Remove gel nails and back to natural nails – instructions and tips

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If one decides for a lasting manicure, one has the choice between UV gel and UV gel lacquer. Usually one visits a nail salon, where one relies on professional hands. Sometimes, exceptionally, if the manicure is damaged or begins to break, it is necessary to remove the gel nails yourself . With the right tips and instructions, we will show you how this works as gently as possible. As long as you pay attention to everything, you can not only protect your fingernails, but also prepare you for the next manicure in order to enjoy it in the future as well.

Remove gel nails – gel lacquer or UV gel

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The term ” gel nails” can often be understood as two different methods for manicure on the same UV gel basis. In one case we talk about the UV gel and in the other – the so-called UV nail polish. Both versions last a really long time and last for two to four weeks, have a gel consistency and do not dry in the air like traditional nail polish, but harden thanks to a special UV or LED lamp. And here ends the similarities of the two methods.

Remove gel nails – differences of UV nail polish and UV gel

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The UV nail polish is more a hybrid of UV gel and traditional nail polish, and thus may combine the best of both. Like its predecessor, it can be applied with a brush from a vial directly on the fingernails. This requires a base and a top coat. The consistency of the UV nail polish is viscous and dries in a short time under a UV or LED lamp, as you know it from the gel. The result is a glossy, scratch and smudge-resistant surface that lasts for two to four weeks, even with ordinary housework, which is a big enemy of traditional nail polish.

Remove gel nails – clean the nails of Gellack yourself

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With a gel nail polish you can not extend the natural nails. It is applied to give the nails extra strength, making them less fragile and achieving a smooth, uniform surface. If you want long fingernails, you have to grow your own. The firmness provided by the gel makes your fingernails very sturdy, so that even women with brittle nails can enjoy a long, elaborate manicure. Although gel nails bring their advantages, but also have disadvantages. One such is that the gel is difficult to remove.

Remove the gel nails at home – needed accessories


Before you remove your gel nails, you must obtain the necessary accessories and learn to use them properly. Files with different thickness, a coarse and a fine file, as well as a sanding block for polishing, Pro Pusher to remove the cuticle, dust brush and a good nail oil you absolutely need. In addition, cotton pads, aluminum foil and a special gel lacquer remover with acetone are needed. It differs from the ordinary nail polish remover in that it consists of 100% acetone and better removes the gel.

Remove gel nails – file first the top layer


The first step is to carefully polish the beautiful glossy surface of the gel nail polish. It is only about the very top layer, so that the remover can be easily absorbed. Do this on all 10 fingers and then prepare 10 pieces of aluminum foil. Use a coarse file for this first step. Be careful not to rush down the nail suddenly. The goal is a rough surface into which the acetone can penetrate later. This is basically the same as sanding wood and then varnishing – the rough surface provides the best conditions.

Remove gel nails with acetone and wrap in aluminum foil


Then soak cotton balls (10 in total) in the remover and place one ball on each fingernail. Then wrap the nails complete with cotton wool in aluminum foil. Try to fasten everything tightly and airtight and fix it as tightly as possible, as the acetone evaporates quickly. Let the remover work first for 10-15 minutes. Whether this time is enough, can be determined later and if necessary, you can repeat the whole thing.

Remove gel nails – allow acetone to work for 10 minutes


That’s the way your fingers should look like. The rough surface has, so to speak, small cracks and holes in which the acetone can penetrate wonderfully. The fact that you have wrapped everything airtight in foil so the acetone does not evaporate, will act well all the time and dissolve the gel in this way. The smooth gel, on the other hand, is a bit more protected.

Remove gel nails – completely dissolve gel nail polish


Depending on the remover, it may take more or less time for the gel polish to dissolve completely. If the remover is strong enough and you have carefully filed the surface beforehand, it should come to this effect. The gel is easy to remove. Of course, this is not always the case. If it can not be removed right away, you can do a little bit with propushers or a similar wooden object. Gently push the gel in one direction with your aid until it peels off. Sometimes it takes a long time to remove all gel particles.

Remove gel nails – remove the remnants of gel nail polish and shine the nails with a polishing file


Then remove the remnants of the gel nail polish with a cotton pad that you have moistened with sufficient acetone beforehand. If these are too coarse, you can repeat the steps with the aluminum foil one more time and leave it on for a few more minutes. If necessary, use the pusher to push the remains off the nail and polish the nail surface with a fine sanding block. This should be sanded again as possible only gel and not the nail itself.

Care after gel removal – Apply nail oil and massage


After the acetone procedure and when the color has been completely removed from the fingernails, they need sufficient moisture and care, and it is recommended that you dip your fingertips into a nail oil bath for ten minutes and massage in a conditioner. This strengthens the nails after the rather extreme procedure and guarantees that they can grow back well without breaking. Such a care is also recommended if you do not use a gel for shaping your nails. You will soon see how positive this affects your nail structure. And well-kept nails look even more beautiful when painted.

Remove gel nails and back to natural nails


After these steps, you can look forward to your natural fingernails again. Of course, you now have the opportunity to design a new design with gel. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to give your nails a break and time to take care of yourself. This way you give them the opportunity to relax. For this purpose, also use high-quality, qualitative care products such as nail hardeners and oils.

Remove UV gel nails: In the nail salon or yourself?


In contrast to gel nail polish, the fingernails can be extended with the UV gel and designed almost completely new. Thus, after 1-2 hours in the nail studio 0.5 to 1 cm longer and especially strong nails, which are hardly fragile and just look perfect. This is the perfect variation for all ladies whose nails grow with difficulty and are plagued by brittle nails. However, you should be careful with the nail design, because in some professions no artificial nails are desired. Besides, these can cause allergies.

Gel nails: how does it work?


For perfectly styled nails, you also have to expect disadvantages. A first of these is the damage to the natural structure of the nails. In order for the UV gel to be properly fixed, the natural nail should be sanded off in quick succession so that it becomes porous and ensures the ideal adhesion for the application of the gel. When removing the strong gel layer, the natural remains much more unstable, softer and thinner than before.

Remove the gel nails with home remedies – what works and what does not


When the nails grow, it creates an uncovered, small area that looks ugly. If for some reason you can not visit the nail salon for a long time or you just want to remove your gel nails yourself, you risk breaking your fingernails. We advise against experimenting with various home remedies, as this can lead to serious injuries. Note that it can take over 6 months for the new nails to grow out. So do not let it happen.

Remove the gel nails by filing – instructions


The UV gel of the artificial nails can only be removed by filing. The exception is soak-off gels, which are removed with acetone in a similar way to gel nail polish. In all other cases you start with a coarser file and the closer you get to the natural nail, the finer the file you use. It should also be applied a lower pressure, so as not to damage the natural nails. Without a problem, a thin layer of the gel may remain on the nails, as this will slightly strengthen your natural nails.

Remove gel nails and treat the surface with a polishing file, then apply maintenance oil


Polish the nails and massage in a conditioning oil to help them grow out. In the next few days, it is advisable not to apply nail polish so that the natural nail can breathe. As a result, the keratin contained in the natural nail harden and quickly reach its original state. As well as the hair from time to time need a period of rest, it is synonymous with the fingernails.

Remove the gel nails with a router – video tutorial
If you already have some experience with finger nails, you may like to use a nail cutter when removing the gel model. It is still particularly important not to damage the natural nails. With the electric file you remove the first layers and then you should continue carefully by hand. After all, you do not want to accidentally remove some layers of your nail and make it thinner.

If you want to remove your gel nails by yourself, it is very important that you do not force them to break with natural or tested home remedies. Instead, follow instructions to protect the nail of each finger.

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