Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Romantic hairstyles with flower crown for the wedding

frisuren mit blumenkrone ueppig rose rot romantisch hochzeit

Do not you think that brides with flowers in their hair have something particularly romantic about them? But they are not just for brides in the boho look, as is often claimed and accepted. This hairstyling fits different types of brides and wedding styles, from modern to vintage, glamorous to vintage and everything in between. In order to find the dream hairstyle for your own wedding from floral crowned hairstyles, you may just have to scroll down a bit further. Get ready for a flowery inspiration!

Perfectly styled hairstyles with flower crown for the wedding

frisuren mit blumenkrone pfingstrose hochsteckfrisur dutt seitlich

The romantic flower-crowned hairstyles have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and no wonder. Create a fresh atmosphere and carry flowers in your hair. On the following photos you can see different variants. But you should consider one thing when choosing the flowers for the hairstyle. You should definitely match the flowers in your bridal bouquet if you want the overall look to be in harmony.

Hairstyles with flower crown from spring flowers

frisuren mit blumenkrone fruehling blau weiss margheriten straehnen

Subtle flower crown of white flowers

frisuren mit blumenkrone dezent offen haare pony weiss blumen

Meadow flowers for the bride’s hairstyle

frisuren mit blumenkrone wiesenblumen weiss brautkleid vintage

Flower ribbons and hoops for bridesmaids

Romantische Frisuren mit Blumenkrone für die Hochzeit sommerhochzeit-blumen-krone-zusammenbinden

Romantische Frisuren mit Blumenkrone für die Hochzeit hochzeit-offene-haare-haarband-mit-zweigen-blumen-zusammenbinden

Casually styled hair with flower crown


Flower crown and veil


Vintage hairstyling with braid


Open Ombre hair and summer corolla








Romantische Frisuren mit Blumenkrone für die Hochzeit boho-chic-braut






Romantische Frisuren mit Blumenkrone für die Hochzeit

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