Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Shellac gel nail designs last longer than any other gels

shellac gel-nageldesign rosa glitzer idee damen beauty

Whether a natural or unusual look, the Shellac gel nail design offers a practical alternative to elaborate artificial nails and leafy nail polishes. The coating with specially developed gel is cured under a UV lamp, protects the nails and lasts longer than before. If you are looking for ideas for shellac gel nails then you will find it here.

Shellac Gel Nail Design – Who is it for?

shellac gel-nageldesign blau glitzer spitzen rot

Shellac nails are becoming increasingly popular with many women . The gel is made of acrylic which cures when exposed to UV light. The curing time is between one to three minutes, depending on how thick the UV gel layer is applied. With the gel you can strengthen your fingernails or even artificially extend. The gel varnish guarantees permanent high gloss, no splintering or breaking.

Shellac gel nail design with cat motifs

shellac gel-nageldesign rote idee katzen motive pfote

Shellac is suitable for those who have soft or brittle nails, but do not want to strengthen them with expensive UV gel. If you work a lot with your hands but you like finger paint, you should try it yourself at least once. It is just as easy to apply as an ordinary nail polish and lasts a long time like a gel. When dried, the nails are extremely resistant. To solve the Shellac also offers a special means.

shellac gel-nageldesign hautfarbe nude gold akzente steine

Shellac gel in skin color with gold accents

The Shellac nail polish has several advantages compared to conventional nail polish – it does not peel so quickly and spares the nails. Unlike with gel nails, the natural nail does not have to be sanded when applying Shellac. The natural nail remains completely intact and healthy. Gel nails are also practical and with a nasty nail shape. Hard, scratch-resistant and long-lasting – the new Wunderlack promises a lasting durability of your nail color for at least two weeks! Nevertheless, the Shallac gel nail design should be refreshed after 3 weeks, so you do not see the nail growth.

shellac gel-nageldesign neon pink zickzack schwarz weiss modern

Shellac nails in neon pink and with zigzag pattern

Shellac is available in over 20 colors – black, white, blue, red, purple, clear, rose or milky. French manicure is also possible with the Shellac nail polish, as well as the mixing of the colors among each other, so that even created sounds emerge. In order to strengthen and beautify your own natural manicure according to your wishes, there is also the possibility of nail art, ie the decoration of Shellac nails using various techniques such as painting or inlays such as sequins, splinters, glitter powders. There are no limits to creativity here.


Shellac nails with colorful roses


Shellac gel nail design with rhinestones and geometric patterns


Gel lacquer brilliant and color-stable


Gel nails for the nude look


Create crazy nail designs


Nail design with stripes and dots


Different shades of Shellac nail polish


Fingernails colorfully decorated with UV gel


Nail Perfection DIY














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