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Rose Quartz make nails yourself – instructions and tips

Rose quartz optic long nails almond shape

Ever since Pantone Rosenquarz named the color of 2016 alongside the pastel-blue Serenity, we’ve all been crazy about this delicate shade of rosé. Of course, we immediately integrated them into our wardrobe and our own four walls, and now our nails may also be styled in this look. Rose Quartz nails are currently a big trend! It all started with the marble look, then this light pink gem conquered the world of nail designs. Inspired by the beauty of the mineral, this manicure trend can be seen everywhere on the internet or on the street. If you have fallen in love with the rose quartz nails, you can read in our guide how easy it is at home. The delicate nail design looks especially pretty in spring and summer.

Rose quartz nails are trendy

Rose quartz design nails Heitlstein optics

First of all, it’s worth explaining what the rose quartz manicure looks like. The rose quartz is characterized not only by its fine, milky color, but also by its fine grain. Within the mineral there are thin, microscopic veins that resemble marbling. The common quartz is very cloudy, semi-transparent or opaque.

Following the logic, the rose quartz nails should imitate this beautiful grain of the mineral. The end result is very elegant and especially chic. Incidentally, the rose quartz is considered a stone of love and the heart. In the esoteric it is one of the most important healing crystals for the opening and healing of the heart chakra. No wonder that this nail trend makes women’s hearts beat faster!

Rose Quartz Nails Himalayan Salt Orange Tone

The Rose Quartz Manicure is also known as the “Himalayan Rock Salt Nails”. This is explained by the similarity between Himalayan salt crystals and rose quartz. The Himalayan salt , however, has an orange color that is warmer than rosé. But whatever the inspiration behind the trendy nail design, many women take the look and interpret it to their own taste.

Casket nails in rose quartz optics in combination with gold

You probably also ask yourself the question: Which nail types are best suited for the rose quartz nail design? Due to the delicate and feminine aesthetics of this milky rosé nuance, the look can be used excellently for all nail lengths. Whether you have short and long nails, you can wear the beautiful manicure trend. The same applies to the shape of the nails. Whether square, round, oval or almond-shaped – the rose quartz look fits all nail shapes .

Some say that the rose quartz nails look a bit strange

Rose quartz nails without gel with golden accent

Most women love the delicate look and the airy-light effect of the color. Close up, the rose quartz nails look nice, but do not they look weird from a distance? Like unhealthy and leafy nails with shiny top coat? It’s best to try it yourself and decide whether you like the look or not.

Rose Quartz Nails Design Tutorial

Rose quartz nails make their own instructions with a thin brush

Make rose quartz nails yourself

Nail art design for short oval nails in rose quartz optics

You need this:

Nail polish in rosé and white
nail polish remover
a medium sized brush for nail art
a thin brush for details
Under and over paint

How to make rose quartz nails:

– Apply a coat of base coat.

– As soon as the basecoat has dried, the pink nail polish is also used. You can also use a clear pink nail polish that is suitable for French nails.

Rose quartz nails instructions with brush short oval nails

– With the thin brush and the white nail polish conjure up a few fine wavy lines on the fingernails. Drag a line diagonally from right to left and then add two more dashes. Too many lines would make your design look messy.

– Using the middle brush, gently blur the edges to make the transitions look softer.

– Apply another coat of pink nail polish and let it dry.

– Then the nails are painted with a top coat.

– Repeat the above steps on the other fingernails, but vary the pattern.

Variations of the technique

The easiest way to work the technique is with a wafer-thin brush. But there are also other ways to get the rose quartz on the nails. You can make the pattern with clinging cling film or make-up sponge. To make the lines easier to draw, you can first dip the brush in nail polish remover. Experiment with the different techniques!

Rose quartz spice up nails with golden accents

Rose quartz nails in combination with golden glitter

The rose quartz nails are very discreet and therefore absolutely suitable for everyday use. If you want a little more glitter, go for Gold! Gold leaf, gold glitter varnish, gold stripes, rhinestones – everything is allowed! Rosé and gold are a really nice combination. It also does not look cheesy, as the colors balance each other out.

What do you think about this trend – yes or no ?!

Rose Quartz Nails Stiletto Spitz with Gel

Nails in rose quartz look with gel embellishments

Rose quartz nails themselves make pointed glitter

Rose quartz nails pointed gold accent

Nail design for short nails Rose quartz make the optic itself

Rose quartz nails pale pink white

Rose quartz nails angular diy

Rose quartz nails with gel marble effect

Rose quartz nails with gel casket shape

Rose quartz nails ring finger fade effect

Rose quartz nails make stone look itself

Rose Quartz Nails Stiletto Gel Nails

Rose quartz nail design short nails feminine

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