Permanent make-up for eyebrows and lips – pro and contra

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In pursuit of perfect looks, women (not only) resort to different methods of achieving this ultimate beauty. Every lady wants beautiful, expressive faces when getting up from bed, and why not during sleep – which does not always look beautiful. If the usual make-up is no longer an option, it comes to a permanent solution – the permanent make-up for eyebrows and lips .

Permanent makeup in the pursuit of beauty

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Expressive face – symmetrical, perfectly formed eyebrows, long, thick eyelashes , full lips, are the first features that people consider beautiful. Which is why they are so highly sought after and are emphasized when putting on make-up. but that is only temporary and can be easily wiped off. The small hairs can also be treated differently, to achieve a long-term effect – staining. Similar to hair coloring, eyebrows and eyelashes are tinted with special pigments for the purpose. After the hair has grown out of the hair, the result is exactly the same as with the hair on the head.

Permanent make-up for ideal eyebrows and lips

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No matter how you want to emphasize your eyebrows, the first step is to shape them properly. The shape or momentum of the eyebrows plays an essential role in facial expression. Thus, a personality can be judged as open, strict or even tense quickly from the first glance, without really agreeing. The eyebrows should start from the end of the nostril and end in line with the angle between the nostril and the outside eye angle. The highest point of the eyebrow, the eyebrow arch, is when you draw a line through the nostril and pupil a little further.

First step – shaping eyebrows properly

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If you’re looking for well-formed eyebrows, you might think of a long-lasting intervention – called permanent makeup or even eyebrow tattooing. But the second is very imprecise. The permanent make-up is not a tattoo per se, as it only goes in to the epidermis and eventually fades away. The pigments used differ from the tattoo inks. Only natural, 100% organic pigments based on oil should be used. Over time, after 2-3 years, they slowly dissolve away from the skin and last about 5 years.

Permanent makeup for eyebrows and lips lasts 3 to 5 years

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The Vorgehnsweise the permanent make-up is similar to tattooing, but also very different. The skin is stung, but only its upper layer, so the pigmentation should not cause any bleeding. Often, the site is superficially anesthetized because really sensitive skin areas are treated. You can not only have your eyebrows pigmented, but also the winemaker’s ring, the eyeliner and the lips. The goal is above all to improve the contour and visually appealing shape and to achieve a natural look.

Permanent make-up for eyebrows and lips – improve natural contour and shape

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The prices of permanent make-up can of course vary from city to city and beauty salon. Depending on the skin type, two or three treatments are needed, which should normally be included in the final price. On average, the completion or redesign of eyebrows costs about 400-600 Euro. A contour through pigmentation is about 650 euros, whereby the lip color or the whole lip shape can be designed, then of course increases the price.

Permanent make-up for eyebrows – method with 3D effect


Another risk is: you do not like the result. This depends on the experience and ability of the provider, so be sure to check well before deciding on it. A very aesthetic and natural-looking approach is the stinging in strokes. The small hairs of the eyebrow are imitated with color a shade brighter than these hairs by the brunettes and darker ones the blondes.

Permanent make-up with machine or manual


Inform yourself in advance about the price list and experience with the provider before you get treated. Pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness of the workplace, as the permanent make-up carries numerous risks – skin inflammation, allergic reactions, side effects and even skin infections among others

Permanent make-up tools – special machine


For some people, permanent make-up is the only option for full eyebrows and lips. An illness or surgery can lead to partial or complete loss of hair on the face. Thin and missing hairs are optically sealed by pigmentation. The permanent make-up is widely used in the medical field.

Permanent make-up – manual method


A preliminary drawing on the skin is the most important prerequisite for successful pigmentation on the face. After a few months, spots may lose color, then retouching is required. Then you have beautiful full contours for three to five years.

Permanent Makeup – Use multiple needle and disposable needle permanent-make-up-werkzeug-maschine-taettowieren-hand-methode

For permanent make-up use only disposable needle. There are two methods to apply the pigment to the skin – manually and with a machine. The needle used is actually a multiple needle. A wide range of needle combinations – 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., allows you to draw fine lines of hair as well as to cover larger areas.

Permanent make-up iron oxide-free pigmentation paints based on oil


The sustainable tools and high-quality pigments, as well as the experienced hand ensure a successful, visually attractive result. It is important to note that frequent sunbathing may cause the pigment to change color due to exposure to UV rays, smoking, or taking certain medications. The different nuances of the human skin should also be taken into account – reddish skin undertone also makes a brown tone appear redder.

Permanent make-up – lip contour


Experts advise to use iron oxide-free pigmenting paints. These are almost unaffected by skin tone and easily fade after pigmentation. Tattoo inks should never be used on the face. This can lead to irreparable and health damage.

Permanent make-up for lips – the contour becomes expressive again


Often an unnatural doll-like facial expression is achieved by pigmentation


The correction of eyebrows or Lippenk contour through pigmentation is permanent


To achieve a natural look through permanent make-up


More expressive look with permanent make-up


With loss of hair on the face


The right color for the pigmentation according to the skin tone


Strengthen the lip contour


Lips Permanent make-up and filling of the lip color


Full lips again through permanent make-up


Examples of failed pigmentation of the eyebrows and lips






Use traditional make-up instead of permanent


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