in oversize or undersize and what to look for when buying a shoe. There are actually colors, shapes and designs that make your feet look smaller or bigger.

The mission: to find good shoes in oversize / undersize

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Problem # 1: It seems impossible to find beautiful-looking, oversized or undersized fashion shoes.

Reality: Even those who have big feet would like to take part in the new trendy shoe styles. Fashion-conscious ladies with big feet do not have to do without strong shoe styles. Shoes in special sizes can look just as stylish and trendy today as they do in other shoe collections. There are online shops such as , for which oversize and undersize are their specialty. No matter for which occasion you are looking for a ladies shoe, you will surely find it there. The variety of materials, colors and designs leaves nothing to be desired.


Problem no.2: Shoe shops usually lead a few models in oversize assortment. There is a shoe that you like at last, but of course the desired size has long been gone.

Idea: Talk to the dealer (in person, on the phone or by e-mail) and ask which day of the week new models will be delivered. This information is worth gold. Alternatively, you can also ask if the pair in the desired size is still available in another store or online.

Issue # 3: Ladies usually spend a lot of money on their oversize / undersize shoes because they are so rare to find.

Idea: Find a brand you love, or an online store where you can order quality shoes in these sizes, and sign up for their newsletters. You will be among the first to know about a sale or a special promotion. That could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Which outsize shoes can make big feet look smaller?

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Many famous actresses and models are living on a big foot and prove through their glamorous performances that fashion is a wonderful way to hide small bruises like big feet. Stars wearing size 42 shoes include Uma Thurman, Paris Hilton and Kate Winslet. Here are some clever tricks you can use to perfectly balance your proportions and cheat your feet.

Shoes in dark colors make big feet look smaller than shoes in light or pastel shades. In addition to black, dark shades of gray and earth tones like Bordeaux are perfect.

The more covered by the foot, the smaller it looks. For summer shoes you prefer to wear sandals with wide straps or several thin straps. Peep-toes, d’Orsay shoes or slingbacks also fool smaller feet.

Pointed pumps or tapered ballerinas are the worst choice if you want to hide your big feet. On the other hand, shoes that are rounded at the front make the feet visually smaller immediately.

Make small feet look bigger


Even women with small shoe size often have great problems finding suitable shoes. There are cool models in the children’s section without Velcro or pompoms that adults can wear, but they are not suitable for any occasion. Dainty women will also find suitable matching shoes in small sizes that look fashionable and elegant.

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Good options for small shoe sizes are platform shoes and sneakers with wedge heel. They build up volume and provide extra inches of extra height. A good choice are still pointed shoes. They are actually three to five centimeters longer than rounded shoes of the same size and therefore do not just visually lengthen the foot. Ornate shoe tips and elaborate details create additional foot centimeters.

Incidentally, petite ladies can still use insoles that support the foot optimally. As a result, larger models fall about half a size smaller.

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